Barbara and Ron…”A Sunny New Life” At Brunswick Plantation

Better Life Collage Brunswick Plantation and Golf Resort ® is Blessed with a community of remarkable people that make Brunswick Plantation  perfect place for “A Better Way of Life”! The fascinating folks come here from a variety of places and offer a range of interests and talents to share with friends and neighbors! They say that “Variety is the Spice of Life” that gives it all it’s Flavor! Life at Brunswick Plantation has lots of Spice and Fun for All!

B&Bframed20150824_214026Barbara Dennington and Ron Ellecamp are one of the couples that make Brunswick Plantation the dynamic community we Love! SunflowerloveframedThey have a fascinating story of how they found their Sunny New Life together! sunflower tableBarb has Sunflowers all throughout their home as a tribute to the Sunny Side of Life…Always looking Up and Facing the SUN!

Plenty of Fish

Plenty of FishBarbara and Ron have an enchanting and unique story to tell about first meeting “On Line” through a dating site called  “Plenty of Fish”! How they both entered this website is through their children…Barb’s Son, Jeffrey…Put her on the website & Ron’s son, Dan…Entered Ron on the same website.

At the time, Ron did not even own a computer, so his son, Dan, living in California…Kept up with it for him and kept him posted. Ron, whose wife, Sue, had passed away, was living in The Village of Calabash in North Carolina. He and Sue had moved there from their family home in Anne Arundel County, Maryland, years earlier.

Ron told Dan that he was not going further away than between Shallotte and Little River to meet anyone! After being on the website for his dad awhile…He told Ron that most of the women he saw were all midgets! Ron is 6’5” tall! Then he saw Barbara’s posting and said…”I found someone, Dad! She is 5′ 10” with blonde, curly hair.  She is local and Jewish.” Ron is Methodist and said that didn’t matter, so they connected through Ron’s son!

Barbara, who had raised her three sons largely alone, after divorcing years ago when the boys were ages 6, 7, and 9…Was posted on “Plenty of Fish” by her son, Jeffrey. Barbara had been living in a condo at “The Lakes” of Brunswick Plantation and was not really interested in on-line dating.  She felt she had enough dates. She said, “Don’t put me on the website! I’m not going to do it, and I don’t like it!  I’ll just read what you put on to know what you think of your mother! Jeffery posted Barbara’s Internet name for “Plenty of Fish” as Calabash Babs!

One day a friend of Barbara’s came over and asked about the website. She said, “While I’m here, I’ll tweek it for you! After she looked, she said, “Now, Barbara, Look at this!  Five men want to meet you! Come look at this one…Local, 6’5” tall with a shirtless photo of himself!”

Ron’s son had posted a picture of him shirtless…Which Ron did not even realize! Barbara thought…”Well, any man that age who is willing to post a photo of himself shirtless Must be OK!”

First Date

Bar & Ron 1+ framedBarbara and Ron first met “Face to Face” for lunch at the Boundary House on October 16 in 2010! They say it was one of the longest Lunch Dates in History…Starting with 2 1/2 hours in the restaurant. In the middle of lunch Ron confessed to Barbara…”I don’t even have a computer.  You’ve been corresponding with my son.”  Stunned…Barbara said, “If we meet again, I don’t want to meet your son!” Ron assured her it was all OK!

After eating lunch, Ron asked Barbara if she would like a drink or coffee…Clearly enjoying their time together! Barbara declined the offer but suggested, “Let’s walk down to the Waterfront!”  After their walk, Ron asked, “Would you like that drink now? I have something in the car for you!” He had flowers for Barbara! She was impressed with his 6’5″ & Looks…Plus Flowers! Barbara was also charmed by Ron’s quick wit and spontaneous sense of humor!

BP Lakes CollageBarbara had a meeting with the Landscaping committee at her condo at “The Lakes” of Brunswick Plantation. Barbara told Ron he could come back to the condo…Where he waited quietly while Barbara had her meeting.

Seaside Choir FramedRon then had to go to choir practice at Seaside Methodist.  He asked Barbara when he could see her next.

So the Sunny Relationship Blossomed into Walks with Ron’s arm around Barbara! They went to movies and dinner! Finally, Barbara kissed Ron & They are Together Today…Enjoying Their “Sunny New Life”!

Cruising Into The Sunshine

Clam cruise framed

Barb & Ron Framed champagne CruiseBarbara and Ron’s “Sunny New Life” has been found them exploring the World Together on some Lovely Cruises! A Champagne Cruise to Celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the Panama Canal…Honoring the Past By Building the Future! Cheers!


Barb & Ron Alaska framedBarbara and Ron have also enjoyed a memorable cruise to delight in…Nature’s Breathtaking Views of Scenic Alaska!


CRBarb & Ron Costa Rica Cruise0002 framedAnother Special Cruise was to the “Rich Coast” of Costa Rica! Barbara and Ron’s neighbors at the time…Nick & Patty Lakin went with them to explore this Tropical Paradise! The More Fun in the Sun for their “Sunny New Life”!

Barbara & Her Boys…The Move to Brunswick

B&B FramedBarbara had raised her three sons…Mainly by Herself in Long Island, New York.  She was employed as nurse and also worked two other jobs…One in the printing business & for the Board of Elections.   However, she said the boys had set rules and regulations.  She kept up with all of the their interests and activities with her love and support. Barbara also taught them to…”Work Hard…Like Mom!

Barb’s sons finished college, the service, whatever apprenticeships they chose.  They then got jobs and moved away though 2 of the 3 still call her every day or every other day. Twelve years ago her son, Jeffrey called and asked Barbara to set extra plates for their Hanukkah Dinner. After dinner he said, “Let’s Give Mom her present!” Then Barbara’s sons…David , Marc, and Jeffery took the serving tray and slid the glass out with pictures of Mom and her Boys. There was a poem by Jeffrey And a Letter from All of Her Boys/Young Men!The letter said, “We realize how hard you’ve worked! It’s time for you to retire. We’ll make sure it happens!”

BP Flower CollageBarbara decided that she wanted to go where it is warm. She checked out Georgia and then Florida. Jeffrey said concerning Florida, “Does Mom look like an Early Bird Special?” So, they decided on looking at North and South Carolina. After getting information from Brunswick Plantation for $25 a night with a two hour tour…Jefferey called David, told him about this “Great Special” and David came with Mom to Brunswick Plantation! They rented 2 condos to stay in with the family. They had looked at 10 other places in North & South Carolina. As soon as they drove through the gate at Brunswick Plantation, Barbara said she knew this is where she wanted to live! Everything was in bloom! People here were the most outgoing and Friendly!

Barbara had her choice of 3 our of the 4 condos in the new Lakes Buildings. Her sons convinced her to get a downstairs unit.  She was the only permanent one in that building in the first three years but people were so neighborly! People in the next building…Welcomed them with a drink!

So, Barbara retired in May of 2005, sold her house in June of that year and moved to Brunswick Plantation in July of 2005! Her sons helped her buy her condo that she has now rented and put in their names. Barbara’s family now includes her sons and their families. Marc & Marie live in Long Island, NY with their son Marc (15) & Daughter,  Ashely (18). David and Leeza live in Michigan with their son, Graeme (8).  Jeffrey and Meli live in San Diego, California.

Framedsunlaughl_03a76080-999d-11e1-8d93-159808400004Barbara said that when she put the key into the condo door, she went into a funk & cried. At first she had little furniture, but her sons called every day. Finally, one day Barbara woke and said…”You can put your feet in the water anytime of year!” Her plants & books became her children, and she got involved in activities and met a variety of interesting people at her new home! She has Loved it ever since! She says …Her Heart is Always at Brunswick Plantation! Though Barbara and Ron lived in Spring Mill when they were first together, they have recently bought a house in the Georgetown area….Their Sunny new Home for Their Sunny New Life Together!

Ron…His Move to North Carolina

countysealRon is originally from Anne Arundel County, Maryland where he worked as a building inspector for Anne Arundel County. Ron and his wife, June, had come to Myrtle Beach for ten years on vacation. Ron said that June would cry cry on the way back to Maryland, as she liked to play on the beach so much. They came in early Spring of 1994 and ordered a modular home for The Village of Calabash. Ron retired on August 11th in 1995 and they came to live in North Carolina on August 12th! Ron’s been in the area for 20 years! It will be eight years ago this year since Ron’s wife passed away. He still lived in their home in The Village of Calabash.

Ron's gr Ch CollageRon has two sons and three grandchildren. Dan and his wife,Victoria live in California and have a daughter…Rebecca (19). David and his wife, Sharon, live in Maryland and have two sons…Jacob (15)  & Aaron (13). It’s All in the Wonderful Family!



 New Life Fun!

Traveling Together

The cruises Barbara and Ron have taken have definitely been Fun in the Sun! They have also flown to Puerto Rico and stayed in a condo for a week with another couple….More Fun in the Sun!

Traveling to see children and grandchildren is always a great  and having them visit Barbara and Ron at the Beach is  a Treat for All!

Nashville_collage_2009 framedThis year Barbara and Ron visited Nashville, Tennessee & Enjoyed:

  • Boot Shops
  • Kicking Up Their Heels & Dancing!
  • Seeing Homes of Famous Singers
  • Andrew Jackson’s Home
  • A Lot of Country & Western Music
  • Nashville is a “Happening Town”…Like New Orleans!

Another trip this year was to a stay at a Bed & Breakfast in scenic Asheville, NC!

What To See & Do Around Brunswick Plantation

Exploreindex framedBarbara feels that “Routine is Boring” & Brunswick Plantation is located in an area that offers quite a variety for Barbara and Ron to Explore and Enjoy!

When it comes to eating out together, Ron says that Barbara like to Dine, and he likes to have a lot to eat.  So, they have quite a selections of restaurants they like. In fact, they belong to a Friday Night Dining Group of Friends that eat out together most Fridays. Each week one couple gets to choose the restaurant for everyone. After all, Variety Is The Spice Of Life…Especially when it comes to food!

Restaurants Barbara & Ron recommend include:brentwood

  • Longhorn’s (Across from the Barefoot Landing)
  • Golden Corral
  •   La Cucina (Italian @ Sunset Beach)
  • Parson’s Table (Fine Dining…Early Bird Specials)
  • Chianti South (Fine Dining…Early Bird Specials)
  • The Brentwood (Fine Dining…Early Bird Specials)
  • Pizzelli’s
  • Horst Gausthaus (German)
  • Brother Shuckers @ Carolina Forest (Off of 31) For dining & Lots of Good Food! (Great Crabcakes)
  • New Jerusalem Mediterranean Restaurant & Bar…Kosher Food & Belly Dancing!

Favorite Beaches

Sunset Chery G collageBarbara and Ron like the Beaches…Anytime! Their Favorite Beaches are:

  • Cherry Grove Beach
  • Sunset Beach


Alabama Theatre ONE_The_Show_002Barbara and Ron enjoy the shows at The Alabama Theatre @ Barefoot Landing


Worhsip2Barbara is Jewish and attends services at Temple Emanu-el in Myrtle Beach  Ron is Methodist and attends services & sings in the choir at Seaside Methodist in Sunset Beach. However, they both also visit each other’s Place of Worship and attend some activities together.

Loving Living at Brunswick Plantation

KindnessThere are several things Barbara & Ron Love about Living Brunswick Plantation.  It is such a Beautiful and Friendly Community!Years ago, on a trip to Italy, Barbara had a serious leg injury from a fall. She had to have serious surgery to replace a broken femur that was replaced by a rod in her leg. She could not even sit in a car! She was living in her Lakes condo at the time. She said that everyone was So Helpful.  They did everything they could for her and her family! This included feeding folks, rides to and from the airport for her family…Sons, Sister Elyane and Brother-in-law.  They were wonderful to Barbara and her family! Inspired by that kindness, in 2005 Barbara started a Widows & Orphans Thanksgiving.  She provided the turkey and house, drink & paper goods and Everybody brought something to celebrate! Kindness begets Kindness!

Welcpome framed20150824_213901Barbara and Ron have many Friends with whom to socialize and share the Fun at Brunswick Plantation! Folks know they are always Welcome at Barbara & Ron’s Home! Barbara says She and Ron are very informal Just Love People! They also Love having their families visit, and the Beach is Fun For All!

Ron still enjoys doing lawn maintenance at Brunswick Plantation 2 or 3 Days a Week. He has a riding mower and maintains 17 lawns. Lawn work is something he like to do…Keeps him young! Barb, a retired nurse, is there for friends when they have health issues. Young at Heart…With a Heart of Gold!

WilCharlcollageLocation of Brunswick Plantation is another Plus for Barbara and Ron. They Love Being:

  • Close to the Beaches
  • Within Driving Distance from Wilmington, NC AND Charleston, SC

Brunswick Plantation being a Gated Community is another Plus!When Barbara first came here alone, it was not yet gated.  She is happy that it now is with someone at the Gate 24/7! Having the Guards & Someone from Security Driving Around at Night is  Wonderful Feature!

There are so many activities to choose from right here in the Brunswick Plantation Community! You can be as involved as you like! You can see or do whatever you appreciate Or just rest and relax! Plus…Everyone is Welcome…Couples & Singles!

SunlifecollageWe are so Happy to have Barbara and Ron living at Brunswick Plantation and Golf Resort ® ! It has been where Barbara’s Heart is for 10 years!  Now Barbara & Brunswick Plantation have Ron’s Heart, too!  What a Blessing for Everyone! That makes the Sunflowers Happy! Life is Beautiful at Brunswick Plantation! Come Join the FUN!





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