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There is always a lot going on at and around Brunswick Plantation and Golf Resort! We don’t want to miss out on anything, so we want to be sure we have optimum energy…Day & Night, to enjoy it ALL! I found an interesting article on how to boost your personal energy in Good Housekeeping magazine titled …Solved – Your Personal Energy Crisis by Sari Harrar. I will share these research-proven ideas with you in this Blog. I found them very thought-provoking and easy to do! I hope you like them, also!

*1*    Pull up the Shades, Pronto!


Sunlight is a powerful natural signal that can shift your circadian rhythms from drowsy to alert. The light that hits at dawn, just before sunrise, stimulates special cells in your eyes, which then sends a wake-up call to your brain’s internal clock. Our eyes are especially sensitive to visual reveille (visual wake-up call) when our pupils are still somewhat dilated from sleep. This is from: Researchers at the Center for Light Treatment & Biological Rhythms at Columbia University Medical Center. Get what you can first thing in the A.M. An early morning walk is ideal, according to…Researcher Michael Terman, Ph.D.  A dose of sunshine at any time boosts alertness.


*2*   Have a Protein-Powered Breakfast

Toast alone or a granola bar won’t do it. You need protein to feel full and satisfied and to avoid a blood sugar roller-coaster an all carb meal triggers. Make & Eat a fatigue-beating breakfast in five minutes! Elizabeth Somer, a registered dietitian recommends:

·        Whole grain toast with peanut butter & a banana

·        Whole-grained cereal with low or non-fat milk & fruit

·        Low-fat plain yogurt with berries, granola, & a handful of nuts

It appears that when you have time for a leisurely breakfast…bacon, eggs, & sausage are OK, too.


*3*   Sip Water

If you’re dehydrated, you’ll feel more blah, and you may function less well, too. To stay “On Par”, sip water frequently.  Don’t gulp, though. Your body can’t absorb too much at a time. Personal Note: It is good for your skin, too. Water keeps skin moist and you looking younger!


*4*   Have a Smart Caffeine Strategy

The best way to thwart the dreaded afternoon slump is to drink two ounces of coffee (About 6 – 8 sips) every hour from mid-morning to early afternoon.  Cut off coffee by early afternoon.  Caffeine has a half –life of 3 to 7 hours. “Drinking it too late in the day will interfere with your ability to fall asleep at night.” according to James K. Wyatt Ph.D., sleep specialist at Rush University Medical Center in Chicago.


*5*   Have a Green or White Tea

These brews, unlike black tea, aren’t oxidized during processing…So, they may contain the highest levels of L-theanine, a relaxing amino acid found in tea. An Oxford University Brain Scan Study found levels of alpha waves – which are linked with feeling relaxed yet alert – were significantly higher in people who o had sipped a drink containing 50 milligrams of the L-theanine than those who drank plain water. The amount of L-theanine varies in different brews, but try having a cup or two.  On low energy days, take a tea break even if you are also having coffee. A British study found: People who were given doses of L-theanine plus caffeine reported feeling less tired & they upped their speed on tests if attention and memory.

fruit heart

*6*   Refuel with the Right Snack

To perk up your brain & body…Avoid candy or soda which give you an energy surge and crash.  Snack on whole fruit paired with protein to keep your blood sugar level steady.  Consider having an apple, orange, or banana or a handful of grapes…But also nibble on low fat cheese or yogurt.  Repeat in mid-afternoon.


*7*   Pass Up Pizza

Burgers, mac-and-cheese, fried chicken for lunch.  Consider a  leaner lunch like:                                                

·        Turkey on whole wheat with mustard & fruit salad

·        Bowl of bean soup, a small roll, & salad of mixed greens


*8*   Take a Stroll

A leisurely 20 minute walk after lunch will pick you up without tiring you out, according to Patrick O’Connor Ph.D. , coordinator of the University of George’s Exercise Psychology Laboratory. 

Exercise seems to:

·        Boost levels of energizing brain chemicals…Doparnino, norepinephrine, & serotonin.

“When people are fatigued, exercise may be the last thing they feel like doing”, O’Connor notes. “But being just a bit more active will help.”


*9*    Catch a Catnap 

Shut your office door or lay on a couch for a 15 to 30 minutes snooze. A NASA study of long-haul airline pilots, those who got a 40 minute rest period, found that it boosted alertness & performance. “Keep your nap short & you’ll get all the benefits of early-stage sleep, which fine-tunes your alertness, improves dexterity, and refreshes you.” Says Sara Mednick, Ph.D. assistant professor at the University of California, San Diego & prominent nap researcher. She recommends that you…Set an alarm on your cell phone, so you don’t enter deep, slow-wave sleep. It is very hard to wake up from a deep sleep and you may feel groggy.


*10*   Let the Laundry Wait Until Tomorrow

“Early to Bed” is a must.  While you can’t completely repay a serious sleep debt in just one night, turning in about an hour before your usual bedtime allows you to get more slow-wave sleep, which recharges your brain & body with deep, restorative sleep.


*Add a Wake-Up Spritz

According to a Japanese study: Volunteers who washed their faces after napping felt more awake than those who just took a nap. If you don’t want to mess up your make-up, try washing your hands in cold water & then patting some drops on the back of your neck.

According to Sari Harrar, the author of this article, Research-proven pick-me-ups will get you going & keep you charged. More @

Sunshine filed with woman

Everyone wants to have a good energy level for everything we love to do! It is a busy world we live in, especially here at Brunswick Plantation and Golf Resort. How lucky we are to live in such a fun and active community!  

Hopefully, these easy tips will make it easy 4 U to stay involved and your inner battery charged!  I’ve already tried a few ideas in this blog and feel on top of my game! Let us know what works for you!


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