Spice Up Your Life…The Pumpkin Day Way!

BP Col FramedAutumn is Awesome in Coastal Carolina! It is the Season for Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice! Folks at Brunswick Plantation and Golf Resort ® always love the Spice of Life! So, they are ready to enjoy the spices in of the pumpkin again this year! We know how good the savory pumpkin flavor is to the taste. There is also a history of the pumpkin in our culture, as the pumpkin is native to North America!

NA Cropsvs2-review-20081-25-728 framedNative Americans ate pumpkins in Pre-Historic Times! Archeologists have dug up pumpkin seeds in Native American Dwellings in Colorado and in Peruvian Ruins.

Pumpkins and Colonists in America

Pumpkins were introduced to the European colonists in the 17th century. They gave them the name Pumpion Or Pumpkin…Originating from the Greek word, “pepon” meaning “large melon”.  Pumpkins are fruits (squash) and belong to the gourd family.  They are closely related to melons & cucumbers.

pumpkincolonial-cookbook1framedPumpkin is easy to grow, needing only sun, water, & space. Plentiful pumpkins were a life-saving food for the colonists. They learned to cook it in a variety of ways.  They feasted on pumpkin stew, mashed pumpkin, & pumpkin beer! Pumpkin seeds were steeped in hot water to brew dark tea…a strong potion used as medicine.Colonists had a little tune about Pumpkins…“We have Pumpkin in the Morning & Pumpkin at Noon. If it were not for Pumpkin, We should be undoon!”

Pumpkin Beer collageThere are a variety of craft beers with seasonal pumpkin ale. It comes in different levels of spice. Sam Adams is one. You can find others on-line. One is www.bluemoonbrewingcompany.com Check it out for Yourself! Prost!

Pumpkins in Literature

PicMonkey Collage framedPumpkins appear in much of our children’s literature:

  • Peter, Peter Pumpkin Eater eats them in a Nursery Rhyme.
  • Peanuts Keeps a Lookout for the Famed “Great Pumpkin” in a Cartoon.
  • Cinderella’s Fairy godmother turns on into a Magic Coach
  • “Five Little Pumpkins” is a Popular Children’s Rhyme.
  • See More @ www.pumpkinnook.com

Pumpkins are a part of our National Culture!


National Pumpkin Day

National Pumpkin Day is October 26th! It is observed with many pumpkin related events though it is an unofficial holiday.

pspiceframed9dd261a30ea49d770079b28ec2720a8dOn National Pumpkin Day People Enjoy: Pumpkin cake, pie, cookies, bars, pudding, coffee, smoothies, candy, breads, muffins,cheesecake, oatmeal, lasagna, and More Pumpkin Flavored Treats! Actually, the Autumn is a time when all of these Pumpkin Delights are served in restaurants, stores, and in homes around the country!


Pumpkin Day @ Indigo Farms

Indigo farmsframedSaturday, October 17th @ 10Am – 4:39 Pm…Is a Special Pumpkin Day @ Indigo Farms on Hickman Road in Calabash, NC. 

Indigo Farms “Pumpkin Day” Events Include:

  • Pumpkin Painting
  • Pick Your Own Pumpkins
  • Games: Stilts, Pumpkin Archery, Corn Shelling, & Games for All Ages
  • Hayrides
  • STOCK Pig Races

Admission is FREE…Fee for Some Individual Events.

Learn More @ www.indigofarmsmarket.com Or Call: 910-287-6794  OR 843-399-6902

Pumpkin Hunt@ C.B. Berry Community Center

pumpkin-hunt framedSaturday, October 24…Welcome to the Pumpkin Hunt@ C. B. Berry Recreation Center/Vereen Memorial Gardens in Little River, SC (2250 Hwy 179 at Intersection with Route 17) 

Come dressed in Your Best Halloween Costumes to Celebrate Together along the Vereen Memorial Gardens Nature Trail!

Children (Ages 3 – 12) Can Participate in Fall Themed:

  • Crafts
  • Hayrides
  • Scavenger Hunt for Plastic Pumpkins…Filled with Prizes!

Times of Events:

  • Check -In & Games  @ 9:30 Am
  • Pumpkin Hunt @ 10Am
  • Participants must arrive 15 minutes Prier to Pumpkin Hunt
  • Events are FREE!

 c all Alyssa Craft @ 843-249-4175  Or Pre-Register Online (By Oct. 19th) parksandrec.horrycounty.org

Pumpkin Recipe…4 U! 

Pumpkin Bread

Perfect-Pumpkin-Bread framedIngredients:

  • 4 Eggs
  • 2/3 Cup of Water
  • 1 Cup Crisco Oil
  • 1 Can Pumpkin Pie Filling (Or 1 lb. Can of Pumpkin & Increase Spices to Taste – Generously)
  • 3 & 1/2 Cups Flour
  • 3 Cups Sugar
  • 2 tsp. Soda
  • 1 & 1/2 tsp. Salt
  • 1 tsp. Cinnamon
  • 1 tsp. Nutmeg
  • Cloves (1/4 tsp. Or to Liking)
  • Nuts (Optional)
  • Pumpkin Seasoning & Allspice (1/4 tsp Or To Liking)
  1. Beat Eggs; Add Oil, Water, & Pie Mix. 
  2. Add Dry Ingredients. 
  3. Mix Well
  4. Bake in Greased & Floured Tins @ 350 Degrees for 1 Hour.
  5. Makes 2 Large and 1 Small OR 6 Small Loaves…Can Freeze!
  6. (Recipe from Three River’s Cookbook…Mrs. Richard Webster)
  7. Enjoy!

PicMonkey Collage ps latte framedCelebrate Another Fall…Pumpkin Style! Pumpkin is the Flavor of the Month!  Enjoy some Autumn Pumpkin Events…Designed Especially for You and Yours! Put the Spice in Your Life with  More Fall Fun in Coastal Carolina…In and Around Brunswick Plantation! May Your October be Pumpkin Perfect!








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Harmonize Your Golf Swing/ Custom Clubs…C.J. Ebel, Golf Club Maestro

Brunswick Golf framedBrunswick Plantation and Golf Resort ® a Golfer’s Paradise…Three Player Friendly 9 Hole Courses on the Plantation located in the middle of Golf Heaven, USA! Azalea, Dogwood, and Magnolia Greens provide a challenging & enjoyable experience for avid golfers and beginners! Golfers enjoy perfect Bermuda Grass Greens All Year!

Of Course, golfers would love their golf clubs uniquely crafted to their individual swing! Welcome the Balance Craft of C.J. Ebel, Golf Club Maestro! C.J. offers a NEW Technology for all Golfers…To get Your golf clubs to “Sing the Same Tune” and Improve your golf score!

 C.J. Ebel, Golf Club Maestro

g c mastro framedC.J. Ebel’s Signature…Golf Club Maestro was inspired by the Spanish word Maestro…Meaning Teacher. C.J.’s desire is to teach golfers how the fine art of golf club fitting can make golf more Fun!  The clubs uniquely crafted to your individual swing WILL…Improve your results club to club, Increase your  Confidence  and LOWER YOUR SCORE! 

C.J. has a real Passion for the Scientific Art of making the Custom Club perfect for the individual golfer. He notes that…Having a relationship with a Golf Fitter is like having a relationship with your doctor.  It’s not just a one-time thing but something that continues for years…As your body changes through the years, your golf club can be tweaked by a club fitter to suit your needs as they are now.

wishon technologyC.J. Ebel uses Tom Wishon Golf Technology, a Leading name in Custom Club Making Design! He was trained in the Wishon method of club fitting. C. J. can rebuild a set of golf clubs Or make a new set from scratch using Tom Wishon technology only! Learn more @ www.WishonGolf.com

C.J. says he enjoys seeing how Happy people get when their game comes together because their clubs are working together in Harmony With Their Swing!  He has developed a Vision and Process that works!

Golf Club Maestro…Vision

***To bring a new way of Fitting Clubs for Balance & Timing for the Individual Golfer.

***Major Golf Club Manufacturers Focus on Quality & Design

***C.J. Adds what is Pretty Good on Average and Makes It Excellent by: Redefining the Weight & Balance of a Set of Clubs for the Individual.

Golf Club Maestro…Process

 ***As in an “Orchestra”…The Golf Club Maestro creates a Symphony with a Set of Clubs! Every club carries a different Tune. A High Definition Club Maker takes a set of Clubs that are different lengths and makes them so that they require the same amount of Effort to Swing. (Moment of Inertia..Related to Effort & Physical Ability of the Individual Golfer which  Changes as you age.)

***Balance the Shaft for the Timing. Optimize the Banding of the Shaft to the Club Head for the Player’s Swing.

 Recipe of Balance Pallet

C J & Machines***Measure Weight, Balance, & Parameter to Golfer and Clubs to Each Other.

 Properly Fitted Golf Clubs Include:

  • Length of the Club
  • Weight of the Club
  • Loft of the Head
  • Flex of the Shaft

 C. J. Ebel…Golf News in Brunswick Beacon

The fine art of golf club fitting: C. J. Ebel was written by Elsa Bonstein, Golf Columnist for the Brunswick Beacon (Sept. 24, 2015 Edition). Ms. Bonstein says that her interview with C. J. was inspired by hearing about him from several friends that had their clubs retro-fitted or had a Custom-Fitted new Set made by the Golf Club Maestro! She noted that one friend swore that her game had improved fantastically after having her old clubs Custom-Fitted. C. J. Ebel has a growing reputation in the area!

Golf Club Maestro…Custom Club Making, Fine Tuning & Repairs

C J Custon ClubMonday, September 30th C. J. opened his New Golf Club Maestro Shop @  6810 Beach Drive S W , Suite A in Sands Plaza at Ocean Isle www.GolfClubMaestro.com

Custom Club Fitting…The Golf Club Maestro Way

  1. CJ vert, ClubBegins with…A One or Two Hour Session wherein the Club Fitter Evaluates the Golfer’s Swing & Has him try different clubs.
  2. C. J. Builds the Club, then the Golfer tries it out!
  3. The Club is Fine-Tuned & When it is Perfectly Fitted, C. J. tries to attune the Rest of the Set…So All the Clubs Feel the Same, no matter the length or loft.
  4. A 9-Iron will feel like the five iron; the 5-iron will feel like the driver because the clubs are all Fitted & Tuned to a Specific Swing & Body Type. 
  5. C. J. will often Fit One Club & The Golfer takes it home and tries it for a few days. If he likes it, C. J. moves on to fit more of his clubs.
  6. If it doesn’t work, the golfer brings it back and they start again until they have something that works for that golfer.

Asian Girls framed Golf text                  The Art of it All…Ladies Golf Art @ Golf Club Maestro

C. J. Ebel says it is not necessary to purchase a whole new set of clubs as we age. In most cases, a set of Clubs can be tweaked  by a club fitter so they fit the golfer as his/her body is now. 

Family Golf Life for C. J. Ebel

Haystack M CollegeC. J. Ebel comes from a Golf Family who owned and operated the Haystack Mountain Golf course…A Nine Hole Executive Course in Boulder, Colorado. It was his, Dad, Bud’s idea to have it built on land that was originally an Arapaho Indian Tribal Ground. The Indians once used the 300 Ft. high course as a Lookout for Buffalo Herds. That Golf Course is still in the Family Today with Mom & Owner, Lois Ebel and Staff managing it. Check it out @  www.golfhaystack.com

C. J. says that is when & how he developed love of club fitting. He could play golf anytime and had access, as a kid, to a Hodge Podge of Clubs. He could pick and choose what to hit…A Young Golfer’s Dream!

C. J. Ebel’s Love of Golf Followed him to High School, College and Beyond! Some of his Golf Interests and Achievements Include:

  • Number 1 on his High School Golf Team
  • Played Golf at Midland College in Midland, Texas
  • Played on Golf Team at Pfeiffer College in Misenheimer, NC.
  • Worked 2 years for Swing Sync in Pinehurst, NC…Production Supervisor & Made Clubs for company
  • Made Clubs while teaching at Pine Needles with Instructor Jim Sutti @ Southern Pines, NC
  • Competed in Match Play of Pinehurst…Golf Making Shop, Under the Keen Eye of Doug Smith, a Wizard of Clubmaking!
  • Colorado Family Course & Started “No Embarrassment” Golf School for Beginners & People Who “Just Don’t Get It”!

Golf Club Maestro…Golfer’s Comments

Golfer Comments:

  • Just wanted to Thank You for the wonderful job you did on my clubs. When I posted my score, the computer said my score was out of my range! You made Golf a Fun Game for me to Play!
  • You built me an Amazing Set of Clubs! I can’t tell you how much I enjoy them! You are the Greatest!
  • C.J.’s knowledge and attention to detail is something not normally found anywhere! He spent a lot of time with me and answered every dumb question I had without once trying to get me out the door. He is a Pleasure to deal with!
  • TomWishon1-300x198 framedTOM Wishon after referring a Golfer to C.J. :Thanks are to You for having gotten interested enough in fitting and clubmaking to become very good in the field. Thanks so much for…Well…for being YOU to treat golfers so well. It makes it really easy for us to recommend golfers to go see you for their fitting needs!!

Check out his Testimonials and more at the website www.GolfClubmaestro.com

 C J & Club VertC. J. Ebel’s Goal as Golf Club Maestro is as “The Devil is in the Details” …C. J. gets them out of your Set! He enjoys the relationship he develops with the golfer to help them enjoy the game & take the doubt out of the set!

C. J. Ebel’s Golf Club Maestro at Ocean Isle is just a short drive from Brunswick Plantation…Another Reason To Stay & Play at Brunswick Plantation and Golf Resort®. massage-coupon framedAfter playing golf or visiting the Golf Club Maestro, you could enjoy a relaxing massage by C. J.’s Wife…Massage Therapist with the Magic Touch, Maxine Putnam! You can call Maxine @ 910-269-1385 for an appointment in Sunset Beach…Conveniently located between Brunswick Plantation and Ocean Isle, NC! Sounds Like a Dream Day of Play & Relaxation by the Dream Team of C. J. & Maxine! Enjoy!

Credits to Elsa Bontein, Golf Columnist article & Brunswick Beacon article…The fine art of golf club fitting: C. J. Ebel & C. J. Ebel for Interview for this article.





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October Fun/Fitness @ C.B. Berry Center/Vereen Park

BP Flower CollageAwesome Autumn is here with lots to Celebrate with Family and Friends in Coastal Carolina! Folks at Brunswick Plantation and Golf Resort ® are in a Good Spot for the Two State Solution to Fun! While we live in North Carolina… Little River, South Carolina is minutes away! C.B. Berry Community and Historical Center, At the entrance to Vereen Memorial Gardens, has a lot going on with special events for All! We have some Fun Events for Fun and Fitness that you might enjoy at C.B. Berry this Month of October…And More!


C. B. Berry Community and Historical Center

C.BC.B. Berry Recreation Center is Located @  2250 Highway 179 (At The Intersection of Highways 17 & 179)… By the Entrance to Vereen Gardens

Ble Book framedC. B. Berry was a Surveyor and Historian in Horry County. His book, “Berry’s Blue Book” (Published in 2006) is a Treasury of Interviews and Family Trees of people in this area. Andrew Stanley & Family were an important source of information from their interviews. 

C.B. Berry also served as the 1st mayor of Crescent Beach and 1st President of the Horry County Historical Society. Learn More about  “Berry’s Blue Book” and purchase information at the C. B. Berry Center.


Family Night…Friday, October 16th

Hocus PocusindexFriday, October 16h…Activities @ 6Pm & Movie “Hocus Pocus ” @ 7:30 Pm

Enjoy “Family Night” Activities:

  • Pumpkin Carving
  • HALLOWEEN Costume Contest
  • Crafts
  • Games
  • Concessions & More!

Cost: $5 per Person

Register online By: October 9th at parksandrec.horrycounty.org Or Contact Alyssa Craft @ 843-24904157

Pumpkin Hunt

pumpkin-hunt framedSaturday, October 24th …Come Dressed in Your Best Halloween Costumes to Celebrate Together along the Vereen Memorial Gardens Nature Trails ! 

Children can Participate In Fall Themed:

  • Crafts
  • Hayrides
  • Scavenger Hunt for Plastic Pumpkins …Filled with Prizes!

Children ages 3 – 12:

  • Check-In & Games @ 9:30 Am
  • Pumpkin Hunt @ 10Am
  • Participants must arrive 15 minutes prier to the Pumpkin Hunt!

FREE Event…Contact is Alyssa Craft @ 843-249-4157 & Pre-register Online  (By: October 19th) at parksandrec.horrycounty.org

 Fun Fitness @ C.B. Berry Recreation Center

Cardio & Strength

cb cardio1924270_891312434251732_8486703881325190347_nframedMonday & Wednesday…6Pm – 7Pm Join the Fun with Friends for Strength & Cardio Training. You will Burn Fat & Challenge Your Body with a blend of Cardio & Strength Training…Using You Body Weight, Weights, and Resistance Bands. 

$20 a Month ($5 Drop In Class)…Call: Alyssa Craft @ 843-249-4157  Register OnLine At: parksandrec.horrycounty.org


Zumba Gold

Zumba cherylindex framedTuesday & Thursday…9Am – 10Am   Join Cheryl…For Some Fun, Fitness, & Friendship! Zumba Gold is for Active Adults looking for a Modified Zumba Class that recreates the original Moves you Love at a Lower Intensity! 

You can Contact Cheryl @ ccullina@cox.net  Zumba Gold is $20 Per Month ($5 for Drop-In Class)  For More Info: Alyssa Craft @ 843-249-4157 Register OnLine @ parksandrec.horrycounty.org


Vereen Memorial Gardens

Vereen signframedVereen-Park-Memorial-300x300 framedVereen Memorial Gardens is a Former Plantation Owned by the Vereen Family & Donated to Horry County! The Plantation dates back to the Revolutionary War! The Family Cemetery is still preserved there, including the grave of Joshua Vereen.

King Hywy framedJoshua Vereen actually entertained President George Washington when  he visited the area immediately after the war & his entourage came down King’s Road. According to Horry County Historian, Ben Burrows…King’s Road, then a dirt road on the grounds of Vereen Gardens, was an important highway because of all of the traffic between the Northern and Southern Colonies. If they were coming by land, they would have come down this road.



From King’s Road to four miles of… Groomed Trails & Elevated Boardwalks, this small pocket in the Heart of the City, is a real Prize for Photographers!

Vereen Memorial Gardens are considered by Many as the “Hidden Jewel in Little River”!

Folks Enjoy Vereen Memorial Gardens For:

  • Intracoastal Waterway Views
  • The Platform on the Waterway
  • Heron FramedExercising
  • Hiking
  • Walking
  • Running Trails
  • Bird Watching…A Bird Watcher’s Paradise!
  • Boardwalks
  • Dog Walking
  • History


C.B. Berry Facilities Community & Historical Center & Vereen Gardens

Vereen-Park-picnic-collage-300x300framedC.B. Berry Community Center and Vereen Memorial Gardens Facilities Include:

  • Conference Room
  • Gazebo
  • Multi-Purpose Room
  • Picnic Shelters
  • Pier
  • Boardwalk
  • FREE Walking Trails
  • Wildlife
  • Variety of Horry County Parks & Recreation Programs
  • Rooms Available for …Parties, Meetings, & Special Events!
  • Other Special Events

Horry-county-Parkds-sign framedHorry County Parks and Recreation Center Offers a Variety of Events and Possibilities for Events.  There is No Membership Fee.  Free parking is available at the C. B. Berry Recreational Center. Vereen Memorial Park and Gardens … Gates are Open on Monday – Saturday 9Am – 5Pm.  you may contact Horry County Parks and Services for more Information. Ya'llimages framedBrunswick Plantation and Golf Resort ® Invites You to Join Us & Enjoy Autumn in Coastal Carolina! North Carolina and South Carolina are yours to Explore from the Perfect Location in our Beautiful Gated, Golf Community of Brunswick Plantation! Ya’ll Come!

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Golf News from the Pro 9.15 by Brunswick Plantation Living

Golf News from the Pro pic

Hello to All:

With the summer season winding down and events slowly coming to an end, the golf shop would like to thank all of our members for a wonderful summer full of golf, and fun! September is Club Championship Month. Last Year’s Champions Rick Pesavento, and Sue Kenny are looking to defend their title this season.

Rob and his staff have worked countless hours trying to keep our course in the best shape possible. This task has been trying to say the least, due to the large amounts of rain we have endured recently. Thank You Rob! For your efforts, and we all pray for drier conditions for fall golf.

Thanks again to all our members for their participation in our events this year and please continue to support the all aspects of your club. Remember our club is only as strong as the members that support it!

September Events:

Men’s and Ladies Club Championships- September 14th-17th

Golf Tip of the Month

We’ve all done it: You really want to make that 10-footer for birdie (or par), so you give it a good smack. But it steams by the hole, and you’ve got a four-footer coming back, which you leave short. You turned a good hole into a three-jack. You walk off the green muttering to yourself, what an idiot!

To prevent this, think about the way great fast-green putters like Ben Crenshaw and Jack Nicklaus do it. They try to roll the ball the correct distance, which in effect makes the hole wider (so you end up sinking more putts). And it prevents three-putting. We don’t believe in trying to roll the ball at a speed that would send it a foot or two past the cup. A lot of golfers who try to do this hit it too far by the cup.

On down-hillers, it’s easy to let the first putt get away from you. Picture another hole half to two-thirds of the way to the cup. Then focus on rolling the ball the correct speed for the imaginary hole. It rolls out and often finds the real hole. On uphill putts, do the opposite, looking well past the cup. Here’s a practice drill to try. Place two tees directly in front of a hole about an inch apart. Practice hitting putts at just the right pace. Notice how some balls graze the outside of either tee or fall into the side of the hole. This shows that you don’t have to hit the cup dead center to make a putt, provided the ball is rolling at the right speed.

Wishing all of you great experiences on the golf course!

Happy Golfing,


Head Golf Professional

Pro-Shop Manager

Director of Memberships

Golf News Shawn Hicken Signature


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Coastal Living News and Events 9.15

Brunswick Activites Views Collage framedCoastal Carolina celebrates Autumn with a variety of Fun Fall Fests and Events. Brunswick Plantation and Golf Resort ®, located In Calabash, NC and 3 miles from the South Carolina State Line to Little River and N. Myrtle Beach…Is the Perfect Place to Join the Fun in Both States! These are some that might “Tickle the Fancy” of You and Yours This Autumn! Enjoy!


Little River Shrimp & Jazz Festival

Little R S Fest CollageThe Little River Shrimp and Jazz Festival, All Along the Little River Waterfront …Offers the Freshest Seafood & Includes:

  • Shrimp & Grits Cook-Off
  • Stilt Walkers
  • Balloon ArtistsCamp Chemo patch
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Children’s Area
  • A Golf Cart Raffle…To Benefit Camp Chemo (Raffle Drawing on Main Stage @ 5Pm Sunday)

Saturday, October 10 @ 9Am – 6Pm  & Sunday, October 11 @ 9Am – 5Pm…The Little River Shrimp and Jazz Fest S&JMusic framedFeatures Music Performances By:

  • The Steppin Stones
  • A Nickel Bag of Funk
  • Nathan & The Zydeco ChaCha’s
  • Dino’s School of Rock
  • Tim Clark Band
  • Alan Bibey & Common ground

Shrimp and Jazz Fest is sponsored by the Little River Chamber of Commerce…Admission is $5 Per Person & Kids 12 and under FREE!

North Carolina Oyster Festival

Oyster Fest collageThe 35th North Carolina Oyster Festival…Ocean Isle Beach (Between 2nd & 3rd St.) Honors the Oyster…Treasured by North Carolina Natives!

2015 NC OYSTER FESTIVAL…Saturday, October 17 @ 9Am – 6Pm & Sunday, October 18 @ 9Am – 5Pm

Oyster collageNC Oyster Festival Features:

  • Local Cuisine
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Children’s Activities
  • Live Music
  • Oyster Stew Cook-Off Contest…1Pm – 2Pm on Oct. 18th
  • Oyster Shucking Contest…1Pm – 2Pm on Oct. 17th
  • Oyster Eating Contest…3:30Pm – 4Pm on Oct. 17th
  • Oyster Stew Cook-Off Contest…1Pm – 2Pm on Oct. 18th
  • “The Shaggin Oyster” Shag Contest…1:30Pm – 3Pm on Oct. 18th

NC Oyster Festival Live Music On Stage

Saturday, October 17th…Featuring:

  • Oyster Music CollageFat Jack Band…9:30 Am – 11 Am
  • CC Martin…11:30 Am – 1Pm
  • Gary Lowder & Smokin Hot…1:30 Pm – 3Pm
  • Darrell Harwood…4Pm – 6Pm

oyster 2 CollageSunday, October 18th…Featuring:

  • Whitney Layne…10Am – 11:30Am
  • The Embers Featuring Craig Woolard Noon – 1:30Pm
  • Jim Quick & The Coastline Band…3Pm – 5Pm

 Oyster Fest Road Run Race

OFest Road race framedThe Oyster Fest Road Run RaceOn the Beautiful Ocean Isle Beach…Learn More @ www.coastalraceproductions.com

Oyster Fest Race…Sunday, October 18 …Start & Finish on Halifax Road.

Races &  Start Times:

  • 10K Race…7:30 Am
  • 5K…8Am
  • 1 Mile Run/Walk…8:30 Am


 “Purple Feet Festival”

Purple feet framed9bc626b49122dc2dbdb12338fd42ae30Silver Coast Winery

Purple Feet Festival @ The Silver Coast Winery, 6680 Barbeque Road, Ocean Isle Beach, NC.

Join the FUN…Saturday, September 19th 11Am – 5Pm!

Purple Feet Festival Features:

  • Grape Stomping
  • Lucy Look-a-Like Contest
  • Great Vendors
  • Food
  • Antique Cars

Dye Your Hair Red …Put on Your Dancing Shoes & Bring a Lawn Chair! Prepare Yourself to have a “Grape” Time!

Adults: $5  ($4 if you pay in advance!) & Children Under 12 are FREE!  For more Info: Phone 910  287-2800


 La Belle Amie Winery

La-Belle-Amie-iconLa Belle Amie Winery, 1120 Saint Joseph Road, Little River, SC Presents a Variety of Weekly Events & Special Concerts!

Weekly Events Include:

  • Wine Wednesday with Live Music & Wine Tasting…Admission is Free!
  • Thursday on the Deck with Live Music 1 pm – 5pm…Admission is FREE!
  • Wine Down Fridays…10Am – 6Pm with Live Music…Admission is Free

LaBelleAmie07 1framedLa Belle Amie Concerts:

  • Autumn Big band Blast…October 3, 2015 ($10)
  • Rock Back the Clock…October 17  Noon – 5Pm ($8)

Learn More about La belle Amie @ www.labelleamie.com  Or Call: 843 399-9463 WINE!  Cheers!


 Oktoberfest on the Boardwalk

framedThe 8Th Annual Oktoberfest On the Boardwalk, Ocean Blvd…Between 8th Ave. N. & Joe White Ave.

Join the FUN…Saturday October 11th 11Am – 11Pm & Sunday October 12trh Noon – 9Pm

Oktoberfest collage“Oktoberfest on the Boardwalk” is the “The Beach’s Biggest Bavarian Boardwalk Block Party” & Features:

  • Food
  • Vendors
  • Fun & Games For Kids!
  • 2 Days of Live Bands
  • Pumpkin Patch
  • Oktoberfest Steins
  • Oktoberfest Beer PROST!
  • Face Painting
  • Inflatables
  • Sidewalk Sales

Myrtle Beach Wine Fest

market common sign framed6th Annual Myrtle Beach Wine Fest… …Saturday, October 17th11Am – 7Pm

Sample nearly 100 Wines…FREE Admission & “Pay As You Go Samples!  Food Samples from Market Common Restaurants!


SOS Fall Migration

SOS Fall CollageSOS Society of Stranders…Fall Migration…Myrtle Beach,SC

September 18 – 27…Check Out…Fun Sunday & Fun Monday Block Parties and More @  www.shagdance.com

SOS Fall Migration…Celebrate with tea Parties & More Shag FUN @ SOS Lounges on Main Street! Local Lounges in Myrtle Beach:

  • sos-headingFat Harold’s
  • Ducks
  • Ducks II
  • OD Arcade
  • Pirate’s Cove

2015 Fall Arts & Crafts Festival

Art-in-Common framed“Art in Common” …The 2015 Fall Arts & Crafts Festival @ Valor Park at Market Common, Myrtle Beach, SC

“Art in Common” Festival…Saturday, September 26 & Sunday, September 27…9Am – 5Pm Each Day

You are Invited to the “Art in Common Festival”…The 12th Annual Fall Art Show & Sale! Enjoy!


Historic Wilmington “Back Door Kitchen Tour”

ROW Collage framedResidents of Old Wilmington ROW are Presenting …“Back Door Kitchen Tour”Saturday, October 10, 2015 @ 11Am – 5Pm (Rain Or Shine)

Tour includes…A Visit to Nine of Historic Downtown Wilmington Homes.  This Year’s Tour Includes:

  • A Fifth Avenue Mansion
  • A remodeled 1898 Bungalow
  • A Front Street Home that was Previously Owned & Occupied by President Woodrow Wilson!

Each Home has a unique story and each has a Kitchen Designed Particularly for That Home!

Contacts for Information about the Kitchen Tour are:

  • Bill Braswell revwebraswel@aol.com Or 910-398-3723
  • Carole Osman caroleosman@gmail.com Or 910-399-1480

Ticket prices are $25 Per Adult & $15 for Children under the age of 12 Years.Group Tickets fro organized groups of 10+ People are also available through ROW Treasurer, Paul Mason at pfmason@coastnet.com Or 910-772-1502.

Online Ticket Sales – Available NOW through 6Pm on October 9th (The day before the tour) on the ROW Website through PayPal at www.rowlmington.org

Tickets can also be purchased at the following Retail Stores in the Greater Wilmington, NC Area:

  • Harris Teeter Stores
  • Finkelsteins, Historic Downtown Wilmington
  • Michael Moore’s Antiques, Historic Caste
  • Ivy Cottage
  • Taste the Olive

A Complimentary Trolley Service will be available… Throughout the Day, with a Restroom Stop along the path.

Barefoot Landing


Barefoot Landing in North Myrtle Beach has much to offer in Shopping, Dining, Entertainment, & Nightlife! Check It out @ www.bflanding.com


Broadway at the Beach

Broadway_at_the_Beach framed

Broadway at the Beach in Myrtle Beach has a wide array of Entertainment, Dining, Shopping & Nightlife!  Check it All Out  @   www.broadwayatthebeach.com


***********Restaurant of the Month***********

 Horst Gasthaus

German Restaurant & Bar

Horst Gausthaus CollageHorst Gasthaus is an Authentic German Restaurant, 802 37th Ave. South in North Myrtle Beach

Horst musicHorst Gasthaus has German Cuisine & the Bavarian Ambiance that will make you feel like you are in Germany! The decor is very Bavarian and the waitresses are dressed in Bavarian Style. There is an accordion player…A Very German Tradition!

Folks reviews say that Horst Gasthaus has…Great Food, Service, and the Atmosphere to Match!

Horst Gasthaus is Open: Monday & Tuesday 5Pm – 9Pm & Wednesday – Saturday 4Pm – 9Pm (Closed on Sunday)

Some Favorite German Foods Mentioned Included:

  • Horst food CollageSchnitzels…Veal, Pork, Chicken
  • Delicious Sauerkraut
  • Tasty Home Fries
  • Caraway Bread…Germans are known for their breads!
  • Savory Spaetzle
  • Great Goulash
  • Red Cabbage…Sweet & Sour, Flavored Just Right!
  • Yummy Black Forest Cake

Celebrate Oktoberfest with a German Dinner to remember! Horst Gasthaus: 843-272-3351


Ya'llimages framedEnjoy the Autumn Fest and Year Round Great Dining and Entertainment in Coastal Carolina! Folks at Brunswick Plantation and Golf Resort ® are happy in our vibrant, gated community! Our location really does make us…The two State Solution To FUN! Ya’ll Come!

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Brunswick Plantation News and Events 9.15

BP Flower CollageBrunswick Plantation and Golf Resort ® is our beautiful, vibrant  community in Calabash North Carolina. Folks are always greeted with a friendly smile and invited to stay awhile! Friends and Neighbors often get together for a variety of events and activities. We have a few that you just might like to put on your calendar! Have Fun!

Sunset Harvest Full Moon Cruise

Moon CruiseMonday, September 28th…We “Set Sail” at 6Pm on the Navigator (Between Captain Nance and Dockside Restaurants).

Sunset Harvest Full Moon Cruise…Cruises down the river, into the Intracoastal Waterway, and under the Sunset bridge as we watch the Sun Set and the Moon Rise!! Come see the houses and scenery from the river side and enjoy an evening of fresh air and cruising! Bring your Friends to Enjoy the View With You!

The cost is $25 Per Person (Cash or Check made out to the Calabash Fishing Fleet)…To be paid as reservations are made at the Facilitator’s Office. Questions? Call Eleanor Tucker 579-6434

Sunday Night Supper Club

Supper club framedThe Sunday Night Supper Club is about to begin its New Season On Sunday, September 20th…Beginning @ 6Pm! Those of you who are not currently one of out 90+ Members…Welcome to Join for Food, Friendship, & Fun! Please contact Emily Bonneau at teahouse@atmc.net  Or 287-5508…No Later Than September 16th if you wish to attend this Next Supper OR If you would like additional information! All Brunswick Plantation residents and their Guests are Welcome!


Halloween Dance Planned

Halloween collageSaturday, October 31st…Between the Hours of 7Pm – 11Pm      Join the Fun Of, A Halloween Dance @ The Brunswick House! Hang Out with Your Friends & Neighbors AND To Vote for the BEST Costume of the Evening!

Ticket Price is $5 Per Person to cover the cost of our DJ for the Evening & Assorted Desserts with Coffee & Tea! Folks Attending are asked to supply their own Table Snacks & Choice of Beverages. Brunswick Plantation Residents and Their Guests may sign up at the Facilitators Office NOW through 10/27th with no refunds after that date.

Annual Red Hat Culinary Lunch

Red-hat-Fun-foodRed Hat Culinary Lunch…Tuesday, November 3rd …Buffet @ 11:30 Sharp: BEACH BISTRO 354, CONFERENCE CENTER At The GRAND STRAND CAMPUS (Same Place as Last Year)

$10 Per Person (Checks made out to Sally Lombardo) Please Pay By: October 24th. Reserved When  Payment is Received…First 50 Women Who Pay Reserved.  Questions? Call: Sally @ 287-4199.


Annual Italian Dinner Planned

italy collageSaturday, November 14th…Between 6 – 9 Pm…Italian Dinner Catered By: The Brunswick Plantation Social Committee @ The Brunswick House!

b7bb7466fec8163355b0f675ea3ecbd1 framedItalian Dinner Includes:

  • 1st Course…Antipasto, Sliced Italian Bread/Butter & Dipping Oil
  • Followed By: Side Salad & Main Entree of Baked Ziti in a Meatless Sauce
  • Also, For Those Who Wish…A Mild Italian Sausage served on the Side!
  • Dinner is followed by: Assorted Desserts, Coffee & Tea

As with All Social Committee Events: Guests are provide their own beer, wine, soda, Or alcoholic beverage of choice.

Tickets are $12 Per Person. Reservations can be Made at the Facilitator’s Office with Cash Or Check made out to BPPOA. (There will be No Refunds Given After 11/4. FYI…Seating is Limited to 86 Residents and Their Guests Early & Reservations are Encouraged!

PLEASE NOTE: Brunswick Community Charities will be selling tickets at the door this year. These Tickets will be drawn for Door Prizes…With 100% of Ticket Sales being Donated to the Charities Fund Raising Efforts for This Year!


Community Wide Yard Sale

yard sale frameFriday, October 16th & Saturday, October 17th…OPEN to the PUBLIC  9Am – 3Pm Both Days!

Brunswick Plantation Community Wide Yard Sale will have the same guidelines as other years…You will have the Choice of Participating on Either Friday or Saturday OR Both Days!

Please watch the broadcast for additional information concerning this 2 Day Event and for a meeting to include all those who plan to participate.  If you have any questions…Please contact Emily Bonneau via E-mail only @ teahouse@atmc.net


Annual Arts & Crafts Show

arts & Crafts framedSaturday, October 24th…9Am – 2Pm Our Annual Brunswick Plantation Arts & Crafts Show

The Fee Per Table will be $15. Guidelines and a Registration Form are available from the facilitators in the Brunswick House Office…Monday through Saturday from 9Am -1Pm.  The Fee can be paid at the office. We are asking that All Participants Stay the Entire Time of the Show.

Due to Space, we will not allow non-residents.  Your space will be reserved when your payment is received. Please make checks payable to Sue hart.  Space is limited…So Sign Up Early!

There will be a meeting of the registered participants in September.  For new people…If you need more information before you make a decision, contact either Sue Hart dshart@atmc.net Or Call 287-5355 OR Sue Shupe sshupe@atmc Or Call 287-6162   (The deadline for Registration & Payment of Fee is September 18th)

We Hope to hear from all of our Talented Brunswick Plantation Neighbors!

Attention All Bakers…

Bake sale cookiesNIS will again sponsor a Bake Sale in the Brunswick House on Saturday, October 24th during the Annual Arts & Crafts Show. A Number of Compliments were received on the Variety of Baked Goods from last year…Thanks To The Widespread Participation from Brunswick Plantation! If you are willing to bake again this year, Please contact Lorraine Meehan at kulabrew@gmail.com Or @ 287-4863 to let us know what you will bring. Thank You!


8th Annual Jessie Mae Monroe Elementary School Fundraiser

Jesse Mae collageJessie Mae Monroe Elementary School Fundraiser is sponsored by Sal Dinolfo, our liaison between Brunswick Plantation and Jessie Mae Monroe Elementary School. We are raising funds for the children and staff of the school.

Money Donations are used For:

  • Food
  • Student Clothes
  • Holiday Gifts
  • Teacher Appreciation Day

Please make checks payable to Sal Dinolfo.  All Money Donations…Will go on a Credit Card for the School. You may drop off you donation either at the Facilitator’s Office OR Mail it to Sal Dinolfo, 613 Lathrop Ct. NW, Calabash, NC 28467  Sal’s Cell Phone is 910-233-0941JMThanks framed     

Sal Thanks You  For Your Generosity  for the Students and Staff  @ Jessie Mae Monroe Elementary School!  


Sequence Group

sequenceimagesThe Sequence Group that is being  formed meets bi-weekly.  If you would like to participate, either as a regular or substitute player..Please Call Linda Stigile on Cell 302-249-7288 for additional information. You do not have to know how to play, as the game is quite simple and will only take one afternoon of playing with the group to learn.

NIS Luncheon…Features “Soaring Angels”

June 11, 2014 @ Arbor LandingWednesday, October 14th At 11:30Am @ The Brunswick House…Enjoy an NIS Luncheon & Concert!  “The Soaring Angels” from Seaside United Methodist Church will perform their “Best of the Angels” Concert!

Cost is $10 Per Person…Payable to the Facilitator’s Office by Oct. 8th. Bring You Friends and Neighbors…To Hear Some of Our Own Residents Sing! Menu will be included in the next Facilitator’s Broadcast. 

The Ladies Only…”Ladies Who Lunch” 

Lunch ladies collage3rd Thursday of Each Month @ 12:30 Pm…Ladies in Our Brunswick Plantation Community are invited to Meet for Lunch at our very own 19th Hole! It doesn’t matter what area you live in…Everyone is Welcome! For anyone who is New to Brunswick Plantation…This might be the Perfect Opportunity to Meet Your Fellow Residents, especially if you do not already belong to any established activity groups.

Just be sure to call the 19th Hole Restaurant…At Least a Day in Advance to add your name (s) to this list if you plan to attend! ***Hope to see you there…THURSDAY, Sept. 17th!***


Newcomers Coffee!!!

Newcomers collageTuesday, September 22 @ 7Pm…In the Brunswick House WELCOME to the NEWCOMERS COFFEE…Last at Brunswick Plantation Til the New Year!

If You are New to Brunswick Plantation…This Invitation is Especially For You! Come meet our Representative from CAMS, Your Board & Committee Chairpersons AND All Your New Neighbors…Who are Eager to Welcome You to Our Home Community!  Coffee & Baked Goods will be Served!

Hope to see You There! If you have any questions, Please Call (Ginny Grant 287-1970) Ginny will be Happy to Speak with You!


Flu Shots

Flu-Shot-HereFlu Shots will be Distributed by the Brunswick County Board of Health to Residents of Brunswick Plantation…At the Brunswick HouseMonday, October 5th & Between the Hours of 10Am & 1Pm. 

Residents will need to bring Picture ID and Medical Cards in order to receive shots. To Receive Flu Shots, You need to sign up…Prior to October 1st so that the BOH will know how many doses they need to have on hand for us.

Anyone wishing for more detailed information concerning this year’s vaccine is welcome to contact the Board of Health at 910-253-2312 Or 910-253-7114. For any other information…Please contact Emily Bonneau @ 287-5508.


Water Volleyball

volleyball collageWater Volleyball for Adults is Every Thursday @ 6Pm in the Brunswick House Outdoor pool. Volleyball games are usually 1 to 1 1/2 Hours OR 3 Games…Whichever Comes First!  Pool Shoes are recommended, as well as something to shade you eyes from the sun.Bring your own beverages…To Enjoy After The Games – In Plastic Containers, Of Course! Come Join the Fun!


Brunswick Plantation FREE Indoor Walking Program

walking-ss_101528898_L_wBrunswick Plantation FREE Indoor Walking ProgramM/W/F/S @ 8Am Until Approximately 9:10 on Each Day continues & is OPEN to All BP Residents!

The Friday, 4 Mile Walk now includes the use of Light Wrist OR Hand Weights…But They Are Not a Must If you do not wish to use them!

You Need Sneakers Every Day. With Bands (Not a Must) as part of the program (Usually on Wednesday). There are currently 30+ women (Plus 2 Gentlemen) who attend this program on most days…BUT There is always room for a few more when we move the tables back, SO Please Come Out & Join Us!

Please call Emily Bonneau if you would like additional info Or would like to be added to the Class Distribution List, so you are kept informed as to Program Changes Or Class Cancellations.


  1. All Participants following this program do so at their own risk.
  2. This is a FREE Program for All BP Residents.

Brunswick Plantation Yoga


Thursday Gentle Yoga @ 10Am



This is a Gentle Yoga Class suitable for every Body without pressure on wrists or knees. This class includes linking breathe to movement and stretching to improve mobility and flexibility. All poses are seated, supine, Or standing to improve Muscle Tone, Balance, Strength, and Stability.

Saturday Vinyasa Yoga @ 10Am

vinyasa yoga poseThis is mixed level practice suitable for both beginner and experienced yogis who have few Or nor physical limitations (Some modifications are available).This class will help you build Strength, Flexibility, Balance, and Endurance.

Cost is $5 Per Class. Please call Michele Dorland at 910-880-2509 with any questions.

miracled70d9cc864830a245ffa21ffaabb9246Brunswick Plantation and Golf Resort ® is the place for Fun & Fitness with Friends! We are a community of people with a variety of talents and great vitality! Folks here are also known for their kindness and generosity toward others. Our very successful Homeowners for Hospice Weekend is another example of why we love to call Brunswick Plantation Home!


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Oktoberfest…Past And Present!

history-king-ludwig-queen-therese-luise-of-bavariaframedEveryone loves to celebrate traditions from Around the World! The Biggest Folk Festival in the World is Oktoberfest! Though it all began with a Wedding  Celebration in Germany, we can celebrate right here in Coastal Carolina! Brunswick Activites Views Collage framedFolk at Brunswick Plantation and Golf Resort ® have the perfect location to celebrate Oktoberfest in North & South Carolina! We’ll share the history and where to celebrate this year!

Oktoberfest…In the Beginning!

Weis'n framedThe Marriage of Bavarian Crown Prince Louis, later Louis I of Bavaria,to Princess Therese Von Sachsen-Hildburghausen wassuch a Momentous Event that the Citizens of Munich were invited to attend the Celebrations! The Wedding Festivities were held in front of the City Gates,  These Famous Fields were named :Therese’s Fields in honor of the Crown Princess. Locals later abbreviated the name to “Wies’n”. Today, “Welcome to Wies’n” means “Welcome to Oktoberfest”!

The Original Oktoberfest Festivities Horse Races in the OktoberAdam_Pferderennen_Oktoberfest_1823framedpresence of the Royal Family. The decision to repeat the Festivities and Horse races in subsequent years gave rise to the Tradition of the Oktoberfest! it is a Celebration of the Bavarian Culture! The Oktoberfest in Germany now begins in late September and lasts until the First Sunday in October. Today 6 million visitors from…All Around the World join the Fun in Munich for Oktoberfest!

Oktoberfest is also celebrated in other countries around the world…Including the united States! There are two Oktoberfest close to Brunswick Plantation….Where you might like to join in the Oktoberfest FUN! 


Oktoberfest in Calabash

OKTBRph09-998x446 framedOktoberfest in Calabash @ South Brunswick Island Center, 9400 Ocean Hwy. West in Carolina Shores, NC!

Saturday, September 19th @ 11Am – 6Pm & Sunday, September 20th @ 11Am – 9Pm 

Calabash Oktoberfest Festivities for You Include:

  • oktoberfest-couples-costumeAuthentic Bavarian Beer
  • Munich Beer
  • Vendors
  • Bavarian Costume Contest
  • Best Bierstein Contest
  • Arm Wrestling Contest
  • In The Bier Tent!
  • Horse Drawn Carriage!



Oktoberfest on the Boardwalk

Oktoberfest_on_the_boardwalk_500_400_80_c1framedOktoberfest on the Boardwalk…900 N. Ocean Blvd., Myrtle Beach, SC

Saturday, October 10th @ 11Am – 11Pm & Sunday, October 11th @ Noon – 9Pm

Oktoberfest on the Boardwalk Festivities Include:

  • Oktoberfest-Kutscher2 Days of Live Bands
  • Beer Garden
  • Food & Craft Fairs
  • Kid’s Carnival
  • Car Show
  • Petting Zoo with Camel & Pony Rides
  • Inflatable Bounce House
  • Sidewalk Sales        

PicMonkey Collage  Okotberfest framedOktoberfest is an exciting way to celebrate the Past and Present with Family and Friends Everywhere! Honor Bavarian Tradition In Coastal Carolina! Prost!


Credit for article to: www.ofest.com

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Unique Shops, Mini-Golf, Deli…Calabash Low Country Shops

Calabash CollageCalabash, North Carolina is a charming coastal village with unique shops and delicious dining! Brunswick Plantation and Golf Resort ® is minutes away from Beach Drive in Calabash. Low Country Shops  are located on Beach Drive…Right in the Heart of Calabash! Let us introduce you to a “Treasure Trove” of Special Shops and a delicious Deli Delight!

Low Country ShopsLow Country Collage


lydias sign framed

Lydia’s Unique Boutique offers a NFL and College Sports LydiasportsframedMemorabalia 

Plus Specialty and  Handmade Gifts that include:


  • Lydia collage 3Stonewall Kitchen Foods
  • Robert Rothchild Farms Products
  • Ariston Olive Oils
  • Wind & willow Mixes
  • Carolina candy Company Gourmet Toffee
  • Savory Saltine Seasoning
  • Everything From…Local To Gourmet
  • Hand Painted Scarves
  • Jewelry
  • Handmade Cards
  • Baby Gifts
  • NFL & College Gifts
  • Costa Rica Coffee
  • Calabash ShirtsCharleston Tea Company Teas
  • Specialty Shirts…Calabash, Peace, Love Shirts (Calabash Shirts…Only @ Lydia’s!)

Stop and Shop at Lydia’s...Tuesday – Saturday 10:30 Am – 5Pm (Closed on Sunday & Monday)  Unique Gift Packages …Made for You!

  Annabelle’s Attic

Annabelles framed

Annabelle’s Attic is another Special  Shopping Experience at Low Country Shops offering:

  • Unique Gifts
  • Home Decor
  • Ce Ce Caldwell Chalk & Clay Paint
  • Ce Ce Caldwell Paint Workshops on Refurbishing your Furniture
  • Unusual Gift Shop Items
  • Handmade Gifts

Explore Annabelle’s Attic…Monday – Saturday 10Am – 5PM (Closed on Sundays)


Easy’s Fresh Produce

Easy Framed produce sign

Easy’s Fresh Produce is new at Low Country Stores. Easy’s has Fresh Farm  Fruits and Vegetables in a climate controlled Indoor Market.

Easy’s Produce Market Offers:

  • Easy CollageFarm Fresh Fruits & Vegetables
  • Local & Organic Produce
  • A Variety of  Local Honeys, Jams, Jellies, and Pickles
  • Old fashioned Hoop Cheese
  • Seasonings
  • Corn Meal
  • Grits
  • Breading for Frying Or Baking
  • BOILED PEANUTS…Regular & Cajun

Easy’s Produce has Friendly, Personal Service & Is Open: Daily 10Am – 6Pm      Phone: 864-653-0211  Ask them about their Delivery Service!


 Corner Vapes

Corner Vapes sign Framed10981601_105870253082075_3085150191514946326_n

Corner Vapes Store offers Premium E-liquid & Vaping accessories,Vision and Aspire Products…For Those Who Vape! Open: Monday – Sunday 10Am – 6Pm


 Jus Teezin’ Hair Salon

Jus teezin framedJus Teezin’ Hair Salon…At Low Country Stores in Calabash Offers an Array Beauty Treatments For You:

  • Hair Cuts, Color, & Perms
  • Nails – Manicures & Pedicures

Schedule Your Beauty Appointment with Owner/Stylist, Nancy Frazier  @ 910 579-1599 Or Cell 843  957-2541

Jus Teezin’ Salon is Open:

  • Monday & Tuesday 10Am – 5Pm
  • Wednesday  11Am – 5Pm
  • Thursday – Friday 10Am – 5Pm
  • Saturday 10Am – 2Pm   (Closed on Sundays)


Bamboo BoutiqueBamboo B7741449 framed

Bamboo Quote 2 8383639 framedThe Bamboo Boutique, a Family Run Business in Low Country Stores…Is The Place for Eco Friendly Apparel Bed Plus Bath & Bath Gifts!  The Bamboo Fabric is Light and Strong…And Ever So Soft!

Bamboo 2Features of Bamboo Clothing:

  • Soft
  • Non-Irritating…Even to Sensitive Skin!
  • Anti-Bacterial
  • Anti-Fungal
  • Thermal Regulating
  • Keeps you Cooler & Dryer in Summer heat & Warmer in Cold Temperatures

Bamboo Socks framedBamboo Boutique Socks Fights Foot Fatigue & are Oder Resistant. Socks are stocked for:

  • Daily Wear
  • Active Sports
  • Diabetic Socks…Moisture Wicking Keeps Feet Dry, while Cushioning in Ball/Heel of Foot protects against blisters!

Bamboo Towels and SheetsBamboo Boutique :

  • Bed Linens & Bath Towels
  • 300 Thread Count 100% Sateen Sheets
  • Baby Blankets
  • Clothes for Men & Women
  • Pashmina Shawls
  • Kitchen articles made of Bamboo…Cutting Boards & Serving Utensils

BB& DeanCheck Out Bamboo Boutique Showroom…Say “Hi” to Dean, & Enjoy Exploring the Boutique for a Gift for You Or Yours!  Made of Bamboo…The Ultimate Soft Touch! Bamboo Boutique is   Open: Monday – Saturday 10Am – 6Pm 

Contact By Phone: 910 – 579-8822 OR info@bambooboutiquenc.com


The Yard Bird Emporium

Yardbird framed30-eb99c9d3-b57c-4e24-8b17-7f01bc3f84faThe Yardbird Emporium is a Family Owned Business at Low Country Stores. The Owner, mary, is personable and Very knowledgeable about birds and their habitat! She can share her wealth of information with You!

A-Bird-Doesnt-Sing framedThe Yardbird Emporium offers:

  • Unique Bird Feeders & Bird Houses
  • Birds, Bird Food & Supplies
  • Garden Flags & More!

The Yardbird Emporium is a Fun Place to Browse and learn more about our Feathered Friends!

The Yardbird Emporium…Open: Monday – Saturday 11Am – 5Pm       Phone 575-5455 


Tropical Adventure Miniature Golf

Tropical adventure M G CollageTropical Adventure Miniature Golf  Located in “The Heart of Calabash” is…A Popular 18 Hoe Mini-Golf Course! The Course is Beautiful and Well-Kept…A Great Place for Family Fun!  

Tropical Adventure is…Open: Monday – Friday 10Am – 6Pm   $8…You Can Play All Day!  Learn More @ 910 579-2226     Have Fun!


 Thrift Shops @ Low Country Stores in Calabash

Carolina Thrift & More

Carolina Thrift framed20150902_171742Carolina Thrift & More at Low Country Stores in Calabash offers a Great Selection of a Variety of Items for You!

Stop By & Browse the Isles…Monday – Saturday  10Am – 5Pm   For More Info…Phone Carolina Thrift & More @ 910 579-6600

Your Donation Supports the Matthew Bellamy Project to Support Firearm Safety Education and Gun Locks…To Honor of the Memory of Chip & Mylissa Bellamy’s son, Matthew. Learn More @ www.theMatthewProject@sccoast.com


 Liberty Belle Thrift Shop

Liberty Bell Thrift FramedThe Liberty Belle Thrift Shop at Low Country Stores in Calabash offers a Wide Array of Choices in the  Variety of Items. Stop By and See What Pleases Your Taste!

Liberty Belle Thrift Shop Donations Support Veterans!


Sea Babies Gifts

Sea baby FramedSea Baby Gifts at Low Country Stores offers a Beautiful Selection of Gifts for Babies and Young Children. You will find Clothes, Books, and More to Please the Precious Tots in Your Life…At a Great Price for Your Pocketbook!  Visit Sea Baby Gifts Open Monday – Saturday 10Am – 5Pm
Phone: 919-606-8327 for More!

Bella’s Pizza and Deli

Bella's CollageBella’s Pizza and Deli offers Deli Delights and Entrees to tempt Your Taste Buds! Bella’s is Popular & Family Run! Folks Love their Delicious Artisan Style Pizza!

Pizza Sun collageBella’s also Offers:

  • Appetizers… That Include: Garlic Knots, Bruschetta Rounds, Wings, And Sides of Meatballs & Italian Sausage!
  • Salads… That Include: Greek, Caesar, Antipasto, Philly Steak, & Grilled Chicken!
  • A Variety of Pizzas…Plus Pizza by the Slice & a Personal Pizza!
  • Specialties… That Include: Cheese Calzone, Stromboli, Pepperoni Roll, Chicken Roll and Broccoli Roll!
  • Sandwiches…Quite a Variety that Include:Hot/Cold Types of Meats In  Sandwiches, BLT, meatball & Chicken Parm, Philly Cheese Steak, Pastrami/Corned Reuben on Rye, Pizza Sub!
  • Entrees… That Include: Chicken Parmesan Or Eggplant Parmesan with Spaghetti, Ravioli, Spaghetti with marina, Meat Sauce, Meatballs, Or Sausage!
  • Desserts…That Include: Cannoli, Chocolate Layered Cake, Or Cheese Cake!
  • Beverages…That Include: Soft Drinks, Bottled Water, Coffee & Tea
  • Daily Lunch Specials!

You May Dine Inside (Free WIFI)  Or Take Out…OR  Have a HOME Delivery! Phone 910-579-0000

Bella’s is Open 7 Days a Week…11Am – 10Pm   Folks Say: “Do Yourself a Favor and Dine At Bella’s!”They  feel that  Bella’s is a Like a Cozy NYC Pizza Corner! It is a Favorite Spot for Many…An Awesome Eating Experience with Great Pizza Crusts &  Savory Sauces! Enjoy!


Carbo’s Club

Carbo's FramedCarbo’s Club is a Cocktail Bar in the Low Country Shops. It is a Bar for members & does not serve food… Learn More @ 910 579-1844.

Framed calabash_north_carolina_card-re53ddd8cfaaf44d9b144750f53287064_xvuak_8byvr_324Low Country Stores in Calabash is the Place To Explore…For Shopping, Dining, and Mini-Golf For Family Fun! Enjoy your time in Coastal Carolina…For Vacation OR All Year! Calabash has so much to Offer…Minutes away from Brunswick Plantation and Golf Resort ® ! Enjoy Low Country Stores …One More Reason “We Love Calabash”!

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Barbara and Ron…”A Sunny New Life” At Brunswick Plantation

Better Life Collage Brunswick Plantation and Golf Resort ® is Blessed with a community of remarkable people that make Brunswick Plantation  perfect place for “A Better Way of Life”! The fascinating folks come here from a variety of places and offer a range of interests and talents to share with friends and neighbors! They say that “Variety is the Spice of Life” that gives it all it’s Flavor! Life at Brunswick Plantation has lots of Spice and Fun for All!

B&Bframed20150824_214026Barbara Dennington and Ron Ellecamp are one of the couples that make Brunswick Plantation the dynamic community we Love! SunflowerloveframedThey have a fascinating story of how they found their Sunny New Life together! sunflower tableBarb has Sunflowers all throughout their home as a tribute to the Sunny Side of Life…Always looking Up and Facing the SUN!

Plenty of Fish

Plenty of FishBarbara and Ron have an enchanting and unique story to tell about first meeting “On Line” through a dating site called  “Plenty of Fish”! How they both entered this website is through their children…Barb’s Son, Jeffrey…Put her on the website & Ron’s son, Dan…Entered Ron on the same website.

At the time, Ron did not even own a computer, so his son, Dan, living in California…Kept up with it for him and kept him posted. Ron, whose wife, Sue, had passed away, was living in The Village of Calabash in North Carolina. He and Sue had moved there from their family home in Anne Arundel County, Maryland, years earlier.

Ron told Dan that he was not going further away than between Shallotte and Little River to meet anyone! After being on the website for his dad awhile…He told Ron that most of the women he saw were all midgets! Ron is 6’5” tall! Then he saw Barbara’s posting and said…”I found someone, Dad! She is 5′ 10” with blonde, curly hair.  She is local and Jewish.” Ron is Methodist and said that didn’t matter, so they connected through Ron’s son!

Barbara, who had raised her three sons largely alone, after divorcing years ago when the boys were ages 6, 7, and 9…Was posted on “Plenty of Fish” by her son, Jeffrey. Barbara had been living in a condo at “The Lakes” of Brunswick Plantation and was not really interested in on-line dating.  She felt she had enough dates. She said, “Don’t put me on the website! I’m not going to do it, and I don’t like it!  I’ll just read what you put on to know what you think of your mother! Jeffery posted Barbara’s Internet name for “Plenty of Fish” as Calabash Babs!

One day a friend of Barbara’s came over and asked about the website. She said, “While I’m here, I’ll tweek it for you! After she looked, she said, “Now, Barbara, Look at this!  Five men want to meet you! Come look at this one…Local, 6’5” tall with a shirtless photo of himself!”

Ron’s son had posted a picture of him shirtless…Which Ron did not even realize! Barbara thought…”Well, any man that age who is willing to post a photo of himself shirtless Must be OK!”

First Date

Bar & Ron 1+ framedBarbara and Ron first met “Face to Face” for lunch at the Boundary House on October 16 in 2010! They say it was one of the longest Lunch Dates in History…Starting with 2 1/2 hours in the restaurant. In the middle of lunch Ron confessed to Barbara…”I don’t even have a computer.  You’ve been corresponding with my son.”  Stunned…Barbara said, “If we meet again, I don’t want to meet your son!” Ron assured her it was all OK!

After eating lunch, Ron asked Barbara if she would like a drink or coffee…Clearly enjoying their time together! Barbara declined the offer but suggested, “Let’s walk down to the Waterfront!”  After their walk, Ron asked, “Would you like that drink now? I have something in the car for you!” He had flowers for Barbara! She was impressed with his 6’5″ & Looks…Plus Flowers! Barbara was also charmed by Ron’s quick wit and spontaneous sense of humor!

BP Lakes CollageBarbara had a meeting with the Landscaping committee at her condo at “The Lakes” of Brunswick Plantation. Barbara told Ron he could come back to the condo…Where he waited quietly while Barbara had her meeting.

Seaside Choir FramedRon then had to go to choir practice at Seaside Methodist.  He asked Barbara when he could see her next.

So the Sunny Relationship Blossomed into Walks with Ron’s arm around Barbara! They went to movies and dinner! Finally, Barbara kissed Ron & They are Together Today…Enjoying Their “Sunny New Life”!

Cruising Into The Sunshine

Clam cruise framed

Barb & Ron Framed champagne CruiseBarbara and Ron’s “Sunny New Life” has been found them exploring the World Together on some Lovely Cruises! A Champagne Cruise to Celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the Panama Canal…Honoring the Past By Building the Future! Cheers!


Barb & Ron Alaska framedBarbara and Ron have also enjoyed a memorable cruise to delight in…Nature’s Breathtaking Views of Scenic Alaska!


CRBarb & Ron Costa Rica Cruise0002 framedAnother Special Cruise was to the “Rich Coast” of Costa Rica! Barbara and Ron’s neighbors at the time…Nick & Patty Lakin went with them to explore this Tropical Paradise! The More Fun in the Sun for their “Sunny New Life”!

Barbara & Her Boys…The Move to Brunswick

B&B FramedBarbara had raised her three sons…Mainly by Herself in Long Island, New York.  She was employed as nurse and also worked two other jobs…One in the printing business & for the Board of Elections.   However, she said the boys had set rules and regulations.  She kept up with all of the their interests and activities with her love and support. Barbara also taught them to…”Work Hard…Like Mom!

Barb’s sons finished college, the service, whatever apprenticeships they chose.  They then got jobs and moved away though 2 of the 3 still call her every day or every other day. Twelve years ago her son, Jeffrey called and asked Barbara to set extra plates for their Hanukkah Dinner. After dinner he said, “Let’s Give Mom her present!” Then Barbara’s sons…David , Marc, and Jeffery took the serving tray and slid the glass out with pictures of Mom and her Boys. There was a poem by Jeffrey And a Letter from All of Her Boys/Young Men!The letter said, “We realize how hard you’ve worked! It’s time for you to retire. We’ll make sure it happens!”

BP Flower CollageBarbara decided that she wanted to go where it is warm. She checked out Georgia and then Florida. Jeffrey said concerning Florida, “Does Mom look like an Early Bird Special?” So, they decided on looking at North and South Carolina. After getting information from Brunswick Plantation for $25 a night with a two hour tour…Jefferey called David, told him about this “Great Special” and David came with Mom to Brunswick Plantation! They rented 2 condos to stay in with the family. They had looked at 10 other places in North & South Carolina. As soon as they drove through the gate at Brunswick Plantation, Barbara said she knew this is where she wanted to live! Everything was in bloom! People here were the most outgoing and Friendly!

Barbara had her choice of 3 our of the 4 condos in the new Lakes Buildings. Her sons convinced her to get a downstairs unit.  She was the only permanent one in that building in the first three years but people were so neighborly! People in the next building…Welcomed them with a drink!

So, Barbara retired in May of 2005, sold her house in June of that year and moved to Brunswick Plantation in July of 2005! Her sons helped her buy her condo that she has now rented and put in their names. Barbara’s family now includes her sons and their families. Marc & Marie live in Long Island, NY with their son Marc (15) & Daughter,  Ashely (18). David and Leeza live in Michigan with their son, Graeme (8).  Jeffrey and Meli live in San Diego, California.

Framedsunlaughl_03a76080-999d-11e1-8d93-159808400004Barbara said that when she put the key into the condo door, she went into a funk & cried. At first she had little furniture, but her sons called every day. Finally, one day Barbara woke and said…”You can put your feet in the water anytime of year!” Her plants & books became her children, and she got involved in activities and met a variety of interesting people at her new home! She has Loved it ever since! She says …Her Heart is Always at Brunswick Plantation! Though Barbara and Ron lived in Spring Mill when they were first together, they have recently bought a house in the Georgetown area….Their Sunny new Home for Their Sunny New Life Together!

Ron…His Move to North Carolina

countysealRon is originally from Anne Arundel County, Maryland where he worked as a building inspector for Anne Arundel County. Ron and his wife, June, had come to Myrtle Beach for ten years on vacation. Ron said that June would cry cry on the way back to Maryland, as she liked to play on the beach so much. They came in early Spring of 1994 and ordered a modular home for The Village of Calabash. Ron retired on August 11th in 1995 and they came to live in North Carolina on August 12th! Ron’s been in the area for 20 years! It will be eight years ago this year since Ron’s wife passed away. He still lived in their home in The Village of Calabash.

Ron's gr Ch CollageRon has two sons and three grandchildren. Dan and his wife,Victoria live in California and have a daughter…Rebecca (19). David and his wife, Sharon, live in Maryland and have two sons…Jacob (15)  & Aaron (13). It’s All in the Wonderful Family!



 New Life Fun!

Traveling Together

The cruises Barbara and Ron have taken have definitely been Fun in the Sun! They have also flown to Puerto Rico and stayed in a condo for a week with another couple….More Fun in the Sun!

Traveling to see children and grandchildren is always a great  and having them visit Barbara and Ron at the Beach is  a Treat for All!

Nashville_collage_2009 framedThis year Barbara and Ron visited Nashville, Tennessee & Enjoyed:

  • Boot Shops
  • Kicking Up Their Heels & Dancing!
  • Seeing Homes of Famous Singers
  • Andrew Jackson’s Home
  • A Lot of Country & Western Music
  • Nashville is a “Happening Town”…Like New Orleans!

Another trip this year was to a stay at a Bed & Breakfast in scenic Asheville, NC!

What To See & Do Around Brunswick Plantation

Exploreindex framedBarbara feels that “Routine is Boring” & Brunswick Plantation is located in an area that offers quite a variety for Barbara and Ron to Explore and Enjoy!

When it comes to eating out together, Ron says that Barbara like to Dine, and he likes to have a lot to eat.  So, they have quite a selections of restaurants they like. In fact, they belong to a Friday Night Dining Group of Friends that eat out together most Fridays. Each week one couple gets to choose the restaurant for everyone. After all, Variety Is The Spice Of Life…Especially when it comes to food!

Restaurants Barbara & Ron recommend include:brentwood

  • Longhorn’s (Across from the Barefoot Landing)
  • Golden Corral
  •   La Cucina (Italian @ Sunset Beach)
  • Parson’s Table (Fine Dining…Early Bird Specials)
  • Chianti South (Fine Dining…Early Bird Specials)
  • The Brentwood (Fine Dining…Early Bird Specials)
  • Pizzelli’s
  • Horst Gausthaus (German)
  • Brother Shuckers @ Carolina Forest (Off of 31) For dining & Lots of Good Food! (Great Crabcakes)
  • New Jerusalem Mediterranean Restaurant & Bar…Kosher Food & Belly Dancing!

Favorite Beaches

Sunset Chery G collageBarbara and Ron like the Beaches…Anytime! Their Favorite Beaches are:

  • Cherry Grove Beach
  • Sunset Beach


Alabama Theatre ONE_The_Show_002Barbara and Ron enjoy the shows at The Alabama Theatre @ Barefoot Landing


Worhsip2Barbara is Jewish and attends services at Temple Emanu-el in Myrtle Beach  Ron is Methodist and attends services & sings in the choir at Seaside Methodist in Sunset Beach. However, they both also visit each other’s Place of Worship and attend some activities together.

Loving Living at Brunswick Plantation

KindnessThere are several things Barbara & Ron Love about Living Brunswick Plantation.  It is such a Beautiful and Friendly Community!Years ago, on a trip to Italy, Barbara had a serious leg injury from a fall. She had to have serious surgery to replace a broken femur that was replaced by a rod in her leg. She could not even sit in a car! She was living in her Lakes condo at the time. She said that everyone was So Helpful.  They did everything they could for her and her family! This included feeding folks, rides to and from the airport for her family…Sons, Sister Elyane and Brother-in-law.  They were wonderful to Barbara and her family! Inspired by that kindness, in 2005 Barbara started a Widows & Orphans Thanksgiving.  She provided the turkey and house, drink & paper goods and Everybody brought something to celebrate! Kindness begets Kindness!

Welcpome framed20150824_213901Barbara and Ron have many Friends with whom to socialize and share the Fun at Brunswick Plantation! Folks know they are always Welcome at Barbara & Ron’s Home! Barbara says She and Ron are very informal Just Love People! They also Love having their families visit, and the Beach is Fun For All!

Ron still enjoys doing lawn maintenance at Brunswick Plantation 2 or 3 Days a Week. He has a riding mower and maintains 17 lawns. Lawn work is something he like to do…Keeps him young! Barb, a retired nurse, is there for friends when they have health issues. Young at Heart…With a Heart of Gold!

WilCharlcollageLocation of Brunswick Plantation is another Plus for Barbara and Ron. They Love Being:

  • Close to the Beaches
  • Within Driving Distance from Wilmington, NC AND Charleston, SC

Brunswick Plantation being a Gated Community is another Plus!When Barbara first came here alone, it was not yet gated.  She is happy that it now is with someone at the Gate 24/7! Having the Guards & Someone from Security Driving Around at Night is  Wonderful Feature!

There are so many activities to choose from right here in the Brunswick Plantation Community! You can be as involved as you like! You can see or do whatever you appreciate Or just rest and relax! Plus…Everyone is Welcome…Couples & Singles!

SunlifecollageWe are so Happy to have Barbara and Ron living at Brunswick Plantation and Golf Resort ® ! It has been where Barbara’s Heart is for 10 years!  Now Barbara & Brunswick Plantation have Ron’s Heart, too!  What a Blessing for Everyone! That makes the Sunflowers Happy! Life is Beautiful at Brunswick Plantation! Come Join the FUN!





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Brunswick Plantation News and Events 8.15

Brunswick Activites Views Collage framedBrunswick Plantation and Golf Resort ®, in North Carolina and three to the SC State Line to Little River & North Myrtle Beach South Carolina…Is the Perfect Location for Fun in Coastal Carolina!  Our beautiful Gated Golf Community is close to Pristine Beaches, Fun Activities and Entertainment & is known for Wonderful Restaurants! Calabash Town sealCalabash is called the…The Seafood Capital of the World! Brunswick Plantation is also Blessed with an Active Community of Dynamic People that create Fabulous Opportunities for “Fun with Friends”…On & Around the Plantation! You may choose from some of these activities that are shared  with you in this article! Have Fun…Southern Style!



frameSturgeonFull_redmoon2-oneDates taken from this year’s Farmer’s Almanac:

  • August 29th    Full Sturgeon Moon
  • September 27th     Full Harvest Moon

Many of you Friends & Neighbors gather to the Left of the Sunset Beach Pier on these Nights. There is always Room For Others…Bring Your Supper OR Snacks & Enjoy Your Friends & Neighbors!


HArvest00000Harvest-MoonMonday, September 28th …Sunset/Harvest Full Moon Cruise with Friends from Brunswick Plantation! Cruise…Down the Calabash River, Into the Intracoastal Waterway, & Under the Sunset Bridge as we watch the Sun Set & Moon Rise! 

“Set Sail” @ 6Pm on… “The Navigator” with the Calabash Fishing Fleet...Located between Captain Nance & Dockside restaurants. Come see the houses and scenery from the river side and enjoy an evening of Fresh Air & Cruising!

Light Refreshment are Provided & Beer, Wine, Sodas, & Water are For Sale! The cost is $25 Per Person (Cash Or Check made out to the Calabash Fishing Fleet) to be paid as Reservations are made at the facilitator’s Office. Questions? Call: Eleanor Tucker @ 579-9434. You will not want to miss this Enjoyable Evening!


Thank You From NIS Service

childrens-books framedYour generosity was apparent this year for our Annual Christmas in July Book Drive! NIS Collected 545 Books to be distributed to the Children of Brunswick County, through the Literacy Council!

A Special “Thank You” to Pelican Books in Sunset Beach for their enthusiastic contributions!


Annual Jessie Mae Monroe Elementary School Fundraiser

Jesse Mae collageThe 8th Annual Jessie Mae Monroe Elemetary School Fundraiser is Sponsored by Sal Dinolfo, Liaison between Brunswick Plantation and Jessie Mae Elementary School. Money Donations are used for:

  • Food
  • Student Clothes
  • Holiday Gifts
  • Teacher Appreciation Day
  • Retirement Celebration in June

JMThanks framedPlease make Checks Payable To: Sal Dinolfo….All Donations will go on a credit card for the school. You may Drop Off your Donation…Either at the Facilitator’s Office OR Mail it to Sal Dinolfo,613 Lathrop Ct. NW, Calabash, NC 28467  Sal’s Cell Number is 910-233-0941.  Thanks You For Your Generosity!


Flu Shots At Brunswick Plantation


FLU SHOTS are to be distributed at Brunswick Plantation by The Brunswick County Board of Health…During the First Week in October and have set the date of…Tuesday, October 6th @ The Brunswick House…Between 10Am & 1Pm.

Over the past few years many of our residents have taken advantage of this convenient way to receive shots, and we encourage you to do so once again.

You will need to…Sign Up Prior to Oct. 1st so that we let the BOH know how many doses they need to have on hand for us. Residents will also need to bring…Picture ID & Medical Cards in order to Receive Shots. Anyone wishing more Detailed Information concerning this year’s vaccine is…Welcome to contact The Board of Health @ 910-253-2312 OR 901-253-7114. Other Information, Please Contact Emily Bonneau @ 287-5508.


Community Wide Yard Sale

yard sale frameBrunswick Plantation Community Wide Yard Sale…Friday & Saturday, October 16th & 17th…Open To The Public…Between Hours of 9Am & 3Pm on Each Day!

This Year’s Sale will be organized in the same manner that it has been over the past 3 years. Following Last Year’s Guideline…You will once again have the choice of, Participating On : Either Friday Or Saturday OR Both Days!

***Please watch the Broadcast for Additional Information Concerning This Two Day Event & For a Meeting to Include…All Those Who Plan To Participate!


Annual Arts & Crafts Show – Calling All Artisans

arts & CraftsSaturday, October 24th…9Am – 2Pm…The Brunswick Plantation Annual Arts & Crafts Show will be held in the Brunswick House!

Guidelines & a Registration Form are available from the facilitator’s Office in the Brunswick House Office…Open: Monday – Saturday from 9Am – 1Pm. We ask that Arts & Crafts Show Participants Stay the Entire Time of the Show.

***The Fee Per Table will be $15 & Due To Space: We will not allow Non-Residents to have a table.Your Space will be Reserved When Your Payment is Received. Please make Checks Payable to Sue Heart. Please Sign Up early as Space is Limited.***

There will be a meeting of the Registered Participants in September. For New People…If You Need More Information before you make a decision: Contact Either Sue Hart dshart@atmc.net Or Phone 287-5255 OR  Sue Shupe sshupe@atmc.net Or Phone 287-6162.

The Deadline for Registration & Payment of Fee is September 18th. We Hope to Hear from All of Our Talented Brunswick Plantation Neighbors!


New Sequence Group

sequenceimagesA new Sequence Group is formed and meets on a Bi-Weekly Basis. If you would like to participate, either as a Regular Or Substitute player…Please call Linda Stigile @ 287-5096 OR Linda’s Cell # 302-249-7288 For Additional Information. You do  not need to know how to play as the game is quite simple and will only take one afternoon of playing with the group to learn.


Early Risers Bowling League

BowlinggsB_XS4PTXa5X4_r2XCze2gbHJdb3G6oFe4Bnvyx_xHGtrh69Zd1R4ikdIx_twJISTE=w300YOU Are Invited To Join This FUN Bowling League…Wednesday, August 19 @ 9Am…For a Meeting & FREE Bowling!

New Members are Needed & Welcome…Even if they Haven’t Bowled in Years!  The Season Officially Starts on Wednesday, August 26th @ 9Am & Ends on April 6th with a Luncheon on April 13th.

Each Team Consists of 3 Ladies.  The Cost is $9 Per Week (Subject to Change). Any Questions…Please Call: Carol Horwitz at 910-287-4099 OR carolhorwitz@atmc.net


The “FRIDAY FOURSOMES” Bowling League

bowlingframeThe “Friday Foursomes” Bowling League will be starting in September at the Little River Bowling Lanes. This is a “short” 12 Week League with most of the Teams from Brunswick Plantation.   There were 8 Teams last year, and they are hoping for several Additional Teams for the 2015 Season. Please Join this year and enjoy bowling with your neighbors. The Fall League is a good opportunity for you to Warm-Up and Improve Your Game in preparation for the Brunswick Plantation League that starts in January!

Here are the Details:

  • League Meeting will be on August 28th @ 4Pm at the Little River Bowling Center
  • Teams: 4 person Teams that can be any combination of Male & Female
  • Handicap League: We used 100% of 200 Last Year
  • League Start Date is…Friday, September 4th @ 4Pm
  • Th Last Week of Bowling is November 20th (The Friday Before Thanksgiving)

LRBowlimageIf You Are Interested in Joining…Please E-Mail Bud Baylor @ naylor@atmc.net.  Bud will coordinate with the Bowling Center. Let Bud know if you have a Complete Team Of Four…Or Need to be Placed on a Team.

After August 12th…If you Have Not Submitted Your Name Or Names For a Team to Bud…Then You will have to Visit the Little River Bowling Center & Register There! You Could Also…Attend the league Meeting @ The Center on August 28th & Register At The Meeting!  For any Questions, Call Bud @ 287-5622.


Brunswick Plantation Fitness


Water Aerobics

Water Aer FramedWater Aerobics @ The Brunswick House OUTDOOR Pool

Monday, Wednesday, & Friday @ 8Am – 9Am

No Special Equipment is Needed; All you need To Start is Swim Attire & A Desire to Have a Lot of Laughs & Good Exercise!

It is a Great Way to Meet You Friends & Neighbors! For More Info: Call: Annette Mauro

SPECIAL NOTE: On the First Wednesday of Every Month…The Water Aerobics Class is FREE! Just Show Up!


Golf Exercise Class

golflogowhite-frameTerry Daily teaches Golf Exercise Class at the Body Edge.  She is NOW Teaching a Golf Exercise Class at the Brunswick House…Every Tuesday In August @ 4Pm

It is $6 per Class and is 45 Minutes Long. All you need is a Weight (1, 3, or 5lbs. Your Preference!)  And a Mat.

Terry’s Classes: Help Build Your CORE Muscles! The Class is COED! If you are Interested: Call 910-287-7559

Brunswick Plantation Yoga

yogaThursday Gentle Yoga @ 10Am

***Please Note: There is No Class on Thursday, August 20.

WS0800This is a Gentle Class for every Body without pressure on waists or knees. This Class Includes:

  • Linking Breath to Movement
  • Stretching to Improve Mobility & Flexibility
  • All Poses are done Seated, Supine, Or Standing to Improve Muscle Tone

Saturday Vinyasa Yoga @ 10Am

***Please Note:  There is No Class on Saturday, August 22.

Yoga PosterThis is a Mixed Level Practice suitable for Both Beginner & Experienced Yogis…Who have Few Or No Physical Limitations. (Some Modifications are available.) This Class will help you build Strength, Flexibility, Balance, & Endurance.

All Yoga Classes are in the Brunswick House Ballroom. Cost is $5 Per Class. Please Call: Michelle Dorland at 910-880-2509 with any Questions.


FREE Indoor Walking Program

walking-ss_101528898_L_wThe FREE Indoor Walking Program continues on M/W/F/S @ 8Am Until Approximately 9:10Am on Each of These Days. Our Friday 4-Mile Walk now includes the use of Light Wrist Or Hand Weights…But Are Not a Must If You Do Not Choose To Use Them!

You Will need:

  • Sneakers…Every Day
  • Bands…Not a Must, As part of the Program (Usually on Wednesday)

There are Currently 30 Plus Women & 2 Gentlemen…Who Attend This Program on Most of Our Days.  There is always room for a few more when we move the tables back…So, Please Come & Join Us!

Please Call: Emily Bonneau if you would like Additional Info OR Would like to be added to the Class Distribution List…So thast you are kept informed as to Program Changes Or Class Cancellations


  1. All Participants Following this Program do so At Their Own Risk.
  2. This is a FREE program for All Residents.


Adult Water Volleyball

volleyball collageEvery Thursday Night @ The Brunswick House Outdoor Pool…Join the Fun with Adult Water Volleyball.

Water Volleyball Starts @ 6Pm 

Folks usually Play for 1 To 1 & 1/2 Hours Or Three Games…Whichever Comes First!

Pool Shoes are Recommended…As Well As Something to Shade Your Eyes from the Sun! Bring Your Own beverages to Enjoy …After the Games – In Plastic Containers, of Course!


Join The RUN/WALK Group

runP9110050Run/Walk Group is sponsored by David Svendsgaard. david ays that Run/Walk is a way to socialize with Neighbors, Lose Weight, & Feel Great!

Run/Walk Consist Of:

  • Repeatedly Running and Then Walking for Periods of Time.
  • The Group would gather once a week and Run/walk 2 Or 3 Miles and then slowly increase the distance.
  • Two Days a Week…You would Run/Walk 30 Minutes On Your own OR With a Few Friends.
  • You Run slow enough to Talk to each Other.
  • Once Each Runner’s Ability is Determined, You Could Divide Into Pace Groups.
  • Oranges, Bananas, & water are Available @ rest Stops…Along Longer Runs
  • Runners would be …At Their Own Risk.

If Interested…Contact David Svendsgaard @ dsvensgaard@atmc.net

summertime-0371There is So Much to Enjoy with Friends and Neighbors in our Friendly Community of Brunswick Plantation and Golf Resort ® !  Folks Love Living in our Scenic Southern Style Plantation in Coastal Carolina! Summer Time & The Livin’ is Easy…With Endless FUN ! Enjoy!

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