Brunswick Plantation Living Home and Garden Tips: Herb Container Garden by Kevin Anderson

Brunswick Plantation & Golf Resort is located in coastal North Carolina just minutes from pristine beaches and the entertainment of Myrtle Beach, SC.

This locale also offers a great long growing season for herbs and vegetable gardens.  Here is an idea for an easy herb container garden that anyone can do. Grow large flavor in small areas by planting herbs in a a topiary container garden.

Revitalize and repurpose an old container with the with the elegant twist of an herb topiary garden. Try planting your favorite herbs in a galvanized bucket or small pail along with herbs in small terra-cotta pots. This arrangement is not only party friendly but will also provide delicious herbs at your convenience.

To attain this look,  the owner of this topiary garden brought together three types of basil with sages, thyme, and oregano.  The key to keeping these herbs healthy and vibrant use a well drained moist soil with 6 to 8 hours of full sunlight.  Then make sure to make four or five holes in the bottom of the bucket or pail ( use a large nail and hammer) to effect good drainage for the roots. Next, fill your bucket or pail with potting mix that you have moistened.  Don’t forget to throw in a few handfuls of compost.  Plant the tallest Basil or herb first.  Get a good Herb and Vegetable plant food and apply it two times a month. After daytime temperature reach 80 to 90 degrees Basil and herbs will grow quickly.  So don’t be scared to cut, use, and share your tasty harvest!

It is common for topiaries to be made of clipped holy and boxwood, but you can also incorporate one of the South’s commons herbs trimmed in a lollipop shape.

Search for basil specimens that have tight or upright forms and smaller leaves, like the ‘Boxwood,’ ‘Greek Columnar,’ and ‘Pesto Perpetuo. Traditionally, bushy and/or compact  selections are preferred, but for topiaries, leggy is better, as  this will have an inherent form advantage.

Put the plants close beside each other in the center of the bucket or pail after removing soil from one side of the root ball of each.  Use some twine or small cord to attach stems together in several spots. Cut the lower leaves with some sharp clippers and shape the upper into a round/ball shape.

This topiary is quick, easy, and low cost but will continue to please your eyes and your palettes.

Have any ideas or comments??? Let us know via email or post to comments.  Enjoy!

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