Home and Garden Tips: Outdoor Kitchen Ideas by Brunswick Plantation Living

Home and Garden BPL logoHere at Brunswick Plantation & Golf Resort, a gated Coastal Carolina community, we enjoy helping our new neighbors create the home they dream of.  After they move in we help them continue to realize that dream by offering up these Home & Garden Tips: Outdoor Kitchen Ideas.

Outdoor parties are more fun and easier if you have an outdoor kitchen.  Checkout these fantastic outdoor kitchens for ideas to make your own.

Outdoor kitchens can be less formal, like this one which uses a coffee table in lieu of a dining table.  Keep the stress down by using stain resistant materials.

• Don’t let a summer shower ruin your day…install clear panels on top of your arbor

• Try using one paint color when adding on new materials to older ones.  This will tie in the spaces visually.

• Make sure to locate your outdoor kitchen closer to your house if you can.  This will make getting the groceries and other goodies stocked for use easier.  Or even better, ins all a refrigerator, storage, and dishwasher in your outdoor kitchen.

U-shape kitchens remain a popular option due to the ease of access to everything by the chef.

• Locate your refrigerator and other small appliances below the top to keep your views clear.

• Create a counter top that is wide enough to serve as a prep and serving area.  This one made of concrete achieves just that.

• Add some umbrellas to shade you and your guests.  Be sure to measure your seating and areas you want to shade to get the right size.

This kitchen blends in seamlessly with the adjacent areas in finish and color.  This clean look doesn’t pull attention from the view or take up too much space.

• This outdoor kitchen protects the chef from wind and rain by way of windows that open while keeping the view in tact.
• If your space has a dominant neutral color like this one, add in some color with pieces of furniture.
• Don’t forget your area and task lighting.  Choose based on the space and use.

This kitchen has in indoor and outdoor feel with its full ceiling while protecting the furniture and cabinets.

• Add  a bar top to the kitchen allows your guests to be near the action of the kitchen and adds seats to your area.

• You can make your outdoor kitchen feel larger simply by painting the ceiling and walls a bright white.
•Think about flexibility when you choose furniture.  Chairs with covers can be easily remade by using a new cover as the wear out or as seasons change.

• Create space separation by using different flooring types.  The tile kitchen and wood decking in dining do the job here.

Short on space?  Simply adding  grill with prep space can be all you need in an outdoor kitchen.

• Here, an outdoor pizza oven is added that wouldn’t work inside the home.
• Using the edge of the deck for the kitchen saves addition al space.
• Consider your grill location to avoid smoke blowing in your seating areas or into the house.

The grill is an essential piece for your outdoor kitchen.  Even if you don’t have a lot of room you can get modern equipment that will fit your space.

• Find equipment with modular pieces and create a custom fit for your space.
• Stainless steel and granite are always best choices as the can handle the outdoor weather conditions.
• Short on space..then stack it up…here a warming drawer is topped with a grill which is topped by a rotisserie cooker.

We hope these Home & Garden Tips inspire you to create a beautiful space.  Interesting in learning more about A Better Way of Life at Brunswick Plantation & Golf Resort? CLICK HERE

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Deborah and Bob Kogler…Cruising to Love

We have so many great people in our Brunswick Plantation & Golf Resort community! Folks come from many states in the United States as well as other countries. Deborah and Bob Kogler, part of the rich tapestry of our Brunswick Plantation family, have an interesting story to tell of how they cruised to Love in the Caribbean!

Royal-Caribbean-Cruise-3Love Cruise

Deborah and Bob were both widowed and were on a cruise in the Caribbean! It was Debbie’s second cruise with her best friend, Thea. It sailed on St. Patrick’s Day and Bob was cruising with his buddies on a High School Reunion Cruise while happily celebrating the Irish holiday all decked out in a green suit , hair, and beard!

As the Luck a’ the Irish would have it, Bob spotted Debbie and wanted to spray her hair green, too! Debbie agreed to have her hair sprayed green for a Dance! After that evening, they would be seeing each other often around the deck of the cruise ship. As they and others engaged in conversation, they began to get to know each other and enjoyed their time together.

Bob, who is originally from New York was now living at Brunswick Plantation.  After the cruise, Debbie and Bob stayed in touch by phone. Debbie was still living in her home state of Virginia. Her children were planning a surprise birthday party for her 60th birthday. Since he could tell from his Mom’s cruise stories that she enjoyed Bob’s company, he called and invited Bob to his Mother’s birthday party in Virginia on March 30. Bob came to the party and the rest is  history! He and Debbie continued their relationship chatting on the phone, visiting, and traveling together for the next year.

IMG_2858Wedding Bells are Ringing

The next year they planned a cruise to Jamaica together.  Bob proposed on that cruise, and they were married last March at Brunswick Plantation. Their wedding had a St. Patrick’s Day theme with Bob in a green suit with a yellow tie and Debbie in a lovely yellow wedding dress! The bride was beautiful with her bouquet of green, yellow, & white flowers! Kogler wedding collageFriends and family were on hand to celebrate their Love!


the emerald isle collageHoneymoon in Ireland

Their honeymoon trip was to Dublin, Ireland, of course! Debbie and Bob…Blessed with The Luck a’ the Irish ! This trip was eventful, also! The excitement began here in the States, when they decided to go to the basketball game between Coastal Carolina University (Bob’s favorite team) and University of Virginia (Debbie’s team) in Raleigh…Before their flight to Ireland. They had to drive back to Charleston to fly to Dublin. Upon arrival in Dublin, their GPS did not kick in right away and took them toward Belfast instead of Dublin. They finally got to Dublin though, and the Fun began!

Dickie Rock callageThey personally met Dicky Rock, the Irish Heartthrob of R & R in the 60′s! He was known as the Tom Jones of Ireland! That was a real treat!

DublinDebbie and Bob found Ireland to be a friendly and beautiful country! Dublin is very multi-cultural! They met folks of a variety of nationalities! One funny story is of their Chinese taxi driver. They asked him to take them to their Clontarf Castle Hotel.  He only heard the Castle part and drove them to a castle at the opposite end of Dublin! Dublin, they found, is set in districts, and one needs to know the district number. They wanted District 1, not knowing that District 27 has a road with the same name. It can be confusing in Dublin! Renting a car, they found driving on the opposite side of the road challenging! One little tidbit they shared is that they could not find any iced tea in Ireland, which was a surprise to Debbie, who enjoys her Sweet Tea! However, they found a several Starbucks in Dublin!

emeral isle mysteryThey call Ireland the Emerald Isle for good reason! It is a dark, plush green! A lot of rain to keeps it that way.  It rains nearly every day even if only a little, usually in the morning.  One cab drive told them that “You can tell the seasons in Ireland by how cold or warm the rain is!” Every Jewel has it’s price!


Debbie grew up and lived in the Blue Ridge Mountain area of Virginia until moving to North Carolina when she married Bob.  She retired in October from the office of Baily Printing Company in Charlottesville, VA. She has three sisters and one brother still living in Virginia.

Debbie has two sons by a previous marriage.  Debbie’s sons  and their families are also living in Virginia. She has 5 grandchildren ranging in age from 2 – 11 years. There are 4 granddaughters (one set of twins) and one grandson. Her family loves visiting she and Bob in North Carolina and enjoy going to the the beach! The children also like to visit Barefoot Landing and the Alligator Adventure Show. Lots of Fun for All!

Bob was born in Brooklyn, New York. He and his wife, Sue, lived in Long island where they both taught school. Bob taught high school social studies, coached football, was an activities advisor, sponsored Student council. He retired in 2004 after a 33 year teaching career.

commonsBeginning in 2004, Bob and Sue had a golf condo at Commons I at Brunswick Plantation and were snowbirds until moving to a condo at the Lakes to live here full time in 2012. After losing Sue to illness, Bob remained at the Lakes.

Bob and Sue raised two sons who are now living in Little River. The oldest son graduated from Coastal Carolina University and met and married a young woman, thus staying in the area.  This is originally why Bob came to the Carolina’s! Bob’s youngest son moved to Little River 1 and  1/2 years ago.  Both young men are in the pizza business…One for Dominoes and one with Papa John’s.

His oldest son and his wife have a baby boy . It is good that they live so near by so Bob can see his grandson. Bob also enjoys bowling with his sons. He enjoys Debbie’s family, also, and recently taught the granddaughters how to surf! It’s All Fun in the Family!

Brunswick Activites Views CollageLiving at Brunswick Plantation

Debbie and Bob really enjoy living at Brunswick Plantation for a variety of reasons! They think it is a perfect location …Close to a lot to do and see but not in the middle of it and beautifully landscaped! Bob likes the fact that the buildings are well constructed and maintained.  They take care of things no matter how long you live here. They say that Brunswick Plantation and Golf Resort is an accommodating and friendly place to live! People wave and speak no matter where you see them at Brunswick Plantation! There are lots of opportunities to do whatever you choose.

Debbie, being fairly new, is getting to know people and enjoys baking, country cooking …And Sweet Tea! She finds people to be very friendly and open to new folks! She has taken part in the Social Committee exercise classes led by Emily Bonneau on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday as well as the classes on Tuesday and Thursday. She enjoys them though she has had so much company from family that she has not participated much this summer. She plans to rejoin the group again after the summer company. Debbie has taken a couple of golf lessons but does not yet consider herself a golfer.

LAKES CONDOBob enjoys living in the Lakes condo and watching the resident 3 and 1/2 ft. alligator. He says it is harmless and fun to observe. Bob also enjoys playing poker with his friends. He is a member of the Men’s Golf Club. He was an officer and  Tournament Director, arranging for the game and food. Bob also plays in the Member/Member Tournament.  It plays for 3 days…Flights A – F. The women’s club generously does the food for that tournament. It takes a Village…A Golf Village!

ParrotHead collageCoast of Carolina Parrothead Club

One of Bob’s passions is the Coast of Carolina Parrothead Club.  It serves an area from Ocean Isle to Pawley’s Island. It is a charitable Social Club which provides benefits to a children’s recovery center for abused children as well as participating in supporting organization and activities like Backpack Buddies, Senior Citizens, and the Food Bank. He notes that they had a membership drive with Jimmy Buffet music at la belle Amie Winery. on July 19. For more info….www.cofcphc.com

Brunswick Plantation & Coastal Living Fun for All

carolinaopryDebbie and Bob with their friends and families who visit… All enjoy the pools at the Lakes and the beach at Sunset Beach! They particularly enjoy shows at The Carolina Opry and Good Vibrations! They say the same cast does both shows and are fabulously talented entertainers! They note that the same cast members stay with the shows for years.  One gal Debbie saw perform as a child 12 years ago is still in the cast!  They also enjoy The Legends Show!

 Debbie and Bob are impressed with the shows at the 19th Hole at Brunswick Plantation. They loved the Chapin Show and have recently enjoyed the Band of Oz which they said was fabulous! Brian TiernanThey are looking forward to bringing their families who will be visiting to the Brian Tiernan & Friends Dinner Show on August 9th.  Debbie and Bob think everyone should get in on the Fun Shows at the friendly 19th Hole! Entertainment is easy to find in the Coastal Carolina area.

We are so glad that Debbie and Bob Cruised to Love in the Caribbean and are our neighbors at Brunswick Plantation and Golf Resort! They are another good reason that it is Fun and Family in our lovely gated community! Brunswick Plantation truly is a Two State Solution to Fun! Better Way of Life awaits you in Coastal Carolina!

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Top 5 Ways to Keep Cool This Summer shared by Brunswick Plantation Living

Energy Saving SolutionsThe Construction Group by Caw Caw Land Corp, at Brunswick Plantation and Golf Resort, a coastal Carolina gated community, has been a proud Energy Star partner since 2010 . We want to help people save energy at home, period.

If you are considering purchasing a new home, an Energy Star certified home is the best choice for your family, the environment, and your wallet.  If you are interested in saving energy on the home you living in now….read on.

By: Brittney Gordon

Even when the temperature goes up, your utility bills can still stay low. With help from ENERGY STAR you can keep your cool, tame those bills, and help fight climate change. The secret is to keep your cooling system from working too hard. Discover these Top 5 Ways to Chill Out with ENERGY STAR, so that you and your cooling system can both enjoy the summer!

1. Keep the heat out

Take advantage of shades, blinds, curtains, awnings and even trees to keep the sun out during the day, especially on the south and west side of your house. If you are upgrading your windows, consider ENERGY STAR certified windows, which will keep even more heat out. Find and seal leaks (the biggest ones are in your attic and basement) – this will also help reduce humidity and keep out pests and pollen. Consider adding attic insulation so less heat radiates down into your house from your hot attic. Sealing air leaks and improving your home’s insulation could save you up to $200 a year in cooling/heating costs (or about 10 percent of your annual energy bill). Finally, if you’re replacing your roof, you can reduce the effects of the hot sun by installing ENERGY STAR certified roof products.

2. Keep the cool in

You’re paying for your AC’s cool air, so don’t let it leak out of your ducts before it gets to the vent and the rooms you want to cool. That’s YOUR air! In most homes, 25 percent of air that flows through air conditioning ducts leaks out before it gets to you. So get a contractor to test your ducts, seal them, and insulate them so you’re not paying for cool air you don’t get to use. You could reduce your cooling energy bill by about 20 percent.

3. Maintain Your Cooling System

A simple tune up of your HVAC equipment can do wonders. Make sure you also change your air filter regularly – EPA recommends every three months at a minimum. And, if you do not have a programmable thermostat – install one and program it around your family’s summer schedule. Setting the thermostat up by seven degrees when you’re away from home and up by four degrees when you’re asleep can save more than $180 a year.

4. Be a fan of fans

If you raise your thermostat by only two degrees and use your ceiling fan instead, you can lower cooling costs by up to 14 percent. Use bedroom fans on those cooler summer nights when you might be able to turn off your central air conditioning and naturally cool your home for a lot less. Plus, don’t forget to use your ENERGY STAR certified vent fans to get rid of that unwanted humid air in your bathroom after a shower.

5. Look for the ENERGY STAR

If your central air conditioning unit is more than 12 years old, replacing it with an ENERGY STAR certified model could cut your cooling costs by 30 percent. In the market for a new room air conditioner? Find one that has earned the ENERGY STAR and use about 15 percent less energy. ENERGY STAR certified dehumidifiers also use 15 percent less energy than a conventional unit. One last easy tip is to change out those old, hot, incandescent bulbs with ENERGY STAR certified CFL and LED bulbs–they produce 75% less heat!

Looking for more great tips? Head to www.energystar.gov/cooling.

About the Author: Brittney Gordon-Williams works on the ENERGY STAR communication’s team. Her summer cooling project will involve trying out ENERGY STAR certified LEDs in her new home.


We hope these simple insights and tips will help you save energy at home.  As with many great accomplishments, small steps on a daily basis result in large improvements over time.  Interested in learning more about Energy Star homes?  CLICK HERE to see what we offer or DISCOVER BRUNSWICK NOW and schedule a real estate preview tour.

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Coastal Living News and Events 7.14

Brunswick platation vew collageCoastal Living in the Carolinas is alive with Fabulous Food  and Fun Things to Do and See ! Brunswick Plantation and Golf Resort in Calabash, NC is three miles from Little River & N. Myrtle Beach SC! It truly is “The Two State Solution to Fun”! Summer Time and the Livin’ is Easy! Enjoy!

FREE Summer Concerts & Movies

Calabash Concerts

Start at 6:30 pm on Thursday @ Calabash Town Park , 868 Persimmon Road

July 31     homemadejambandHomemade Jam…R&R/Country

blackwater-rbAugust 7    Blackwater Rhythm & Blues…Blues/Beach

Calabash Movies

Calabash Town Park …Starts at Dusk on Thursdays.

July 17Despicable Me 2

August 14Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2  

Sunset Beach Concerts

Wednesdays on the gazebo in the Village Park – Queen Anne Street…6:30 – 8:30pm, Wednesdays

smokin hot bandJuly 16    Smokin’ Hot…Rhythm & Blues

Duke Lloyd1378839104_Duke_EP_CD_coverJuly 23    Duke Lloyd Band…Jazz/Big Band/50′s

Mark Roberts BandJuly 30     Mark Roberts Band…Beach/Shag/Classic  Rock

The Dickens BandAugust 6    The Dickens…Reggae/Rock/Party

six stylezAugust 13    Six Stylez…70′s/80′s/Party Band

Darrell HarwoodAugust 20     Darrell Harwood…Country





Ocean Isle Concerts

Starts at 6:30pm on Fridays at the Museum of the Carolinas parking Lot.


EmbersJuly 18     The Embers Featuring Craig Woolard…Beach/Variety


hip pocketJuly 25    Hip Pocket Band…Beach/Variety


Mark Roberts BandAugust 1     Mark Roberts Band…Variety/Beach

rick-strickland-bandAugust 8     The Rick Strickland Band…Beach/Variety


jim-quick-0026-coastline-2013-w-logoAugust 15     Jim Quick and the Coastline…Beach/Variety


Shallotte Concerts

Concerts start at 6:30pm on Thursdays @ Rourk Gardens on Main Street

hip pocketJuly 17     Hip Pocket Band…Beach/Variety


band of oz2July 24     Band of Oz…Beach


jim-quick-0026-coastline-2013-w-logoJuly 31     Jim Quick & Coastline…Beach


blackwater-rbAugust 14     Blackwater Rhythm & Blue



sea-cruz-picAugust 28     Sea Cruz…Beach/Variety (Concert rescheduled from July 3)

Holden Beach Concerts

Start at 6:30pm Sundays at the Pavilion at the End of Jordan Blvd., Holden Beach

steve-owens-summerJuly 20     Steve Owens & Summertime…Beach/Variety


sea-cruz-picJuly 27     Sea Cruz…Beach/Variety


rick-strickland-bandAugust 3     The Rick Strickland Band…Beach/Variety


Jaded MayberryAugust 12     Jaded Mayberry…Southern Rock




Southport Concert

Garrison House of Davidson Street

Parrot Party BandJuly 18     Parrot Party…Jimmy Buffet Tribute (Rescheduled from July 7)


Music on the Main Concerts

Live Concerts on Main Street in downtown North Myrtle Beach. Experience the many restaurants of Main street , listen to live music, shop, & dance til’ you drop. Kick back and unwind on your beach chair on Main Street.

Concert Locations:

  • Main Street; 202 Main Street, North Myrtle Beach

  • Horseshoe; 11 South Ocean Blvd. , North Myrtle Beach

castawaysJuly 17 (Horseshoe)     The Castaways…Beach

JDeluge-02-biguly 22(Main Street)   Deluge…Variety


Fat-Jack-BandJuly 24 (Horseshoe)     Fat Jack Band…Beach


revivalJuly 29 ( Main Street)   The Revival…Rock/Variety


fantastic-shakers-2July 31 (Horseshoe)     Fantastic Shakers…Beach


the-wannabes-300x300August 7 (Main Street) The Wannabees…Variety/Classic Rock


smokin hot bandAugust 14 (Horseshoe)    Gary Lowder & Smokin’ Hot…Beach


paperwork BandAugust 19(Main Street)  Paperwork…Pop, Rock, & Oldies


McClean Park Sounds of Summer Concerts

Enjoy live music in the Amphitheater Under the Stars.  Bring a lawn chair  or blanket…Food & Drinks will be available for purchase.(No Coolers, Please.)

Concert Location: North Myrtle Beach Park & Sports Complex @ The Sandhills Bank Amphitheater in the McLeod Seacoast Meadow.

Friday, sound expressJuly 18    Sound Express & legacy-bandThe Legacy…Beach/Motown


too much sylviaFriday, August 15    Too Much Sylvia…Variety

 Area Wineries


la-belle-amie-vineyard-02La Belle Amie Winery

Located @ 1120 St. Joseph Rd. in Little River, South Carolina  29566 

Summer Parrot Head Festival

Saturday, July 19 …Bring a lawn chair & Take a trip to the Islands with live music Noon – 5pm… Talented Bands:

  • music guitarLarry Prewitt Band

  • The Fin City Trio

La-belle-Amie-BonfireEnjoy Food: Smokin’ Pitt BBQ & Vinyard Grill

Bring a Friend and Join the Fun for $8 Per Person!

La Belle Amie Winery August Events

  • August 2…Blues & Jazz Fest

  • August 16…Whole Lotta Shakin’ Oldies Music fest

  • August 30…Summer Breeze Music Fest

La Belle AmieAlso, check out: Wine Wednesdays & Wine Down Fridays with Music …1pm – 5pm. Info @ www.LaBelleAmie.com    Or call 843-399-WINE (9463)


 Silver Coast Winery SuperflogSilver Coast Winery

Located @ 6680 Barbeque Road, Ocean Isle Beach, NC 28469

john cubitoFriday Night Music…July 18 & July 25 Live with John Cubito…4pm – 6pm

Also at the Silver Coast Winery:

silvercoast-dancing-barrel-roomHooked on Dancin’ with Jim & Wanda York…Line & Partner Dancing Instruction in the Barrel Room

Wine Tasting and More @ www.silvercoastwinery.com  Or Call 910-287-2800



summertide kayak toursSummertide Adventure Tours

Locations: Calabash, Sunset Beach, Ocean Isle Beach, Holden Beach

Explore the beautiful & diverse maritime ecosystems of southeastern North Carolina;s pristine Barrier Island Beaches…Adventure Kayak Tours & Kayak Fishing Tours

www.summertidetours.com  or Call: Toll Free 877-597-0001

Calabash Town sealDown By the Waterfront in Calabash

Calabash Fishing Fleet

NavigatorDolphin Adventures aboard “The Navigator”. Watch shrimp boats working their nets, while the crew explains the shrimping industry in the Carolinas. You will see dolphins & sharks feed off the by-catch. The crew will bring aboard live shrimp, fish, crabs, starfish, & other marine life. Enjoy this 2  hour Adventure with Family & Friends sailing out of Calabash, NC…The Seafood Capital of the World!

c. fishing fleet1/2 day, 3/4 Day, Full Day, Gulf Stream & Night Fishing…Located @ 9945 Nance St. at the Calabash Waterfront.Calabash_Fishing_Fleet_big_catch

www.CalabashFishingFleet.com  Or call 910-575-0017 Or 866-575-0017

calabashfishingfleetFresh Seafood Market “On Dock”


hurrican fleet graphicDeep Sea fishing with the Hurricane Fleet

Hurricane Fleet Marina @ 9975 Nance St. Calabash Waterfront

Hurricane Fleet CollageDeep Sea Fishing & Cruises…1/2 day, Gulfstream Fishing, Night Fishing, & Adventure Cruises!

hurricane-fleet-partytimePrivate Charters & Sportfishing Charters…“A truly Party Boat Experience”

www.hurricanefleet.com  Or Call: 843-249-3571 Or 901-579-3660


Capt. Raymond's emblemCaptain Raymond’s Fishing & Cruises

Located at 9931 Nance St. Calabash Waterfront

1/2 Day Cruises, Dolphin Cruises -Night Shark Fishing

  • Capt. Raymond's Adventurer with peopleMorning 1/2 day Fishing Trips Daily…8am – 1pm

  • Capt. Raymond's Pirate adventureDolphin Adventure Cruise…Mon. – Fri. 2pm – 4pm

  • Night Shark Fishing Trip…Mon. – Fri. 6pm – 10pm

www.captainraymonds.com  Or Call 910-579-3474


little_river_signDown By the Waterfront in Little River, SC

little-river-fishing-fleet-02Little River Fishing Fleet

Located at 1903 HWY 17 South, North Myrtle www.littleriverfleet.com   Or call: 843-361-3323

90Ft. Open Boat Trips…Individual tickets Available for 1/2 Day, 3/4 Day and Gulf Stream Trips.

safari-1-234x212Charter Options Available: 1/2 Day Trip, 3/4 Day Trip (8 Hours), OFFSHORE Trip (9 & 1/2 Hours), GULF STREAM Trip (11 Hours) , TUNA Trip(13 Hours)

little river fishing & coastal scubaCoastal Scuba

Also Located at 1903 HWY 17 South, North Myrtle Beach,SC 29582  www.coastalscuba.com Or Call 843-361-3323

 CoastalScubaPic1.gifDiscover Scuba Diving…A certified scuba instructor will teach you the basics of scuba in the pool.  After the Pool session, participants then have the opportunity to dive into the ocean.

rock clinbing190px-Pictograms-nps-land-technical_rock_climbing.svgExperience Rock Climbing Walls & Traverse Rope Courses. 


Big M logoThe Big M Casino Cruise

Big_M_Casino_in_My_G-20000000006027224-500x375The Big M is South Carolina’s Newest & Most Luxurious Yacht with cruises departing Year Round from The Little River Waterfront!

casino players the-big-m-casinoEnjoy:

  • Blackjack
  • Craps
  • Let-It-Ride
  • 3 Card Poker
  • Roulette
  • CasinoCruisesSlots (Cash Back Players Club)




Little River Waterfront Restaurants

 Fibbers Restaurant buildingFibbers On The Water

Fibbers Deck 2Fibbers on the Water is a restaurant with mouth watering, Fresh Seafood, an array of other tantalizing dishes, Plus a Great View!

Fibbers with TV SportsEat inside or out “By the Waterfront”!

Fibbers-Post-framed-pic-revisedFibbers is owned by the Carbone Family who live at Brunswick Plantation! Stop by and say “Hello” to Ralph & Jean.  Their son, Jason & wife, Carolyn, may also be there.

Cozy O's Bisro sign They serve at Fibbers as well as their own Cozy O’s Italian Bistro…Another Taste Treat 4 U! They do catering, too! Check it out in the Little River Village shopping center!  Great Food is “All in the Carbone Family”…No Fibbing!

www.fibberslittleriver.com Or Reserve @  843-280-2271

barefoot Landing collage1Barefoot Landing

Check out the variety of …Things to Do & See this summer @ Barefoot Landing in N. Myrtle Beach   www.bflanding.com

Barefoot Landing Summer Fest

Nightly Boardwalk Entertainers: Stilt Walkers to Magicians, Clowns, Nigel & Ally’s Traveling Dance Party , Jugglers, Comedians, Kid’s Karaoke & More!

Barefoot L fireworksFireworks Every Monday Night @ 10:15              


bflanding_carouselFree Carousel Rides on Saturday and Much More!

barefoot Princess col.Barefoot Princess Riverboat

Check out the Barefoot Landing Marina for a delightful Sightseeing, Sunset, and Dinner Cruise! The Barefoot Princess Riverboat is the Grand Strand’s Only Tour & Dinner Riverboat on The Intracoastal Waterway! You might enjoy a Fireworks Cruise…A Flashy Way to End Your Day!  www.mbriverboat.com  Or call 843-272-6796


House of Blues

www.houseofblues.com  Click into Barefoot Landing website for Events, Restaurants, shopping & More!

House of Blues deck4fa1769cacbcc.image_On The Deck of House of Blues

Check Out…Live Music with Happy Hour 5pm – 7pm

Beer_pictures_250_166July 19…3rd Annual Brews-a-Palooza on the Deck With Live Music & over 30 Craft Beers to sample!

Luwow-1-1399890727July 26…NinjopaloozaLu-WOW  5pm FREE Admission Live Music, Luau, Contests, & More!

Alabama Theatre ONE_The_Show_002Alabama Theatre


Click into Alabama Theatre website for Shows and Guest Artists Series! Weekly Entertainment 4 U!

 Broadway at the Beach

Click into the Website for Broadway At The Beach for the many Shows, Activities, Restaurants, Shopping, and Summer Fireworks Schedules @ www.broadwayatthebeach.com

legends-in-concert-02Legends In Concert

Located at Lakeshore Village @ Broadway At The Beach… 2925 Hollywood Drive, Myrtle beach, SC 29577

World’s Greatest Live tribute Show…5 Great Acts & 1 Grand Show! For More Info, Performance Schedules & Reservations…   Click on the Legends website @ www.legendsinconcert.com

 illusionsNEW_720_470_90_s_c1Illusions of Magic

Enjoy a Massive Magical Hit at the Palace Theatre in Myrtle Beach…Mon. thru Sat. @ 7:30pm…Wed. @ 10am…Thurs. @ 2pm

Phone 843-448-9224 Or Click onto www.PalaceMB.com


 *Restaurant of the Month*

PATIOS-11rPatio’s Tiki Bar & Grill

patios_tiki_lo_res_wide-350x350Patio’s Tiki Bar and Grill is located on the beautiful Intracoastal  Waterway in Little River. Patio’s is another favorite for folks from the area & guests!Patios busy-saturday-night

Enjoy sandwiches, wraps, salads, sushi, & more…While listening to live music every day 4:30 – 8:30. Join the Fun! See why Patio’s Tiki Bar & Grill is such a Thrill!

Check it out @ www.patiostikibar.com

There is so much going on in Coastal Carolina! Hopefully, this article will give you an idea for some new places for you to explore! You can see why Brunswick Plantation and Golf Resort is The Two State Solution to Fun  & A Better Way to Live Enjoy!







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Brunswick Plantation News and Events…7.14

Brunswick Activites Views CollageBrunswick Plantation Golf Resort is always buzzing with activity for and by the folks who live in this lovely gated golf community! Summer Fun upon us! We know that People to Play Together, Stay Together!

Brunswick Plantation celebrated the 4th of July with an annual parade. Thanks to everyone who participated in the parade and helped to organize it! It was great to celebrate with Family and Friends!

Afterwards, Jeanette and Phil Meckling generously again, invited everyone to their yard for food and friendship! Thanks to the Mecklings and everyone who came and those who brought goodies to share! Thanks to Shawn, our Brunswick Plantation Golf Pro for giving the golf balls that were given as prizes for the free drawing. It does “Take a Village” and our community village is “The Best”! What a Wonderful Way to celebrate our Independence!


6th Annual Brunswick Plantation IMRRC Train Show

Lindquist rainsThanks so much to our Brunswick Plantation members, Eric Lindquist, Don Woodwell, Bob McLaughlin, Brent Ingraham, Don Wahl, and Steve Stiehle of The Intracoastal Model Railroad Club for once again sponsoring the Train Show at the Brunswick House on July 12th & 13th. It is a wonderful opportunity for children and parents to learn about and operate the  amazing model trains you have collected.  These men are true Train Enthusiasts who so willingly share their incredible expertise with others!  U R GR8!!!

Thanks , also, to the Brunswick Plantation Social committee for providing the Box Car Lunch for purchase at the show! Friends and neighbors supporting each other…What a Great Idea! It makes everything good even better! I recall the saying: Good , Better, Best…Never let it Rest, Til your Good is Better and Your Better is Best! Working Together at Brunswick Plantation makes it “The Best”!


tropical jammers“Night in the Islands” …19th Hole Dinner Show

Join the Fun for a “Night in the Islands” with live music by The Tropical Jammers at the 19th HoleSaturday, July 19th.

Dinner Buffet is from 6pm – 7pm& The Tropical Jammers performance starts @ 7pm!

Show & Dinner…$20 per person.  Please call the 19th Hole at 845-6902 for Reservations!  Seating is limited to 110 people. Robin Hewitt-Hicken is planning this event!

Bingo ...wordBINGO at the Brunswick House

Wednesday, July 30Annual Summer Bingo Night! All proceeds support the Bible Study Group’s Back to School & Christmas Programs! Come on out for a Fun evening of Bingo.  Twelve games will be called.  A ten dollar contribution provides all cards for the evening. Cash prizes including a $125 Jackpot Game! Beverages will be available; Free Popcorn! A good turnout helps a worthy cause! Doors Open at 6:30pm; First game starts at 7pm.

Childrens-Books kidsNIS Children’s Book Drive

It is time, once again, to encourage Brunswick County’s young readers.  Neighbors In Service is collecting new & gently used books for ages 1 – high school. Please share your joy of reading with our future generation…a Gift to Treasure! All books collected will be provided to the Brunswick County Literacy Council for disbursement to young readers. A collection box is available in the Brunswick House Lobby throughout the month of July.  Thanks You for your anticipated generous support! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact book drive co-chairs…Marie Krut and Kathy Drag.


Game Night Stack ShotNIS Charity Game Day Lunch

ryans_smTuesday, July 22…11am – 3pm Neighbors In Service (NIS) will host its largest charity fundraiser lunch & games at Ryan’s restaurant, 3607 Highway 17, North Myrtle beach. Cost for the lunch and games is $15.

All proceeds from the lunch will benefit NIS’s 2014 charities.  There will be drawings for prizes and cash during the event. All are Welcome to attend this lunch and game day.  Invite your friends to form your tables, and bring your games. Hopefully, you have already purchased your lunch through the facilitator office by the July 10th date. Looking forward to seeing you at Ryans…A Fun Way to Give to Others!

arts & CraftsAnnual Arts & Crafts Show…Calling All Artisans!

 The annual Brunswick Plantation Arts & Crafts Show will be held o Saturday, October 25, 2014.  The hours will be 9am – 2pm and all participants are asked to stay the entire time.  The fee per table will be $15.  Guidelines and a registration form are available from the Facilitator’s Office in the Brunswick House Monday through Saturday from 9am -1pm. The fee can be paid at that office.  Due to space, we will not allow non-residents. Your space must be reserved when your payment is received. Space is limited so please sign up early.

Arts-LogoThere will be a meeting of the registered participants in September. For new people , if you need more information before you make a decision, contact either Pam Bruno (pamjimbruno@atmc.net) at 575-0859 Or Sue hart (dshart@atmc.net) at 287-5355.

The deadline for registration and payment of fee is September 13th.  We hope to hear from all of our talented Brunswick Plantation neighbors!

Brunswick Plantation…Keeping Fit with Friends

swimmersWater Aerobics

Brunswick Plantation offer daily water aerobics class every morning except Sunday.  These are low-impact movements that exercise your core, promote better balance, stretch and work muscles, and give a good workout, with out potential damage.  Classes are taught by certified instructors who show you haw to do each move and work all parts of your body.

Monday, Wednesday, & Friday Classes meet…8am -9am. Tuesday, Thursday, & Saturday Classes meet…8:30am – 9:30am

All Classes are held at the Brunswick House Pools. Outdoors… weather permitting.

For rates & Other Information, Call Annette Mauro @ 287-4872.  Join us for Exercise, Socialization, & FUN!

fitness-exercise-clip-art_436086Indoor Walking Program… Switching It Up

As Part of the Social Committee’s FREE Exercise program, new DVD’s have arrived & offer a wide variety of indoor walking routines.  Come check them out in the Brunswick House Ballroom on Monday, Wednesday,  Friday & Saturday mornings beginning at 8am.  If you have any questions, call Emily @ 287-5508.

Summer Yoga Schedule

Yoga PosterSaturday classes are suspended for the month of July.There WILL be Saturday Vinyasa Yoga classes @ 10:30am in August on 8/9, 8/16, & 8/30.

This is a mixed level class suitable for both beginner and experienced yogis. This is a Fun class that will include a creative flow & flexibility. This class will include Sun Salutations & is considered a vigorous workout by some. This class is recommended for those individuals with few or no physical limitations. (Some modifications are available.)


WS0800Thursday yoga classes will continue during the summer except for 8/21/14 when there will be no class.

Thursday Gentle Yoga is at 10am. This is a very gentle class suitable for Every Body. This class includes setting an intention or affirmation, linking breath to movement & stretching to improve balance, strength, & stability.

All classes take place in the Brunswick House Ballroom. Cost is $5 Per Class.  Please call Michele Dorland at 910-880-2509 with any questions.

We enjoy keeping Fit with Friends at Brunswick Plantation and Golf Resort. It is good for our many activities in our dynamic community.  Thanks to all of our neighbors and friends for keeping their contributions to the community…Keeping us Healthy and Happy!





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Golf News from the Pro 7.14 by Brunswick Plantation Living

Golf News from the Pro picHello to All Members & Property Owners:

 Summer time is here and with it is warm to hot days.

Follow these Tips to Keep your focus:

Research shows that dehydration negatively impacts all of the import attributes critical to the game of golf.  If your strength and endurance are compromised by dehydration, perhaps your drives might not go as far.  If you balance and flexibility are off, your chances of slicing increases.  If your concentration is hindered, your putts may not fall.  Instead of that coveted birdie you find yourself 3-putting for bogey.

All of these scenarios can become even worse on a hot-humid day when the risk of dehydration increases.  Staying hydrated throughout the round may be the key to improving your game on those hot days.  Start hydration the day before by drinking plenty of water throughout the day.  Two hours prior to starting your round drink at least 2 cups of water.  Then, at the start of each hole drink about a 1/2 cup of wear, even when not feeling thirsty.  For some of us, the thirst response doesn’t kick in until we are already dehydrated.

What is a 1/2 a cup?  It’s about 4 gulps of water.  Also, avoid alcohol (and this is where we lose most golfers!)  But seriously, if you are a competitive golfer and intentional about your game, you know alcohol causes dehydration even if consumed the day before your round.  Coupled with 4-5 hours of play in the heat and humidity, alcohol could real blow your game.

We have ice-cold water on the course to keep you hydrates, so play hard and hydrate wisely.

Golf Course Maintenance

Rob and his staff have completed our summer greens aerating program.  He and his staff are doing a great job and the course condition shows this.

              Happy Golfing,


             Shawn Hicken

             Head Golf Professional

            Pro-Shop Manager

            Director of Memberships

Golf News Shawn Hicken Signature


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Health is Organic NOW @ Nature’s Corner

health_natural_organic_1We all know that “Health is Wealth”! We want to be healthy to enjoy the Fun at Brunswick Plantation and Golf Resort! There is a new addition to our healthy choices at Nature’s Corner in the Calabash Plaza. You may want to have a nutritious gourmet smoothie & Add a JUVO Green’s superfood or energy booster while you browse through the shelves of Organic Foods & Supplements. Gluten Free, Vegan…Food & Juices are also available.

A review in the internet states…”Awesome smoothies at nature’s Corner!”

now_foodsNutrition to Optimal Wellness NOW includes: Heart Health, Joint Support, Digestive Support, Glucose Support and more.

natural awakenings Cover_1There are also NOW essential oils.  An article in the July issue of Natural Awakenings magazine has an article on Essential oils for Summer…Healing Fragrances for Bites, Allergies, and Sunburn.   Kathleen Barnes explains in this article that …A breath of sweet lavender oil can quickly reduce stress. She notes that Thai studies show that a whiff of lavender oil is calming and lowers blood pressure and heart rate, though there are many more benefits attributed to the art and science of aromatherapy and essential oils.  Check out her information at www.grandstrandhealthyliving.com

 Essential Oils 

essential oilseo4-550x393What are essential oils?  They are a concentrated hydrophobic liquid containing volatile aroma compounds from plants. Essential oils have been used throughout history by Egyptians, Chinese, Greeks, Romans and later in Germany and France. The modern use has continued to grow as health scientists and medical practitioners continue to research and validate the numerous health and wellness benefits of therapeutic-grade essential oils. It is noted by those writing about the subject that it is important to have a high quality organic essential oil and know how to use it. Check out more information about essential oils on the Web and read the information carefully for their best use.

NOW-Foods-Organic-Essential-Oils-Lavender-733739074300Essential Oils certified organic at Nature’s Corner:

  • Eucalyptus
  • Lavender
  • Lemon
  • Peppermint
  • Tea Tree
  • Orange
  • Rosemary

Each oil has a specific benefit and prescribed way to use it. Read the instructions for specifics.

Nature’s Corner is on the corner of Calabash Plaza…1040 Beach Drive S. W. , Unit 10  Calabash, NC 28467   It is noted on the web as the Best Source in Calabash area for Organic Foods & Supplements with organic juices, grains, flours, coffee, & teas.  Hours are:

  • Monday – Friday 9:30am – 7pm

  • Saturday 10am – 5pm

  • Closed on Sundays.

Wishing You and Yours a Happy, Healthy Summer in Coastal Carolina! Enjoy the Sunshine!

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Smart Spending Tips Monthly July 2014 by Brunswick Plantation Living

smart spendingHere at Brunswick Plantation & Golf Resort, a coastal Carolina gated community, we believe Smart Spending is part of A Better Way of Life.  Want to save hundreds OR thousands? Take 5 minutes and read on to learn how in Smart Spending Tips Monthly July 2014.

Read on to find out what is on sale and what you should hold off on a little longer to purchase.

Deals this Month…


Sales on large appliances kickoff on the July 4th weekend but discounts will be around through the month at big retailers.  Price drops up to 40% on select models

mixed furnitureFurniture.

Furniture retailers typically offer inventory clearance sales in January and July just before new styles and inventory come in.  So, look for some of the lowest prices of the year this month.  Also, many retailers offer low or no interest financing for 3 to 5 years.  But if you have the cash take the discount instead of the interest free financing.


The big back to school sales start later this month and the best deals on laptops will be in the 15 inch and touch screen categories.  Look for prices as low as $200 on some touch screens and many lap tops sales from $300 to $350 for entry level models.  Apple has recently dropped its MacBook Air pricing and 13″ models are available for $899 online.  According to expert critics, still the leading ultra book due to its low weight (under 3 pounds) and industry leading batter life.

patio-furniture-plansOutdoor Living.

Need some patio furniture?  Buy it for up to 65% off this month.  Price drops on grills will range from $35 to $100 as well.  But even lower prices will be offered in August.

nike-tour-performance-apparelSummer Apparel.

Sales will abound for summer clothing and swim wear.  Look for price drops of 40 to 70 percent!


Many stores offered Father’s Day deals on tools.  But the sales get even better in July as stores try to move the products that didn’t sell last month.  However, the best sales on power tools won’t happen until November.   Don’t Buy Just Yet

School supplies.

It’s true most stores start their Back to School sales in July.  But the best prices won’t be offered until August, so wait if you can.  In addition, 16 states have sales- tax holidays in August.  So wait and save on all those back packs, pencils, pens, markers, etc. We hope you found these tips to be helpful.  At Brunswick Plantation & Golf Resort we really believe SmartSpending is part of A Better Way of Life.  Interested in learning more about A Better Way of Life at Brunswick?  CLICK HERE

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USA Celebrates Independence Day… July 4th

independence dayAmericans proudly celebrate their Independence Day on July 4th each year! This is the historic day in 1776 that the thirteen colonies claimed their independence from England, which eventually led to the formation of the United States of America!

declaration of Independence signingThe Declaration of Independence was written by Thomas Jefferson between June 11 and 28 of 1776 and approved by the Continental Congress on July 4th of that same year. The Declaration of Independence is the nation’s most cherished symbol of liberty!  Jefferson’s words captured the convictions of the people’s hearts and soul, setting the 13 colonies on the road to freedom as a sovereign nation!

Fun Fact: July, 1776: 2.5 million – The nation’s estimated number of people living in the newly independent nation. (Source: Historical Statics of the Untied States: Colonial Times 1970)

311.7 million – The nation’s estimated population on this July 4th! (Source: US Census Population clock)

Americans celebrate our Independence on 4th of July marked with parades, fireworks, and backyard barbecues across the country!Brunswick Plantation and Golf Resort welcomes you to celebrations in Coastal Carolina!

Independence Day Celebration at Brunswick Plantation

Smilebox_9993551Residents of Brunswick Plantation are invited to a 4Th of July Community Parade …Starting 9:am at North Middleton & Beauvoir Drive.Parade will continue to Stanton Hall 9frist left) make a left onto Stanton Hall to Beauvoir Drive, make left on Beauvoir Drive & continue to N. Middleton, where the parade will end.

Smilebox_9993518Bring a lawn chair and a Flag and view the Parade at any of the locations. Come out and cheer your Friends and Neighbors!  Refreshments will be served at the Meckling’s at  1054 Beauvoir Dr. until Noon!


4th of July Celebrations in Coastal Carolina

Ocean Isle Free-Summer-Concerts-300x225Parade at Ocean Isle Beach…10am on Friday, July 4th…Featuring decorated golf carts & bicycles… Followed by a FREE Concert that evening at The Museum of Coastal Carolinas!

Southport, NC…Independence Celebration Festival…Admission FREE!  More Info @ www.nc4thofjuly.com


Free Concert Series for July 4th Week

jackass-flatsSunset Beach…July 9 with Jackass Flats Bluegrass & Country/ Gazebo in Village Park on Queen Anne St. @ 6:30pm

steve-owens-summerOcean Isle Beach…July 4th with  Steve Owens & Summertime at 21 E. Second Street, Ocean Isle Beach @ 6:30pm…(Followed by Fireworks at the OIB Pier)

Barefoot Landing Activities

barefoot-landingFireworks…July 4th at 10:15pm

Summer Happenings at Barefoot Landing www.barefootlanding.com

Broadway at the Beach Activities

Broadway at the Beach Night-FireworksTuesday, July 8th…Fireworks at Celebrity Circle @ 10pm

Summer Activities at Broadway at the Beach www.broadwayatthebeach.com

La Belle Amie Winery Celebrates Independence Day

la-belle-amie-vineyard-02Wine Down the 4th of July…July 4, 2014 – Little River, SC   10am – 6pm

A B-Day Celebration! Admission FREE with Music By: Laid Back Larry… 2pm – 5pm!$3 wine by the Glass All Day Long! A Birthday Toast to Uncle Sam! Cheers!  Food: The Vineyard Grill  More info @ www.LaBelleAmie.com  Or Call: 843-399-WINE(9463)

La belle Amie BonfireIndependence Music BlastJuly 5th – Noon – 6pmA Birthday Celebration for Uncle Sam! Live Music from 2 Talented bands…Latitude & Tammy’s Tangent! Admission: $8 Per Person          Food: Smokin’ Pit BBQ   More Info @ www.LaBelleAmie.com Or Call: 843-399-WINE (9463)

Happy 4th of JulyBrunswick Plantation wishes You and Yours a Happy Independence DAY! Brunswick Plantation and Golf Resort is truly The Two State Solution to FUN! Join the Fun in Coastal Carolina!

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Health and Wellness tips : 5 easy ways to battle fat

health and wellness headerAt Brunswick Plantation & Golf Resort, we believe a healthy lifestyle is part of A Better Way of Life.  Take 5 minutes and checkout these health and wellness tips.  5 easy ways to battle fat.

Everyone knows that exercising regularly and a proper diet are the biggest factors in controlling your weight and excess body fat.  But there are other ways that can help you drop those unwanted pounds.

Begin Battling Fat

You’ve probably heard the classics to battling fat like drinking 10 glass of water daily, eat at regular times, don’t skip breakfast.  But what other things can you do to cut those unwanted pounds?


Don’t binge watch TV without a break!

A recent study showed that people who took more breaks from sitting and walked around for a few minutes had a 16 percent smaller waist line than those who did not.  Not only is this beneficial for your waist line, but other studies indicate that too much sitting can lead to other unhealthy conditions that lead to diabetes, heart disease, and higher mortality rates.

Sleeping Well

There’s plenty of data that show getting ample sleep can lead to a smaller waist line.  Many studies indicate that less sleep leads to higher BMI.  In fact, one study showed that those who get a full nights rest lost more body fat than those who did not.

Pick Up the Phone

Feeling hungry?  Pick up your phone and call someone.  Recent research indicates that isolation and social stress can lead to increased levels of fat deposits and stress hormones linked to waist line fat.


Chew Sugarless Gum

The benefit is more than just good breath.  Recent research evidence indicates those who chew gum for 3 -20 minute session in the a.m. ate 67 fewer calories at lunch.  Additionally, they burnt approximately 5% more calories and felt better after chewing.

Walk If You Can

You don’t have to live on the treadmill.  But simply put, the more steps you take the calories you burn.  Things like walking to your coworker’s office or taking the stairs or parking a few spots farther away add up.  Consider this.  6 walks of 5 minutes each can total 100 more calories burned a day.  This can result in a 10 pound loss in a year.

We hope you find these health and fitness tips helpful.  Check back in next month for more free tips.  Interested in learning more about A Better Way of Life at Brunswick Plantation?  CLICK HERE

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