Simple Weekend DIY Home Upgrades by Kevin Anderson


Brunswick Plantation & Golf Resort is an established gated golf course community only minutes from pristine beaches…but we are growing.

New homes are popping up all over.  These easy DIY home upgrades can add life to those who have been here a while.  If you haven’t built yet, then consider these ideas when you build or for your current home.


DIY Home Upgrades 1. Incorporate comfort and Color to Seats


Try cushions and pillows made from fabric traditionally used outdoors to lively your space.  Push the envelope- use polka dots together with stripes and geometric, botanical, and animal prints.


DIY Home Upgrades 2. Camouflage those Defects


Off the shelf loose-fitted seating covers can reinvent even the most worn furniture. Even more, they are beach friendly by being salt and sand resistant.  You can wash them easily or just replace or switch seasonally as they are low cost.



DIY Home Upgrades 3. Reflect Views by Using Mirrors


Placed in the right location a mirror can reflect a memorable image.  Usually they are  lower in cost than outdoor art.  Moreover, they create the sense of a larger space.



DIY Home Upgrades 4. Move Tables and Chairs Around.


Simply rearranging furniture is free but can make for a noticeable change.  Home decor experts say you need to move 27 objects for a room to achieve a “NEW” look.  Also, look to other rooms for objects to switch out.  Try moving a chair, painting, or accessory outdoors for a time and you may see it differently.


DIY Home Upgrades 5. Use Bright and Patterned Drapes


Stay away from natural fabrics that can mildew and fade.  Choose a synthetic blend that will stand up against the weather.  When closed drapes can provide relief from the sun as well as privacy.  Open them up and they soften the feel and provide a framework to the room.


DIY Home Upgrades 6. Try an Eccentric Wall Sculpture


Search sculpture made of weather resistant materials like stone, glass, or galvanized metal.  Or try a canvas oil painting on your porch or covered patio.  Just make sure to keep them out of direct sunlight.




DIY Home Upgrades 7. Rejuvenate Aged Furniture


Repurpose that old wood chair or wicker rattan.  Simply cut a hole in the seat and insert your potted plant.  This is creative use of an older piece and functions great.


DIY Home Upgrades 8. Paint Does a Home Good


Paint those arbors, deck rails, or other trim various colors and hues.  This mimics the natural color of a blooming garden without the need to water.


DIY Home Upgrades 9. Rejuvenate the Front Door


Choose a color in your favorite beach or ocean-esque shade.  With very little effort a big impact is achieved.





DIY Home Upgrades 10. Arrange Beach Shells


Get a fish bowl and candle.  Place candle in center of bowl and nestle sand, shells, and other finds around it.  A neat place to put your beach finds and makes an interesting and soothing centerpiece.

We hope these tips inspire you to keep making your home a beautiful place you continue enjoying living in.  Let us you if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions.

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