Top 5 Energy Hog Small Appliances. Live Green at Brunswick Plantation by Kevin Anderson

Here at Brunswick Plantation & Golf Resort we offer Energy Star certified condos and town homes and Energy Upgrade Packages on our custom homes.  But we want to go farther and help you learn how better to save energy and money and therefore live green.

You may be surprised some or every month when your power bill arrives.  There are many energy hogs residing along side you in your home…each eating up extra electricity…and likewise your money.  Let’s review the top 5 biggest energy hog appliances…and learn to address them to live green.

dishwasherThink about washing some dishes by hand

Everyone knows and appreciates the great convenience of the dishwasher.  However, it is a huge energy hog.  If you want to lower your energy use/electric bill consider washing dishes by hand.  Or maybe just washing some dishes by hand like the big ones that takes up a lot of space in the dishwasher.  And make sure to organize your dishes in the machine efficiently to wash as many as possible.  And turn off that heated dry mode…Just towl dry any moisture left on the dish.  Many machines have economy modes or energy saver modes now..use them to live green.  Lastly, if your electric utility offers off peak hour rates….wash during those times.

cell phoneCharging your phone all the time?

You would be surprised how much energy it takes to charge a single mobile phone.  And if you leave your phone plugged in after it’s fully charged it’s still using power.  Compound this effect by how every many phones you have and it adds up.  Even if the phone charge is plugged in without the phone attached it is using energy.  This is true of all changing stations/devices.  There are plug in devices on the market today that cut off this “trickle” charge effect of anything that is plugged in…consider acquiring them.

tvDim Your Television Screen Brightness

Your TV can be an energy hog..and usually the older the more wasteful it is.  If you are looking at buying a new TV make sure it is Energy Star certified and then compare between the models for yearly cost tags.  But just setting the brightness of your TV to a lower level can reduce energy costs.  Some models have a smart setting that adjusts brightness for day and night automatically…make sure it is enabled.

aquariumPet Fish Increases Your Energy Use

Are you an aquarium owner?  If so expect your energy use to increase.  Some aquariums consume more electricity than refrigerators! Naturally, this depends on the sizes and features of each.  Just keep this in mind before you buy an aquarium and look for energy saving features if you do.

cable boxCable Boxes Are Always On

Similar to you mobile phone charges you might not consider the power usage from your cable or satellite box.  And it’s not that much power usage per hour but when they are always on it adds up.  Again consider a smart power strip or plug in or just turn the device off.

There are numerous devices throughout your home that are constantly consuming energy.  Any time a device is plugged in to a standard outlet it is consuming energy.   If you really want to save power and money, unplug as many devices as possible or install smart strips/plugs on every plugged in outlet….They will pay for themselves in short order.

We hope this helps you and inspires you to take small steps to live green.  Let us know if you have any questions. comments, or suggestions.

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