Paul Moulton…Career in Photos and Film of Historic Events

Brunswick platation vew collageThe Great People of Brunswick Plantation and Golf Resort ® have a variety of  interesting backgrounds! Folks move to Brunswick Plantation from all over the U.S. and a variety of foreign countries. Paul 2014 FramedIn a Blog last week we met Paul Moulton, whose career in Photography and Cinematography took him all over the world recording history in photo & film. Paul’s nearly 24 years with the military had him recording our military history. Paul’s assignments ranged from Training Films to the Front Lines of war as a combat photographer!  He has received Medals to Honor that dangerous work!

Later in the Civilian World, Paul also filmed momentous and historic events…From the Courts & Political Conventions to the White House! In the course of all of this, Paul has met and worked with some of the folks that we read about in the history of our Country. brunswick_poolWe will share some of these events with you in this Blog about Paul’s fascinating career and…How & Why he is so happy he chose to live at “The Lakes” of Brunswick Plantation!

Paul’s Military Career

Last week’s Article covered Paul’s early years in the military , joining in 1946 until his first enlistment was completed and he later re-enlisted in January 1954. He had experienced the Truce Talks of the Korean War during his first years with the army. After a brief time as a civilian and his re-enlistment in 1954, Paul was assigned to Fort Monmouth, NJ with the 301st Signal Photographic Company. He was a Still & Motion Picture Photographer, NCOIC of Photo Teams.

Banner-Late-40sJune of 1954 – April of 1961…Paul was with the Army Pictorial Center, LIC, NY. He was Motion Picture Production Cameraman.

Paul made Training & Information Films…@ Various Locations Including:

  • USA
  • Alaska
  • The Arctic
  • Sub Arctic
  • Germany
  • Panama…Filmed Joint Maneuvers in Jungles & Deserts of Panama with Panamanians, Americans, and Latin American Countries.

Artic film0002Paul’s Film included:

  • Traversing Glaciers in Sub Arctic in Summertime
  • Cross Country Mobility in the Sub Arctic in the Winter…1st Film in Color made by Paul & Crew @ Big Delta Junction.
  • Big Delta Junction…Trained to operate in Arctic with Sled & Photo Equipment.
  • Navigation of Inland Waterways in the Sub Arctic in the Summertime.
  • DEW1956Documentary on DEW Line. DEW LinesDistant Early Warning Lines were Radar Units constructed East to West in Canada & U.S. with the purpose of… Detecting Russian hostile actions.

Alaska Crevice0008Filming in Arctic & Sub Arctic was Tricky , as ice melted & changed water levels daily. Crevices were deep & covered with snow…Much training was required before trip. One had to be very careful!



First Cameraman on many “Big Picture” TV Films

Paul was Awarded “Certificate of Achievement” in 1971  for his work on these Films.

Big PicturemqdefaultArmy “Big Picture” Films were a weekly TV Program distributed FREE By the Army to establish relationship between the military and the public.

***”BIG PICTURE” Film in Ottumwa, Iowa that Paul Filmed was a Story About the relationship between a U.S. Army Recruiter & the Community.

  • 1957…The Much Loved Recruiter had received orders to go Overseas & the Community wrote to the Army to get him to stay in Ottumwa.
  • The Army made a story about this and the people of Ottumna …Welcomed Paul & the Film Crew with “Open Arms’!

Summer 1958…Eisenhower Sends Troops To Lebanon


***Film Crew, including Paul….Sent to Document Activities of Marine Corps & Army in Lebanon:

beirut                                                Beirut, Lebanon

  • Life-Magazine-1958-07-28Beirut, Lebanon at that time was considered…”Paris of the Middle East”.
  • President Eisenhower sent Marines & Army to Lebanon…Due to Inter-Tribal Extremist Activities in the area.
  • There was Minimal Activity as Military scared away religious radicals.
  • Photo Team encountered  one sniper incident with no one hit.
  • Still Photographs were FAXed with Peace Keepers in the Streets…On Patrol.


1959…Paul filmed Launching of Submarines in Groton, Connecticut


CID_badge_2009Kaiserslautern, Germany…Paul filmed Info & Training Films on CID Agents Working Undercover


Korea Photo sectionMay 1961 – Sept. 1962…Paul was transferred to 51st Signal Corps Battalion in Korea. Paul was NCO In Charge I Corps Signal Photographic Section. Paul was Awarded “Army Commendation Medal” in September, 1962.

 51st Signal Corps sponsored a Korean OrphanageMost Units in Korea sponsored a Korean Orphanage.

As well as Military Photography, Paul met and photographed Korean People and Culture. 

Korea Culture 19610003 framed

Paul in Korea 1961

“Child of the Land of the Morning Calm”…Paul’s Photo Won 1st Place in…The Babies and Children Category of the All-Army Photo Contest in 1962.

Child photo award0004 framed

DASPO Dept. of Army Special Photographic Office

February 1966 – May 1969…Paul was assigned to Ft. Shafter, Hawaii, Pacific Detachment, Department of the Army Special Photographic Office (DASPO) NCOIC of Photo Teams in Korea, Okinawa, Thailand, Vietnam, & Taiwan.

***Paul covered Combat Operations from the DMZ in the North to Special Forces Operations in The Mekong Delta. 

***Paul established Photo Team Operations in Korea and Okinawa.

***The Tylar Camera Mount for Helicopters Or Aircraft takes the movement out on Filming on Helicopter Or Aircraft.

Army Concept Team..Vietnam

***Paul went to deliver this equipment to the the Army in Vietnam. After arriving, he was told Paul was also to be the Photographer to use it on Test Runs around Saigon and The Mekong Delta.

Paul in Plane***Col. Burke flew the Huey Helicopter with Paul as the On Board Photographer. They flew to the DMZ-Vietnam Demilitarized Zone…5,000 Ft. Up To Pick Target & Swoon down on gun placement to film.

  •  Marine Corps Operation was conducting Hastings in that Vietnam DMZ Area
  • Artillary Fire was Marines to N. Vietnamese
  •  Mission of Plane Crew: Pick a Target & Swoon Down to Film Gun Placement.
  • They did this for 3 Days.
  • The Film was processed by Air Force
  • Photos were sent to the U.S. Secretary of State & United Nations
  • Photo Proof that the Vietnamese were Violating Neutrality of DMZ…Demilitarized Zone!
  • Paul received “Air Medal for Heroism” with V-Devise for filming this over territory heavily defended by Anti-Aircraft Fire.

***Paul filmed DELTA with Special Forces.

Children in Taiwan

While in the Pacific, Paul also met people and filmed  Children of the Culture.Paul Korea camera

Children in Taiwan.

 Taiwanese children


Photography of People

Chief Hunting Horse0002Early in Paul’s career when stationed in Oklahoma…Paul’s Photo of Oklahoma Chief Hunting Horse and Family on his 102nd Birthday!



                         FUN Photos of Friends

Paul & Gals Collage“Not All Work & No Play” in Paul’s Career as a Young Photographer!  A Few FUN Cheesecake Photos!


 Military Career Finale

June 1969 – June 1970…The Pentagon, NCOIC Department of Army Special Photographic Office…Awarded “The Meritorious Service Medal”

June 30, 1970…Retired from Active Military Service…Sergeant 1st Class

Civilian Career in Photography & Cinematography

Jan. 1971 – May 1973…Walter Reed Army Institute of Research, Washington DC.

Civilian Medical Research Motion Picture Cameraman:

  • WalterReedNowPhotographed various Surgical Procedures.
  • Made Medical Training Films.
  • Awarded Department of The Army Commendation, 6 march, 1973.
  • Awarded “Certificate of Achievement” from Walter reed Institute of research, 9 May, 1973.

June 1973 – May 1977…Washington DC. Freelance Television News Cameraman…Covering White House , US Congress, State Department, The Pentagon, and Various other Government Agencies.

June 1977 – February 1991…Washington DC. Storer Broadcasting Company/Gillette Communications.  Washington News Bureau. TV News Photographer. Storer Communications was the 1st Independent Broadcaster to have their own Satellite Dish to feed the news to their TV Stations…Around 1976-77!

WH NewsCovered:

  • Inaugurations of Many Presidents
  • Democrat & Republican Conventions
  • National Governor’s Conferences…Around The Country
  • White House Events
  • US Congress & Other Government Agencies

Historic People & Events Filmed


***Downfall of Nixon & Resignation from Office

***Oliver North Trial

***reagan_gorbachevReagan/ Gorbachev Summits

Presidents Paul Met Filmed:

  • Jerry Ford
  • Ronald Reagan…Paul Actually ate some of Reagan’s Jelly Beans!
  • Jimmy Carter
  • George H. W. Bush…Bush was very attentive and remembered crew from past interviews!

***Stories of Famous Folks Paul Knew***

Paul has many interesting stories of people he knew from working with Congress and the White House.

Glenns***Paul traveled with Senator John Glenn in his plane with Sen. Glenn flying the plane. He became friends with John Glenn and his wife, Annie. He really admires them both and attended their Picnic Buffet Dinners they gave for the News Media. The Glenn children always helped. Folks played Touch Football, Bad Mitten & Horseshoes at these gatherings. Paul admired John Glenn’s knowledge in government , defense, and economics.  Paul said the John and Annie Glenn were very Smart & Affable!

Fordindex***Paul did stories on Gerald Ford when he was a Senator from Grand Rapids, as well as when he was President.

Tippic_related_012513_JN***Paul gave his homegrown tomatoes to Tip O’Neal when O’Neal had complained to his secretary that he could not get good tomatoes. O’Neal sent him a personal Thank You note each time…Until Paul told him that was really not necessary.

Retired From TV News

February 1991…Paul Moulton Retires from TV News Business!

January 2014…Paul Moulton donated Orders, Photographs, and many other Memorabilia from his Fascinating Career  in Photography and Cinematography to MUSEUM OF MOVING IMAGE..Long Island, New York!

Paul has letters from Ohio Senators, Mary Rose Oaker & Louis Stokes…Also from Leon Panetta when he retired.


“Where War Lives” By: Dick Durrance

51+tlyJhcUL._SX258_BO1,204,203,200_“Where War Lives” By: Paul’s DASPO Friend, Dick Durrance , is an important Photographic Journal of Vietnam.

Paul and his DASPO Friends and Colleagues enjoy getting together to share their Memories and Endearing Friendships. Paul really values these times that they share!

Paul  Moulton Makes Brunswick Plantation Home!

BP Flower CollagePaul first came to Myrtle Beach to play golf with Army & civilian friends in 1972-73. After retiring in 1992, Paul came South to play golf with AF friend, Sgt. Nick Nickerson. Nick came to Myrtle Beach and worked as a civil servant after his military retirement. One of Nick’s golf buddies left and Paul joined the group!

After playing golf at Brunswick Plantation, Nick bought a house in Smithfield around 2002.  Paul came from Virginia to play golf and stayed with Nick at his house.

Paul decided he wanted to get away from the traffic and hustle where he lived in Fairfax County in Virginia. His house in Virginia sold right away while he stayed in a condo in VA.

The condo he lives in now at The Lakes area of Brunswick Plantation was just being built when he was looking to live here. Paul Loved the View of the Lake! He did not want yard to take care of himself and liked it that the Beautiful Landscaping was Done For You! He also liked the Brunswick Plantation Golf Course.  Brunswick_Plantation_Golf_Resorts_-_Dogwood_375823Three Nine Holes was Perfect for him! He also found that the people were All So Nice! He enjoyed all of the men at the Men’s Golf Association though he doesn’t play now. He really enjoyed them and does miss those times with them. He still Loves Living in the Golf Community though!

He says that his friend, Barbara Dennington, is always just so good to him. She helps him out and organizes others to be there for him if he needs anything! Everyone seems to have that Southern Hospitality…Even if they are not originally from the South!

Paul says that even the people who work in the stores are So Nice! he wrote to Walmart a couple of years ago about how lovely a girl who worked there was to him. When he went back to the store, she had been promoted to managing the Baby Department! Good News for All!

Paul enjoys many of the delicious restaurants in the area! He loves to take  his many visitors out to eat! Some of his Favorites are:

  • brentwoodBoundary House
  • Haufbrau House
  • Brentwood
  • Greg Norman’s Steakhouse
  • Mexican “Abuelos”
  • Twin Lakes
  • Sunrise Pancake House
  • Angelos in Myrtle Beach

BP Beach CollagePaul really Loves it when his Family and DASPO Friends come to Visit! Everyone Loves the Beach! Brunswick Plantation and Golf Resort ® is the Perfect Place for Paul to call HOME! We Love having Paul as one of Our Great People of Brunswick Plantation!




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Paul Moulton…Photo Magic All The Way To The White House!

BP Lakes CollageBrunswick Plantation and Golf Resort ® is Home to many Fun and Fascinating Folks! People come here from all over the Untied States and Canada, as well as Countries Overseas! They enrich each other with their personal stories & Love of Life!

Paul Lakes framedPaul Moulton loves living in his condo at “The Lakes” of Brunswick Plantation. He enjoys the watching the ducks float by on the lake. He can sit in his Carolina Room with an occasional cigar and relax with a peaceful view of the water. He loves the Warm People at Brunswick Plantation! SHos.buttonWhether Transplanted Yankees or brought up in the South…Everyone shares that Southern Hospitality! Life is Good!

Paul Moulton…Photography & Cinematography Careers

Paul was a “Photographer At Heart” from an early age! He says he Life Collagewas so amazed by the 1930’s LIFE Magazine photos…From ALL Over the World! He really got into photography in High School and made his own Dark Room to develop the photos he took. His brother-in-law gave Paul equipment…An Enlarger & Developing Trays, that he had from his own interest in photography! So, when Paul was a student at Belmont High School in Massachusetts, he and his friends would go out and take photographs related to topics being studied in class!

Paul credits his mother with encouraging him to join the Army, enlisting for for 18 months to qualify for the GI Bill for college. The hope was to go on to college after that time and study photography. However, at that time there was no GI Bill money for college…So Paul, after fruitlessly looking for work in the as a civilian,  re-enlisted within the time period to retain the rank of Staff Sergeant he had earned.

Signal Corps centerAs Fate or Luck would have it, he received outstanding…On the Job Training in Still Photography and later, Cinematography, from some of the most experienced and talented people in that field at the time! He was assigned to the Signal Corps Photographic Center in Long Island City, New York…Later renamed: The Pictorial Center . Though Paul never got to Photogaphy School in college, he did work with WWII Veteran photographer, Harold Desonnier, learning to process film and mix chemicals. He worked under Desonnier and Joe Sheff for a year before being allowed to to go on a Still Photography assignment.

Paul also worked with Sgt. Martin “Boots” Barnes, WWII Photographer for motion pictures. In the early days, Paul went out with “Boots” shooting 16MM and 36MM Film for quality check for the 16MM. Paul says he learned so much in a short time from “Boot” Barnes…Beyond what he would have had in a college class in photography at that time!

Paul later cross trained in motion picture photography under Capt. Sanford Roberts.

 Paul Moulton…Family Ties!

Paul was born on August 15, 1928 in Waltham, Massachusetts…The son of Roxie Kierstead and Lee L. Moulton.  Paul has two sisters, Shirley and Eileen, born during his dad’s earlier marriage. Shirley (98), lives in Florida and Eileen (97), lives in Massachusetts.

life-quotes framedOther siblings include: Beverly in Connecticut and Marilyn in N. Charleston. Gloria is recently deceased at the age of 88. The Family will have a Memorial in her Honor in N. Charleston, SC in July. Brother George is also now deceased. Looks like the Moulton Family…Enjoys A Long Life to the Fullest !

Paul, who was deployed nearly 8 months temporary duty every year during  his army career, met some very nice girls along the way but never married. Paul’s Family includes 7 nieces and nephews & a number of great- nieces & nephews.

Paul is very close to his family. He says he has always enjoyed being the Uncle that was there to have Fun with the Kids…Taking them to the beach, fishing, hockey games and even a Boston Ice Capades Birthday for Jo Ellen! Paul is also godfather to children of 6 of his friends! He loves them all and enjoys being part of their lives!

Highlights of Paul’s Military Career!

Japan…On To Texas & Oklahoma

Paul’s first enlistment in Japan was with the 1st Calvary 7th Regimen (Custer’s former Regiment). He was there for 4 months and illness left him with rheumatic fever. Paul was transferred to William Beumont General Hospital at Fort Bliss, Texas. After 3 months recuperating, Paul was Transferred to Fort Sills, Oklahoma. He was there for 4 years and enjoyed hunting & fishing that he had never done…Being raised in the city!

Fort Camp Eustis, VA.

FortEustis framedIn 1951 Paul was sent to Camp Eustis, VA. & lived in WWII Barracks. Made Training Films to:

  • Trained troops to load & unload Cargo Ships on the Army Fleet of Cargo Ships on the James River.
  • Truck Convoy Movements (Shenandoah Mountains)

After a time there,  Paul and a Canadian friend serving in the U.S. military volunteered to go to Korea.


hqdefaultHe was TDY…Temporary Duty to Korea in Summer of 1951.  The Mission of his 6 Member Team was: Document activities of every United Nations Unit there.

Paul was assigned TDY to 304th Signal Battalion Headquarters, CO Photo Section.

Paul did Front Line Photography:

  • American Troops
  • Belgians on Front Lines
  • Swedish Mobile Army Hospital…Similar to MASH series
  • British
  • Royal Australian Air Force
  • Troops from Columbia


Paul Returned to Korea…1952 – 1053

The Korean War…(1950 – 1953)

***Truce Talks started at Musan-Ni…Paul Filmed Truce Talks that  Started & Stopped often!

quonset framed***Pan Mon Jon, Korea…Final Truce Talks were held in Quonset Huts built in Neutral Zone for Talks.

***Paul filmed on the side with the N. Korean photographer (Not in N. Korean Territory). NBC photographer filmed Paul filming and his family saw him on TV.***

Agreement on Prisoner Exchange…”Operation Little Switch”:

  • Temporary Agreement …Before the Final Truce!

Operation “Big Switch”

  • All other prisoners were exchanged.
  • Many captured Chinese & N. Korean prisoners did not want to return…Caused a Rift between Chinese Communist, N. Koreans, & United Nations
  • Most prisoners were forced to go back to their country.

After Korea, Paul was shipped back to the United States to Fort Devins, Massachusetts for discharge from the Army. He decided to try civilian life for awhile. He could not find work in Advertising, etc. and re-enlisted in 1953.

This was the New Beginning of of the Rest of Paul’s 25 Year Military Career where he covered Historic Events and captured them on film! Paul’s Military Career was…Followed by His Exciting Civilian Career in Photography and cinematography that includes political events and White House Events. Paul has met Presidents, Astronauts, and known many Famous Folks!

Stay Tuned NEXT WEEK for More About Paul Moulton’s… Fascinating Life in Photography & Film! It is Quite  Life of Interest and Intrigue! You WILL Want to Hear & See More!

Ya'llimages framedPaul Moulton is another of The Great People of Brunswick Plantation! He loves living here and the Friends and Neighbors he has met and enjoyed! Paul says…There is so much to enjoy at Brunswick Plantation and Golf Resort ®, The Two State Solution To FUN!

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Coastal Living News and Events 6.15

BP & waterfronts framedBrunswick Plantation and Golf Resort ® is the Ideal Place for Fun for All ages! Brunswick Plantation is in Calabash, North Carolina…Just 3 miles from the state line to Little River & N. Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Waterfront areas all along this area of Coastal Carolina offer maritime adventures, great restaurants, and entertainment to amuse and delight you and yours!


FREE Coastal Carolina Concerts

PrintFREE Summer Concerts are planned all along Coastal Carolina. You can find them online as well as  in our May Coastal Living Blog.  Just to remind you of concerts coming up soon…here are a few you might like to attend. 

Calabash FREE Summer Concerts

calabash-concert Frame 2Thursdays @ 6:30PM in Calabash Town Park @ 868 persimmon Road, Calabash, NC (Concerts are cancelled for inclement weather.)

  • June 25…CC Martin…Country
  • July 9…Blackwater Rhythm & Blues…Band/Variety
  • July 16…Fat jack Band…Rhythm & Blues
  • July 23…James & Emma…Acoustic Duet
  • August 6…Tammy’s Tangent…Variety
  • August 20…Sick Stooges…Classic Rock/70’s & 90’s

FREE Movies…Calabash Town Park (Starting at Dusk)

  • July 2…Into the Woods
  • July 30…Dolphin Tale
  • August 13…Blended

Sunsset Concerts frameSunset Beach FREE Summer Concerts

FREE Sunset Beach Summer Concerts…Wednesdays @ 6:30 – 9:30 @ The Gazebo in the Village park,Queen Anne Street, Sunset Beach, NC 

  • June 24…Mark Roberts BandVariety/Rock
  • July 1…Andrew ThielenBig Band***Pre-Show by: CC Martin @6PM
  • July 8Legacy & Sound Express…MoTown
  • July 15…Six Stylez…70’s & 80’s Party Band
  • July 22…The Embers & Craig Woolard…Beach

Check put August & September Concerts online..Full Concert Schedule @


Shalotte FREE Summer Concerts

Shalotte ConcertShalotte FREE Summer Concerts…Thursdays @ 6:30 PM in Rourk Gardens, 4912 Main Street, Shallotte, NC

  • July 2…Blackwater Rhythm & Blues…Band/Variety
  • July 9…Midnight Allie…Beach
  • July 16…Mark Roberts Band…Beach/Shag/Classic Rock
  • July 23…Gary Lowder & Smokin’ Hot…Beach Variety
  • July 30…Jim Quick & Coastline…Beach/Variety

FREE Movies …Starting at Dusk in Rourk Gardens

  • June 18…Big Hero Six
  • June 25…Paddington

Ocean Isle FREE Summer Concerts

ocean isle free concderts frameOcean Isle FREE Beach Concerts…Fridays @ 6:30PM @ Museum of Coastal Carolina, 21 E. 2nd Street, ocean Isle Beach, NC (No chairs set up before 5:15) 

  • June 19…Carolina Soul Band…Soul/Motown/ Beach
  • June 26…Band of Oz…Beach
  • July 3…Jim Quick & Coastline…Beach/Variety***FIREWORKS to Follow Concert***
  • July 10…The Entertainers…Beach/Variety
  • July 24…Gary Lowder & Smokin’ Hot…Beach/Variety
  • July 31…Steve Owens & Summertime…Beach/Variety

Check Out August & September Concerts online OR in Brunswick Plantation May Newsletter.


Holden Beach FREE Summer Concerts

Holden Beach frameHolden Beach FREE Summer Concerts…Sundays @ 6PM..At the Pavilion at the end of Jordan Boulevard, Holden Beach.

  • June 21…Steve Owens & Summertime…Beach/Variety
  • June 28…Rick Strickland Band…Beach/Variety

For More of Summer Schedule & Info, C heck Online OR Call: 910 253-2031.

 FREE Music on Main Concerts

MusOnMain framedJourney to Downtown North Myrtle beach to delight in the sounds of a…Live Band on Main A Street! Families are encouraged to come Downtown…After Work Or After a Long Day on the Beach to Experience:

  • Many Restaurants of Main Street
  • Listen to Live Music
  • Shop
  • Dance Til’ You Drop

Kick Back and Unwind with Friends in your Beach Chair on Main Street!

Concert Locations:

  1. Main Street: 202 Main Street, North Myrtle Beach
  2. Horseshoe: 11 South Ocean Boulevard. North Myrtle Beach

Mus Main CollageFREE Music on Main Concerts

  • Thursday, June 18 – HorseshoeCarolina Soul Band (Beach/Motown)
  • Thursday, June 25 – Main Street…Ultimate Rock Band (70’s – 90’s Rock)
  • Thursday, July 2 – Horseshoe…Fat Jack Band (Beach/Motown)
  • Thursday, July 9 – Main Street…Southern Blue (variety/Classic Rock)
  • Thursday, July 16 – Horseshoe…The Deluge (Blues/Variety)
  • Thursday, July 23 – Main StreetCastaways (Beach)
  • Thursday, July 30 – Horseshoe…Hip Pocket (Beach/ Variety)

Complete Music on Main Concert Schedule …Now – Through October 1s @

For day of Event Weather Information: Call the “Rec Check” Hotline @ (843) 280-5570 Ext. 1 OR Facebook Page: NMBParkland Rec.


Sounds of Summer Concert Series

Sounds-of-Summer-Concert-SeriesEnjoy an evening with your Family & Friends…Listening to Live Music at the Amphitheater Under The Stars! Each Concert will feature a different band playing Family Friendly Music. Bring a Chair or Blanket. Food vendors & Drinks will be available for purchase. Coolers, Outside Food, & Beverages are Not Allowed.

Central Park up high copy website(1) framed

Concert Locations: North Myrtle Beach Park & Sports Complex at the Sandhills Bank Amphitheater in the McLeod Seacoast Meadow (150 Citizens Circle, Little River, SC 29566)

Concert Times: 7:00 – 9:00 PM   FREE Admission & Open to All Ages!

 FREE Sounds of Summer Concert Schedule

  • Sounds CollageFriday, June 19…Sound Express & The Legacy (Motown)
  • Friday, July 17…Gary Lowder & Smokin’ Hot (Beach/Variety)
  • Friday, August 21…Painted Man (R&B/Variety)
  • Friday, September 18… (Classic Rock)

For Day of Concert Weather Information…Call the “RedCheck” Hotline @ (843) 280-5570.


Celebrating July 4TH Independence Day In Coastal Carolina

Independence Flag framed

Calabash, NC

Cal Waterfront FW framedIndependence Day Celebration…The Calabash Fire Department On the Calabash Waterfront!

Celebration Starts @ 6PM with Food, Fun, Music, & Games! Hot Dogs & Beverages will be For Sale.  FIREWORKS will Light Up the Sky by the Waterfront @ 9:15 PM! Happy 4th of July!


Sunset Beach, NC

framed Fourth-of-July-Sunset-Beach-Bridge4TH of July Celebration At The Old Bridge! An Annual Tradition…Beginning at 9AM..members of the Old bridge Society have planned Fun & Festivities for Visitors & Residents of Sunset Beach!

With Patriotic Music Playing & Flags Waving at the Old Bridge Site (109 Shoreline Drive W. Sunset Beach) Scheduled Activities Include:

9AM…A Parade over the Old Bridge Children & Adults are encouraged to bring their Decorated Bicycles, Wagons, Strollers, Or Sneakers to Ride Across the Old Bridge…In step to rousing Patriotic Music!

Following the Parade there are Multiple Activity Stations with Old-Fashioned ALL AMERICAN Games that include:

  • Cake Walk
  • Sack Races
  • Knock Down the Cans Game
  • Water Balloon Toss

Decorated Cupcakes will be Available for After the Games! As This Event is Weather Dependent…For the latest information, Please visit the Old bridge Society website @  OR Call: 910-363-6585.  Hope To See You There!


Southport  4TH of July Festival

4th SP FramedJuly 1st- July4th, 2015…North Carolina 4Th of July Festival…Southport NC !

SouthprotRun framednFreedom Run/Walk…5K Run & 1 Mile Fun Run…Saturday, June 27th @ 8AM

nc4thofjuly collage framedCelebrate Our Country’s History with Events…Such As:

  • Arts & Crafts…10AM – 6Pm in Franklin Square Park Over 100  Artists & Craftsmen with Handmade Goods… For Sale!
  • Festival T-Shirts
  • National Art Show
  • Parade…Festival Parade @ 11AM On July 4TH!
  • Food
  • Pancake Breakfast
  • Entertainment…Brunswick Band Concert
  • Children’s Games
  • Sand castle Building Contest
  • Horseshoe & Volleyball Contests
  • Shag Contest
  • “Shine & Show” Classic Car Show…July 4TH…11Am – 4PM
  • Naturalization CeremonyJuly 3rd @ 4PM At Ft. Johnston Southport Museum & Visitor Center
  • Fireworks…July 4Th @ 9PM At Southport Waterfront!

FREE Admission!  More Info @


Ocean Isle Beach

Ocean Isle 4THJuly 3rd @ 10AMAnnual Ocean Isle Beach Parade Featuring Decorated Golf Carts & Bicycles.

FREE Ocean Isle Beach Concert…July 3rd @ 6:30PM At: The Museum of Coastal CarolinasFollowed by: FIREWORKS At The PIER!


FIREWORKS 4TH of July…In Myrtle Beach,SC

MB Fireworks framed***FIREWORKS Over the Lake @ 10:15 PM…Barefoot Landing…N. Myrtle Beach,SC

***FIREWORKS 2ND Avenue Pier @ 10PM, 110 N. Ocean Boulevard, Myrtle Beach,SC

***FIREWORKS Over Lake Broadway @ 10PM…Broadway At The Beach…Myrtle Beach, SC


Area Wineries

Silver Coast Winery

silver coast winery

Silver Coast Winery,6680 Barbeque Rd, N W , Ocean Isle Beach, NC..Wine , Art, Dance & FUN!

Idea of love collageSilver Coast Winery Book Signing…Thursday , July 9th @ 4PM…The Idea of Love By: Patti Callahan Henry


***ART Show At Silver Coast Winery…NOW – August 31st…Art Show on Display of Artist,  Caroline Merino

silvercoast dancing barrel room

Hooked On Dancing…Line & Partner Dancing in The barrel Room with Jim & Wanda Work…Wednesdays,June 4th & 17th.

silver coast friday68bb39b62733828825306653972a9f30Enjoy Friday Night Music With John Cubito…4PM – 6PM


Silver Coast Winery “Father Day” Tribute…Bring Your Dad Or Grand-dad to the Silver Coast Winery Tasting Room on June 21st and he will recieve a Complimentary Wine Tasting! Cheers! (This offer is for Adult Children only)

Check Out Silver Coast Winery @

La Belle Amie Winery

La Belle Amie collageLa Belle Amie Winery…1120 Saint Joseph Road, Little river, SC…Music, Wine, Gifts Shop, @ FUN!

La-Belle-Amie-iconLive Afternoon Music & Hot Dogs on the Grill:

  • Wine Wednesdays: Music 12:30 – 4:30PM
  • Wine Down Fridays: Music 1:00 – 5:00PM
  • Super Wine Saturdays: Music 12:30 – 4:30PM

Special Wine Events with Live Music:

  • June 20 …First Blush of Summer ($8)
  • July 4…Independence Day Wine Fest ($8)
  • July 18…Summer Parrot Head Festival ($8)

Check Out More @ OR Call: 843 399-WINE 9436


Brunswick Island Craft Fair

Craft-Fair-framedSaturday, June 20th…10Am – 3Pm…Brunswick Island Craft Fair @ South Brunswick Community College (South Campus is just off HWY 17…Minutes from the South Carolina State Line )

FREE Admission with 60+ Vendors (Inside)…Also Enjoy:

  • Chilly Treats
  • Mrs. K’s Funnel Cake

For More Info..Call: Mrs. Fulford @ 910  755-7419


Shallotte River Swamp Park

Shallotte River Swamp Park @ Ocean isle Beach Outpost Offers a nature Eco-Park Adventure for the Whole Family!

Ocean-Isle-Beach-Outpost-Swamp-ParkShallotte River Swamp Park… Grand Opening was June 13 & 14, 2015!

Shallotte River Swamp Park Offers:

  • Zip Line Canopy Tours…Rangers/Naturalist will lead each group of up to 10 on an Exciting and Educational Trip, Across Upland Natural Undisturbed Wildlife Habitat, Zipping over a Variety of Native Plants & Wildlife.
  • Tree Top Aerial Adventure Park…A Challenge for All Ages, with Multiple Skill Levels: Low…Up To a Military Level Challenge.
  • Swamp Boat Eco Tours…Traverse the Pristine Shallotte River Swamp in Swamp Boat with your Naturalist/Guide.

For Reservations: Call: 910-575-8000 or 1-844-778-9471


Kayak Tours

KAYAK Adventure Tours & Kayak Fishing Tours

summetide collageExplore the Beautiful and Diverse Maritime Ecosystems of Southeastern North Carolina’s Pristine Barrier Island Beaches…Summertide Adventure Tours! Expert Guides  will…Take You on a Journey through seldom navigated waters,offering breathtaking views of undisturbed landscapes & exciting wildlife.

Located at 301 Sunset Blvd., Sunset Beach, NC 28468   Call Toll Free for reservations @ 877-597-0001

Learn More @  


Coastal Carolina Adventures Kids Love

 Fort Fisher Aquarium

Fort Fisher Aquarium, Kure Beach, NC..At the Mouth of the Cape Fear River, An Indoor Aquatic Adventure for All!

FtTravel Tip…Fun to Take the Ferry @ Southport to Fort Fisher

Fort Fisher Aquarium Daily programs Include:

  • Dialog with a Diver @ Cape Fear Shoals Exhibit with Divers at 235,000 Gallon Aquarium…10:30Am & 2:30Pm
  • Creature Feature…11:30 Am
  • Ocean Odyssey…1:30Pm
  • Animal feedings…Observe animals being fed while educators explain the Types of Diet, Feeding Patterns, & More
  • Animal Encounters…Time Vary
  • Toddler Tuesdays…10Am to Noon
  • Smart Cart Connection Activities…Times Vary
  • Educational Films…Times vary Throughout Day

Fort Fisher Aquarium Hours: 9Am – 5Pm Daily…More @   Or Call: 910-458-8257


Calabash Waterfront

Calabash boats framedCalabash Waterfront Adventures

Calabash Fishing Fleet

Calabash 2 Fish Fleet CollageDolphin Adventure Cruises & Sunset Waterway Cruises…On the Calabash, NC Waterfront

Dolphin Adventure Cruise…Two-Hour Cruise…An Adventure for the Whole Family to Enjoy on the 65′ Navigator!

Deep Sea Fishing & Sport Fishing Charters…Enjoy 1/2 Day, 3/4 Day, Full Day. Gulf Stream Fishing…Sport Fishing Charters offered on the 40′ Miss Calabash!

Calabash Fishing Fleet…Fresh )cean Fish & Shrimp…For Home PLUS Waterfront Seafood Shack with delicious seafood to eat on the Waterfront Or Take Out…11Am – 9Pm in Summer! Seafood Shack is closed on Sundays.

Contact Calabash Fishing Fleet, 99445 Nance St. on the Calabash Waterfront, NC @ OR Call: NC (910) 575 0017 Or SC (843) 5750017.


Hurricane Fleet

Hurricane CollageAdventure Cruises…The Hurricane Fleet Marina @ Waterfront in Calabash, NC! Enjoy a Hurricane Adventure Cruise on the 90′ Hurricane II.  Let the crew show you “Nature Under the Sea”!

Hurricane Fleet “Deep Sea Fishing”…Enjoy 1/2 Day, Gulf Stream Fishing, Sport Fishing Charters!

Depart Monday – Friday…1:30 Pm – 4Pm (Reservations are Not Required But Recommended!)

Hurricane Fleet @ Or E-mail:   Phone: SC (843) 249-3571  OR NC (910) 579-3660.


Ice Cream in Calabash

Calabash is a Good Place to Enjoy Your Ice Cream Delights…This Summer and Beyond!

Calabash Creamery

Cal Creamery colCalabash Creamery, 9910 Beach Drive, Calabash, NC…Ice Cream is made Fresh Daily & Offers A Variety of Flavors!

Open Daily…Summer Hours, Noon – 10:30 Pm

Ice Cream Cakes & Frozen Yogurt available, also! You may enjoy eating Inside , Out on the Extensive Porch, Or Taking your  Ice Cream Treat Home!

More Info : Call: 910-575-1180 OR @

Back Porch Ice Cream Shoppe

Back Porch FramedBack Porch Ice Cream Shoppe, 9970#8 Beach Drive, Calabash, NC (Across from Callahan’s)

Back Porch Ice Cream Shoppe Offers:

  • 24 Flavors of Mayfield Ice Cream
  • New Orleans Shaved Ice Snowballs…18 Flavors Combine them with Ice cream to make Gilotti’s Cool, Good & Refreshing!
  • Soft Serve Fat Free Yogurt… With Variety of Flavor Bursts
  • Cake Or Sugar Cones Or Cups
  • Milkshakes
  • Sundaes
  • Malts
  • Floats

Stop By The Back Porch Ice Cream Shoppe…Summer Hours, Open Daily @ Noon – 10PM… Eat Inside,on the Porch, Or Take Home  Your Taste Treat!  Questions: Call 910-579-1533       Enjoy Your Ice Cream Treat in Calabash!

 Barefoot Landing

barefoot Landing collage1Barefoot Landing…Located in North Myrtle Beach, S, Is the Place for an Array of Great:

  • Dining
  • Attractions…House of Blues, Alabama Theatre, Barefoot Riverboat Cruises… For the kids, Alligator Adventures, T.I.G.E.R.S. Preservation Station , Carousel and More!
  • Nightlife
  • shopping
  • Special Events
  • Fireworks

Check Out Barefoot Landing @


Broadway at the Beach


Broadway_at_the_Beach framedBroadway at the Beach…Located in Myrtle Beach , SC, Offers a Special variety of FUN With:

  • Dining
  • Attractions…Palace Theatre Live Entertainment…, Legends in Concert, Jersey Boys…For the Kids:  Ripley’s Aquarium, Thunder& Light Show, Mirror Maze, Ripley’s Believe It or Not, Ripley’s Moving 5D Theater, Wonder Works and More!
  • Nightlife
  • Shopping
  • Special Events
  • Fireworks

Check Out Broadway at the Beach @

************Restaurant of the Month*************


Fibber McGees Irish Pub


Fibbers Col framedFibber McGees @ Sunset Beach, NC…1780-1 Queen Anne Street

fibber collage




Fibber McGees …Delightful Outdoor Seating & Indoor Seating At Tables & At The Bar!


Open 7 Days a Week…Kitchen is Open 11Am – 10Pm and the Bar 11Am – ‘Til

Fib Singers“Let Them Entertain You” with Live Music 7Pm – 10Pm @ Fibber Mcgees…June:

  • Andy Crawford…Thursdays Jun 18 & 25
  • Tain Collins…Fridays,June 19 & 26 AND Sundays,June 21 & 28
  • Ashton Stanley…Saturdays, June 20 & 27

Fibber McGee’s menu offers variety and Delectable Treats for you Taste Buds!

Enjoy Fibber’s high quality Food with a Flair from a Complete Menu:

fib appetizersAppetizers:

  • Seared Ahi Tuna
  • Grouper Bites
  • Chicken Fingers
  • Quiche Du Jour
  • Rueben Spring Rolls
  • Fibbers Famous Chicken Wings
  • Saia’s Nachos
  • Pressed Quesadillas
  • Shrimp & Crab Dip


  • Seafood Salad Wraps
  • Chicken Caesar Wrap
  • Buffalo Chicken Wrap
  • Big Stan’s Roast Beef & Cheddar Wrap
  • Tuna, Chicken, Or Egg Salad Wrap
  • Salmon BLT Wrap

***Sandwiches & PaninisAll served with homemade Cole Slaw & Pickle.

14 Different Varieties…Old School Reuben Panini & Low Roasted Prime Rib Sandwich  TO Fibber’s Veggie Burger, Shrimp Burger, Baja Fish Taco

Fib Seafood***Salads and Platters…8 Salad Selections

***Soup…One of the Chef’s Innovative Homemade Specialties Featured Each Day


  • Guinnes Battered Onion Rings
  • Sweet Potato Fries
  • Fibber’s Pub Fries
  • Homemade Potato Salad
  • Homemade Cole Slaw


  • Fibber’s Famous Fish & Chips
  • Catch of the Day
  • McGees Classic Shepherd’s Pie
  • Specials of The Day!

FIB Beer & Bar***24 Name Bottled Beers & 7 Draft Beers…Some Daily Specials …Like $3 Beer or $5 Mimosa Or Other Bar Drink

***6 House Wines

***3 WHITE WINES By Glass or Bottle:

  • Clos du Bois Sauvgnon Blanc
  • Estancia Chardonnay
  • Sonoma-Cutrer Russian River

***2 RED WINES By Glass or Bottle:

  • Mark West Pinot Noir
  • J. Lohr Cabernet Sauvignon

Fibber’s McGee’s Menu & More…Call: 910-575-2271 OR  @

Fibber McGees is  Favorite of Local Folks who love the Fabulous Affordable Food and Wonderful Atmosphere!

Fib ConAll Direct TV Sports Package makes Fibbers a Great Place to Gather & Watch Sports with Friends! There is also Live Wifi!

Fibber McGees is also Walking Distance to the Gazebo in Village Park at Sunset Beach…Making it a great place to Eat Dinner on Sunset Beach FREE Concert Nights..Wednesday @ 6:30 – 8:30!

History of Fibber McGees Irish Pub…Sunset Beach, NC

Rich BarFibber McGees Irish Pub was opened by Rich Dobkin. Rich had been vacationing here for about eight years and was looking for a smoke-free establishment to have a late night drink…So, he moved here and opened up Fibber McGees!

You can meet at Fibber McGees for a drink, Have a unique bite to eat, Watch Sports and Feel Comfortable! It is like “Being at Home” and is Open All year Round! Join the Fun and bring Friends!

summertime-0371Coastal Carolina Living…Fun for All & All For Fun! Folks at Brunswick Plantation and Golf Resort ® are in the perfect place to Enjoy It All…In North & South Carolina! Summer Time and the Livin’ is Easy!




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Golf News from the Pro 6.15 by Brunswick Plantation Living

Golf News from the Pro pic

Hello to All:

June is here and with it comes warm temps and higher humidity.  Be sure to drink plenty of water before you play and during your round.  By doing this you will defend yourself against cramping, heat exhaustion and dehydration.


Our golf course aeration maintenance takes place this month as well.  Superintendent Rob Vaughan and his staff will be aerating our greens, tees, and fairways….one course per week.

We will keep that course closed for the entire week allowing healing time and giving Rob’s crew time to catch up on the area’s that need attention.  The schedule is as follows:


Magnolia Course: June 2-9

Azalea Course: June 10-18

Dogwood Course: June 19-26

The Member-Member Tournament was held May 25-28.  Congrats to all the Winners!


Golf Rules Note:

For those of you that travel the Resort using a gold cart, I ask that you please use the roadways.  Driving the cart paths to and from home should be avoided.  Using the paths during the hours of operation is against rules.  Consider using the roads  so as not to disturb course players.  Thanks very much.

Also, walking,  bike riding, jogging, or other travel is only allowed before 7 am and after 7 pm.

Please help us to provide a better golf experience for Members, Property Owners, and Resort Guests alike.  Thanks again.


Happy Golfing,


Head Golf Professional

Pro-Shop Manager

Director of Memberships

Golf News Shawn Hicken Signature


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Brunswick Plantation News and Events 6.15

BP Flower CollageBrunswick Plantation and Golf Resort ®, our vibrant, gated golf community is coastal Carolina is always brimming with activity! The summer, as usual, has a variety of opportunities to…Have Fun & Enjoy the Sun with our Friends and Neighbors! Choose the ones that “Strike The Fancy” of You and Your Family for Summer of 2015!

 FULL MOON Dates…For the Summer Season

  1. July 1st…Full Buck Moon
  2. July 31st…Full Buck Moon
  3. August 29th…Full Sturgeon Moon
  4. September 27th…Full Harvest Moon

FramedFull Moontumblr_nhkcyo7VUR1s6ana0o1_1280

Many of your Friends & Neighbors gather to the left of the Sunset Beach Pier on these nights.  There is always room for others…Bring you Supper Or Snacks & Enjoy Your Friends & Neighbors!

framedfull-buck-moonFull Buck Moon…Native Americans named Full Buck Moon, As Male Deer shed their antlers every year, Bucks begin to grow them in July..Hence, July’s Full Buck Moon!

frameSturgeonFull_redmoon2-oneFull Sturgeon Moon…Named by Fishing Tribes, since Sturgeon, a large fish of the Great lakes & Other Major Bodies of Water, were readily caught in August! Sturgeon Moon is also sometimes known as Red Moon, as this moon rises, it appears reddish through a sultry haze.

FramedHArvest00000Harvest-MoonHarvest Moon…Named for the Full Moon closest to the Autumnal Equinox, Or Official Start of Fall. Gaps between when moon rises are shorter (50 minutes to 30 minutes later each day) giving the Illusion that the Harvest Moon is bigger,brighter , & Closer to Earth. However, It is simply closest to the Horizon at Sunset…Making It appear Yellow, Orange, Or Red.

NIS Beach Gathering

Sunset NIS collagePicMonkey CollageNIS is Happy to Announce…A “BEACH” Gathering on Tuesday, June 16th at Sunset Beach!  Your Neighbors In Service (NIS) Will Gather…To the Left of the Pier, Between 10 & 11AM.

This is BYOL (Bring Your Own Lunch) & NIS will Provide Dessert!  ALL are Welcome…The More, The Merrier!  There is No $ Involved…But Folks would like to hear from you, so they will have enough Dessert for Everyone! If you plan to Join the Fun…Please Call: Sandy Sebastian @ 579-1273 Or Annette Mauro @ 287-4872. See You at the Beach!


Pelican Tickets Are Here!

Pelican agel CollageFolks who signed up to attend The Pelicans Game with Friends & Neighbors on June 18th…The Pelican Tickets are Here yo be picked up @ The Facilitator’s Office! Cheer On The Myrtle Beach Pelicans, as they play the Lynchburg Hillcats! Enjoy the Soaring Performance of The National Anthem By “The  Soaring Angels”! Have Fun!

Red Hats Barefoot Riverboat Cruise

Red cruise frameHats Off …To Folks Who signed up for The Red Hat Barefoot Riverboat Cruise, Down the IntraCoastal Waterway Starting at Barefoot Landing to Grand Strand Marina and Back on June 26th @  11:30AM To 1:30PM…Enjoy your Lunch & Narrated Cruise with Music! Deadline for Cruise was June 13th. Have Fun, Ladies!

NIS Card Party/Game Day

NIS Game CollageYOU Are Invited By: Brunswick Plantation NIS On Tuesday, July 21st…11AM to 3PM At Ryan’s Steakhouse, 3706 Hwy 17, N. Myrtle Beach TO…A Card Party/Game Day!

CardParty frameNIS is a Non-Profit Organization and the proceeds will help local charities.  Invite Your Friends to complete your own table to…Play the Game of Your Choice! There will be a 50/50 and Prizes!

Tickets are $15 which includes lunch!  For Tickets and Information: Please Call Brunswick Plantation’s Facilitator’s Office by July 16th at 287-4604.


New Sequence Group

sequenceimagesThe Sequence Group is being formed and is being held Bi-Weekly, as has been determined by players. If you would like to participate, either as a regular Or a Substitute Player…Please Call Linda Stigile @ Cell 302-249-7288. Linda can also give you any additional information! You Do Not already have to know how to play, as the game is quite simple.  It will only take one afternoon of playing with the group to learn! Game On!

For Ladies Only…Lunch at the 19th Hole

Lunch ladies collageMark Your Calendars…3rd Thursday of Every Month At 12:30 PM…Some of the Ladies in our community will be Meeting for Lunch at our Very Own 19th Hole!

It doesn’t matter what area you live in, Everyone is WelcomeFor anyone who is New to Brunswick, this may be the Perfect Opportunity to…Meet Your Fellow Residents, especially if you do not already belong to any of the established activity groups.

JUST BE SURE TO… CALL The Restaurant At Least A DAY in ADVANCE to ADD YOUR NAME(s) TO THE LIST IF YOU PLAN TO ATTEND. Hope to see you there…JUNE 18th!

Train ShowAt Brunswick Plantation

Train collage framed Saturday, July 11 AND Sunday, July 12…10 Am – 4 Pm @ Brunswick Plantation At The Brunswick House  Sponsored By: Intracoastal Model Railroad Club 

FREE Admission! New Train Raffle! Fun for the Whole Family! 

Special Services: Lubricate Trains in running condition, recommend renovation service for those that don’t run.  Run Your Trains on Our Tracks!

Railroaders Lunch Sold …11AM – 2PM

Homeowners For Hospice

Cape Fear Hospice Framedindex

Brunswick Plantation  Community Charities is combining Effort for a Year-Long Fund Raising Campaign. “Homeowners For Hospice” Goal: Building Community Spirit & Cooperation among Everyone on the Plantation while Raising Funds for a Good Cause – The Lower Cape Fear Hospice & Care Center.

Your Patriotic Bows Sold By:“Homeowners For Hospice” On Display at Brunswick Plantation are A Real Salute… To Our Red, White, & Blue !


Bake sale cookiesBAKERS NEEDED***For Bake Sale For Intracoastal Model Railroad Club Train Show..July 11 & 12, 2015. Home Baked Goods will need to be delivered to the Brunswick House…No Later Than 10AM on Saturday, July 11th.  If Dropping them off the Day Before…We ask that you Please Mark Them Accordingly & Either: Leave then in cooler Or On the Kitchen Counters.

We need to know the Items  you wish to donate…In Order to avoid too many duplicates. Emily Bonneau will be in charge of keeping this List of Baked Goods, So Please contact her @ 287-5508 Or  with this information. Thanks You!


WANTED -Your Service Or Products

Logo-for-CharityFriday, August 14…Homeowners for Hospice Charity Cocktail Party Raffle will be a huge success with your help! The goal is to promote our own Plantation Business Owners’ and Entrepreneur’s Products & Services. If you:

  • Have a Product
  • Perform a Service
  • Have a Talent You Can Share

We would like to have you donate it to our Charity Event! You will be given a Donation Slip for the Value of Your Service Or Product. If you:

  • Paint
  • Do Handy Work
  • Sew
  • Walk Dogs
  • Cook
  • Repair Things
  • Have Another Talent Or Product

Your Service Or Product would be a great Addition to Our Raffle! Contact Lori Schneider @ 910-232-7558 for Questions Or Information. Benefits: Brunswick Plantation Community Services’ 2015 “Homeowners for Hospice” Campaign!


WANTED – Vacation Rentals & Time Share Weeks!

VacarafframedIf You Have a Vacation Rental Or Time Share Week Available…In the Last Quarter of 2015 Or Anytime in 2016, Please Consider Donating It To a Great Cause!

Brunswick Plantation Community Charities is looking for…Donated Weeks of Vacation Space for the 2015 Homeowners for Hospice Charity Cocktail Party Raffle on Friday, August 14th. You will be given a Donation slip in the Amount of a Weekly Rental for Your generous Contribution. Please contact Kathy Lucyszyn @ 910-287-5196 Or Joan Miller @ 910-575-0104 Fro Questions Or Information. Thank You!

Community Wide Yard Sale

yard sale frameCommunity Wide Yard Sale has been approved by the POA of Brunswick Plantation..Yard Sale is “Back By Popular Demand”!

Friday, October 16th & Saturday, October 17th & Open To The Public…9AM – 3Pm…Each Day!

This Year’s Yard Sale will be organized in the same manner that it has been over the past 3 years, and following last year’s guideline: You will once again have the choice of…Participating on Either Friday Or Saturday OR Both days.

Please Watch The broadcast for additional information concerning this 2 Day Event…And For a Meeting to Include All Those who Plan to Participate. If you have any questions…Please contact Emily Bonneau via E-mail Only At:

 Couples Golf…Update
Couple scramble

Singles are Welcome To Participate!

In the past players were male/female sign-ups. now any two person combinations are invited to Play in this Wednesday afternoon 9 Hole Fun Golf Scramble!

Couples green***All Participants must be members of the Brunswick Plantation Golf Club.  The sign-up sheet will be in the Pro Shop on the Ladies Side of the Bulletin Board. When you sing up, you must have a Twosome.  Players must sign up by Noon on Sunday. Each player contributes $2 to the weekly Prize Pool.

For Your Information: We use a Rotating Player Format…So you only play with your “Partner” several times during the season.

Dinners are planned Each Wednesday Evening after golf at the Brunswick House Or The 19th Hole.  Non-Golfing Spouses, Significant Others, etc. are invited to attend dinner. Any Questions? Please Call Jim Kocsi @ 287-5452, OR Rich Edwards @ 297-5960,

Outdoor Volleyball

volleyball collageCalling All Homeowners, Guests, Visitors, & Spectators…To The Outdoor Pool at the Brunswick House!

ADULT Outdoor Volleyball…Played Every Thursday @ 6PM…Weather Permitting,  At the Outdoor Pool at the Brunswick House! 2015 Season Outdoor Volleyball started on June 11th.

Three Games are Played & 8 People Per Side is preferred…But they play with whoever shoes up that evening! Pool Shoes are recommended, as well as Sunglasses Or a Hat for the Late Setting Sun!

Bring Your Refreshments to Enjoy after the Games & Remember…NO Glass Containers. See You at the Pool!


Brunswick Plantation 19th Hole Entertainment

jody-humter framedJody Hunter, Singer & Guitarist, Performs At 19th Hole

Saturday, June 20th @  BP 19th Hole…Buffet Dinner and Live Musical Entertainment.

Gifted Guitarist & Singer, Jody Hunter, will be performing at our own 19th Hole! Jody sings Contemporary & Country…At Your Request!

Enjoy a Delicious Buffet Dinner @ 6PM…Followed by Delightful  Musical Entertainment by Jody @ 7PM. Tickets are $20 for an Magical Evening to Remember! Please Call 910-845-6902 OR Stop by the 19th Hole to make Your Reservations. FUN for ALL @ Brunswick Plantation!


RUN/Walk Group

runP9110050Run/Walk consists of repeatedly running and then walking for periods of time. For example:

  • Run for 1 Minute & Walk for 1 Minute
  • For More Ambitious …Rune for as long as 3 Minutes.

The group would gather once a week & Run/Walk 2 or 3 Miles and then…Slowly Increase the Distance. Two Days a Week…You would Run/Walk for 30 Minutes…On Your Own Or With Friends. By not overdoing it, injury is minimized & recovery times is shortened.

Once a Runner’s Ability is determined, we can divide into Pace Groups. We would have oranges, bananas, and water at rest stops along the longer runs. 

Even if racing is not your goal, participating in a Run/Walk Group has many benefits…Socialize with neighbors,loose weight, & Feel Great! Running is Slow Enough to Talk to each other!

Contact: David Svendsgaard At: for more information. You could have a discussion with David to see what the participants are interested in doing. Runners would be at their own risk.



 FREE Indoor Walking Program

FREE Indoor Walking Program…Monday, Wednesday, Friday, & Saturday @ 8AM in the Brunswick Plantation Ballroom…Friday 4 Mile Walk Is now using light wrist Or hand weights.They are Not a Must, but you may use them if you wish! You WILL Need Sneakers for every Day. with bands (Not a must) as part of the program (Usually on Wednesday).

Please call Emily Bonneau if you would like additional info Or would like to be added to the Class Distribution List…So you are kept informed as to Program Changes Or Class cancellations.


  1. All participants following this program do so at their own risk.
  2. This is a FREE Program for All Residents…Women & Men!


Body Sculpting & Pilates Classes

Tuesday @ 8:30Am…Body Sculpting Class in the Brunswick House Ballroom.Class uses Weights & Bands. Mat Work for Abs & Includes a warm Up and Cool Down.

Thursday @ 8:30 Am is Pilates Day…Work your Body, Mind, & spirit…And Really Work Your Core! You need a mat for this class. Get stronger & More Flexible.

Tuesday & Thursday Classes are taught by Ace certified trainer, Angela Ruel…$4 Per Class.


Golf Exercise Class

golflogowhite-frameTuesdays @ 4PM…In June July, & August…45 Minute Golf Exercise Class  taught At the Brunswick House . Terry Daily teaches the classes…That Help build your Core Muscles. All you need is a weight (1, 2,Or 5 lbs.) Your Preference) and a Mat. The class is COED.

Terry also teaches a Golf Exercise Class at the Body Edge and has agreed to do this at the Brunswick House this summer. Her father, Dave Williams, worked in the Brunswick Golf Pro Shop for many years, retiring just last year. For More info: Call 910-287-7559 Or E-mail Jeannette At :

Brunswick Plantation Yoga

Gentle Yoga Class

WS0800Thursdays @ 10AM in the Brunswick House Ballroom…The Gentle Yoga Class is suitable for Every Body without pressure on wrists or knees.  This class includes linking breath to movement and stretching to improve Mobility & Flexibility.

All Poses are done seated, supine, or standingTo Improve Muscle Tone, Balance, Strength, and Stability.

**Note: No Class on June 18.

Vinyasa Yoga

Yoga PosterSaturdays @ 10Am in the Brunswick House Ballroom…The Vinyasa Yoga Class  is a mixed level practice suitable for both beginner and experienced yogis who have few or no physical limitations (Some modifications are available). This class will help you Build Strength, Flexibility, Balance, and Endurance.

**Note: No Class on June 20th.

Cost for Gentle & Vinyasa Yoga Class…$5 Per Class.  Please Call Michele Dorland at 910-880-2509 with any questions.

Water Aerobics

Water Aer FramedMonday, Wednesday, & Friday…From 8Am -9Am…Water Aerobics Classes are now being held in the Brunswick House Outdoor Pool!

Classes are taught by a Certified Instructor who shows you how to do each move  and work all parts of the body.  These are low-impact movements that…Exercise Your Core, Stretch and Work Muscles, and Give a Good Workout without potential damage.  No special equipment is needed; All you need to start is swim attire and a desire to have a lot of laughs & good exercise! It’s a great way to meet your friends & neighbors!

For more information: Call Annette Mauro At 287-4872. SPECIAL NOTE: On the first Wednesday of every month, the water aerobics class is FREE…Just Show Up!

lifestyl framedFitness is FUN with Friends at Brunswick Plantation and Golf Resort ®. We like to stay Fit for all of the other Fun Activities we enjoy! We Enjoy the Sun and Coastal Living Lifestyle! Ya’ll Come Join the Fun with Friends & Family!


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Meet “All the Single Ladies”…Dorothea Benton Frank

DDorothea Benton Frank is a New York Times bestselling author. Ms. Frank is revealing  her latest book “All the Single Ladies” on a Book Tour…Which Opened at Silver Coast Winery in Ocean Isle , NC on Monday, June 8th with over 220 women and men there to greet her! Book line20150608_172509This special event was sponsored by The Pelican Book Store of Sunset Beach, NC. Ms. Frank is a winning and informative speaker who delights her audiences with her personality, as well as her books! A “Storyteller Extraordinaire”!

Victoria & Dorothea20150608_175638Dorothea Benton Frank’s daughter, Victoria, accompanied her at the event. Victoria is planning her wedding on October 31st..Halloween! Mother and Daughter have a busy schedule planning the Victoria’s wedding and Dorothea’s Latest Book…”All the Single Ladies”!

“All the Single Ladies”

All Framed“All the Single Ladies” focuses on “Three amazing middle-aged women bonded by another amazing woman’s death.”

Though they shared loss, they forge a Friendship, asking critical questions:

  • Who Was their Friend?
  • What did her life mean?
  • Are they living the lives they imagined for themselves?
  • Will they ever be able to afford to retire?

During one sweltering summer on the Isle of PalmsA Plan is conceived, unfurling with each turn of tide!

KKFramed10354952_1153265761366939_7900675466485400270_n***See How…Krispy Kreme is a Theme in this novel &  Krisby Kreme Donuts are served on the Book Tour for “All the Single Women”!

Dorothea Benton Frank…Bestselling Books

sullivan_bookcover frameSullivan’s Island“, Ms. Frank’s 1st Novel, debuted in 2000 at No. 9 on the New York Times list and went Back to Press more than 25 times,selling well over a million copies in print and foreign languages!

Dorothea is a native of Sullivan’s Island, SC. She was born and raised there with her 4 siblings…Lynn, William Oliver (Now deceased), Theodore Anthony, and Michael Kent. They are the children of Oliver Benton, Jr. and Dorothea Blanchard. One thing people enjoy about this novel is that it is true to the region in Gullah language and style.

Ms. Frank’s other Best Sellers Include:

  • “Plantation”
  • “Isle of Palms”
  • “Shem Creek”
  • “Pawley’s Island”
  • “Full of Grace”
  • “Bulls Island”
  • “The Christmas Pearl”
  • “Land of Mango Sunsets”
  • “Low-Country Summer”
  • “Return to Sullivan’s Island”
  • “Folly Beach”
  • “Porch Lights”
  • “The Last Original Wife”

Info about Ms. Frank’s Entertaining Books Include:

  • Book Titles & Briefs  for Ms. Frank’s Novels
  • Book Tour Events & Dates for “All the Single Women”
  • Book Club Questions to Explore about Ms. Frank’s Books
  • Recipes from Dorothea

All This & More about Dorothea Benton Frank, The Queen of sassy Southern Fiction,  & Her Amazing Books @

Dorothea Benton Frank…Family and Career

Dorothea Benton graduated from General William Moultrie High School in 1969.  Her first career was in Fashion.  She graduated from The Fashion Institute of America in 1972. Her first position in the Fashion Industry was in Atlanta Apparel Mart By: College Town Sportswear. She then returned to Charleston, SC in 1973, as a buyer for Kerrison’s Dept. Store. her career then found her in San Francisco. CA. in 1974.  A year later she moved to New York City and worked on 7th Ave. for Fire island Sportswear, Heralcorp Industries & Michail Lerner. She retired from the apparel industry in 1985.

DBF Love QuoteDorothea Benton married Peter Richard Frank in 1983 and moved to Montclair, New Jersey shortly after the birth of their 1st child, Victoria Hanna Frank in 1985. Son, William Richard Frank was born in 1988. While the children were young, Ms. Frank became a volunteer Fundraiser. organizing events to various non-profit organizations around the metropolitan New York area.

Dorothea’s Interests…Other than her Love of Her Family & Writing!

Dorothea is an avid cook who enjoys fly fishing, reading, and traveling!  She is a frequent speaker on the Creative Process for Students of All Ages! She divides her time between the Lowcountry and New Jersey!

Db or Librarianquote-i-have-always-thought-that-librarians-are-a-little-bit-like-doctors-travel-agents-and-dorothea-benton-frank-82-18-36Ms. Frank feels that Books can change your life.  She says Librarians are like doctors, travel agents, and professors…All rolled into One!

In Acknowledgement of her Outstanding Contributions to the Literary World…Dorothea Benton Franks is the recipient of:

  • Honorary Doctorate of Humane Letters from The College of Charleston
  • Doctorate of Fine Arts from Bloomfield College

May you have the Good Fortune to enjoy one of her engaging presentations on her Book Tour for her Newest Novel! It is a Joy for All!

BP Beach CollageCoastal Carolina has so much to see and do this summer, as always! Brunswick Plantation and Golf Resort ® invites you and yours to…Come On Down and join the Fun!  Brunswick Plantation’s location in Calabash, NC…Just 3 miles from Little River & N. Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, make us Truly “The Two State Solution to FUN”! We also have the Best Beaches for a Good Beach Novel by Dorothea Benson Frank! Ya’ll Come!



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Why Energy Star Certified Homes Are Built Better from the Ground Up- shared by Brunswick Plantation Living

Energy Saving SolutionsThe Construction Group by Caw Caw Land Corp, at Brunswick Plantation and Golf Resort, a coastal Carolina gated community, has been a proud Energy Star partner since 2010 . We want to help people save energy at home, period.

If you are considering purchasing a new home, an Energy Star certified home is the best choice for your family, the environment, and your wallet.  If you are interested in saving energy on the home you living in now….read on.

-By Brian Ng

Being an EPA employee working for the ENERGY STAR program, it’s natural to find myself thinking of ways to save more energy, especially at home. There’s plenty I do to consume less energy – everything from turning off lights and using a programmable thermostat, to sealing and insulating in my attic. But there are things that I just can’t do to my existing home that I wish I could do to really improve my home’s comfort and efficiency, things like sealing and insulating the air ducts behind my walls and in the floors, installing a moisture barrier under the foundation, and insulating the brick and block walls of my 1940’s colonial. For those in the market for a new home, you’re in luck! New homes that earn the blue ENERGY STAR label include all these comfort and energy-saving details, and more.

When a home earns the ENERGY STAR label, it means that it can be up to 30 percent more efficient than a typical new home. All ENERGY STAR certified homes are constructed with:

A complete Thermal Enclosure System to deliver comfort and low utility bills;
An efficient Heating, Ventilating, and Cooling (HVAC) System designed and installed for optimal performance, comfort, and lower bills; and
A comprehensive Water Management System to protect roofs, walls, and foundations from moisture damage.
homes graphic

These are features that just can’t be easily installed in most homes after they’ve been built, and surprisingly are not built into many new homes. These features are inspected by a third party using a set of quality assurance checklists that can dramatically reduce the chance that critical details are overlooked and that can greatly improve the efficiency, comfort, durability, and quality of homes that earn the label.

To find home builders in your area that are constructing ENERGY STAR certified homes, you can visit To learn more about the features and benefits of these homes visit

Every ENERGY STAR certified new home is built better from the ground up to use energy more efficiently, which means lower utility bills for you and less of the greenhouse gas emissions that cause climate change. This makes a big difference for our environment. In fact, one ENERGY STAR certified home contributes 3,700 lbs. less greenhouse gases than a typical home, which is equivalent to the greenhouse gases that are absorbed by planting 43 trees. Since EPA began labeling new homes in 1995, American homeowners have saved over $4 billion on their energy bills and reduced GHG emissions by more than 46 billion pounds.

ENERGY STAR is the simple choice for energy efficiency. Join the millions already making a difference at

Mr. Brian Ng is the communications manager for ENERGY STAR’s Residential Programs. Mr. Ng has been with the U.S. EPA for 17 years supporting a wide range of initiatives related to the protection of human health and the environment, including the improvement of energy efficiency in new and existing low-income housing –

Interested in learning more about Energy Star homes?  CLICK HERE to see what we offer or DISCOVER BRUNSWICK NOW and schedule a real estate preview tour.

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“Fat Harold’s” Beach Club…Honoring A Shag Dance Legend

Fat H Collage“Fat Harold’s” Beach Club is a legendary “Home Club” of the Shag Dance & Beach music of the Grand Strand in N. Myrtle Beach, SC! It has a history dating from the 1950’s and won “Best Beach Music Club” for 13 years before It’s owner, “Fat Harold” Bessent graciously declined any future nomination.harolds-toast-600x424 framed Harold Bessent became known locally as “The King Of Shag” due to his enthusiastic, energetic, and consistent support of the Shag Dance. The popularity of Beach Music and Shag Dancing is always honored in “Fat Harold’s Beach Club” at 212 Main Street in N. Myrtle Beach! Harold was instrumental in keeping”The Shag” alive by helping it to be officially recognized as South Carolina’s State Dance. It is also considered The State Dance in North Carolina!  He attended Shag clubs & events…Near and Far to promote “The Shag”! SOS ShagHarold was also one of the first to say “Bring It On” when SOS (Society of Shaggers) was born! He had Shag events for adults and was instrumental, with the suggestion of friends, in the birth of “The Junior Shaggers”!

FHmiss-you-fat-harold FramedHarold Milton Bessent was born in Little River, SC in 1933. Affectionately known to All as “Fat Harold”, the legendary Harold joined “The Shadow Shaggers” on that Golden Dance Floor in Heaven on Friday afternoon, May 22nd, surrounded by Love, after a long illness.  As family stated, “He loved Everyone So Much & We LOVED Him to the Moon and Back!”

“Fat Harold’s” Legacy Lives On…As With His Family’s Promise: “Rest in Peace Dear Daddy & Friend.  We will carry on your Wishes and Dreams until we take our last breath!”

Fat Harold DayIn North Myrtle Beach

Harold-Bessent-708x1024 framedHarold had already received the Key to the City of N. Myrtle Beach by: Mayor Marilyn Hatley. June 13th…Harold’s Birthday,  was also declared “Fat Harold Day” to Honor him for his many generous contributions to the community, as well as his commitments to Beach Music and the Shag Dance! He was recognized as a man of many talents…A Wise and Wonderful Business Man who was Generous To A Fault!

Honors and Community Contributions

harold002 framed“Fat Harold” Bessent, Shagging Beach Legend, was a Shriner and a Mason. He was a member of many clubs , as well as a boat captain who loved his Family Above All Else! Though he was a very Fun Loving & Humble Man…He did serve on many boards & received a variety of honors…Both in Music and the Community.  They Include:

  • The Aflac Palmetto Foundation Award for his generosity for years of service and monetary donations to Camp Kemo. Camp Kemo, in Columbia, is for kids with cancer. Harold has raised millions or them after being devastated by the cancer death of his beloved grandson, “Little David”. He called the children at Camp Kemo “His Kids”as he worked on their behalf. God Bless!
  •   SOS “ICON” Award
  • Inducted into “The Shaggers” Hall of Fame
  • Lifetime Achievement Award from the Carolina Beach Music Awards…2014. All Awards give in in the Future will be…“The Fat Harold Bessent Lifetime Achievement Award”
  • Numerous Awards at HOTO’s for Best Show Club
  • Best Concert Series Award …For many years.

harold bioResizeImageHandler“Fat Harold”…One for the Books

  • And the Band Plays On By: Howie Thompson…Variety of Stories of folks honored through music.
  •  Fat Harold: The Legendary King Of Shag By: Howie Thompson

Celebration of Life For Beloved “Fat Harold” Bessent

Camp Kemo collageCelebration of Life Of “Fat Harold” Bessent  will be on June 13…4pm @ Fat Harold’s Beach Club 

Everyone is Invited to Attend to Honor this Great Man.  He will be sorely missed by All!

Harold’s Wishes were that instead of flowers, he would like any condolences as donations to be sent to “His Kids” at Camp Kemo to let them Bloom as Long as They Can! Condolences as Donations to Camp Kemo, c/o Fat Harold’s Beach Club, 212 Main Street, North Myrtle Beach, SC 29582

A Guest Book is available at

“Fat Harold’s” Legacy of Beach Music & Shag Dance

fat-harolds-CollageFor All who enjoy hearing Beach Music and like the Shag Dance…Harold Bessent has kept it alive for All…Now and for Years to Come! For those who may be new to Beach Music…Wikipedia defines Beach Music, often known as Carolina Beach Music, as a regional genre which developed from various Rock/R&B/Pop Music in the 1950’s and 1960’s. Beach music is closely associated with the style of swing dance known as The Shag. recordings with a 4/4 “Blues Shuffle” rhythmic structure & moderate to fast tempo are the most popular for Shag Dancing.

FH Bessent CollageShag lessons are given at “Fat Harold’s” Beach Club every Monday and Tuesday evening at 7pm. I’m sure “Fat Harold” would be pleased that you would be there to enjoy the Shag Dance so Dear to Him…Another Tribute to a Unique Individual! And the Band Plays On @ God Bless Harold Bessent and his Friends and Family…From our community at Brunswick Plantation and Golf Resort ® to Yours…All Around the Grand Strand and Beyond!


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Donna and Jim Stangroom…So Happy that Brunswick Plantation Picked Them!

Stangrooms framedDonna and Jim Stangroom lived in Virginia, and for a few years they came South to vacation at a Time Share in North Myrtle Beach.   In 2003 they saw a sign for Ocean Ridge and decided to take a look.  However, they did not see a lot that they liked for themselves.

BP Entrance CollageDriving down the highway, they saw something about Brunswick Plantation & Golf Resort ® and decided to check it out, also. There was a security shack as a gate at the time…A Gated Community! Donna and Jim were not sure what they were looking for when real estate agent, Don Stahl, met with them.  They said Don was very professional and knowledgeable …Not at all high pressure! Don seemed to know more of what they wanted than they did. Dogwood was a new course at that time. Donna and Jim bought a lot…That Day on Covington in the Edenton Section of Brunswick Plantation. They originally had a 5 year plan to build and move here…But that became a 2 year plan with them renting a house on Ravennside until their new home was ready. They said they felt that Brunswick Plantation had Chosen Them! They have been very Happy with the Brunswick Plantation Community and the many Friendships they have made…And continue to make at here!

Lakes CollageThough Donna and Jim sold their house in Edenton 6 months ago, they continue to live at Brunswick Plantation and Golf Resort ® with their Family Dog, Libby…In a lovely condo on “The Lakes”. They can listen to the soothing sound of the fountain in the lake and be entertained by the Mallard Ducks and Canadian Geese floating by the Carolina Room. Life is Good at Brunswick Plantation!

Donna & Jim…In The Beginning!

Clydes framedDonna and Jim married on December 31, 1977…After a Courtship of 2 & 1/2  years! They met in Virginia at Clydes of Georgetown. Donna had stopped by with a friend after her work day as a banker at 1st VA. Manassas National.  Jim was in Virginia with the Maryland National Guard.  He and his buddy in the Guard unit went to Clydes and saw two lovely ladies. His buddy said he’d like to meet Donna’s friend and Jim was interested in meeting Donna. The gals saw these two men in the mirror and were given martini’s…Compliments of the Gentlemen in the Mirror! “The Man in the Mirror”Turned out to be the Right Man for Donna!

 All In The Family!

As they say…It’s All in the Family for Donna and Jim! They each have children from a previous marriage…With a combined family of 8 children Plus Grandchildren and one great Grandchild! The More the Merrier for the Stangrooms! The family also keep Donna and Jim a chance to do the traveling they love to visit them in a variety of places…Far & Near!

Military brat framedDonna was the daughter of Chief Petty Officer William Patrick and a Military Brat who moved around a lot.  She later married a marine and moved around more. Her favorite place was in Hawaii, where her family lived for 4 sunny years!

During those years, Donna and her husband  had two children.  As her husband was a widower, Donna raised his daughter, Sharyn, since she was 4 years old. They now have grown children of their own. Lots of Fun for Everyone! This Part of the Clan Includes:

  • Shelle of Winston Salem, NC,  an Entrepreneur & Artist, who owns a business that refinishes furniture for consumers…While, also, living on a farm with a garden & chickens! Shelle has two lovely daughters…Kaelyn & Melissa.
  • Michael, a Retired Army Major…Was an Olympic Silver Medalist in  Marksmanship in 2008 Olympics in Greece! Michael and wife, Ann have 2 sons, Matt & Will. Matt was a wrestler in High School and is now a Junior in College. Will was a Gold Medal winner in the Junior Olympics in Marksmanship when he graduated from High School.

Air F & G 897__orig framed Jim was in the Air Force and that combined with his years of service in the Maryland National Guard , gave him 30 years of Military Service to Retire as a Colonel. Jim served in the Guard once a month for 15 Days Active Duty. Jim’s main career during that time was as a Financial Adviser. He is now semi-retired from that position…Still working with clients from East to West Coast. Jim says his Clients are his Friends and they Stay In Touch.

Jim and his wife first wife had 6 children..All Boys! That part of the Clan includes:

  • Jim is a CPA retired Freelance in Fallston, Maryland. Jim & Janice*Have Three Children…Matthew, Emily, & Michael and One Great Grandchild!
  • Bob is a General Manager @ Golf & Country Club in Serrano in California. Bob & Suzie*Have Two children, Sean & Maggie And Heather…Who was the first Girl born into the Stangroom Family in 86 Years! Born on Friday, the 13th…The Miracle Child!
  • Bill is a national Sales Manager & Director for West Vaco in Massachusetts. Bill & Ellen * Have Two Children…Bill & Dan In Denver.
  • Tome is the Vice-President for IT at National Rural electric Coop Assoc. in Chantilly, VA. Tom & Shelly * Have Three Children…Tom in Nashville, Megan In Virginia Beach, Kyle In College.
  • Danny is an Environmentalist in Australia. Danny & Heidi live in Sydney, Australia. Donna & Jim visited with them years ago to watch Michael participate in Marksmanship in the Olympics there.
  • Andy is an Entrepreneur & Owns his own company as a Head Hunter for Companies in Baltimore, Maryland.  His background for this was in Sports…Sales Portion with (Washington Bullets & Wizards) Andy & Melissa* Have Two Children…Brooke Marie, and Drew.

Fathers day frameThere are so many places for Donna and Jim to go to visit family! Also, the family love to come to Brunswick Plantation…Family Fun At The Beach! Jim is looking forward to five of his sons to visit on Father’s Day this year for their Annual…Stangroom Golf Tournament!


 Luck A’ The Irish Family

Kerry CollageJim’s Mother and Father came to the United States Directly from Ireland! Jim’s father, Joe…Came from Kerry and his mother, Babs County Clare collage(Mary Josephine) came from County Clare. Babbs was sponsored by her aunt and uncle in New York, Joe was a steward on an Ocean Liner and involved in “Blacks & Tans” of the Irish Revolution – Fighting 69th army unit in the Nat’l Guard.  Joe and Babs met at a dance! Jim grew up in The Bronx of New York, and was the first generation of his family to be born in the United States.

Ennis CollageJim and Donna took Babs to Ireland for her 80th birthday. The family had a birthday party for Babs in Ennis, Ireland. That was Jim’s first time in Ireland and chance to meet his cousins.  He found it to be very exciting…Especially Cousin Mickey Mack! Mom stayed longer in Ireland but had to return home due to poor health where the family beagle had the loving instinct to watch over her.  She then lived in a condo near Donna & Jim. What a Blessing!

Donna & Jim…Loving living at Brunswick Plantation

Brunswick Activites Views CollageDonna and Jim Truly feel that Brunswick Plantation chose them…And they Could Not Be Happier in this Friendly Community! They say that you can develop wonderful Friendships quickly! There is always a Friendly Face and a Feeling of Comfort! People open up to you and you can get involved in a variety of things that interest you!

Donna and Jim enjoy are that Brunswick is a beautiful gated community. They also appreciate the changes and improvements they have seen living here! They have enjoyed the golf. Donna has also had fun with the card club and various other activities like sewing and the Sequence group.

They like the location and access to a variety of excellent restaurants in the area..North and South Carolina!  Some of their favorites are:

  • Martini’s
  • La Cucina
  • Bonefish Grill
  • Flying Fish
  • Brentwood

They enjoy so much to do and so many friendly folks to enjoy life with them!

Interiors By Donna”

Donna intframedDonna has a business in Interior Design that she has had for the past nine years. Her business is managed out of her home. She will meet with people in their home to determine their style and color preference. She wants to know what they are trying to accomplish and see how she can help them develop their chosen environment. She works with them to “Bring Their Home to Life” by choosing:

  • Window Treatments
  • Designer Fabrics
  • Custom Bedding
  • Shutters
  • Blinds & Shades
  • Furniture
  • Accessories and More!

Interested People…Can Call for a FREE Consultation @ 910-776-0108 More @

Beach Quotef0d192c2f62ec82ee5eb5266ab3410abDonna and Jim  Stangroom may be among the Friendly Faces you may meet at Brunswick Plantation and Golf Resort ® when you come for a visit in Coastal Carolina! There is so much to enjoy in and around BP…Our Two State Solution For FUN! We have the Best of North and South Carolina…Just minutes away! Join us for “A Better Way of Life” at Brunswick Plantation!

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Music on Main Concerts…Shag Dance and Shop in N. Myrtle Beach

Brunswick Activites Views CollageBrunswick Plantation and Golf Resort ® is the prefect location to for recreation and relaxation in Coastal Carolina! Located in Calabash, North Carolina and minutes from Little River & N. Myrtle Beach, South Carolina…Enjoy a smorgasbord of vibrant entertainment and activities to amuse and sooth your Spirit! shag-sign-mainstreet 2Main Street on North Myrtle Beach, SC is alive with Music, Dancing, Shopping & Fun!

Music on Main Concert Series

music-on-main-nmb 2 framedJourney to downtown North Myrtle Beach to delight in the sounds of a…Live Band on Main Street! Families are encouraged to come downtown…After Work Or After a Long Day on the Beach to Experience:

  • Many Restaurants of Main Street
  • Listen to Live Music
  • Shop
  • Dance Til You Drop!

Kick Back and Unwind with us in your Beach Chair on Main Street!

Concert Locations:

***Main Street: 202 Main Street,North Myrtle Beach

***Horseshoe: 11 South Ocean Boulevard, North Myrtle Beach

Time: 7:00 – 9:00pm        Fee: FREE

MusOnMain framed2015 FREE Music on Main Concert Schedule

  • Mus Main CollageThursday, May 21 - Horseshoe…Carolina Breakers (Beach Music)
  • Thursday, May 28 - Main Street…CC & Co. (Motown/Top40)
  • Thursday, June 4 - Horseshoe…Midnight Allie (Beach)
  • Thursday, June 11 - Main Street…The Wannabees (Classic Rock)
  • Thursday, June 18 - Horseshoe…Carolina Soul Band (Beach/Motown)
  • Thursday, June 25 - Main Street…Ultimate Rock Band (70’s – 90’s Rock)
  • Thursday, July 2 - Horseshoe…Fat Jack Band (Beach/Motown
  • Thursday, July 9 -Main Street…Southern Blue (Variety/Classic Rock)
  • Thursday, July 16 - Horseshoe…The Deluge (Blues/Variety)
  • Thursday, July 23 - Main StreetCastaways (Beach)
  • Thursday, July 30 - Horseshoe…Hip Pocket (Beach/Variety)
  • Thursday, August 6 - Main Street…Too Much Sylvia (Variety)
  • Thursday, August 13 - Horseshoe…Entertainers (Beach)
  • Thursday, August 20 - Main Street…The Necessary Band (Variety/Classic Rock)
  • Main Mus Collage 2Thursday, August 27 - Horseshoe…The Fantastic Shakers (Beach)
  • Thursday, September 3 - Main Street…Tastes Like Chicken (Variety)
  • Thursday, September 10 - Horseshoe…Jim Quick & Coastline (Beach)
  • Thursday, September 17 - Main Street…Tru Sol (Motown/Variety)
  • Thursday, September 24 - Horseshoe…Envision (Beach/Motown)
  • Thursday, October 1 - Horseshoe…Marsha Morgan Band (Beach)

For Day of Event Weather Information: Call the “Rec Check” Hotline @ (843) 280-5570 Ext. 1 OR Check Facebook Page: NMBParkand Rec.


Sounds of Summer Concert Series


Enjoy an evening with your Family & Friends…Listening to Live Music at the Amphitheater Under The Stars! Each Concert will feature a different band playing Family Friendly Music. Bring a Chair or Blanket.  Food and Drinks will be available for purchase.  Coolers, Outside Food & Beverages are  Not Allowed.

Central Park up high copy website(1) framedConcert Location: North Myrtle Beach Park & Sports Complex at the Sandhills Bank Amphitheater in the McLeod Seacoast Meadow (150 Citizens Circle, Little River, SC 29566)

Concert Time: 7:00 – 9:00pm

FREE Admission & Open to All Ages!

2015 Counds of Summer Concert Series Schedule:

  • Sounds CollageFriday, May 15…Brickhouse Band (R&B/Variety)
  • Friday, May 19…Sound Express & The Legacy (MoTown)
  • Friday, July 17…Gary Lowder & Smokin’ Hot (Beach/Variety)
  • Friday,August 21…Painted Man (R&B/Variety)
  • Friday, September 18…Nantucket (Classic Rock)

For Day of the Concert Weather Information: Call the “RecCheck” Hotline @ (843) 280-5570.


 Nightlife on Main

Shag-collage 2 FramedShag Clubs & More…Dance the Night Away!

Shag-dance 2 framed

Check out the Shag Clubs on Main & Ocean Boulevard in North Myrtle Beach…The Home of “The Shag”, South Carolina’s National Dance!

summertime-0371Coastal Carolina is the Place to Be…Frolic in the Sun & Enjoy Entertainment to Your Heart’s Content!  All Music To Your Ears and The Livin’ is Easy! Ya’ll Come!

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