Eat and Play By The Calabash Waterfront…Fun For All!

BP Beach CollageFolks at Brunswick Plantation and Golf Resort ® enjoy being close to the lovely, sunny Coastal Carolina Beaches…And the Charming Village of Calabash, NC! Calabash was settled as the fishing village known as Peas Landing in the early 1800’s. Calabash-boats-framedThis picturesque village chose the name of Calabash when, at the request of villagers, it got it’s first Post Office in 1883.The name Calabash comes from the name of the gourd or tropical trees/vines that grew wild in this area. The Native Americans used this gourd to hold food and water.

Calabash Town sealThe area became known for Calabash Seafood, lightly dipped in seasonal batter & deep fried to a golden brown! This delicious style of seafood was first cooked outside when fishermen hauled their catch to the docks of Calabash. Folks then would smell the aroma of this fried seafood and flock to the docks for palatable plate of this appetizing seafood! Later “Fish Camps” moved the cooking of Calabash Seafood indoors. You can now find this quality Shrimp & Fish in local seafood restaurants that specialize in Calabash Seafood! Calabash is known as “The Seafood Capital of the World”!

Calabash Seafood

Calabash RestThe original  Calabash Seafood Restaurants were established by the local families. Beck’s, Ella’s, and Coleman’s restaurants are still favorites. Unfortunately, Coleman’s had a fire  in the past year. Fortunately, it is currently being rebuilt in it’s location…Down by the Calabash Waterfront!  The Coleman family recommends you go to their sister restaurant, The Seafood Hut…Located on the road to the Calabash Waterfront, for their style of Calabash Seafood!

Good Night, Mrs. Calabash…Wherever You Are!

Jimmy FramedYou may recall Jimmy Durante ending his performances for years with saying…”Good Night, Mrs. Calabash, Wherever You Are!” There are different versions of this story with two families claiming to be the Mrs. Calabash in Durante’s quote. Mrs. Lucy Coleman of Coleman’s Restaurant and Ella of Ella’s Restaurant both say that they are The Mrs. Calabash! The story goes that Durante was passing through Calabash and ate at their seafood restaurant. He loved it and is to have said that he would …Make You Famous! Hence, ending each performance with, “Goodnight Mrs. Calabash, wherever You Are!” Regardless of which Mrs. Calabash he is referring to, Jimmy Durante did pass thorough Calabash and eat the famous Calabash Seafood..To his Taste Delight! A Real Tribute to the Taste Treat of Calabash Seafood!

Variety in Culinary Delights of Calabash

Dining In Calabash

There are a variety of restaurants in the Calabash Waterfront, Village, & Area! Culinary Delights Abound around this Town!

The First Original “Calabash Seafood” Restaurants

Our State Food

Ella’s Of Calabash

Ella’s of Calabash…Serving Locally Caught Seafood since 1950 in a Casual, Laid-Back Setting. Ellas food framedElla’s of Calabash is a Family Run Restaurant…Ella and her Family were one of the First families in Calabash that began serving seafood “Calabash Style”! It’s a Family Tradition! Savor the Flavor of Ella’s Hush Puppies! Ella’s was Voted “Best Restaurant” in Brunswick County…Every Year, 2008 Thru 2015! Ella’s was also Featured in “Southern Living” Favorites in 2004!

Visit Ella’s @ 1148 River Road in Calabash, NC! Open Daily: 11Am – 9Pm Phone: 910 – 579 – 6728 OR

Beck’s Restaurant of Calabash

Beck's Food framedBeck’s Restaurant of Calabash…Home of True “Calabash Style” Cooking – The Old Fashioned Way! Beck’s Restaurant was founded in 1940 By: One of the Sisters that Originally created Seafood “Calabash Style” Passed down Through the Generations & Still Owned & Operated by the Same Family…Beck’s serves up the Finest of Seafood …Maintaining the Original Calabash Style! Beck's Crab legsBeck’s is also know for their Delicious Crab Legs!

Visit Beck’s @ 1014 River Road, Calabash, NC! Open Daily: 11Am – 9Pm  Phone 910-579-6776  Or @

The Seafood Hut

Sea Hut Foodthumb_600 framedThe Seafood Hut…Unpretentious Roadside Stop for Local-Style Fried Seafood & Hush Puppies , Plus Burgers, Steak, & BBQ!

Visit The Seafood Hut…1125 River Road in Calabash, NC! Enjoy Fresh Seafood Fried to Perfection! Open: Tuesday Thru Saturday 11Am – 9Pm  Phone: 910 – 579-6723

Calabash Restaurants…Down By The Waterfront

Water collage

Captain John’s Seafood House

Captain John’s Seafood House…Offers Waterfront Dining in a Relaxed Eatery & Lounge…Serving Seafood, Steaks, & Spirits, With Seniors & Children’s Specials. Open Daily: 4Pm – 9Pm  Phone:910-579-6017

Captain Nance’s Seafood

Captain Nance’s Seafood…Offers an Unassuming Waterfront Stop for Seafood in a Family Friendly Setting. Open Daily: 11Am – 9Pm  Phone: 910-570-2574


The Dockside Seafood House…Offers Traditional Calabash Style Seafood, as well as Prime Rib, NY Strip Steaks, Rib Eye Steaks for the Land Lovers! Beer & Wine List !  Waterfront Outdoor Or Indoor Dining! Open Daily: 4Pm – 9Pm  Phone: 910-579-6775 OR


Waterfront Seafood Shack

Seafood Shcak CollageWaterfront Seafood Shack @ 9945 Nance Street, On the Calabash Waterfront…Offers Fresh Catch Seafood Restaurant & Market (They Own The Boat)…Carry Out OR Outside Seating ON The Waterfront! Open: 11Am – 9Pm Monday – Saturday (Closed on Sundays) 910 – 575-0017


Bagel Dock Cafe

bagel dock new collage framedThe Bagel Dock Cafe @ 1162 River Road…Is a “Favorite Way to Start your Day”in Calabash, NC! The Bagel Dock Cafe…Offers Fresh New York Style Bagels (Baked Daily) & A Variety of Delicious Spreads! The menu also includes: Breakfast Sandwiches, Sandwiches with Boars Head Meats, Fresh Salads, Burgers & Good Coffee!

bagel collageBagel Dock owners, Carmine & Margaret Barbaro are Bagel Experts from Long Island, New York. They make New York Style Bagels…At Their Best! Visit The Bagel Dock…On Your Way to the Calabash Waterfront & Meet the Many Folks are Regulars for…A New  York Bagel Treat that can’t Be Beat! Open: Monday – Saturday 6Am – 3Pm & Sunday 6Am – 2Pm  Phone: 910 – 575-1200 Or


Tony’s Pizza

Tony's Pizza CollageTony’s Pizza @ 1150 River Road, Calabash, NC…Offers Great Pizza & Italian Food that Locals Love! Also, on the road  to the Waterfront…Tony’s menu includes: Homemade Pizza, Hot Oven Subs, Spaghetti, Greek Salads, Calzones, Wings, & Hamburgers! Stop By for an Italian Lunch Or Dinner! Tony’s Pizza…Open: Monday – Saturday 11Am – 9Pm & Sunday 2Pm – 9Pm Phone: 910 – 579 – 3531 You May Order Ahead & Take Out OR Eat In at Tony’s!


The Boundary House

Boundry house view framedThe Boundary House @ 1045 River Road, Calabash, NC…Offers Casual Dining At Its Finest! Open for Lunch 11 Am – 3Pm & Dinner…The Boundary House also Offers a Sunday Brunch 11 Am – 2 Pm!

Boundary House CollageThe Boundary House is a Good Rendezvous for Travelers & Families! Culinary Delights Include:

  • Appetizers
  • Soups & Salads
  • Sandwiches
  • Chicken & Pasta
  • Desserts
  • Beer, Wine, & Specialty Drinks
  • Children’s Menu

Check Out More @

Calabash Waterfront Maritime Adventures

 Calabash Fishing Fleet

Calabash 2 Fish Fleet CollageDolphin Adventure Cruise…Two Hour Cruise…An Adventure for the Whole Family to Enjoy on the 65′ Navigator!

calafishing fleet framedDeep Sea Fishing & Sport Fishing Charters…Enjoy 1/2 Day, 3/4 Day, Full Day, Gulf Stream Fishing…Sport Fishing Charters Offered on the 40′ Miss Calabash!

Calabash Fishing Fleet…Fresh Ocean Fish & Shrimp…For Home PLUS Waterfront Seafood Shack to Take Out OR Eat on the Waterfront…11Am – 9Pm Mon. – Sat. (Closed on Sunday).

Contact Calabash Fishing Fleet, 99445 Nance St. on the Calabash Waterfront, NC @   Or Call: (843) 575-0017


Hurricane Fleet

Hurricane-II-framedAdventure Cruises…The Hurricane Fleet Marina @ 9975 Nance St. at  The  Waterfront in Calabash, NC! Enjoy a Hurricane Adventure Cruise on the 90′ Hurricane II. Let the crew show you “Nature Under the Sea”!

Hurricane Fleet Collage framedHurricane Fleet “Deep Sea Fishing”…Enjoy 1/2 Day, Gulf Stream Fishing, Sport Fishing Charters!

Depart Monday – Friday …1:30 Pm – 4Pm (Reservations are Not Required (But Recommended!) 

Hurricane Fleet @ OR Phone: SC (843) 249-3571  OR NC (910) 579-3660

Calabash FREE Concerts

calabash-concert-Frame-2Check Out: Calabash FREE Concerts in the Calabash Town Park @ 868 Persimmon Rd. S W

  • July 23…James & Emma…Acoustic Duet
  • August 6…Tammy’s Tangent…Variety
  • August 20…Sick Stooges…Classic Rock/70’s & 90’s

Calabash-Summer-Movies-2-frame-300x198Free Movies in the Calabash Park

  • July 30…Dolphin Tale
  • August 13…Blended


Framed calabash_north_carolina_card-re53ddd8cfaaf44d9b144750f53287064_xvuak_8byvr_324

The Calabash Waterfront is truly FUN For All Ages!  The Waterfront & River Road Restaurants offer Culinary Delights for Every Taste! Calabash is a “Coastal Carolina Gem” for You & Yours to Enjoy! Stay Tuned Next Thursday For…More Reasons Why “We Love Calabash”!

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