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Want a Healthy Outdoor Cat?  We love our pets here at Brunswick Plantation & Golf Resort, a gated golf course retirement community minutes from pristine beaches.

Have you just adopted an distinguished older cat or just gotten a brand new kitten?  Either way you will need to figure out whether they will be an indoor cat or will they be allowed to  have outside time.  Educating yourself on what is needed to maintain and happy and healthy outside cat will help you decide.

dangerUnseen Dangers

So you can imagine easily your kitty snuggled at your feet enjoying the afternoon sun.  However, it’s not so easy to foresee the danger your outdoor kitty may encounter:

  • Scuffles/Altercations with  other animals. You may not even notice your feline has been wounded until they have an infection or requires surgery.  These altercations many times require a visit to the veterinarian for wounds from bites.
  • Diseases. Outdoor cats are more likely to contract heartworms, herpes, and rabies.  They’re also susceptible to fatal infections such as feline leukemia.
  • Automobiles.  Recent research indicates that autos strike up to 5 million cats annually.
  • Parasites.  Most common are worms, ticks, and fleas.
  • Poisons. Including but not limited to insect and rodent bait, antifreeze, herbicides, bleach, and fertilizers.

cat with collarHow Can You Prevent Hazards?

To start, make safety plan for you can…before you and your cat go outside.

  • Create an enclosure outdoors. This will provide room for enjoying the outdoors in a protected and safer environment.   Options for an enclosure are many…it could be attached to your home or a stand alone type.  The best choice and design will vary based on where you reside, your available space, and your budget.
  • Collars.  Putting a collar on your cat is a must.  Make sure it has an ID tag and has a “break away” feature.  This will ensure that the cat can get free in case the collar is caught on something and will not come loose.  The tag will make it easy for someone to contact you incase kitty gets lost.
  • Microchips. This is a permanent form of identification  that will enable whoever finds your cat can return them to you quickly.  Veterinarians can scan the microchip and find the contact info of its owner in moments.
  • Current vaccinations. Talk to your vet about what vaccines are best and needed to keep your outdoor kitty healthy and the schedule for treatment.  Then make sure to follow this advice to protect kitty from infections and diseases.
  • Flea and Tick Meds.  It’s very important to start applying flea and tick meds before you allow your cat to go outside.  A single flea will have your kitty biting and scratching.

cat window perchOutdoor Fun for Indoor Cats  

Cats can garner positive health benefits from exercise and stress release by being allowed outside.  They have less behavior and health problems on average.

Your indoor kitty can enjoy some of the outdoors and remain safe with these feline-friendly ideas:

  • Harness and leash training. Provided you have a bit of patience and time, you can train your cat to use a harness with leash outdoors.  Do not use a simple collar because they could slip out of it if scared.
  • Indoor window boxes and window perches .  Try installing window boxes and perches in some of the rooms of your home.  This can allow kitty to enjoy the sun and fresh air.

We hope this article was helpful.  Have any questions, comments, or suggestions?  Post to comments or contact us on facebook

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