Halloween Brunswick Style…Dogs,Costumes,Parade,Prizes…FUN!

 By Bev Filer:

 Everyone Loves a Parade!

“Happiness is a Warm Puppy”:Charles Schulz

“The Dog is the god of Frolic”: Henry Ward Beecher

Hence, a Parade of Fun and Frolic for the “Decked Out Doggies” of Brunswick Plantation seemed like a Natural Event!  What a better time than Halloween for Dog Lovers to parade their precious dogs through Brunswick Plantation in charming costumes to “Strut Their Stuff”?

Organized by Kate Dodig, the parade began at the fountain at Smithfield at 5:15 on the Perfect Date…October 31!  Beside the Fun of getting together with “Proud Pets”, there was a prize of a $25 gift certificate for “Best Costume” to Petco, courtesy of Brunswick Plantation!

The prize was won by: “The Doggie in the Devil Costume”…Congratulations, You Little Devil!   “Every Dog Must Have His Day”, so they say!  You can view all of the clever and cute doggie costumes in our Doggie Parade Album on Facebook!

Brunswick Plantation And Golf  Resort is People And Pet Friendly!                                                                              You can see people walking their dogs daily!                                                                                                                 Dogs, from Lassie to Laika, have been Heroes Worldwide!     

Even the Stars  tell the story of Canis Major or “The Great Dog” in  the Sky!                                  Sirius,also known as the “Dog Star”is the brightest in the Heaven!

The Loyalty of Dogs goes back to Ancient Greece when Argos, Ulysses’ hunting dog , was the only creature to recognize the Greek hero when he returned home disguised as a beggar after 20 years of adventure! “To Err is Human, To Forgive, canine!”

We must note, however, that  Cat Lovers are Purr-Fectly At Home at Brunswick Plantation, also! Curious and Cute…Pet Friendly Brunswick Plantation! YA’ll Welcome!

 Do you have a pet story to share?    Please Do…Your pets are Welcome, too!                                                                                                                                                                                                                        








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  1. kevin anderson says:

    that “hotdog” is cute and looks delicious…LOL

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