Phyllis and Ed’s Love Story…61 Years Of FUN

Phyllis Ed dinnerWe enjoy the great people that make Brunswick Plantation and Golf Resort their home! It is such a treat to celebrate life together! We salute our neighbors, Phyllis and Ed Billingsley , as they recently celebrated their 61st Year of matrimony! Phyllis Ed newlywedsWhen asked what’s the secret of such a long & happy marriage…Phyllis says, “Marry a Good Guy!” Ed comments, “It’s been Fun!”


In talking with them, it is clear that embracing life together is still Fun for Phyllis and Ed! They moved to Brunswick Plantation from their home in Cumberland, Maryland on December 17, 1999 in time for the Millennium Party at the Plantation…and have been celebrating Life at the Beach  ever since!

Phyllis is also still enjoying working for Caw Caw Land Corp. @ Brunswick Plantation. She has had that position for 15 years as an Internet Marketing Representative. Life is Good!

Phyllis and Ed’s Family History…In the Beginning!

Phyllis Jane Stamper was born in Port Arthur, Texas, the second daughter of Newt and Ione Stamper. Sibyl, Phyllis’ sister, is 12 years her senior. phylluis sybilThe two sisters enjoy each other and remain ” Best Friends ” to this day!

Their father, Newt, was an ordnance officer at the San Jacinto Ordnance Depot near Houston during WWII. It was from that depot that bombs were put on ships to go overseas. Phyllis still has a ration book from WWII.

san-jacinto-monument-jo-claire-hallThere is now a San Jacinto monument across the Houston ship channel from the depot.  The monument commemorates Texas winning independence from Mexico in the Battle of San Jacinto. Sam Houston was the General that led the charge winning that battle.

Interestingly, Jesse Billingsley, right hand man to Sam Houston, is Ed Billingsley’s  ancestor. In his honor, there is still a reunion every few years for all men named Jesse Billingsley. Phyllis and Ed have a grandson named Jesse Billinglsey. The ties that bind are far reaching for Phyllis and Ed! The first William Billingsley arrived in the 1750′s and fought in the Revolutionary War.

Welsh tract chu-358-welsh-tract-baptist-church“John” is the family name of the maternal side of Phyllis’ family. They arrived in the 1700′s from Cardiff, Wales. They were part of the whole congregation of the Welsh Primitive Baptist Church and landed in New Castle, Delaware. The church they built is the Welsh Tract Baptist Church and  is still standing by the University of Delaware football stadium. Talk about “Staying Power’!

William Edmond Billingsley was born in Beaumont, Texas. After graduating from high school in Beaumont, Ed joined the Air Force for 4 years. He later graduated from Texas A & M University with a B.S. in chemical engineering. Texas aggie symboltamu3Ed is a lifelong Texas Aggie supporter of the university and football team. He has always loved football and played tackle on his “Royal Purple” high school team in Beaumont. His coach wanted all of the players to take Arthur Murray dance lessons to teach them how to be light on their feet when playing football. Ed took the dance lessons at Arthur Murray and found he was a dancer! He has loved to dance his whole life!


Ed has had an intriguing career with Hercules, Inc. , Allegany Ballistics Laboratory, Rocket Center  WV, where he was assigned to their Cumberland, Maryland laboratory. He retired in 1992 with 31 years with the company. For 20 years of his career, he was involved in the design and development of many missile systems.  Polaris Missile0901_012502Some of the missiles you may recognize include the  Polaris, Sprint, Poseidon, Trident I and II.  You might say his career “Just Soared”!

Phyllis HussarsWhile at Port Arthur High School, Phyllis was a member of the “Hussars” Drum & Bugle Corps….More Fun!  Phyllis graduated from Port Arthur Lamar University with a degree in business. She later earned a degree from Allegany Community College in Cumberland, Maryland. Phyllis also had an interesting career as a 30-year Federal Government employee.  Her Federal service includes U. S. Air Force, U. S. Dept. of Agriculture, and U.S. Navy. The last 20 years of her Federal career was with Social Security. She retired from the Social Security Administration in 1990, as the District Office Operations Supervisor in Cumberland, Maryland. Now that is a real Federal Case for the Good!

 Lets get Together…Phyllis & Ed,We’ll be having twice the Fun!

canastaEd was a sophomore at Texas A & M and was working in the summer in Port Arthur. Phyllis was a high school student in Port Arthur. Friends ask them both to join them in a card game of Canasta. It seems it was really “In the Cards” for Ed and Phyllis! That is when they met and started their relationship as the gruesome twosome they would become…Having twice the Fun!

They married two years before Ed joined the Air Force, after graduating from Texas A & M. Their first year in the Air Force was in Cheyenne,  Wyoming.

estespark_heroIn those days, their shared love of travel took them to Denver and Estes Park, Colorado. They enjoyed the natural beauty of the scenic Colorado countryside!

European Adventures & Family

chateuroux A B Deols-1958 fr janine artaudEd’s next assignment in the Air Force was Chateuroux Air Station in the Loire Valley – Chateau Country! It was then the largest supply depot in Europe. Phyllis arriving in FrancePhyllis flew to France to meet Ed for their European Adventure!

Chateauroux high school patch imagesDuring this assignment with the Air Force, Phyllis was a high school secretary for the Dept. of Defense School in Chateauroix. DODDS schools are for American military and civilian children whose parents are working for the government. She really enjoyed it and said that everyone was especially pleased with the school lunches that were prepared by French cooks from the area. They prepared delicious French foods and salads that students and adults all appreciated! What an assignment that turned out to be for the adventurous newlyweds!

ChateeaurousWhen they arrived at their base in France, they heard about a couple who had an apartment on the second floor at the townhouse home  of Madam Moulins.  They were able to rent that apartment above where she lived on the first floor. They would find that to be another blessing!

Phyllis and Ed traveled throughout Europe in their Austin Healy Sedan and loved every minute of it! Their first trip was to Italy visiting Rome, Florence, Venice, and Pisa.

pisa leaning towerIn Pisa they had a hotel across from the Leaning Tower! Once when looking for a mechanic for their Austin Healy, they found a fascinating pasta shop with the walls lined with pastas of every variety! Buon Appetito! Other countries they visited included Switzerland, Germany, and the Netherlands. tulip-festival-holland-netherlands

Phyllis and Ed both consider Tulip Time in Holland to be breathtakingly beautiful!

Phyllis French  art collagePhyllis loves to paint and has created some lovely paintings of the areas where they lived and traveled in Europe and the United States.





20140826_155029_1She also has collected some interesting chocolate molds that she has used to make candles. They all inspire such warm memories for Phyllis and Ed…It’s been Fun traveling this Journey of Life Together!!

France was and still is a very special country for them! eiffel-tower-at-night-picturesThey were friends with a couple who managed a high school dorm in Chateauroux. Marilyn, another American friend went to the Sorbonne and had a French boyfriend. So, Phyllis and Ed often went to Paris and had a wonderful time! There was a Les Halles Food Market that they loved.  After an evening out they would go to one of to a place over the small bars there for on French onion soup.  Apache danceThey had Apache (French Dancers) who danced on your table! Viva La France!

Phyllis Madame Moulins ScottPhyllis and Ed’s son, Scott, was born in France. He, of course, was also Blessing!  Madam Moulins loved Scott, too! Another blessing is that she kept him in her loving care a couple of times when Phyllis and Ed were traveling in Europe. The European Adventure of a Lifetime! Two became three, more Fun for Thee!

Life in Cumberland…Compliments of Hercules, Inc.

The Hercules company was helping design missiles which was a good fit for someone with a degree in chemical engineering. Two  people that knew of Ed already had jobs working for Hercules. Ed interviewed with them in Texas.  They were interested and offered him a trip to their lab Cumberland, Maryland.

rocky gap state parkPhyllis and Ed wanted to live in the mountains and Rocky Gap State Park , now a casino, was located in the Cumberland area. So, Ed went to the interview and the rest is history…Billingsley Family History! Their son, Bill, was born there, and graduated from Fort Hill High School.   Ed and Phyllis built a spacious house on a mountain ridge overlooking the Potomac!

phyllis JacTheir neighbor, Joan, had a pool and a jacuzzi. A comfortable life with a mountain view! It was a Dream Come True!

tulips_daffodilsPhyllis was busy planting naturalized flowers…tulips, narcissus, and daffodils. She belonged to a garden club that wrote a cookbook with gardening tips with proceeds going to the Allegany Community Horticulture program. She was also a member of the women’s Club  Christmas Caravan for 25 years. They wrote a craft book with proceeds going to help support the new library as well as other clubs.

Ed and Phyllis were also busy raising their two sons, Scott and Bill, in Cumberland.  Scott went to Penn State and Bill attended Ohio State on a Navy ROTC Scholarship. Bill retired with 20 years in the Navy as a Navy Aviator. He is now examining & certifying new pilots for the U.S. Army.  Scott is vice president of Oil & Gas Exploration in Meadville, PA.

Scott’s wife , Linda, is a teacher in the school district in Meadville. Bill’s wife, Rene’ , works in the medical field in Gulf Breeze, Florida. They live on Strip Island near Pensacola. Phyllis and Ed have 5 grandchildren who are all either in college or graduated and working. Love of travel and adventure seems to be a family heritage that they all enjoy!

***Connection from Iraq to Calabash ***

 Iraq girl backpackIn 2008 Lt. Cmdr. Bill Billingsley was serving as the air operations officer at the al Anbar Province in Iraq. The chaplain there notified the the Base Command Group that the most meaningful way to help villagers was to provide school supplies. Bill e-mailed this information to family members.  When Linda, Scott’s wife, learned of the need, she and her 4th grade students in Meadville, PA. made up and sent 22 backpacks. Phyllis presented this project to the United Methodist Women at Seaside Methodist Church in Sunset Beach, who embraced the concept , and collected items for 350 girls (Ages 6 – 12). Operation Backpack was born and numerous backpacks were sent in hopes of showing Iraqis that Americans care about them personally.  Later Bill related how much the teachers and children of Iraq appreciated what they had received. “What counts in life is not the mere fact that we have lived.  It is what difference we have made to the lives of others.” Nelson Mandela

Retirement Years for Ed & Phyllis

irish pub scheduled-theme-toursAfter retirement from their careers, Phyllis and Ed continued to travel. They thoroughly enjoyed England and Ireland as they explored both countries. They especially enjoyed the groups at the pubs!  They loved Penny Whistle…Original Irish Drums!

 Brunswick Plantation…The Choice was Easy!

Ed and Phyllis were getting tired of snow and ice in Maryland. Friends told them about Sunset Beach, and they visited there a few summers.  As they decided to move to South, they looked at all of the plantations that were started. They also looked in South Carolina and Florida. They literally watched Brunswick Plantation being developed. The fences were not even up yet. They decided that the Time was Right to move and Brunswick Plantation was the Place for them!

Brunswick Activites Views CollageThey were impressed by the friendly people at Brunswick Plantation! It was a gated community with a park like setting. The beautiful open spaces with gorgeous flowers were immaculate.  The golf course was good for all levels…User Friendly! They enjoyed the performances at the 19th Hole where they could socialize with pals. Brunswick Plantation looked like a real Community! As well as the golfing, going to the beach, and bird-watching, they enjoyed everything the community and the surrounding area had to offer!

Phyllis news articleThey say it was an Easy Choice!

All of the reasons Phyllis and Ed chose Brunswick Plantation are still true even as it has grown and expanded.

Sunset beachPhyllis loves to walk on Sunset Beach and shop at Callahan’s!

La Belle Amie Winery is another favorite and is also owned by a retired federal employee!

restaurantsAbuelo’s (Grandfather in Spanish) is their favorite Mexican Restaurant  in Myrtle Beach. Ella’s in Calabash , (of the locally famed Jimmy Durante story) is a favorite for Calabash seafood! Recently, Phyllis was introduced to The Collector’s Cafe in Myrtle Beach which she loved for the food and the art! Being a painter herself, Phyllis really appreciated the art on the walls there! Delicious Food and beautiful Art…Double Delight!

Phyllis & EdIt is easy to see why Brunswick Plantation and Golf Resort was an Easy Choice for Phyllis and Ed! It was and still is a Two State solution to Fun! Everything is here and near for a Better Way of Life! Come Join the Fun with the friendly folks at Brunswick Plantation!



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Sweetgrass Baskets And Gullah African Traditions

20140811_133825_1Sweetgrass baskets are beautiful intricately weaved, coiled baskets and one of the oldest African crafts in America! These baskets, a cultural heritage of the Gullah African tradition, were transported across the Atlantic by enslaved African people. The baskets appeared in South Carolina during the late 17th century.

20140811_134622_1The Neighbors In Service of Brunswick Plantation and Golf Resort had luncheon at the Brunswick House on July 11th with Guest Speaker, Adeline Mazyck.  Adeline has created Sweetgrass baskets for 60 years, starting at age 6 or 7 and taught by her mother. She is the 4th generation of basket makers in her family. 20140811_135006Adeline told her personal story of making Sweetgrass baskets, the craft she loves, as well as more about the Gullah culture.

Sweetgrass Baskets

Sweetgrass plantsBulrush & palm, the mainstays of coiled basketry, are ancient plants mentioned in the Bible. Today Adeline tells us that those plants plus long leaf pine needles and sweetgrass are used to make baskets today in South Carolina. Though these plants do grow wild in North & South Carolina , Georgia, and Florida, some  are cultivated now.  The young men get these plants, and Adeline buys it.  Florida now charges for the plants or throws them away. This grass is similar to the grass in Africa where this weaving tradition originated.

Sweet G basketsistock_000017676950xsmallThe plants must first be dried out for 2 or 3 days. Too much moisture makes it soft and not good for weaving. A plant  must be cured if it is green.  Plants can be dyed but may fade from the sun and Adeline says that she feels it is best when natural. All baskets are started from a knot and go on and on, as there is no set pattern though designs are shared. SG Elepahnt eareec947db83c2f2a59060363fe1365d69Each piece is unique, as artists develop their own style which requires a great deal of patience and creativity!  Every basket has to be individually shaped and sometimes taken apart and redone. Adeline says she can work a 10 hour day weaving the basket. It can take days, even months to make one basket.SG basekt with lid7f5938697d68954bb5f4c44e1bed2416 The baskets with lids take a long time, as the lid must fit just right!

The baskets were first used in Africa to hold water. The first known baskets in the Lowcountry of South Carolina were called  Fanners and were used for winnowing, the process of tossing hulls into the air to separate chaff from rice. Other work baskets used for planting and harvesting coastal money crops like cotton. Agricultural baskets were made of bulrush, sweetgrass and split oak. Later bulrush replaced split oak as binders. Work baskets faded along with the rice plantations, but aesthetic sweetgrass baskets endured!

Gullah History & Traditions

Gullah CheeChee Culture Rice culture BrookgreenSweetgrass Basket sewing is viewed as a gift from God in the Gullah culture. Gullah are the descendants of the slaves who worked on the rice plantations in South Carolina and Georgia. Africans from the Windward or Rice Coast of West Africa had knowledge & experience with rice cultivation. Therefore, they were very sought after in the Atlantic Slave trade to the Lowcountry.  To preserve their connection to their African roots , these enslaved people brought their culture with them…as they feared they would never see their homeland again.  They still live in rural communities in the coastal region of South Carolina and Georgia and also retain many elements of the African language & culture.

The Gullah were able to keep more of their cultural heritage than any other group of Black Americans. This was mostly due to an atmosphere of geographical isolation in the rural semitropical areas and the system the rice agriculture adopted in the 1700′s.  Today the Gullah area is confined to South Carolina and Georgia Lowcountry.

Gullah shop447295The Gullah people and and their language are also referred to as “Geechee”, which some scholars speculate is related to the Ogeechee River near Savannah, Georgia. “Gullah” is a term that was originally used to designate the variety of English spoken by Gullah and Geechee people. It has come to be known by its speakers to formally refer to their Creole language and distinctive ethnic identity as a people.Geechee is an English-based creole language containing many African loanwords & influenced by African languages in grammar and sentence structure. In recent years educated Gullah people have begun promoting use of Gullah as a symbol of Cultural pride!Gullah continue to to regard themselves as a distinct community and cherish their unique heritage!

gullah tours womanGullah people have a rich storytelling tradition strongly influenced by African oral traditions, but also informed by their historical experience in America.  brer-rabbitTheir stories include animal trickster tales about antics of “Brer Rabbit”, “Brer Fox” , and “Brer Bear, Brer Wolf”.  There are also human trickster tales about clever and self-assertive slaves as well as morality tales designed to impart moral teaching to children. Gullah storytelling, rice-based cuisine, music, folk beliefs, crafts, and fishing traditions all exhibit strong influences from West and Central African cultures.

Gullah Chechee C H Corrider300x293-logoGullah Geechee Cultural Heritage Corridor

Sweetgrass basket  marker 6a00d8341c62a953ef0153941f5122970b-450wiThe Gullah Geechee Cultural Heritage Corridor Commission was created by Congress in 2006 to recognize contributions of the Gullah people and to help preserve historical sites as well as their folklore, arts, crafts, music and language.

DYK…Supreme Court Justice, Clarence Thomas and First Lady, Michelle Obama both have roots in the unique Gullah community.

The First Lady celebrated that heritage at the 2012 inauguration; Thomas credits it for much of his silence on the court.

gullah robinson quiltStory Quilt Maker, Bunny Rodriques, spearheads quilt to honor Michelle Obama’s Gullah Family History

Bunny Rodrigues, a story-quit maker & former owner of the Gullah Ooman Museum in Pawley’s Island …Along the Myrtle Beach Strand spearheaded the creation of the 90-by-70-inch quilt dedicated to retelling Michelle Robinson Obama’s family history from slave quarters to White House. On a January 2008 visit to her  maternal ancestors’ hometown in Georgetown, SC, Mrs. Obama became immersed in a history, with which she was not familiar, being virtually retold.  Though a slave, her great-grandfather learned to read & write because he lived with a white family. The importance of education was passed through the generations of the family. The quilt starts with a slave cabin with a life-size Michelle in the center wearing a cap & gown with Princeton & Harvard delineated in large letters. Rodriques said she wanted to emphasize her education and have that to be an inspiration , that you can have ancestors in a slave cabin and end up at Harvard. The quilt hung in the Washington D.C. , Historical Society but by the 2nd inauguration it rode in a Gullah-Geechee Corridor Commission float in the 2013 Inaugural parade.


Gullah Culture Programs & Books

Brookgreen gardens coolsummereveningsBrookgreen Gardens

Brookgreen , one of the largest & most prosperous plantations in South Carolina during the 18th century, was built by Gullah slaves. It was combined with three other plantations in 1930 to form Brookgreen Gardens. It is now a showcase of art, gardens and nature with the largest display of American representational sculpture in the world.

Brookgreen Gardens at Murrels Inlet, SC , is a National Historic Landmark. This was formerly  the hub of the rice culture and home to 1000 Gullah Ceechee people. A weekly program, The Gullah Geechee Program series is sponsored at Brookgereen Gardens.  Check it out@   Or call (843) 235-6000

GullahInfo about the Gullah-Geechee Corridor, contact Ron Daise @


Books about the Gullah Culture… Sweetgrass Baskets

tales from brookgreenBowkerCover-205x300Tales from Brookgreen: Gardens, Folklore, Ghost Stories, and Gullah Folktales in the South Carolina Lowcountry By: Lynn Michelson

Gullah Ghosts2940012733337_p0_v1_s260x420Gullah Ghost Stories & Folktales By: Lynn Michelson

row upon rowRow upon Row, Sea grass Baskets of the SC Lowcountry By: Dale Rosengarten

sweetgrass baskets by coakleySweetgrass Baskets and the Gullah Tradition By: Joyce V. Coakley

Circle CoverCircle Unbrocken  (A Book with wonderful Illustrations for children & adults)          By: Author: Theis Raven &  Illustrator: E. B. lewis

There is much to learn about the cultures and history of Coastal Carolina! Thanks so much to NIS for bringing Adeline Mazyck Brunswick Plantation and Golf Resort to share her personal history with us!

Adeline mazyck baskets SC766x575You can find Adeline on the Sweetgrass Corrider in Mt. Pleasant, SC …Sweetgrass Basket Maker’s Highway. The town & city of Charleston made stands for basket weavers! What  wonderful way to preserve this rich Gullah heritage! It would be so sweet to have a sweetwater basket of your own to enjoy and share this history with others!

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Summer Savings with Seal and Insulate – Don’t Sweat It! shared by Brunswick Plantation Living

Energy Saving SolutionsThe Construction Group by Caw Caw Land Corp, at Brunswick Plantation and Golf Resort, a coastal Carolina gated community, has been a proud Energy Star partner since 2010 . We want to help people save energy at home, period.

If you are considering purchasing a new home, an Energy Star certified home is the best choice for your family, the environment, and your wallet.  If you are interested in saving energy on the home you living in now….read on.



By: Doug Anderson


Happy summer! While the season brings trips to the beach, vacation, and barbeques, summer also brings the heat and humidity. Now is the perfect time to make sure your house is well-prepared for the summer weather, so you can leave the sweating where it belongs– outdoors.


To start, get your air conditioning (AC) unit or heat pump system checked and tuned to make sure it’s running efficiently – it needs regular maintenance just like your car. If your AC is working well but your house still has warm walls, hot ceilings, or uncomfortable humidity, your home may have air leaks and low levels of insulation. Sealing air leaks and adding more insulation can improve home comfort by keeping the cool air in and preventing pollen, dust and pests from entering.


Getting Started – Identify Problem Areas


In most homes, air leaks and low levels of attic insulation are one of the biggest sources of energy waste and summer time discomfort. While it’s important to check your home’s attic insulation levels, be aware that any attic in the summer is usually extremely hot and uncomfortable.


Tips on Checking Insulation levels:


- The best time to do a quick check your attic during the summer is in the morning when it’s cooler. If you start to feel overheated at any point, get out of the attic right away.


- Take a yardstick or tape measure, pen and paper, a flashlight, and a digital camera or cell phone with you to measure your insulation and take pictures.

Measure the depth of the insulation in a few spots with your tape measure or yardstick and jot the levels down. You should have about 13 inches of typical insulation (fiberglass or cellulose) if you live in the southern United States and about 17 inches if you live in the central or northern United States. If you don’t have those levels, you are paying for it with higher energy bills.

- A good rule of thumb is that if the insulation level is just up to the top of the attic floor joists, you have only about half the insulation you should (see illustration).

- While you are looking around, take pictures of the insulation level, different corners of your attic, and of any ducts or air conditioning units you see. The pictures are a good record for future reference and to show to a contractor.

Next Step – Call a Contractor

If you found you have low levels of attic insulation – what’s next? EPA recommends calling a contractor or planning a Do-it-yourself project for the fall when it’s not so hot. Unless you have some experience doing this type of work, a contractor is your best bet. They are trained, have all the right tools, and will work quickly to get the job done. In our next post, we’ll talk about how to select and work with a contractor.

About the Author: Doug Anderson is an ENERGY STAR Project Manager and has been with EPA for 14 years. He works on issues related to the home envelope, including insulation products and energy efficient residential windows.

We hope these simple insights and tips will help you save energy at home.  As with many great accomplishments, small steps on a daily basis result in large improvements over time.  Interested in learning more about Energy Star homes?  CLICK HERE to see what we offer or DISCOVER BRUNSWICK NOW and schedule a real estate preview tour.

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Coastal Living News and Events 8.14

Brunswick Activites Views CollageCoastal living is Fun all year with much to do and see in the Carolinas! There is so much to choose from located in and close to the lovely gated community of Brunswick Plantation and Golf Resort. It really is the Two State Solution to Fun! We have a few ideas you may want to explore this month in North and South Carolina!

Free Summer Concerts

Free Sunset Beach Concerts…Wednesdays, 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm…In the Gazeba @ Village Park – Queen Anne Street

  • Darrell HarwoodAugust 20…Darrell Harwood   Country Music

  • CarolinaBreakersDAugust 27…Carolina Breakers   Beach/Soul

  • fantastic-shakers-2September 3…Fantastic Shakers   Variety/Beach/Party


 ***Culinary Tip***

Backstree cafeBackStreet Cafe in Sunset Beach ( Chandler’s Lane near ATMC)   is a good place to Tantalize your Taste Buds for Breakfast or Lunch…For a Beach Time Break, stop by and say “Hi!” to our Brunswick Plantation neighbors, Ann & Stephen Cuozzo.  ann & steveThis New York style deli is their “Dream Come True”! backstret cafe viewThe cafe has an interesting menu and comfortable, friendly atmosphere.  Folks say it is delicious and a cool a “Must Try” when you are in the area! Join the Fun!

Free Ocean Isle Beach Concerts…Fridays @ 6:30pm…Museum of Coastal Carolina parking lot

  • jim-quick-0026-coastline-2013-w-logoAugust 15…Jim Quick & Coastline   Beach/Variety

  • ImitationsgroupphotoAugust 22…The Imitations   Beach Motown

  • band of oz2August 29…Band of Oz   Beach

  • holliday bandSeptember 5…Holiday Band  Beach/Variety 


Free Holden Beach Concerts…Sundays at 6:30…Pavilion at the end of Jordan Boulevard, Holden Beach

  • The-Tim-Clark-BandAugust 17…Tim Clark Band  Beach/Variety

  • marsha bandAugust 24…Marsha Morgan Band  Beach/Variety

  • ImitationsgroupphotoAugust 31…The Imitations   Beach Motown


 music-on-main-nmbMusic on Main Concert Series

Free Concerts…7pm – 9pm

Bring your beach chair &  join the Fun! Locations:

  • Main Street: 202 Main Street, North Myrtle Beach
  • Horseshoe: 11 South Ocean Blvd., North Myrtle Beach

paperwork groupTuesday, August 19 (Main Street)… Paperwork Band   Pop, Rock & Oldies music

Carolina soul bandThursday, August 21 (Horseshoe)…Carolina Soul Band   Beach Music

Tastes like chicken on MainTuesday, August 26 (Main Street)…Tastes Like Chicken   Variety Music

Atlantic GrooveThursday, August 28 (Horseshoe)…Atlantic Groove  Beach Music

tru sol flyerThursday, September 4 (Main Street)…Tru Sol  Motown, Top 40, Party Music

hip-pocket under treesThursday, September 18 (Horseshoe)…Hip Pocket Beach/Variety Music

Smokin' collageTuesday, September 23 (Main Street)…Smokin’  80′s Tribute Band

jim-quick-0026-coastline-2013-w-logoThursday, September 25 (Horseshoe) …Jim Quick and Coastline   Beach Music




Market Common Music Collage“Music on the Green” Market Common

Free Concerts @ Valor Park …7pm – 10pm

Bring a blanket or chairs & Join the Fun!

  • tracy and dennis trioAugust 14…Tracy Thompson & Denny Hess Trio

  • painted_manAugust 21…Painted Man Band

  • tracy morgan & denny hessAugust 28…Tracy Thompson & Denny Hess Trio



Local Winery Events

silver coast winerySilver Coast Winery…Ocean Isle Beach, NC 

Invites You to the “Purple Feet Festival”…September 6…8:30 am – 5 pm!

Festival includes:

  • Silver-Coast-Winery-Grapes1Grape Stomping!

  •  1 Mile Run/Walk

  • 5K Race @ 9am

  • Live Music By “Harlequin” 10:30 am – 12:30 pm

  • ImitationsgroupphotoLive Music By “Imitations” 1pm – 5pm

  • Lucy Look -A-Like contest 12:30pm

  • Art & Crafts Show

  • Antique Car Show

  • Food

silver coast ownersYou Are Invited to “Share the Experience” in “The Meadow”! Bring a lawn chair & Join the Fun! The Silver Coast Azzato Family & Award Winning Wine Maker Dana Keeler’s mission is for you to have a Grape Time! to Register for 5K Race    910 287-2800

More Silver Coast Winery Events 4 U!

Silver Coast Winery …Friday Night Live Music  4pm – 6pm

  • jimmy maglioAugust 15…Jimmy Maglio

  • john cubitoAugust 22 & August 29…John Cubito

winegalleryart2Enjoy the ongoing Art Show at Silver Coast Winery!





La Belle Amie collageLa Belle Amie Winery @ Little River, SC

Whole Lotta Shakin’ Music Fest…August 16  Noon – 6pm

Live Music By:

  • paul grimshaw bandThe Paul Grimshaw Band

  • shamalama trioThe Shamalama Trio

Enjoy Food at the Smokin’ Pitt BBQ & Vineyard Grill.

Admission is $8 Per Person & if you bring 2 canned/dry goods for the area food bank, you receive $3 off admission. Bring a lawn chair and enjoy music, wine, and the beauty of the vineyard!

Stay tuned for Future La Belle Amie Fests:

  • August 30…Summer Breeze Music Fest

  • September 13…Dog Day Blues & Jazz Fest

  • August 15 …Enjoy “Wine Down Friday” with Live Music By: Joan Burton  1pm – 5pm
    joan_burton  Or Call: 843 399-WINE (9463)




Calabash Town seal Calabash Waterfront Fishing & Dolphin Adventures

Fishing and Dolphin Adventures are here at the Calabash Waterfront for you and yours to enjoy !

  • calabash fishing fleetCalabash Fishing Fleet also has a  (Fresh Seafood Market on Dock)  Deep Sea Fishing & Sport Fishing Charters …1/2 day, 3/4 Day, Full Day, Shark Fishing, Gulf Stream & Night Fishing, Dolphin Adventure Cruises  Call: (910) 575-0017 Or (866) 575-0017

  • hurrican fleet graphicHurricane Fleet   1/2 Day Fishing, Gulf Stream Fishing, Night Fishing, Private Charters, Sport fishing Charters, Dolphin Adventure Cruises   Call: (910) 579-3660 Or (843) 249-3571

  • Capt. Raymond's Pirate adventureCaptain Raymond’s Fishing & Cruises  Deep Sea Fishing & Pirate Blast Dolphin Adventures,Night Shark Fishing Trip!  Call:  (910) 579- FISH (3474)  Or Toll Free (855) 778 – FISH (3474)

Kayak Tours

summertide family twilight  tourSummertide Adventure Tours

Explore the beautiful & diverse maritime ecosystems of southeastern North Carolina’s pristine barrier island beaches! Expert guides will take you through seldom navigated waters, offering breathtaking views!

Kayak Adventure Tours & Kayak Fishing Tours …Locations: Calabash, Sunset Beach, Ocean Isle Beach, & Holden Beach  Or Call: (877) 597- 0001 for reservations!

barefoot1Barefoot Landing Events

Fireworks a BarfootFireworks at Barefoot Landing

Monday Nights @ 10:15 pm through August…August 18 & August 25…Plus Saturday, August 30!

SummerbflSummer Fest at Barefoot Landing

7pm – 11pm…Nightly Boardwalk entertainers from stilt walkers to magicians, clowns, Nigel & Ally’s Traveling Dance Party, Nick Pike, the unicyclist, juggler, comedian from America’s Got Talent, Kids’ Karaoke & More!

FREE Carousel Rides for Kids on Saturdays!

BF Princess cruise riverboatemotionheader6734532804Barefoot Princess Riverboat

BF rpincess riverboat collageThe Barefoot Princess Riverboat is the Grand Strand’s Only Tour & Dinner Riverboat on the Intracoastal Waterway!

Barefoot Landing Marina in North Myrtle Beach…Sightseeing, Sunset, & Dinner Cruises are offered throughout the week!


  •  BF Princessriverboat710-Relaxing afternoon with a narrated Sightseeing Cruise

  •   barefoot-princess-riverboat2-Hour evening Dinner Cruise

  • Sunset Or Fireworks Cruise

  • Onboard Entertainment & Dance Floor await you on All cruises!

  • August 30…Blues & BBQ Cruise  5:30pm

Info & Reservations @  Or Call: (843) 272-2140

 Alabama Theatre ONE_The_Show_002Alabama Theatre

Guest Artist Concerts

martina-mcbride-040311aMartina McBride…Friday, August 15 @ 7pm

merle4Merle Haggard…Friday, August 22 @ 7pm

grant turnerThe Ricky Mokel Comedy Show Starring Grant Turner as Ricky Mokel…Saturday, August 23 @ 7pm

Jeanne-RobertsonJeanne Robertson, HumoristFriday, August 29 @ 7pm

LettermenThe Lettermen…Saturday, September 6 @ 7pm

john20minuspkpspJohn Mueller’s 50′s Dance Party, Official Tribute to Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens, & The Big BopperSaturday, September 13 @ 7pm

kenny rogersKenny Rodgers…Saturday, September 20 @ 7pm

The temp & 4 TopsTemptations (Otis Williams, Original member) & Four Tops…Saturday, September 27 @ 7pm 

the-one-show-alabama-theatreCheck Out the Alabama Theatre “ONE Show”…An Entertainment Extravaganza to Delight!  Or Call: 1-800-342-2262


House of Blues

Murder-Mystery-Dinner-Theatre_300_204_sMurder Mystery Dinner Theatre

comedy zoneComedy Zone …Ft. Damon D.S. Sanders August 19 @ 7:45pm

Portraits of Kirk Franklin at House of Blues Dallas on March 21, 2013.Sunday Gospel Brunch Starring Kirk Franklin…All you can eat Buffet!

Info & Reservations @  Or call: (843) 272-3000

Castanos-italian-steakhouse-north-myrtle-beach-scCastano’s Italian Steakhouse

castanos-porchBeach Party at Castano’s…Enjoy Beach Music with Happy Hour Drink & Burgher Specials, sand buckets, Flip Flops & Sunglasses with icy cold beers. (Check the dates for this event on the Patio at Castano’s) Music by: “No Limit” Vegas Duo, Johnny Cobb, and Jimmy Z…Nights Vary, so check schedule. The only nights with No live music are Tues., Wed., & Thurs. Music & video of Sinatra, Dean Martin & More in the Lounge on those nights! Always entertained with delicious menu choices to please your palate. Castano’s is an Award Winning Restaurant…Voted Best Happy Hour, Best Appetizers, & Best Steakhouse in Myrtle Beach!  Enjoy the Food & Fun!castanos2 room & poster

Happy Hour menu & Drinks…4pm – 7pm! 


Fun in the Sun Car Cruise

Run-To-The-Sun-Car-Show-Myrtle-BeachFun in the Sun Car Cruise @ Barefoot Landing…Saturday, September 6 From 10am – 2pm

Come check out the Classic Cars as they cruise into the front parking lot by Boardwalk Coffee House & Klig’s Kites.

barefoot-landing-shopping-02Check out more events, shopping, and restaurants at Barefoot Landing in North Myrtle Beach. Barefoot Landing celebrates its 25th anniversary welcoming 12 new merchants to the shopping center! Have Fun!



Broadway_at_the_Beach_for_webBroadway at the Beach

Broadway at the Beach is a shopping, amusement and nightlife complex in Myrtle Beach.  There are dozens of bars and restaurants that include everything from Mexican and Italian to fresh seafood!

Broadway at the Beach…Things to do & see:

  • Mini-golf course

  • BIGD Theater

  • Wonder Works Attractions

  • Boutiques & Stores

  • Shows at the “Palace Theatre”

  • Live entertainment throughout the year!

Check it all out @

Fireworks at Broadway at the BeachFireworks at Broadway at the Beach @ 10pm

  • Friday, August 15

  • Tuesday, August 19

  • Tuesday, August 26

  • Saturday, August 30

Ripley’s Aquarium

ripleys aquariumRipley’s Aquarium at Celebrity Circle is a favorite for the whole Family. Check it out @


***Restaurant of the Month***

House of Blues 

HofBdiningHouse of Blues at Barefoot Landing in N. Myrtle Beach is a Dining Delight!  Chef Aaron Sanchez calls it “Rockin’ Cuisine in Barefoot Landing! The Crossroads Restaurant at the House of Blues also avows to be  “The Intersection of Food, Music, and Art”! 

House of Blues Chef Aaron SanchesAbout Chef Aaron Sanchez

Aaron Sanchez  is the culinary visionary behind all of the menus featured at Crossroads at House of Blues nationwide.   He is also the co-star of the Food Network’s hit series…Chopped. He has starred in may Food network shows and is the author of two books. His book Simple Food, Big Flavor:Unforgettable Mexican-Inspired Recipes from My Kitchen to Yours was published in 2011. He recently appeared at the White House as a celebrity guest chef and received the “National Award” at the Flavors of passion Awards, honoring the nation’s best Latin chefs.

House of Blues food collageChef Sanchez states, I wanted to create a menu that represented all of the things that I like to eat, American classics through my eyes – reimagined and reinvented.” His menu is bold, yet classic with a contemporary twist.

House_Of_Blues_1Myrtle Beach Crossroads is at 4640 Highway 17S in North Myrtle Beach at Barefoot Landing.

Crossroads “House of Blues” Restaurant Schedule

Breakfast: Mon. – Sat. 8am – 11:30am

Lunch: Mon. – Sat. Noon – 4pm

Dinner: Mon. – Sat. 4pm – 10pm & Sun. 4pm – 9pm

Crossroads House of Blues at Myrtle Beach has been awarded Diner’s Choice Winner & Kid Friendly by Open Table Diners! More @ Reservations (843) 272-3000

Stop by and give your Taste Buds a Treat at “House of Blues” Crossroads  Restaurant at Barefoot Landing!

 Another season of Fun & Good Food in Coastal Carolina! Brunswick Plantation and Golf Resort truly is the Two State Solution to Fun! Enjoy and Explore Coastal Carolina!

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Brunswick Plantation News and Events 8.14

Fountain-Collage-for-Blog-PostSummer Time and the Livin’ is Easy! There is, as usual, so much going on in our lovely gated community of Brunswick Plantation and Golf Resort! Folks here are even busy planning Fall activities! What a dynamic group of friends and neighbors we have at Brunswick! Let’s take a look at it all in our August edition of Brunswick Plantation News and Events!


      “Brunswick Plantation 19th Hole” 

     Live Music and Dinner Shows

Elvis ...Nichols_PerformingSaturday, September 20…”Elvis” Ron Nichols  

Dinner & Music Show…Dinner @ 6pm $20 Per Person

Parrot head party BuffetThursday, September 25…Parrot Head Party A Jimmy Buffet Tribute!

Dinner & Music Show…Dinner @ 6pm   $20 Per Person

Please call 910 845-6902 for Reservations! We look forward to seeing you!


BookLovers2Avid “BOOK LOVERS”

The Brunswick Plantation Book Club wants YOU! The Book Club meets …The First Wednesday of Each Month in the Library of the Brunswick House!

BP libraryThe Brunswick Plantation Book Club, established circa 2001, are a group of “Bookies” interested in sharing our joy of reading, and our very interesting book choices, with more of our Brunswick Plantation Friends. We get selection ideas not only from our members but also from other book clubs, other avid readers, friends and family!

Books we will be reading this in 2014 into January 2015:

  • DorotheaBentonFrank Porch LightsAugust..Porch Lights By Dorothea Benton Frank
  • September…Me Before You By Jojo Moyes
  • OctoberBeautiful Mystery By Louise Penny
  • NovemberThe Invention of Wings By Sue Monk Kidd
  • DecemberKilling Lincoln By Bill O’Reilly
  • January 2015Elizabeth Street By Laurie Fabiano

To find out more about our Book Club, contact Elizabeth Gradel @ 575-4708 Or E-mail Elizabeth @ OR  Karen McCann @ 287-4175 Or E-mail Karen @



Sign up for recycling deadline is August 30, 2014.Thanks!


 bowlingEarly Risers Bowling League

Attention Ladies! Come join our Early Risers Bowling League at Little River Lanes. Meeting is on August 20th at 9:15 AM with FREE Bowling That Day! 

Bowling will start on August 27th at 9:15 AM to 11:30 AM.  You don’t have to be good to join.  Come & Join the Fun! For More Information, Call Carol @ 910 287-4099.



ladies Bowling League“Mamma’s Night Out” Bowling League

All Women’s Bowling League is a small league with a few openings

  • Thursday Evening Bowling…7PM – 9PM

  • Bowling @ Little River Lanes

  • Teams will have 3 or 4 bowlers on them

  • Bowling Starts in September & Ends in April

Nancy Nalewajek, Pat Sands, & Jan Stocklinski (Doyon) are presently the only three members from Brunswick Plantation.  They say…”It is a Ton of Fun! 

bowling funFor More Information to “Join the Fun”…         Please call: Nancy at 579-8618 Or E-mail her at OR Pat at 287-3325 OR Jan at 910 641-1152 Or E-mail her at  




 ***Fibbers on the Water***

 Fibbers Restaurant buildingWhen you are in Little River, you might like a to stop an eat on the scenic Intracoastal  Waterway.  Fibbers On The Water at the Little River Inlet is a delicious choice…Fresh seafood, She crab Soup, Juicy Burghers & More for your palate will Adore!

Fibbers-Post-framed-pic-revisedFibbers is owned by Ralph & JeanCarbone, neighbors at Brunswick Plantation. You might Stop By & Say “Hi, Neighbor”!  Jason and Carolyn Carbone, also neighbors at Brunswick Plantation, may be there, too. Great Food…It’s All in the Family with the Carbone’s! No Fibbing!

Check out Fibbers @

Cozy O's Bisro signYou might like a dinner in Little River at Cozy O’s Italian Bistro…Also in Little River (By The Food Lion at the LR Shopping Mall). Jason and Carolyn are new owners there, and it is another dinner Taste Treat you don’t want to miss!  Check them out on facebook! Enjoy Fresh Food and Good Eating, Carbone Style!


BBQ design_1335895241986_6108479050506969644Texas Barbecue

cowgirlEveryone is “Welcome” to come & have some Fun with your Friends at our Texas Barbecue! Wear your Western attire or Come dressed as you please!

  • When:August 30th @ 5pm

  • Where: Brunswick House

  • Cost: $20 Per Person…Due at Sign-up…Deadline for sign-up is August 20th.

beef ribs and wings comboA dinner of Ribs, Pulled Pork, Wings, Sides, & Sweet Tea will be catered & served at 5PM.  Bring Your Own Beverage.

CecilChandlerMusic will be provided by Cecil Chandler…From 6PM -9PM.  Cecil is the DJ who did our Oldies Night…He’s Great! He will give away Country CD’s.

For Questions: Contact Barbara Quickel; @ 297-5932 Or Fran McGuigan @ 287-6375.  For a table reservation, Call Barbara.  These fill up fast…So call early! Thanks!


rick-strickland-bandHangin’ Out With “The Rick Strickland Band”

Sunday, September 7  3Pm – 7Pm…The Rick Strickland Band will be playing for your listening & dancing pleasure at The Brunswick House !

  • Rick Srick;and band award1656055_10153801105905408_1565920450_nBack by Popular Demand….This Award Winning Band plays all original music – Beach, Rhythm & Blues, & Rock & Roll!

  • DJ's r us Snap_261921914507691a2371a5Brunswick Plantation’s Own DJ.Jim Bruno, will be spinning your favorite high-energy dance tunes during the band’s breaks!

  • Your Social Committee will be serving sub sandwiches, sides, & desserts during intermission at approximately 5:30 PM!

  • Cost is $15 Per Person. Please make your checks payable to BPPOA. Reserve early since space is limited! No refunds after August 30th.

  • BYOB for this event! Cheers!


red_hat_lady_glitterRed Hat Lunch & Mystery Play…”Gone With The Breeze”

  • Brunswick House…October 27th @ Noon

  • First 50 Women!

  • $10 Per Person

  • RSVP By October 1

  • Sign Up with the Facilitators

Questions? Call Sally @ 287-4199

Make Check out to Sally Lombardo. Thanks!


Bridge groupWanted: Bridge Players for Thursday Evening Bridge Group

Bridge Group meets at the Brunswick House library from 7 PM – 9:30 PM.

Singles & Pairs are Welcome! You don’t have to be an expert to join this FUN Group!

Questions? Call: The Woodwell’s at 287-6866! Join the FUN!


Flu_Vaccine_copyFLU Shots to be Distributed @ Brunswick Plantation

  • Wednesday, September 10th…Between 9:30 AM & Noon

  • Flu-Shot-HereBallroom of the Brunswick House …First Come, First Served Basis!

  • Must bring Picture ID & medical insurance identification cards to receive shots

  • Need to also ring your Medicare Or other Primary Care card, whichever is applicable, & Secondary Or Supplementary Card, as well. ***No Charge for those covered by medicare!

  • All who wish to take part in this service MUST Sign Up in Advance at the Brunswick House (Either in Person Or By Phone) in order to guarantee that thee will be enough doses on hand for everyone.

  • Your Social Committee arranged with the County Board of Health for Flu shots to be distributed at Brunswick Plantation.

  • If you have any questions, please direct them to Emily Bonneau via E-mail at  Thanks!


arts & CraftsAnnual Arts 7 Crafts Show…Calling All Artisans!

Saturday, October 25, 2014…The annual Brunswick Plantation Arts & Crafts Show will be held at The Brunswick House!

  • Hours will be 9 Am – 2 Pm…All participants are asked to stay the entire time.

  • Fee Per table is $15 …Guidelines & a registration form are available from the Facilitator’s office. Your space will be reserved when payment is received. Please make checks payable to Sue Hart. 

  • There will be a meeting of registered participants in September.

  • For New People, if you need more information before you make a decision , please contact Pam Bruno ( at 575-0859 Or Sue Hart ( at 287-5355.

  • The deadline for registration is September 13th. We hope to hear from all of our talented Brunswick Plantation neighbors!


bake sale tablecanstock17258183NIS Bake Sale for Arts & Crafts Fair

The Arts & Crafts Fair is on October 25 this year!

Neighbors In Service is calling…All Those who Like to Bake!

Bake-GoodIn addition to your favorite pie, cake, cookie, muffin, and loaf…We are asking specifically for chocolate Chip cookies, Oatmeal cookies, blondies, brownies with nuts, brownies without nuts. 

The feedback from last year’s sale was overwhelmingly positive, with many remarks on how delicious all your baked items tasted! If you are planning to bake, please E-mail Lorraine Meehan at ( ) to indicate which of the above items you are planning to bring. Thank You!


Childrens-Books kidsNIS Thanks Amazing Neighbors for Generous Children’s Book Drive

THANK YOU to neighbors who donated books to the highly successful Children’s Book Drive! We collected 380 books to be donated to the Brunswick County Literacy Council! A special Thanks to our local business, Pelican Books, for their generosity in supporting this endeavor!

childrens-booksKeep reading and pass the Love of Great Books to the new generation of Readers! Thanks You!  Marie Krut & Kathi Drag for NIS




Brunswick Plantation Community Yard Sale

Yard Sale.Golf*Planned for October 17th & 18th*

Two Day Sale approved by POA’s Board…No Cost for residents for the placing of ads in The Sun News & The Brunswick Beacon.

Free announcements for this sale will also be aired on ATMC’s Channel 3 & Local radio Station along with flyers going out to surrounding communities.

There will be an informal meeting held sometime in September & it is expected that anyone wanting to participate in this year’s sale will attend this meeting.

After you make the decision to participate , you can sign up for this year’s sale, or ask for additional information by contacting Emily Bonneau via E-mail at


Holly Berry Trail Update

Hlly Day Cheerseb258de0d6104c2533a4577760327352Holly Berry Trail… Scheduled for Monday, December 8th between 7 Pm & 9 Pm is a FUN Raiser with 100% of ticket sales going to Charity!

It is a sure Delight with Sweet Treats at every Home! Holly Berry Trail is a Feast for your Eyes & your Taste Buds…Sharing True Holiday Joy!

We now have three resident’s homes offered for this year’s Holly Berry Trail! We would love additional homes on this tour , so please consider offering your home during this…Most Giving Season of the Year!

If you would like to now how to get more involved, please call Emily Bonneau.  Thanks so much!


Fitness Fun with Friends & Neighbors at Brunswick Plantation

Summer Yoga Schedule

Classes in the Brunswick House Ballroom

vinyasa yoga poseSaturday Vinyasa Yoga…10:30 Am

Saturday Classes in August  on 8/16 & 8/30


This is a mixed class suitable for both beginner & experienced yogis.  This is a Fun c;ass that will include a creative flow while linking movement to breath as well as longer holds to build strength & flexibility.  This class will include Sun Salutations & is considered a vigorous workout by some. This class is recommended for those individuals with few or no physical limitations (some modifications are available).

gentle_yoga_homeThursday Gentle Yoga…10:00 Am

Thursday yoga classes will continue during the summer except for 8/21/14 when there will be no class.

This is a gentle class suitable for Every Body. This class includes setting an intention or affirmation, linking breath to movement and stretching to improve mobility and flexibility.  It also includes a strong standing series to improve balance., strength, & stability.

Cost is $5 Per Class.  Please call Michelle Dorland at 910 880-2500 with any questions. Thanks!



Brunswick Plantation offers water aerobics class every morning except Sunday.

Classes are at the Brunswick House pools with certified instructors who show you how to do each move. Schedule Includes:

  • Monday, Wednesday, &  Friday…8Am – 9Am

  • Tuesday, Thursday, & Saturday…8:30 Am – 9:30 Am

These Low-Impact Movements exercise your Core, Promote better balance, Stretch & Work Muscles, & Give a good workout.

For rates & Other Information, Call Annette Mauro at 287-4872.  Join us for exercise, Socialization, & Fun!


fitness wlakingIndoor Walking Program…Switching It Up!

FREE Exercise program offered in the Brunswick House Ballroom by the Social Committee…8 Am on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, & Saturday.

New DVD’s have arrived & offer a wide variety of Indoor Walking Routines. If you have any questions, please call Emily @ 287-5508.


bp way of lifeBrunswick Plantation and Golf Resort friends and neighbors remain busy in this dynamic community! There is so much to do and available to you!  You can choose whatever you enjoy, and there will be someone with whom to share the Fun! They say people who Play together, Stay together! Have another wonderful season of Fun & Joy!





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Golf News from the Pro 8.14 by Brunswick Plantation Living

Golf News from the Pro pic

Hello again Members and Property Owners,


We are heading into the last few weeks of summer and mother nature has played a huge role in our golf course conditions.  After withstanding nine plus inches of rain the first couple of weeks of August Rob and his staff are working diligently to get our course back into excellent shape.  Hopefully, keeping our fingers crossed we will not receive any more rain and all twenty seven holes will be mowed out to championship height by week’s end.  Thank you Rob and staff for your hard work!


Last Thursday our BPLGA League held an interclub match consisting of 64 lady golfers from local golf clubs in the area.  Brunswick Plantation’s team won the event!  Great Job Ladies!  I would like to extend my thanks to Barbara Johnson for a well organized event and to my staff for making all the ladies feel right at home.  Thank you to all involved!


Upcoming events:


Husband/Wife Club Championships- Sunday August 24, 2014.  Tee-times start @ 12:20 pm.  Cost is $30 per Couple.  Sign up in the Pro-shop.


2014 Men’s and Ladies Club Championships- September 15-18.  The Ladies will play the 15th and 17th.  Men will play 16th and 18th.  A $25 registration fee is required to enter.  Registration forms are available in the Pro-Shop.  The Champions dinner will be held Thursday September 18th @ 6pm.  Spouses of participants not playing in the event may come to the dinner for a $20 fee.  Sign-ups for this is also at the pro-shop desk.


Wishing all of you great experiences on the golf course!

              Happy Golfing,


             Shawn Hicken

             Head Golf Professional

            Pro-Shop Manager

            Director of Memberships

Golf News Shawn Hicken Signature


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Healthy Habits…Personal Power For You!

Heathly Living PyramidWe all know healthy habits give you personal power for a good life! Brunswick Plantation and Golf Resort is the place for a Better Way of Life, and we want the good health to enjoy it all! There are many articles that give us good health tips. Here are a few that are easy to do…and some are yummy, too!

 Healthy Habits…Ways to Play

(Suggestions from article by Celebrity Trainer John Rowley…July 14 article in For Women FIRST magazine.)

biking-on-beachDYK…Biking can help Flatten Your Belly?

  • The transversus abdominals are used to keep the bike upright. This stabizes ab muscles …Tucking in your lower-belly bulge.
  • If you focus on pushing down with your heels each time you pedal, your hamstrings will engage to slim the thighs.

HikerGirlColorDYK…Hiking Trims the Thighs?

  •  You can streamline your lower body by hiking. Navigating the uneven trails utilizes the largest, and most calorie hungry muscles in the legs ( Quads & Hamstrings) as well as the smaller, underused stabilizing muscle groups…Result: You will torch flab & sculpt slim, firm thighs.
  • For a Faster Tone: Pump your arms as you traverse the path to increase calorie burn. This will also sculpt triceps …Good-Bye bat wings!

theme parkDYK…You can Blast Calories Strolling the Theme Park?

  • Studies show you an burn 1,400 calories during a  day by casually walking around & standing in lines at an amusement park. Carrying tired tots, carrying souvenirs, or pushing strollers add toning throughout your muscles & shoulders.
  • For a Faster Tone: While you are standing in line, step up onto your tiptoes 10 times to firm up the calves & strengthen the ankles.

golf_swingDYK…Playing Golf Whittles the Waist?

  • According to Rowley, executing a golf swing works your obliques, your abdominal muscles and your lower back. This combination of muscles wraps around the torso and cinches the waist like a corset to carve out an hourglass shape.
  • For a Faster Tone:  While waiting your turn to putt, hold the club at your thighs with one hand at each end & shrug your shoulders up & down. This simple movement engages the pectorals to perk up the chest.

in-line skaterDYK…Inline Skating Sculpts the Butt?

  • When Rollerblading, try to keep knees bent & relaxed as you glide down the street.  This position engages more muscle fibers in the gluteus maximus & hamstrings, the muscles that firm & lift the tush.
  • For a Faster Tone: When skating downhill, hold your arms out parallel to the grounds. This will improve your balance, and engage the deltoids & trapezius muscles for fast shoulder sculpting.

These are Fun, Healthy Ways to Enjoy your Days…A Better Way of Life! You may find more in John Rowley’s bestselling book…”The Power of Positive Fitness”!

Delicious Healing with Fresh Farm Nutrition!

(Food Info & Ideas from the July 14 edition of For Women FIRST)

peppers“LIKE” A Beautiful Smile?

  • Brightly colored bell peppers are rich in carotenoids – nutrients that help strengthen tooth enamel, speed healing of damaged gum tissue & triple the level of immune cells needed to destroy damaging mouth bacteria … according to a report of UCLA researchers.
  • Hint: Raw & lightly cooked peppers contain 67% more carotenoids than those that are cooked at high temperatures or for long periods of time.

Tomatoesonvine2“LIKE” a Healthy Food Skin Protector?

  • Fresh tomatoes are full of lycopene – a plant pigment that soaks skin cells. It blocks up to 30% of the sun’s damaging rays!
  • Bonus: Lycopene strengthens collagen & accelerates healing for healthy, wrinkle-free skin.

aubergine“LIKE” a Healthy Heart Hero?

  • A Japanese research team finds that adding eggplant to you diet at least three times weekly can significantly lower your cholesterol. The eggplant contains a compound (nasunin) that blocks fat absorption in the intestines. Fresh In-Season Treats for the personal power of Good Health! Enjoy the summer and fun activities for healthy living in Coastal Carolina!Couples golfstock-footage-retired-senior-couple-enjoying-a-healthy-outdoor-lifestyle-playing-golfBrunswick Plantation is a good place to visit or live. Folks here say that that living at Brunswick Plantation and Golf Resort is like living a vacation! Enjoy!












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Smart Spending Tips Monthly August 2014 by Brunswick Plantation Living

smart spendingHere at Brunswick Plantation & Golf Resort, a coastal Carolina gated community, we believe Smart Spending is part of A Better Way of Life.  Want to save hundreds OR thousands? Take 5 minutes and read on to learn how in Smart Spending Tips Monthly August 2014.

Read on to find out what is on sale and what you should hold off on a little longer to purchase.

Deals this Month…

Dorm furniture. Check out big stores like Walmart and Target to offer great deals on things like futons and desks for those on their way to college.  These items work great in your office or study to work double duty and make use of your space.  Deals on other storage related furniture will abound as well.


grillsGrills.  This month and the next are absolutely great times to buy that grill you’ve been looking for.  Price drops up to 50% at big box and home improvement stores will be available.  Check out retailer websites for coupons as well to increase savings near Labor Day.



Laptop computers.  August is probably the best month of their year to buy a laptop.  Only November offers similar discounts.  Find big name 15″ models for less than $400.  If you’re buying for a student don’t forget Apple offers a student discount.




patio-furniture-plansPatio furniture.  Usually the biggest discounts on outdoor furniture occur in late August and early September.  But insiders are saying that this year discounting will occur sooner with some mark downs already advertised.  So don’t wait this year as inventory will become thin.




 School supplies. Some sellers started their discounting last month but look for more and larger price drops this month.  Not going back to school?  Stock up on office supplies for the year at rock bottom prices.


Summer apparel.  Look for price drops from 40 to 70% this year.  Many opportunities to save will occur be it summer clearance sales, tax free weekends, and back to school sales.  Don’t forget you can save even more with print or online coupons.



Don’t Buy Just Yet…

iphone-bigApple phones and tablets.  To get the best deals on these you need to wait until new models come out in September and then buy the older model.  If you have to have the new model then scour the internet for coupon codes…their will be very few deals on the new models and discounts will be minimal.





Fall apparel. Fall apparel is just now being stocked at retailers and thus pricing is the highest.  You’ll have to wait until cooler weather to get deals on this gear.

We hope you found these tips to be helpful.  At Brunswick Plantation & Golf Resort we really believe SmartSpending is part of A Better Way of Life.  Interested in learning more about A Better Way of Life at Brunswick?  CLICK HERE

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Home and Garden Tips: Outdoor Kitchen Ideas by Brunswick Plantation Living

Home and Garden BPL logoHere at Brunswick Plantation & Golf Resort, a gated Coastal Carolina community, we enjoy helping our new neighbors create the home they dream of.  After they move in we help them continue to realize that dream by offering up these Home & Garden Tips: Outdoor Kitchen Ideas.

Outdoor parties are more fun and easier if you have an outdoor kitchen.  Checkout these fantastic outdoor kitchens for ideas to make your own.

Outdoor kitchens can be less formal, like this one which uses a coffee table in lieu of a dining table.  Keep the stress down by using stain resistant materials.

• Don’t let a summer shower ruin your day…install clear panels on top of your arbor

• Try using one paint color when adding on new materials to older ones.  This will tie in the spaces visually.

• Make sure to locate your outdoor kitchen closer to your house if you can.  This will make getting the groceries and other goodies stocked for use easier.  Or even better, ins all a refrigerator, storage, and dishwasher in your outdoor kitchen.

U-shape kitchens remain a popular option due to the ease of access to everything by the chef.

• Locate your refrigerator and other small appliances below the top to keep your views clear.

• Create a counter top that is wide enough to serve as a prep and serving area.  This one made of concrete achieves just that.

• Add some umbrellas to shade you and your guests.  Be sure to measure your seating and areas you want to shade to get the right size.

This kitchen blends in seamlessly with the adjacent areas in finish and color.  This clean look doesn’t pull attention from the view or take up too much space.

• This outdoor kitchen protects the chef from wind and rain by way of windows that open while keeping the view in tact.
• If your space has a dominant neutral color like this one, add in some color with pieces of furniture.
• Don’t forget your area and task lighting.  Choose based on the space and use.

This kitchen has in indoor and outdoor feel with its full ceiling while protecting the furniture and cabinets.

• Add  a bar top to the kitchen allows your guests to be near the action of the kitchen and adds seats to your area.

• You can make your outdoor kitchen feel larger simply by painting the ceiling and walls a bright white.
•Think about flexibility when you choose furniture.  Chairs with covers can be easily remade by using a new cover as the wear out or as seasons change.

• Create space separation by using different flooring types.  The tile kitchen and wood decking in dining do the job here.

Short on space?  Simply adding  grill with prep space can be all you need in an outdoor kitchen.

• Here, an outdoor pizza oven is added that wouldn’t work inside the home.
• Using the edge of the deck for the kitchen saves addition al space.
• Consider your grill location to avoid smoke blowing in your seating areas or into the house.

The grill is an essential piece for your outdoor kitchen.  Even if you don’t have a lot of room you can get modern equipment that will fit your space.

• Find equipment with modular pieces and create a custom fit for your space.
• Stainless steel and granite are always best choices as the can handle the outdoor weather conditions.
• Short on space..then stack it up…here a warming drawer is topped with a grill which is topped by a rotisserie cooker.

We hope these Home & Garden Tips inspire you to create a beautiful space.  Interesting in learning more about A Better Way of Life at Brunswick Plantation & Golf Resort? CLICK HERE

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Deborah and Bob Kogler…Cruising to Love

We have so many great people in our Brunswick Plantation & Golf Resort community! Folks come from many states in the United States as well as other countries. Deborah and Bob Kogler, part of the rich tapestry of our Brunswick Plantation family, have an interesting story to tell of how they cruised to Love in the Caribbean!

Royal-Caribbean-Cruise-3Love Cruise

Deborah and Bob were both widowed and were on a cruise in the Caribbean! It was Debbie’s second cruise with her best friend, Thea. It sailed on St. Patrick’s Day and Bob was cruising with his buddies on a High School Reunion Cruise while happily celebrating the Irish holiday all decked out in a green suit , hair, and beard!

As the Luck a’ the Irish would have it, Bob spotted Debbie and wanted to spray her hair green, too! Debbie agreed to have her hair sprayed green for a Dance! After that evening, they would be seeing each other often around the deck of the cruise ship. As they and others engaged in conversation, they began to get to know each other and enjoyed their time together.

Bob, who is originally from New York was now living at Brunswick Plantation.  After the cruise, Debbie and Bob stayed in touch by phone. Debbie was still living in her home state of Virginia. Her children were planning a surprise birthday party for her 60th birthday. Since he could tell from his Mom’s cruise stories that she enjoyed Bob’s company, he called and invited Bob to his Mother’s birthday party in Virginia on March 30. Bob came to the party and the rest is  history! He and Debbie continued their relationship chatting on the phone, visiting, and traveling together for the next year.

IMG_2858Wedding Bells are Ringing

The next year they planned a cruise to Jamaica together.  Bob proposed on that cruise, and they were married last March at Brunswick Plantation. Their wedding had a St. Patrick’s Day theme with Bob in a green suit with a yellow tie and Debbie in a lovely yellow wedding dress! The bride was beautiful with her bouquet of green, yellow, & white flowers! Kogler wedding collageFriends and family were on hand to celebrate their Love!


the emerald isle collageHoneymoon in Ireland

Their honeymoon trip was to Dublin, Ireland, of course! Debbie and Bob…Blessed with The Luck a’ the Irish ! This trip was eventful, also! The excitement began here in the States, when they decided to go to the basketball game between Coastal Carolina University (Bob’s favorite team) and University of Virginia (Debbie’s team) in Raleigh…Before their flight to Ireland. They had to drive back to Charleston to fly to Dublin. Upon arrival in Dublin, their GPS did not kick in right away and took them toward Belfast instead of Dublin. They finally got to Dublin though, and the Fun began!

Dickie Rock callageThey personally met Dicky Rock, the Irish Heartthrob of R & R in the 60′s! He was known as the Tom Jones of Ireland! That was a real treat!

DublinDebbie and Bob found Ireland to be a friendly and beautiful country! Dublin is very multi-cultural! They met folks of a variety of nationalities! One funny story is of their Chinese taxi driver. They asked him to take them to their Clontarf Castle Hotel.  He only heard the Castle part and drove them to a castle at the opposite end of Dublin! Dublin, they found, is set in districts, and one needs to know the district number. They wanted District 1, not knowing that District 27 has a road with the same name. It can be confusing in Dublin! Renting a car, they found driving on the opposite side of the road challenging! One little tidbit they shared is that they could not find any iced tea in Ireland, which was a surprise to Debbie, who enjoys her Sweet Tea! However, they found a several Starbucks in Dublin!

emeral isle mysteryThey call Ireland the Emerald Isle for good reason! It is a dark, plush green! A lot of rain to keeps it that way.  It rains nearly every day even if only a little, usually in the morning.  One cab drive told them that “You can tell the seasons in Ireland by how cold or warm the rain is!” Every Jewel has it’s price!


Debbie grew up and lived in the Blue Ridge Mountain area of Virginia until moving to North Carolina when she married Bob.  She retired in October from the office of Baily Printing Company in Charlottesville, VA. She has three sisters and one brother still living in Virginia.

Debbie has two sons by a previous marriage.  Debbie’s sons  and their families are also living in Virginia. She has 5 grandchildren ranging in age from 2 – 11 years. There are 4 granddaughters (one set of twins) and one grandson. Her family loves visiting she and Bob in North Carolina and enjoy going to the the beach! The children also like to visit Barefoot Landing and the Alligator Adventure Show. Lots of Fun for All!

Bob was born in Brooklyn, New York. He and his wife, Sue, lived in Long island where they both taught school. Bob taught high school social studies, coached football, was an activities advisor, sponsored Student council. He retired in 2004 after a 33 year teaching career.

commonsBeginning in 2004, Bob and Sue had a golf condo at Commons I at Brunswick Plantation and were snowbirds until moving to a condo at the Lakes to live here full time in 2012. After losing Sue to illness, Bob remained at the Lakes.

Bob and Sue raised two sons who are now living in Little River. The oldest son graduated from Coastal Carolina University and met and married a young woman, thus staying in the area.  This is originally why Bob came to the Carolina’s! Bob’s youngest son moved to Little River 1 and  1/2 years ago.  Both young men are in the pizza business…One for Dominoes and one with Papa John’s.

His oldest son and his wife have a baby boy . It is good that they live so near by so Bob can see his grandson. Bob also enjoys bowling with his sons. He enjoys Debbie’s family, also, and recently taught the granddaughters how to surf! It’s All Fun in the Family!

Brunswick Activites Views CollageLiving at Brunswick Plantation

Debbie and Bob really enjoy living at Brunswick Plantation for a variety of reasons! They think it is a perfect location …Close to a lot to do and see but not in the middle of it and beautifully landscaped! Bob likes the fact that the buildings are well constructed and maintained.  They take care of things no matter how long you live here. They say that Brunswick Plantation and Golf Resort is an accommodating and friendly place to live! People wave and speak no matter where you see them at Brunswick Plantation! There are lots of opportunities to do whatever you choose.

Debbie, being fairly new, is getting to know people and enjoys baking, country cooking …And Sweet Tea! She finds people to be very friendly and open to new folks! She has taken part in the Social Committee exercise classes led by Emily Bonneau on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday as well as the classes on Tuesday and Thursday. She enjoys them though she has had so much company from family that she has not participated much this summer. She plans to rejoin the group again after the summer company. Debbie has taken a couple of golf lessons but does not yet consider herself a golfer.

LAKES CONDOBob enjoys living in the Lakes condo and watching the resident 3 and 1/2 ft. alligator. He says it is harmless and fun to observe. Bob also enjoys playing poker with his friends. He is a member of the Men’s Golf Club. He was an officer and  Tournament Director, arranging for the game and food. Bob also plays in the Member/Member Tournament.  It plays for 3 days…Flights A – F. The women’s club generously does the food for that tournament. It takes a Village…A Golf Village!

ParrotHead collageCoast of Carolina Parrothead Club

One of Bob’s passions is the Coast of Carolina Parrothead Club.  It serves an area from Ocean Isle to Pawley’s Island. It is a charitable Social Club which provides benefits to a children’s recovery center for abused children as well as participating in supporting organization and activities like Backpack Buddies, Senior Citizens, and the Food Bank. He notes that they had a membership drive with Jimmy Buffet music at la belle Amie Winery. on July 19. For more info…

Brunswick Plantation & Coastal Living Fun for All

carolinaopryDebbie and Bob with their friends and families who visit… All enjoy the pools at the Lakes and the beach at Sunset Beach! They particularly enjoy shows at The Carolina Opry and Good Vibrations! They say the same cast does both shows and are fabulously talented entertainers! They note that the same cast members stay with the shows for years.  One gal Debbie saw perform as a child 12 years ago is still in the cast!  They also enjoy The Legends Show!

 Debbie and Bob are impressed with the shows at the 19th Hole at Brunswick Plantation. They loved the Chapin Show and have recently enjoyed the Band of Oz which they said was fabulous! Brian TiernanThey are looking forward to bringing their families who will be visiting to the Brian Tiernan & Friends Dinner Show on August 9th.  Debbie and Bob think everyone should get in on the Fun Shows at the friendly 19th Hole! Entertainment is easy to find in the Coastal Carolina area.

We are so glad that Debbie and Bob Cruised to Love in the Caribbean and are our neighbors at Brunswick Plantation and Golf Resort! They are another good reason that it is Fun and Family in our lovely gated community! Brunswick Plantation truly is a Two State Solution to Fun! Better Way of Life awaits you in Coastal Carolina!

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