WARRIOR RIDE 10.17-21.17

WARRIOR RIDE at Brunswick Plantation 10.17-21.17
Brunswick Plantation will host this years WARRIOR RIDE which will be the largest group of Veterans ever to participate in the event. Sixty Wounded Warriors have registered and come from NC and SC, Florida, Virginia, and Puerto Rico. These Veterans are fitted out for racing bikes and participate in rides each day, to locations like Southport, Supply, Ocean Isle, and Calabash.
Our residents have a WARRIOR RIDE staff, which runs fundraisers to be able to provide the Warriors with a hearty breakfast each morning and a Gala Dinner, where residents and Veterans sit together. The local VFWs and American Legion also provide dinners.
The RIDE provides the opportunity for the Veteran to get back into life and the community and feel good about themselves, still being able to accomplish physical goals, even with a lifetime physical handicap. WE SALUTE THESE VALIENT VETS!

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2nd Annual Carolina Soulfest Sep 9 2017–11-5

Mark your calendar. Location: 9480 Ocean Hwy W Calabash NC next to MOVEMENT WORKS.
Food, Yoga, Music, Health, Fitness, Wellness, Nutrition. Carolina Soul Festival hopes to encourage a culture of wellness and respect for the earth in our community.
More information: 910.579.4845.

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Patio Pool Party June 26

Patio Pool Party sponsored by Neighbors in Service at BP will be held at noon June 26th–will be inside of Brunswick House if the weather doesn’t cooperate.  See you then.

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The Embers Beach Music

Get ready for summer – beach music at 6:30 pm at:
July 7 – Ocean Isle Beach
Aug 22 – Calabash
Sept 6 – Sunset Beach

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Flag Day June 14

Remember to fly your American flag today to honor our active military and veterans.
Colors of the flag:
Red for Valor
White for Purity
Blue for Justice

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May-June 2017 Brunswick Plantation Living

Welcome to our Red, White, & Blue Brunswick Plantation Community Charities activities. With both Memorial Day and the 4th of July coming up, homeowners here are in full swing to honor both our active and former military personnel. We are kicking off with patriotic bows and flags on every mailbox and lamp post in the Plantation, as well as lines of American flags. On Memorial Day, there will be a special ceremony around the flagpole and names will be read in tribute to their service to the country. The Brunswick Co Sheriff’s Quartet will perform and there will be readings by Plantation residents who have served in the military. Also, there will be a “Memory Circle of Flags” around the fountain for the 4th of July. They will bear the names of loved ones homeowners wish to remember.
To celebrate the 4th of July, a barbeque is planned, and a Parade of Golf Carts decked out in red, white, and blue. Several additional activities are planned to include all our homeowners. These fund-raising activities will allow us to support many charitable programs in Brunswick County.
Summer is here and we have broken out the sun screen and are enjoying the three outdoor pools here on Brunswick Plantation. Our Full Moon Parties have started. For many years residents and their friends have gathered at Sunset Beach to celebrate the arrival of a full moon. The next full moon is June 9 and is the Strawberry Moon. Pack your coolers and enjoy a beach evening.
The Tennis Group plays every Sunday and Thursday mornings, and is open to anyone interested in the game—no dues or commitment. We have all abilities, beginner to advanced.
The Pickleball Group invites all residents to join—it is one of the area’s fastest growing sports. They play Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday. If you would be interested in a golf exercise class, it meets every Tuesday, and Yoga is offered on Thursdays. We are lucky to have Brunswick House, our Property Owners’ clubhouse for all our various activities, including card clubs and game nights. We have a number of different activities organized to “keep us in shape.”
The Summer Concert Series is starting up. Sunset Beach concerts are Wednesdays 7-9 pm thru Sept 6 in the gazebo in Village Park on Queen Anne Street. Hickman Crossroads Library continues to host first run movies and is featuring “beach books” for light reading this summer. Library cards are free for all Brunswick Co residents. Ingram Planetarium in Sunset Beach is celebrating 15 years of stargazing, and is featuring programs on loggerhead turtles—more about these famous turtles in a future edition.
Seashell of the Month: The Key Hole Sand Dollar – This is the treasure we all hope to find while walking Sunset Beach. They are a flat round shell with a felt-like coating and have five radiating slots and a central set of flowerlike gills.
With new builders and new floorplans, summer is getting exciting here at Brunswick Plantation Homes. Be sure to visit us at: www.brunswickplantation.com, click on Real Estate, and click on the type housing you are interested in. We have condos, townhomes, and lovely single family homes. Our Craftsman Home Series is located in our Smithfield Section, and features six floorplans. If you would like to speak with one of our Brunswick Plantation Homes Sales Agents, call us at 910.845.6928. Mark, David, and Kate await your call.
Hydrangeas: Speaking of summer, Endless Summer Hydrangeas are all the rage as they have a long blooming life, starting in May. Most garden centers have a wide variety of hydrangeas, and now they have even taken the work of making them “blue” or “pink.” Alkaline soil turns the flowers pink, while acid soil turns them blue. You can now buy a pellet product to turn your hydrangeas just the color you want. They do like to be watered regularly. Other sure bets for hot weather color include sweet potato vine (bright lime), impatiens, and lantana.
Magnolia, Azalea, Dogwood: Think these are just flowers?—no, no, these are our three 9-hole championship golf courses. Our summer COUPLES/PARTNERS GOLF has started. Homeowners play with their neighbors on Wednesdays thru October. All residents of BP are eligible to play in this event and golf is followed by dinner at the 19th Hole Restaurant and Lounge, located in the Plantation House.
Our Member/Member Championship is in May. Starting in July our yearly maintenance will take place which will include tees, fairways, and greens. This is necessary to ensure good greens and healthy grass in the years ahead. Happy Golfing from the Pro, Shawn Hicken. Remember, you can obtain accommodations and golf packages at www.brunswickvillas.com.
19th HOLE RESTAURANT & LOUNGE: Our on-site restaurant in the Plantation House is currently running Friday night buffets and Tuesday night specials. Everyone looks forward to our chef’s great fried chicken and southern sides.
From “A Taste of Brunswick Plantation Cookbook” by our Ladies Golf Association
1 lb lump crab meat 2 tes Worcester sauce
2(8oz) cream cheese 1 tes dry mustard
1 cup sour cream 1 cup shredded cheddar cheese, divided
5 Tbls mayonnaise 3 shakes garlic salt
Juice of half a lemon Paprika – small amount of milk
Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Combine and mix well first 7 ingredients, ½ cup cheese, garlic salt, and enough milk to make a creamy mixture. Place mixture in a 2 qt baking dish. Sprinkle top with remaining cheese and Paprika. Bake for 30 minutes until lightly brown and bubbly. Serve with crackers. Party size, serves 24.
Brunswick Plantation Homes and Real Estate Sales is located in the Plantation House here at Brunswick Plantation. We are open daily 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. You can contact us at 910.845.6928 or by emailing us at Sales@brunswickplantation.com Have a wonderful summer.

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Golf News from the Pro 8.16 by Brunswick Plantation Living

Golf News from the Pro pic


Hello to All:


We are heading into the last weeks of summer and Mother Nature has played a huge role in our golf course conditions.  After withstanding a period without rain this summer, leaving us very dry and short of much needed water for irrigation, Rob and his staff are working diligently to keep our course in excellent shape.

Hopefully, (keeping our fingers crossed) we will get the much needed rainfall required to soften our course and remove many of the dry areas.  Thank you to Rob and staff for their hard work!

 Upcoming Events:

2016 Men’s and Ladies Club Championship

September 26-29

The Ladies will play the 26th and 28th

Men will play the 27th and 29th

$25 Registration Fee to enter.  Forms will be Available after August 15, 2016

The Champions dinner will be held Thursday September 29th at 6 pm.

Spouses of participants not playing in the event may attend the dinner for a $20 fee (Sign at the Pro Shop)

 Wishing all of you great experiences on the course!

Happy Golfing,


Head Golf Professional

Pro-Shop Manager

Director of Memberships

Golf News Shawn Hicken Signature


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Golf News from the Pro 7.16 by Brunswick Plantation Living

Golf News from the Pro pic


Hello to All:

Summer time is here and with it brings extreme heat and very humid days.


Follow these Tips to Keep your Focus:

  • Research shows that dehydration negatively impacts all of the important attributes critical to the game of golf.
  • If your strength and endurance are compromised by dehydration, perhaps your drives might not go as far.
  • If your balance and flexibility are off, your chances of slicing increases.
  • If your concentration is rendered, your putts may not fall. Instead of that coveted birdie you find yourself 3 putting for bogey.

All of these scenarios can become even worse on a hot-humid day when the risk of dehydration increases.  Staying hydrated throughout the round may be the key to improving your game on those hot days.  Start hydration the day before by drinking plenty of water throughout the day .  2 hours prior to starting your round drink at least 2 cups of water.  Then at the start of each hole drink about 1/2 a cup of water, even when not feeling thirsty. For some of us, the thirst response doesn’t kick in until we are already dehydrated.

What is a 1/2 cup?  It’s about 4 gulps of water.  Also, avoid alcohol (and this is where we lose most golfers…)  But seriously, if you are a competitive golfer and intentional about your game, you know alcohol causes dehydration even if consumed the day before your round.  Coupled with 4-5 hours of play in the heat and humidity, alcohol could really blow your game.

We have ice-cold water on the course to keep you hydrated, so play hard and hydrate wisely.

Golf Course Maintenance:

Rob and his staff have completed our summer greens aerating program.  They are doing a great job and the course condition proves it.

Swing Tip: Keep Your Hands Low

Limiting the height of the follow through will effectively reduce the height of your shots.  The lower the hands, the lower the ball-flight.  Moving the ball back in your stance or choosing a stronger club and trying to swing easy are other ways to accomplish the same thing.  However, they are less reliable and more difficult to execute.  Instead, keep your hands low in the finish and the trajectory of your shots will be lower.

Happy Golfing,


Head Golf Professional

Pro-Shop Manager

Director of Memberships

Golf News Shawn Hicken Signature


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Golf News from the Pro 6.16 by Brunswick Plantation Living

Golf News from the Pro pic

Hello to All:

June is here and with that brings warm temperatures with high humidity.  Be sure to drink plenty of water before you play golf and during your round.  By doing this you will prepare yourself against cramping, heat exhaustion and dehydration.

Our golf course aeration maintenance takes place this month also.  Rob and his staff will be aerating our greens, tees, and fairways, one course per week.  We will keep that course closed for the entire week allowing healing time and giving Rob’s crew time to catch up on area’s that need attention.  The schedule is as follows:

Azalea- May 31-June 6 (Completed)

Magnolia- June 7-June 14 (Completed)

Dogwood- June 15-21(Currently Closed)


The 2016 Member/Member Tournament was held May 23rd-May 26th .  Congratulations to all the winners!

2016 Ladies Champions– Kathy Toeppner and Nancy Smyka

2nd place Alcina Davis and Denise Kantner

3rd place Moe MacDonald and Theresa Georgens

2016 Men’s Champions– Bryan Kantner and Bill Rochford

2nd Place- Rich Edwards and Roy Maday

3rd place- Larry MacDonald and Gary Abby

Golf Rules Note:

For those of you that travel the Resort using a golf cart.  I would ask that you please use the roadways.  Driving the cart paths to and from home should be avoided.  Using the paths during the hours of operation has been causing some issues.  Consider using the roads so we do not disturb our players on the course.  Thanks very much.

Also, walking, riding bikes, driving your golf cart, jogging, rollerblading or other travel are all prohibited between the hours of 7 am to 7pm.  Please help us provide a better golf experience for Member’s, Property Owners, and Resort Guests.  Thanks again.




Happy Golfing,


Head Golf Professional

Pro-Shop Manager

Director of Memberships

Golf News Shawn Hicken Signature


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Brunswick Plantation News and Events

BP Col Fr MayBrunswick Plantation and Golf Resort ® is always brimming with activities offered by the friendly folks in our dynamic community! There are the 9 Hole courses of Azalea, Dogwood, and Magnolia…Providing and enjoyable experience our golfers…Avid Golfers and Beginners! You can also choose from the variety of fun activities that “Tickle Your Fancy”or just relax with friends…By the pool, in the jacquizzi , or at one of our charming coastal beaches!  Brunswick Plantation does provide a “Better Way of Life” for All! The following are few events that might peek your interest! You are always “Welcome to Join the Fun” at Brunswick Plantation!


COUPLES GOLF starts in May 18th! 

Couple scrambleNEW Policy – All residents of Brunswick Plantation are eligible to play in this event. You do not have to be a member of the BP Golf Club. The non-member Fee is $ 19 Per Person.  Please join us for another new season of Couples Golf – A 9 Hole Fun Golf Scramble…Where you play with your neighbors. 

We will start on…Wednesday, May 18th and continues every Wednesday thru October 26th. 

Couples greenOur new Shot Gun Start is 5 P.m.  The Sign-up Sheets will be posted in the Pro Shop on the ladies side bulletin board. All Players must sign- up by Noon on the Sunday before we play. All players also contribute $2.00 to the weekly prize pool.  Singles are invited to participate and to link-up with a partner for that week or even the whole season. 

For those not familiar with Couples Golf, we use a rotating player format so you play with your “partner” only several times during the season. After golf, we have a planned dinner at the 19th Hole. Volunteers select and plan the dinners from the menu options that are available. Non-golfing spouses/significant others are invited to dinner; just add their name to the sign-up sheet for dinner only. If you have any questions, contact Jim Kpcsi, 287-5452, jimkocsi@gmail.com OR Rich Edwards, 287-5960, edwardsrich44@yahoo.com



RandyX 2maxresdefault (1)The 2015 International Blues Challenge winner, Randy McQuay,will be returning to Brunswick Plantation for the first time since his sold-out show at the 19th Hole last month! This time, Randy will be with his Trio which includes Al DiMarco (Keyboards/Bass) and Jared Evans (Studio Drummer with Sony records). 

  • WHEN:Saturday, June 4th  
  • WHERE: The Brunswick House  
  • COST: $10 Per Person (No Food Included)

There are only 4 Seats left! For RESERVATIONS Contact MIKE KALMAN at mkbigcat@gmail.com OR 516 – 263 – 5526




The Calabash Fire Dept. Auxiliary will be Hosted by the Red Hats on Tuesday, May 24th at 6:30 Pm at the Brunswick House for a presentation on Fire Safety for the Home. The videos will be an eye opener you won’t want to miss!  Everyone is Welcome!



Model-Train-from-stock (1)framedIMRRC MODEL TRAIN SHOW is returning to the Brunswick House! MARK Your Calendars for July 9th & 10th For the ANNUAL TRAIN SHOW! Hands-On Layouts for the Kids (Of All Ages) Plus Much More! ADMISSION IS FREE! SAVE THE DATES! More Information in Future Broadcasts and Newsletter!



pickleball collageAnyone interested in the possibility of forming a Pickleball Group here on the Plantation, please call Phillis/Paul (609-712-4071) Or E-mail (pmfinn@atmc.net) . In order to appeal to the Board for Facilities, we need to demonstrate that there is a sufficient number of residents who desire to play. Therefore, experienced or beginner players are urged to respond. For those unfamiliar with the game, Pickleball is a Racquet Sport that combines eements of badminton/tennis/table tennis and is fast becoming the Senior Sport of Choice. *Note to tennis players…We do not anticipate adjusting net height.    




Maryann Wolfson is looking for people who would be interested in either playing Cards Or Games in her home. If Interested…Please contact Maryann at 575-6363 Or maryannwolfson@gmail.com 



blood-driveSteve Seibert has volunteered to coordinate a Blood Donation Drive to be held at Brunswick Plantation. The Drive would take place sometime in May. Steve has been in contact with The Red Cross, and they have asked him to check with our residents to see what the interest level would be in having a Blood Drive. Steve is asking that you either call him at 287-4556 Or e-mail him at steveseibert@atmc.net if you would be interested in participating int he Blood Drive. Thank You!


SCUBA DIVERS Or Anyone Interested in SCUBA

Scuba framedRidKXbk6TWe are looking to start a SCUBA CLUB on Brunswick Plantation. CLUB Activities will Include:

  • Diving
  • Training
  • Social Activities
  • Travel Opportunities

If you are Interested, Please send an E-mail to bpdiveclub@yahoo.com

This is a Social Club for anyone interested in Scuba Diving…From experienced divers, newly certified, new divers in the area, Or anyone looking to get certified.



HelpingHandsframedHELPING HANDS is an extension of Neighbors In Service (NIS) here at Brunswick Plantation. This Group makes every effort to assist people in our community with special needs whether Help is needed for a Visit Or Meals Or Shopping for Groceries. We have assigned individuals within each area to help its residents. Please call the Brunswick House Facilitators, and they will put you in touch with your Helping Hands Volunteer. We are Here to Help Each Other!  


Brunswick Plantation FITNESS FUN

Fitnessimages framed

Golf Exercise Class 

golflogowhite-frameTerri Williams Daly teaches a Golf Exercise Class at the Brunswick House…Every Tuesday at 4 Pm. The Class is One Hour and Cost is $6 Per Class.

You will need:

  • A Floor Mat
  • Weights (1,2,3 lbs.Or larger…Your Preference)
  • A Golf Club
  • A Small Beach Ball 

Terri’s Class helps strengthen your core muscles.  The Class is Co-Ed.  If Interested, E-mail jshaughn@atmc.net  Or Call: 910  287-7550


FREE Walking Program Adds ZUMBA

fitness wlakingOur Walking Program Continues with 4 Mile Walks:

  • Monday…4 Miles Walk
  • Wednesday4 Miles Using Bands
  • Friday4 Miles of Walking with Weights
  • Saturday…5 Mile Walks


 Tuesdays and Thursdays on Each Week…You are now invited to join the group as they follow along with a ZUMBA Program…That will begin at 8 Am and last just over an Hour.


Brunswick Plantation YOGA


Thursday GENTLE YOGA at 10 AM

gentle_yoga_homeThis is a Gentle Yoga Class suitable for Every Body without pressure on wrist or knees. This class includes linking breath to movement and stretching to improve mobility and flexibility.  All Poses are done seated, supine, or standing…To Improve Muscle Tone , Balance, Strength, and Stability. Namasteframed

Class is $5 Per Class. Please Call Michelle Dorland at 910  880-2509 with any questions.




19th Holebanner3framedX2



KARAOKE TEAM TRIVIA NIGHTtriviakaraokecollageAt The 19th HOLE With CHERYL Z


6 PM Until 9 PM

The LUNCH MENU will be Available…As Well as Several APPETIZER SPECIALS 



FOR RESERVATIONS, Please Call the 19th HOLE  @ 845-6902


19th HOLE Specials


  2. Tuesday…POT ROAST SUB With Provolone Au Jus $8.00
  3. Wednesday...FISH & CHIP PO BOY  $9.00
  4. Thursday…BANG BANG SHRIMP $9.00
  5. Friday…OYSTER ROCKEFELLER  (8) $10
  6. Saturday…SUB BURGER …Burger, Bacon, L,T,O,P  $9.00
  7. Sunday…HAM & SALAMI SANDWICH…L,T,B,M  $8.00

FRIDAY NIGHT DINNERS…Weekly Specials PLUS Ordering OFF of the LUNCH MENU (Posted online Or Menu by the Bar Door)



Lunch-ladies-collageLadies in our Brunswick Plantation Community are Invited to MEET For LUNCH at our very own 19th HOLE…The 3rd Thursday of Each Month. It doesn’t matter what area you live in at Brunswick Plantation…EVERYONE IS WELCOME! If you are new to Brunswick Plantation, it is the perfect opportunity to meet your fellow residents! Bring your Friends and Make New Friends with the FUN Folks of BP!

Please Call: the 19th Hole at 845-6909 at least a day in advance to add your name/names to the to the list.   

Brunswick Plantation is the Place to Be for Friends and Neighbors to Share The FUN of Living in Coastal Carolina! Love523f233a2cb9149a48cc3486971af91aOur beautiful community is also a popular place for Destination Weddings! Several Happy Couples will be having their Special Day at Brunswick Plantation this summer. heartsunnamedWe are Honored to Welcome the Wedding Couples and their Loving Families! Love is in the Air at Brunswick Plantation! A Blessing to Us ALL! 


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