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Hello to All:

With the summer season winding down and events slowly coming to an end, the golf shop would like to thank all of our members for a wonderful summer full of golf, and fun! September is Club Championship Month. Last Year’s Champions Rick Pesavento, and Sue Kenny are looking to defend their title this season.

Rob and his staff have worked countless hours trying to keep our course in the best shape possible. This task has been trying to say the least, due to the large amounts of rain we have endured recently. Thank You Rob! For your efforts, and we all pray for drier conditions for fall golf.

Thanks again to all our members for their participation in our events this year and please continue to support the all aspects of your club. Remember our club is only as strong as the members that support it!

September Events:

Men’s and Ladies Club Championships- September 14th-17th

Golf Tip of the Month

We’ve all done it: You really want to make that 10-footer for birdie (or par), so you give it a good smack. But it steams by the hole, and you’ve got a four-footer coming back, which you leave short. You turned a good hole into a three-jack. You walk off the green muttering to yourself, what an idiot!

To prevent this, think about the way great fast-green putters like Ben Crenshaw and Jack Nicklaus do it. They try to roll the ball the correct distance, which in effect makes the hole wider (so you end up sinking more putts). And it prevents three-putting. We don’t believe in trying to roll the ball at a speed that would send it a foot or two past the cup. A lot of golfers who try to do this hit it too far by the cup.

On down-hillers, it’s easy to let the first putt get away from you. Picture another hole half to two-thirds of the way to the cup. Then focus on rolling the ball the correct speed for the imaginary hole. It rolls out and often finds the real hole. On uphill putts, do the opposite, looking well past the cup. Here’s a practice drill to try. Place two tees directly in front of a hole about an inch apart. Practice hitting putts at just the right pace. Notice how some balls graze the outside of either tee or fall into the side of the hole. This shows that you don’t have to hit the cup dead center to make a putt, provided the ball is rolling at the right speed.

Wishing all of you great experiences on the golf course!

Happy Golfing,


Head Golf Professional

Pro-Shop Manager

Director of Memberships

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