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Plantationhouse with red & fountatin

Brunswick Plantation and Golf Resort is has a wide variety of activities and travel opportunities offered to and by friends and neighbors.  We are fortunate to have so many talented folks living at Brunswick Plantation! Here are just a few of these special possibilities that may interest you!

Time for Travel…Far and Near!

S EX bus

Southern Excursions Presents:

Call for Details: 910-287-5851 Or E-mail: Airport & Group Charters Available!

Weekly Day Trips:

S EX Horse & Buggy

·        Charleston Day Trip (Plantation visit & Carriage Ride + Lunch…           Every Wednesday

·        New 2013 – 2014 Broadway Series Plays best Musicals(Matinees – Traveling Broadway Shows in Durham)

Durham Broadway Plays

             2013 Plays

* Beauty & the Beast… Sat. 10/12

* Ghost…Sat. 11/16

              2014 Plays  

* Once…Sat. 1/25

* Evita…Sat. 3/15

* Andrew Lloyd Webber Musical…Sat. 5/17

2013 – 2015 Vacation Specials/Land Tours & Cruises

Rome & Southern Italy

·        Italy at its Best – The best way to see Italy by bus – 14 Days…6/5/2014 ***Early Birds Advantage! ***

Panama Canal

·        Panama Canal…Jan. 14 – 15, 2015…Booking quickly!

 2013 Holiday Trips (Booking Already)


Seagrove pottery

Sea Grove Pottery 11/23/2013

Mike's Farm Lights 9

·                          Mikes Farm Festival of Lights …12/9/2013

Night of 1,100 candles with words

·                         Night of 1,000 Candles & dinner…12/12/2013


 River Boat Cruises

Mae Drezek, Travel Agent, ATC Travel …For All Your Cruising Needs

Specializing in… European Riverboat Cruises.

Call Mae Drezek, your Travel Consultant, Brunswick Plantation at 910-287-5339 Or

 Music graphics

Who wants to be in a Band?

A Brunswick Plantation Classic Rock Band is in need of a singer. Have you ever wanted to be a front man? This may be your chance to “Make your Dream a Reality!”  Call Dave @ 843-241-7248 or Steve @ 910-880-0331                         Music makes the world Go ‘Round   Life is a Song…Sing It!

 Commuities is Schools

Communities in Schools’ Red House Specialty Shop in Shalotte…                   Has a business partnership with four talented and enterprising residents of Brunswick Plantation!

·        Kathy Barry ….Beautiful French country Table Clothes, bunnies with matching books, yard flags, & lavender products.

·        Camille Troisi…Rada Knives, delicious packaged dips, soups, chili sauce, & pound cakes.

·        Linda Genevie…Beautiful Pottery, functional & decorative.

·        John Woods…Beautiful display of Emmet Kelly Jr. Clowns for the discerning collector.

Support your neighbors and treat yourself! Stop by the Red House Specialty Shop at 4604 Main Street in Shalotte…Open Mon. – Sat. from 10am – 5pm. Have Fun!

 Computer training design

Computer Training & Service

Brunswick Plantation is lucky to have Tim Drake ready to introduce you to Coastal Core Computers!

Tim Provides:

·        Diagnostics & Repair for both Apple & Windows-based systems

·        On-site Training – Tim comes To You: Basic & In-Depth; from word Processing, e-mail, and web browsing, to detailed instruction in programs such as Adobe-R, Photoshop, and Hosting your own website.

Each Training session is tailored around you & your comfort level.

To contact Tim…Call 910-269-1179 or 910-208-4971 e-mail at 


Early Risers Bowling Team

Season starts August 28, 2013…9:30 am – 11:30 am@ Little River Bowling Lanes. Ladies needed for the league. If interested, call Carol Horwitz  910-287-4099   Meet August 21 at lanes at 9am with free Bowling!  Come join the Fun!

Brunswick Plantation Friends and Neighbors still having “Fun”… Staying “Fit” Together!

A variety of ways to ”Stay Fit” are offered at the Brunswick House…Brunswick Plantation’s own Clubhouse !



·        Free “Stepping It Up” program on Mon.  Wed.  Fri. & Sat. at 8am with videos led by Emily Bonneau.

·        Additional Exercise Classes …Small fee… Tues. and Thurs. @ 8:20 am


Yoga Classes

With Michelle Dorland…Cost is $5 per class or $25 for 6 classes.                                  Questions? Call Michelle 910 – 880 – 2509


·        Saturdays at 10:30 am… Vinyasa Yoga…Gentle Class for all levels…Fun class that will include a creative flow while linking movement to breathe as long as longer holds to build strength and stamina.

 Chair Yoga pic1 chairreversewarrior

·        Saturdays at 11:45 am Chair Yoga …For folks with injuries or other limitations

 Yoga Poster vinyasa yoga pose






   Tuesdays at 3:00 pm Active Vinyasa Yoga…Challenging class geared for active Individuals!

 AQUA-AEROBICSThe Brunswick House also has water aerobics classes

·        Mon.  Wed. Fri. @ 8am

·        Tues.  Thurs.  Sat. @ 8:30 Am


Tap Exercise Classes ‘Tap”    

Bonnie Franklin DVD… A Fun way to exercise & learn basic tap steps.                                                                                    ·        Wednesdays @ 9:30 am  

zumba-fitness Zumba Classes

·        2pm on Thursdays

  Brunswick Plantation Club HouseBrunswick Club House


Brunswick Plantation and Golf Resort is a beautiful gated community that offers… A Healthy lifestyle and Fun for All! There are several clubs and activities for whatever interests you! Golf, tennis, games galore, quilters, and much more! Come down for Fun in the Sun and check us out for yourself! If you live here or are visiting, please share with us some your favorite things to do at Brunswick Plantation! If you have a new idea, let us know that, too! Your Wish is Our Command!




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