Celebrating Love at All Ages… Is a Family Affair at Brunswick Plantation By Bev Filer

Photograph (3) Tim & Janet 40 years ago

Brunswick Plantation and Golf Resort is Fun for Everyone! It is especially good for family celebrations with room for everyone to stay and play! Tim and Janet Kidder and their daughter, Allison and husband Alan, are happy about that! Tim and Janet are celebrating their 40th Wedding Anniversary as Allison and Alan celebrate their 1st Wedding Anniversary with family and friends at the Brunswick House, on June 22, 2013. The weddings were both on June 23rd…only 39 years apart! How sweet is that?! Weddings in their family are even more of a family affair, as Janet and Tim married on the anniversary of an aunt and uncle who tied the knot on June 23 in 1951 in Akron, Ohio.  June as the favored month for weddings “Rings True” in this family! There is a “Whole Lotta Love” on this “One Fine Day” for these couples!

Tim and Janet have a condo on “The Lakes” in Brunswick and there is room for family and friends at The Commons, also at Brunswick Plantation. They say those who “Play Together, Stay Together”!  Looks like the Kidders understand that…No Kidding! Sorry, I just couldn’t resist!

It seems that Tim and Janet were destined to be together. Though they did not actually meet until their college days, they were born in the same hospital in Ohio, and their parents actually knew each other. Janet Parkinson met Tim Kidder at Annaoale, a college bar near the University of Akron, where they both attended.  College social life leads to A Long Lasting Love!


Tim & Janet Wedding 1

Janet and Tim were married in Akron, Ohio on June 23, 1973.  After a beautiful Rainbow Wedding, termed so because the gowns of the bridesmaids were all the colors of the rainbow, they left for their Honeymoon…Five days at Niagara Falls! Many considered Niagara Falls the “Honeymoon Capital of the World”.  This romantic Honeymoon location is surrounded by some of nature’s most beautiful scenery and the spectacular Falls are considered one of the true Wonders of the World! What a dramatic setting to celebrate your Love!

Janet and Tim settled in Akron. Janet was a nurse at a hospital, university, and nursing homes during her career. Tim worked as a county appraiser & controller in real estate. In fact, he is still doing some real estate appraising in Ohio.

They have four lovely daughters…Amy, Andrea, Allison, and Abbey. The girls are now young women living in different parts of the country…Amy in Dallas, Texas, Andrea in Stow, Ohio, Allison in Boston, Massachusetts, and Abbey in South Bend, Indiana. All of the daughters have interesting careers. You might even see Abbey on TV in Indiana, as she is a meteorologist there.  Janet and Tim also are now the proud grandparents of two delightful grandchildren, Brayden and Brynn! Sweet Love!

Allison and Allan wedding 1 year ago

As Janet and Tim celebrate 40 years of Wedded Bliss, their daughter Allison and husband Alan celebrate their first wedding anniversary. Allison and Alan were married on June 23, 2012 at the “Old South Meeting Hall” in Boston! As we noted, both anniversaries will be celebrated with family and friends right here on Brunswick Plantation at our own Brunswick House on June 22nd!  Janet and Tim’s condo at “The Lakes” inspired by a perfect vacation spot for family, golf for the sons-in-law, the Brunswick House venue, and fun amenities for all made Brunswick Plantation the clear choice for celebrating these special anniversaries!

You might ask…How did Janet and Tim find Brunswick Plantation and decide to buy their condo on “The Lakes”? They originally came to visit their friend, Mike McGrievy, who lives in a townhome at Smithfield. As they came through the front gate, they declared…WOW! This is awesome! The exquisite southern landscaping along the entrance and throughout Brunswick Plantation and Golf Resort impressed them!  After spending one week at Thanksgiving, they came back in the summer.  They loved the beach and sunsets at Sunset Beach plus its close proximity to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina! The two state solution to Fun! So, they bought their condo facing the water on “The Lakes”! When Tim’s sister and brother-in-law came to visit last Fall, they also bought a condo at “The lakes”…Looks like living at Brunswick Plantation is another Family Affair!

We are delighted that Janet and Tim Kidder and Allison and Alan Braly are celebrating their Love at Brunswick Plantation! The 40th anniversary is the Ruby Anniversary and the 1st anniversary is the Paper Anniversary! Enjoy celebrating both together! Please accept our poetic wishes for you!

To Janet & Tim:

Tim & Janet 40 years ago 2

Have a Happy Ruby Wedding

A day that’s filled with Fun

And remember years ago

When you two became one!

Love brought you together

As husband and wife

And gave each of you

A best friend for Life

Happy 40th Wedding Anniversary!


For Allison and Alan:

May each of you always be warmed by each other’s smile,

Always take time to walk and talk awhile,

Always know deep down you’re each other’s Best Friend,

And enjoy the kind of Love that grows and knows no end.

Wishing you an ‘always’ Kind of Love!

Happy 1st Anniversary!

We’d love to hear if others might like to celebrate their special occasions at Brunswick Plantation. Feel free to comment and to wish these special couples Best Wishes for their wedding anniversaries!




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