Harmonize Your Golf Swing/ Custom Clubs…C.J. Ebel, Golf Club Maestro

Brunswick Golf framedBrunswick Plantation and Golf Resort ® a Golfer’s Paradise…Three Player Friendly 9 Hole Courses on the Plantation located in the middle of Golf Heaven, USA! Azalea, Dogwood, and Magnolia Greens provide a challenging & enjoyable experience for avid golfers and beginners! Golfers enjoy perfect Bermuda Grass Greens All Year!

Of Course, golfers would love their golf clubs uniquely crafted to their individual swing! Welcome the Balance Craft of C.J. Ebel, Golf Club Maestro! C.J. offers a NEW Technology for all Golfers…To get Your golf clubs to “Sing the Same Tune” and Improve your golf score!

 C.J. Ebel, Golf Club Maestro

g c mastro framedC.J. Ebel’s Signature…Golf Club Maestro was inspired by the Spanish word Maestro…Meaning Teacher. C.J.’s desire is to teach golfers how the fine art of golf club fitting can make golf more Fun!  The clubs uniquely crafted to your individual swing WILL…Improve your results club to club, Increase your  Confidence  and LOWER YOUR SCORE! 

C.J. has a real Passion for the Scientific Art of making the Custom Club perfect for the individual golfer. He notes that…Having a relationship with a Golf Fitter is like having a relationship with your doctor.  It’s not just a one-time thing but something that continues for years…As your body changes through the years, your golf club can be tweaked by a club fitter to suit your needs as they are now.

wishon technologyC.J. Ebel uses Tom Wishon Golf Technology, a Leading name in Custom Club Making Design! He was trained in the Wishon method of club fitting. C. J. can rebuild a set of golf clubs Or make a new set from scratch using Tom Wishon technology only! Learn more @ www.WishonGolf.com

C.J. says he enjoys seeing how Happy people get when their game comes together because their clubs are working together in Harmony With Their Swing!  He has developed a Vision and Process that works!

Golf Club Maestro…Vision

***To bring a new way of Fitting Clubs for Balance & Timing for the Individual Golfer.

***Major Golf Club Manufacturers Focus on Quality & Design

***C.J. Adds what is Pretty Good on Average and Makes It Excellent by: Redefining the Weight & Balance of a Set of Clubs for the Individual.

Golf Club Maestro…Process

 ***As in an “Orchestra”…The Golf Club Maestro creates a Symphony with a Set of Clubs! Every club carries a different Tune. A High Definition Club Maker takes a set of Clubs that are different lengths and makes them so that they require the same amount of Effort to Swing. (Moment of Inertia..Related to Effort & Physical Ability of the Individual Golfer which  Changes as you age.)

***Balance the Shaft for the Timing. Optimize the Banding of the Shaft to the Club Head for the Player’s Swing.

 Recipe of Balance Pallet

C J & Machines***Measure Weight, Balance, & Parameter to Golfer and Clubs to Each Other.

 Properly Fitted Golf Clubs Include:

  • Length of the Club
  • Weight of the Club
  • Loft of the Head
  • Flex of the Shaft

 C. J. Ebel…Golf News in Brunswick Beacon

The fine art of golf club fitting: C. J. Ebel was written by Elsa Bonstein, Golf Columnist for the Brunswick Beacon (Sept. 24, 2015 Edition). Ms. Bonstein says that her interview with C. J. was inspired by hearing about him from several friends that had their clubs retro-fitted or had a Custom-Fitted new Set made by the Golf Club Maestro! She noted that one friend swore that her game had improved fantastically after having her old clubs Custom-Fitted. C. J. Ebel has a growing reputation in the area!

Golf Club Maestro…Custom Club Making, Fine Tuning & Repairs

C J Custon ClubMonday, September 30th C. J. opened his New Golf Club Maestro Shop @  6810 Beach Drive S W , Suite A in Sands Plaza at Ocean Isle www.GolfClubMaestro.com

Custom Club Fitting…The Golf Club Maestro Way

  1. CJ vert, ClubBegins with…A One or Two Hour Session wherein the Club Fitter Evaluates the Golfer’s Swing & Has him try different clubs.
  2. C. J. Builds the Club, then the Golfer tries it out!
  3. The Club is Fine-Tuned & When it is Perfectly Fitted, C. J. tries to attune the Rest of the Set…So All the Clubs Feel the Same, no matter the length or loft.
  4. A 9-Iron will feel like the five iron; the 5-iron will feel like the driver because the clubs are all Fitted & Tuned to a Specific Swing & Body Type. 
  5. C. J. will often Fit One Club & The Golfer takes it home and tries it for a few days. If he likes it, C. J. moves on to fit more of his clubs.
  6. If it doesn’t work, the golfer brings it back and they start again until they have something that works for that golfer.

Asian Girls framed Golf text                  The Art of it All…Ladies Golf Art @ Golf Club Maestro

C. J. Ebel says it is not necessary to purchase a whole new set of clubs as we age. In most cases, a set of Clubs can be tweaked  by a club fitter so they fit the golfer as his/her body is now. 

Family Golf Life for C. J. Ebel

Haystack M CollegeC. J. Ebel comes from a Golf Family who owned and operated the Haystack Mountain Golf course…A Nine Hole Executive Course in Boulder, Colorado. It was his, Dad, Bud’s idea to have it built on land that was originally an Arapaho Indian Tribal Ground. The Indians once used the 300 Ft. high course as a Lookout for Buffalo Herds. That Golf Course is still in the Family Today with Mom & Owner, Lois Ebel and Staff managing it. Check it out @  www.golfhaystack.com

C. J. says that is when & how he developed love of club fitting. He could play golf anytime and had access, as a kid, to a Hodge Podge of Clubs. He could pick and choose what to hit…A Young Golfer’s Dream!

C. J. Ebel’s Love of Golf Followed him to High School, College and Beyond! Some of his Golf Interests and Achievements Include:

  • Number 1 on his High School Golf Team
  • Played Golf at Midland College in Midland, Texas
  • Played on Golf Team at Pfeiffer College in Misenheimer, NC.
  • Worked 2 years for Swing Sync in Pinehurst, NC…Production Supervisor & Made Clubs for company
  • Made Clubs while teaching at Pine Needles with Instructor Jim Sutti @ Southern Pines, NC
  • Competed in Match Play of Pinehurst…Golf Making Shop, Under the Keen Eye of Doug Smith, a Wizard of Clubmaking!
  • Colorado Family Course & Started “No Embarrassment” Golf School for Beginners & People Who “Just Don’t Get It”!

Golf Club Maestro…Golfer’s Comments

Golfer Comments:

  • Just wanted to Thank You for the wonderful job you did on my clubs. When I posted my score, the computer said my score was out of my range! You made Golf a Fun Game for me to Play!
  • You built me an Amazing Set of Clubs! I can’t tell you how much I enjoy them! You are the Greatest!
  • C.J.’s knowledge and attention to detail is something not normally found anywhere! He spent a lot of time with me and answered every dumb question I had without once trying to get me out the door. He is a Pleasure to deal with!
  • TomWishon1-300x198 framedTOM Wishon after referring a Golfer to C.J. :Thanks are to You for having gotten interested enough in fitting and clubmaking to become very good in the field. Thanks so much for…Well…for being YOU to treat golfers so well. It makes it really easy for us to recommend golfers to go see you for their fitting needs!!

Check out his Testimonials and more at the website www.GolfClubmaestro.com

 C J & Club VertC. J. Ebel’s Goal as Golf Club Maestro is as “The Devil is in the Details” …C. J. gets them out of your Set! He enjoys the relationship he develops with the golfer to help them enjoy the game & take the doubt out of the set!

C. J. Ebel’s Golf Club Maestro at Ocean Isle is just a short drive from Brunswick Plantation…Another Reason To Stay & Play at Brunswick Plantation and Golf Resort®. massage-coupon framedAfter playing golf or visiting the Golf Club Maestro, you could enjoy a relaxing massage by C. J.’s Wife…Massage Therapist with the Magic Touch, Maxine Putnam! You can call Maxine @ 910-269-1385 for an appointment in Sunset Beach…Conveniently located between Brunswick Plantation and Ocean Isle, NC! Sounds Like a Dream Day of Play & Relaxation by the Dream Team of C. J. & Maxine! Enjoy!

Credits to Elsa Bontein, Golf Columnist article & Brunswick Beacon article…The fine art of golf club fitting: C. J. Ebel & C. J. Ebel for Interview for this article.





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