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Brunswick Plantation & Golf Resort is an active living mostly retirement community minutes from Myrtle Beach, SC and hundreds of great golf courses, restaurants, and entertainment venues.  Our neighbors like to stay fit and active and this post is aimed at those who are looking to better themselves.

Are your clothes fitting a little tighter than they used to?  If you are 40 or older it’s probably not a dryer shrunken issue but a lower metabolism at fault.  From age 2o to the mid 50’s your metabolism can drop up to 200 calories per day which can easily result in a 30lb weight gain over this time.  The latest research has allowed an over 40 work-out and nutrition plan just for you.  It is a special combination of calorie burning cardio, turbo charged strength training, and lifestyle mods than will assist you in burning up to 500 extra calories a day..even while you are sleeping!  Thats enough to drop a size in a month.

The most recent research indicates small changes to your cardiovascular exercises can increase calorie expenditure by 25-50%.  This program incorporates these 4 principles to produce a high calorie burn every time.

warmup jump ropeDon’t skip the Warm Up!It increases your core body temp and raises the activity of enzymes that burn fat.  In fact your metabolic rate increases 13% for every 1 degree rise in body temp.  Gradually increase your heart rate for 5 to 1o minutes by doing your exercise from an easy to moderate intensity level.

Exercise for 12 minutes MINIMUM To effectively counter the over 40 weight gain you need to do cardio at least 12 minutes at a continuous and moderate to high intensity most days of the week ( after you warm up).
interval chartIntervals are In!  Recent research indicates that programs incorporating burst of high intensity exercise can increase your calorie burn more than a steady pace. Your metabolism is elevated for a longer period after your interval workout because it is more strenuous than a 1 speed workout.  One recent study showed a 15% increase in the 30 minutes after interval workouts as opposed to steady paced ones.

Commit to 1 hour at least once a week Working longer produces a large metabolic rise due to your body dipping into its reserves and expending energy replacing its fuel stores  and mending broken down muscle fibers.  One recent study showed that exercisers who worked 60 minutes burned 5 times as many calories post work out as those who worked 30 minutes.

Program Overview:
Walk or complete aerobic exercise like swimming, jogging, or cycling daily.  Alternate 3 different to max your fat burn.  Walking Tip: pump your arms and keep them at a right angle to increase your pace and burn up to 15& more calories.

jogging3 times a week:  1/2 Hour Fat Blaster Intervals 
Switch from 2-minute bursts of high-intensity exercise with 2-minute bouts of moderate intensity to increase calorie burn during and post-exercise.

3 times a week: 1/3 Hour Cardio Steady as You Go
After your warm-up, exercise so that your heart rate is in the aerobic zone ( you should be breathing hard) for 12 minutes, then slow down for 3 minutes to cool down.

1 time a week: 1 Hour Endurance Building 
Warm up for 5 minutes, then ramp up to a moderate intensity for the remainder of the workout. Working longer will rev up your post-exercise calorie burn and improve stamina so all your workouts feel easier.

Strength-training is critical—lean muscle uses about 3 times as many calories as fat and is what drives metabolism.  Also, how you do this can increase your calorie burn by up to 25%.

3 times a week: On days you complete the steady as you go cardio workout, you’ll also complete a 20-minute high-energy dumbbell workout to build more metabolism-driving muscle and firm up your body.

Break up sets 

Circuit Training: Do 1 set of an exercise and then immediately go to the next exercise.  Complete 1 set here and move on to the next exercise.  Do the circuit 2 to 3 times.   Researches have found the circuit-trainers burned nearly double the  calories postworkout as the standard-style lifters.

dumbellsUse Heavy Dumbells
Studies show heavy dumbell use can burn about 25% more calories than the lighter weight total poundage equivalent in reps. Furthermore, heavy weights can increase your sleeping metabolic rate by up to 8%.

1/2 Hour Fat Blaster Interval
Pick your favorite exercise…walking, swimming, cycling, whatever…but make sure to note the changes in workout intensity level.

Time Activity Intensity*
0:00 Warm-up 3, working up to 6 (rhythmic breathing; can speak easily)
5:00 Brisk pace 7 to 8 (harder breathing; can speak in very short sentences only)
8:00 Moderate pace 5 to 6 (breathing somewhat hard; can speak in full sentences)
10:00 Fast pace 9 (no speaking; just hard but controlled breathing)
12:00 Do 2-minute moderate and 2-minute fast intervals 3 more times
24:00 Moderate pace 5 to 6
26:00 Brisk pace 7 to 8
28:00 Cool down Work down to a 3
30:00 Finished

We hope this helps you achieve your goals!  Let us know if you have any questions, comments or suggestions.

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