Golf News from the Pro 6.16 by Brunswick Plantation Living

Golf News from the Pro pic

Hello to All:

June is here and with that brings warm temperatures with high humidity.  Be sure to drink plenty of water before you play golf and during your round.  By doing this you will prepare yourself against cramping, heat exhaustion and dehydration.

Our golf course aeration maintenance takes place this month also.  Rob and his staff will be aerating our greens, tees, and fairways, one course per week.  We will keep that course closed for the entire week allowing healing time and giving Rob’s crew time to catch up on area’s that need attention.  The schedule is as follows:

Azalea- May 31-June 6 (Completed)

Magnolia- June 7-June 14 (Completed)

Dogwood- June 15-21(Currently Closed)


The 2016 Member/Member Tournament was held May 23rd-May 26th .  Congratulations to all the winners!

2016 Ladies Champions– Kathy Toeppner and Nancy Smyka

2nd place Alcina Davis and Denise Kantner

3rd place Moe MacDonald and Theresa Georgens

2016 Men’s Champions– Bryan Kantner and Bill Rochford

2nd Place- Rich Edwards and Roy Maday

3rd place- Larry MacDonald and Gary Abby

Golf Rules Note:

For those of you that travel the Resort using a golf cart.  I would ask that you please use the roadways.  Driving the cart paths to and from home should be avoided.  Using the paths during the hours of operation has been causing some issues.  Consider using the roads so we do not disturb our players on the course.  Thanks very much.

Also, walking, riding bikes, driving your golf cart, jogging, rollerblading or other travel are all prohibited between the hours of 7 am to 7pm.  Please help us provide a better golf experience for Member’s, Property Owners, and Resort Guests.  Thanks again.




Happy Golfing,


Head Golf Professional

Pro-Shop Manager

Director of Memberships

Golf News Shawn Hicken Signature


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Coastal Living News and Events! 6.16


As the end of the school year approaches, I would like to remind parents and motorists to keep Brunswick County children safe throughout the summer. Excited about being out for the summer, kids may not be alert to safety issues as they normally would. Keep these points in mind for a safe summer:
Use extra caution during the last week of school, especially when driving through school zones. Be aware that kids may leave or arrive at school at different times throughout the day and are apt to be preoccupied with thoughts of summer fun.
Playground speed limits remain in effect year-round. Pay close attention when driving through school areas and parks. Small children are less predictable and harder to see than adults. During the summer, drive with headlights on, even during the day, and maintain a 20-second visual lead to allow time to stop suddenly.
Common sense must prevail. A bouncing ball in the road can be followed by a child. Hockey sticks, small helmets, tricycles or bicycles lying on the sidewalk mean nearby kids. When backing up, always make sure no kids are present; walk behind the vehicle to check if need be.
Parents should be particularly safety-conscious. Remind your children to stop, listen and look both ways before crossing a street. Hold their hand when walking through a parking lot; motorists may not see them between parked cars. If you’re not with them, it is best to tell them to avoid shortcuts altogether. Make sure they cross streets at crosswalks if there are any; this is critical if they’re headed for a beach on a crowded summer day. No jaywalking!
To reduce injuries resulting from bike crashes, make SURE your kids always wear helmets, which are proven to be very effective.
Our kids want to have a fun and memorable summer. It is our job to make sure they also have a safe one.
Sheriff John W. Ingram, V
Brunswick Sheriff’s Office

Hidden Gem 

The Vereen Memorial Park and Gardens features pathways, and wooden boardwalks that extends across several beautiful salt marshes and small islands. There is a nice gazebo that overlooks the Intracoastal Waterway and the distant waterfront of Little River.
Located on 114 acre of woodlands and salt marshes one mile south of the South Carolina line from Calabash, NC.
The land was part of Big Landing Plantation.In April 1972, 115 acres were deeded to Horry County Historial Commission by Jackson Hiram Vereen to be used as a botonical garden and nature trail.
Historic Vereen family Cemetery is also located there with revolutionary war graves marked.
Grab yourth (46) th (44) camera, walking shoes and enjoy a 3 mile loop around the park.Afterwards sit on the swings and enjoy the view.

*Dogs are welcomed at the park.

*Admission and parking free

*Trail maps are located at Welcome center before you enter park.

*Signs along the trails about the plants and wildlife

*Picnic tables,swings,benches in the park.

*Open during daylight hours.



Sunset Beach Sea Turtle Season has arrived.
The Sunset Beach Turtle Watch Program (SSBTWP), is a private nonprofit that solicits volunteers to help monitor nest sites,strandings, and hatchings. Volunteers record nesting sites,move nests that maybe in threatened,record turtle hatches,and help hatchlings reach the ocean safely.
Loggerhead Sea Turtles are the most common visitors to the North Carolina Beaches.
Stop by the Sunset Properties parking lot on Sundays ( during the Summer months)at 7:00 pm to enjoy a fun free educational time about Sea Turtles!They will be glad to answer any questions you have!

Enjoy your walk along the beach to see the Turtle Nests.13329577_10209439045163117_4312437651694268937_o


Avoid disturbing a turtle that is crawling to or from the ocean. DO NOT crowd or attempt to ride a turtle. DO NOT shine lights or take flash photos of the turtle. Stay off the turtle tracks. Sit quietly in the dark, at a distance, to watch her. It is against the law to disturb her and/or her nest in any way.
Stay clear of turtle nests. Avoid walking or riding vehicles near the nest. Stay off the turtle tracks. DO NOT disturb markers or screens that may be protecting the nests. Markers usually consist of wooden stakes outlined with bright tape or ribbon.
Sea Turtle – Loggerhead
LIGHTS OFF. Lights disturb nesting turtles and hatchlings. Please TURN OFF your outdoor lights and shield indoor lights from shining on the beach at night. We ask the cooperation of all beach front house renters, owners, businesses, and hotels to turn off beach lights during nesting and hatching season from May to late October. Allow hatchlings to make their way safely to the ocean. DO NOT touch the hatchlings. Keeping hatchlings is illegal.
DO NOT LITTER. Pick up and place ALL trash in barrels. Fill in sand castles, trenches, and holes before leaving the beach. DO NOT leave your canopy, umbrella, or chairs on the beach overnight. These all present dangers and can cause death to turtles and their hatchlings. Avoid using flashlights, fireworks, or flash photography while on the beach at night. It is against Federal and State Laws to touch or disturb nesting sea turtles, hatchlings, or nests. If you are a SMOKER, to avoid cigarette littering on our beach, please take a portable ash tray/butt tin with you. Don’t forget a butt bin can be as simple as an empty film canister or breath mint container!
Take time to cleanup our beaches…just 30 minutes!!!


North Carolina Lighthouse Series

Oak Island  Lighthouse is one of the 6 active North Carolina Lighthouses. There are 6 active, 2 inactive( Bald Head, “Old Baldy” and Roanoke River), 2 light towers (Diamond Shoals and Frying pan Shoals). All of which mark more than 301 miles of coast line.

Oak Island Lighthouse

*Completed in 1958

*Actual structure is 153 feet tall, but it stands on a slight rise which brings it to a height of 169 feet above the water.

*No spiral staircase, instead a series of ship ladders steps with a total of 131 steps to the lantern gallery.

*Summer tours Memorial Day- Labor Day.. Information on tours at

  • * The Oak Island Lighthouse is located on property that has been in use as a U.S. Coast    Guard Station since 1930
  • *There is a boardwalk and observation deck across the street.
  • *the characteristic flashing pattern for the light is four one-second flashes every 10 seconds.
  • Call and make a reservation and enjoy the view!th (28)


                                         Summer Heat is Here! 

• Watch the weather channel or sign up for weather alerts with your local security service to stay
informed of rising temperatures and potentially dangerous conditions.
• Drink plenty of fluids; water and sports drinks are the best source of hydration. Avoid alcohol
and sugary beverages, as they can actually lead to dehydration.
• Try to stay inside an air-conditioned building. If your home does not have air conditioning, go
to a public building (e.g., library, recreation center, or shopping mall), or contact your local
security company to find a nearby heat-relief shelter.
• When temperatures soar, wear light, ventilated clothing;
moisture-wicking shorts and short-sleeved t-shirts are ideal. Also, avoid dark clothing. Clothes
in light colors won’t attract sunlight like darker colors will.
• Avoid spending time in a closed, parked car. If you observe someone who appears to be
unconscious inside a closed vehicle, alert the nearest emergency worker or security officer
• When exercising outdoors, take 15-minute breaks every so often in an air-conditioned location,
or rest in a shaded spot while you rehydrate and cool down.
• Use a sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher, and reapply every two hours during extended
activities outdoors and after sweating or swimming. Wear a wide-brimmed hat and sunglasses
for extra protection.
Identify Symptoms of Overheating
• Overheating is the cause of many illnesses and conditions. Learn to recognize the signs that
you or someone around you may be overheating, and take action immediately.
• Heat cramps – intense cramps in the legs or abdomen – and substantial sweating are common
symptoms of overheating.
• Heat exhaustion may be present when a person has cool, clammy skin and feels lightheaded,
weak, or nauseous.
• Heat stroke is the most serious of heat illnesses. Signs of heatstroke include headache, high
body temperature (106º F or higher), rapid pulse, or even unconsciousness. Seek medical
help as soon as possible – when the symptoms are severe, any delays can be fatal.
Treat Someone Who Is Overheated
• Take the victim inside to recline and relax in a cooler environment.
• Remove or loosen clothing for more ventilation, and fan the victim to create increased air flow.
• Use a cool, wet washcloth, sponge, or ice pack to dab the victim’s neck, face, and joints.
• Encourage the victim to drink small sips of water, a sports hydration drink, or juice.
• Call 9-1-1 or alert a nearby security officer if you see no improvement.
• It is important to remember that young children and the elderly are most at risk from heat
illness and should be regularly

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Brunswick Plantation News and Events 6.16

Time to enjoy some Summer Fun!

 July 4th,2016 at the Old Sunset Beach Bridge

*9:00 am-1:00 pm

*Parade over the Old Sunset Beach Bridge beginning at 9:00 am. Ready to walk or stroll over the Old Bridge?Decorate your bikes,strollers,wagons, or sneakers and join in the fun.Don’t forget to wear your Red,White, and Blue!th (37)

*The Old Bridge preservation Society have planned stations with adult supervised All American games and activities.




th (34)

*Fun starts at 6:00 pm at the  Calabash Waterfront next to Captain John’s Seafood House.The Calabash Fire Department is sponsoring the event.
*Raffle tickets are being sold for $5.00 each at the Calabash Fire Department for a chance to win a custom Street Legal Golf Cart.
*Gary Lowder and the Smokin’ Hot Band from North Myrtle Beach, SC will be providing the entertainment.
*Fireworks will begin about 9:15 pm.

Home Baked items are needed for this year’s Intracostal Model Railroad show scheduled for July 9 and 10 at the Brunswick House between the hours of 10 a.m. and 4 p.m.  Monies raised by this bake sale will enable the Railroad Club to continue with their efforts of encouraging model railroading through numerous programs in our area.  Please sign up with Emily Bonneau as to what baked item you can contribute

For many years our residents and friends have been meeting on Sunset Beach (to the left of the pier) to celebrate the arrival of a full moon. Weather permitting, why not fill your coolers with your favorite beverages and snacks and join in the fun.STRAWBERRY_MOON
The following is a list of additional warmer weather dates according to the NASA website, as to when full moons will occur through October of this year.

June 20 Strawberry Moon
July 19 Buck Moon
August 18 Sturgeon Moon
September 16 Harvest Moo
October 16 Hunter’s Moon




Summer-FunJoin us  for Water Aerobics, we’re outside!  The Monday, Wednesday, & Friday water aerobics classes are now meeting in the outdoor pool from 8 AM to 9 AM.  Come join us!  (Note that if thunder/lightening are present, no class will be held, for safety reasons.)
For more information, contact Annette Mauro, 287-4872.



 Join us for a round of Water Volleyball! 

th (26)Come on in the water is fine! Join us on Thursdays at 6 P.M. for water volleyball in the outdoor
pool at the Brunswick House. You may want to bring some water shoes to protect your feet.
Refreshments are enjoyed as we talk about the games afterwards so bring your favorite beverage!
Rain or shine- we’ll play outdoors or move inside for inclement weather. Join the fun!


Helpful Phone #’s:th (27)
Emergency 911
Non-emergency Sheriff’s Office (910)253-2777
Non-emergency Calabash Fire Department. (910)579-2355
Information and referrals 24/7 for agencies in Brunswick County 211
(Sponsored by United Way)
Dial-A-Ride. (910)253-7800
Brunswick County Senior Center in Shallotte (910)754-2300
3620 Express Dr.
(Meals-on-Wheels office at Senior Center)



Come and join us for a fun day playing games. Bring your game ofth (22) choice and a bag lunch. We will provide dessert. Start time is at 11:00 am on June 20 at the Brunswick House. Sign up at the Facilitator’s Office by June 17.

Upcoming July Events:
July 1st-31st: NIS Christmas in July Book Collection at the Brunswick House(drop off Children books, Adults Books,Puzzle,Large print books)
Juth (23)ly 3rd: Charleston Place West Neighbors Summer Get Together
July 5th : Red Cross Blood Drive 1:30 pm-6:30 pm at the  Brunswick House
July 9th- 10th : Annual Model Train Show at the  Brunswick House
July 18th: NIS July Luncheon and Speaker 11:30am at the Brunswick House
July 19th : Full Moon gathering at Sunset Beach
July 26th :NIS Card party/Game Day at Ryan’s Steakhouse 11:00 am

Never throw another card away again!!!! St. Jude’s Hospital accepts new and used all occasion greeting cards to help support their programs and services for neglected, abused, homeless children, young adults and families. A program at their Kids Ranch is designed to teach them skills to participate in making the new “green” cards by removing the front and attaching a new back. This results in a new card made by the children and volunteers that is then sold. The children receive payment for their work and learn basic job skills and the importance of recycling. You can go the to get more information about this worthy cause. Simply click on About Us, Recycled Card Program. There will be a box in the Library on the shelf for you to place your new/used cards in. They will be sent to St. Jude’s. If you have any questions please contact Ann Wiltbank at 910-579-0630. Thank you for your support

Grab The Popcorn It’s Movie Night

Wednesday, June 15th, THE INTERN between 7-9 p.m. This movie stars Robert DeNiro and Ann Hathaway and is a comedy.
Wednesday, June 29th, THE MARTIAN, between 7-9:30 p.m. This movie stars Matt Damon.
Bring your own snacks/beverages and we ask that you please sign up with the office so that we can plan seating.Movies are shown at The Brunswick House.


The St. James Plantation Model Yacht Club promotes model yacht sailing with the object of encouraging pond and lake sailing, as well as local inter-Plantation competitions. All those interested in starting a Model Yacht Club here on Brunswick Plantation should contact Peter Wilding, Commodore SJPMYC at or 415-516-0076 for a “How to Start a Model Yacht Club” packet.

th (20)




The Calabash June  Summer Concerts

 Located at the Calabasth (15)h Community Park  868 Persimon Rd   Calabash

Don’t forget to bring a lawn chair or blanket.

June 21st     Band of Oz,Inc.     6:30 pm
                                                                               June 28th    The Fantastic Shakers  6:30 pm



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Brunswick Plantation News and Events

BP Col Fr MayBrunswick Plantation and Golf Resort ® is always brimming with activities offered by the friendly folks in our dynamic community! There are the 9 Hole courses of Azalea, Dogwood, and Magnolia…Providing and enjoyable experience our golfers…Avid Golfers and Beginners! You can also choose from the variety of fun activities that “Tickle Your Fancy”or just relax with friends…By the pool, in the jacquizzi , or at one of our charming coastal beaches!  Brunswick Plantation does provide a “Better Way of Life” for All! The following are few events that might peek your interest! You are always “Welcome to Join the Fun” at Brunswick Plantation!


COUPLES GOLF starts in May 18th! 

Couple scrambleNEW Policy – All residents of Brunswick Plantation are eligible to play in this event. You do not have to be a member of the BP Golf Club. The non-member Fee is $ 19 Per Person.  Please join us for another new season of Couples Golf – A 9 Hole Fun Golf Scramble…Where you play with your neighbors. 

We will start on…Wednesday, May 18th and continues every Wednesday thru October 26th. 

Couples greenOur new Shot Gun Start is 5 P.m.  The Sign-up Sheets will be posted in the Pro Shop on the ladies side bulletin board. All Players must sign- up by Noon on the Sunday before we play. All players also contribute $2.00 to the weekly prize pool.  Singles are invited to participate and to link-up with a partner for that week or even the whole season. 

For those not familiar with Couples Golf, we use a rotating player format so you play with your “partner” only several times during the season. After golf, we have a planned dinner at the 19th Hole. Volunteers select and plan the dinners from the menu options that are available. Non-golfing spouses/significant others are invited to dinner; just add their name to the sign-up sheet for dinner only. If you have any questions, contact Jim Kpcsi, 287-5452, OR Rich Edwards, 287-5960,



RandyX 2maxresdefault (1)The 2015 International Blues Challenge winner, Randy McQuay,will be returning to Brunswick Plantation for the first time since his sold-out show at the 19th Hole last month! This time, Randy will be with his Trio which includes Al DiMarco (Keyboards/Bass) and Jared Evans (Studio Drummer with Sony records). 

  • WHEN:Saturday, June 4th  
  • WHERE: The Brunswick House  
  • COST: $10 Per Person (No Food Included)

There are only 4 Seats left! For RESERVATIONS Contact MIKE KALMAN at OR 516 – 263 – 5526




The Calabash Fire Dept. Auxiliary will be Hosted by the Red Hats on Tuesday, May 24th at 6:30 Pm at the Brunswick House for a presentation on Fire Safety for the Home. The videos will be an eye opener you won’t want to miss!  Everyone is Welcome!



Model-Train-from-stock (1)framedIMRRC MODEL TRAIN SHOW is returning to the Brunswick House! MARK Your Calendars for July 9th & 10th For the ANNUAL TRAIN SHOW! Hands-On Layouts for the Kids (Of All Ages) Plus Much More! ADMISSION IS FREE! SAVE THE DATES! More Information in Future Broadcasts and Newsletter!



pickleball collageAnyone interested in the possibility of forming a Pickleball Group here on the Plantation, please call Phillis/Paul (609-712-4071) Or E-mail ( . In order to appeal to the Board for Facilities, we need to demonstrate that there is a sufficient number of residents who desire to play. Therefore, experienced or beginner players are urged to respond. For those unfamiliar with the game, Pickleball is a Racquet Sport that combines eements of badminton/tennis/table tennis and is fast becoming the Senior Sport of Choice. *Note to tennis players…We do not anticipate adjusting net height.    




Maryann Wolfson is looking for people who would be interested in either playing Cards Or Games in her home. If Interested…Please contact Maryann at 575-6363 Or 



blood-driveSteve Seibert has volunteered to coordinate a Blood Donation Drive to be held at Brunswick Plantation. The Drive would take place sometime in May. Steve has been in contact with The Red Cross, and they have asked him to check with our residents to see what the interest level would be in having a Blood Drive. Steve is asking that you either call him at 287-4556 Or e-mail him at if you would be interested in participating int he Blood Drive. Thank You!


SCUBA DIVERS Or Anyone Interested in SCUBA

Scuba framedRidKXbk6TWe are looking to start a SCUBA CLUB on Brunswick Plantation. CLUB Activities will Include:

  • Diving
  • Training
  • Social Activities
  • Travel Opportunities

If you are Interested, Please send an E-mail to

This is a Social Club for anyone interested in Scuba Diving…From experienced divers, newly certified, new divers in the area, Or anyone looking to get certified.



HelpingHandsframedHELPING HANDS is an extension of Neighbors In Service (NIS) here at Brunswick Plantation. This Group makes every effort to assist people in our community with special needs whether Help is needed for a Visit Or Meals Or Shopping for Groceries. We have assigned individuals within each area to help its residents. Please call the Brunswick House Facilitators, and they will put you in touch with your Helping Hands Volunteer. We are Here to Help Each Other!  


Brunswick Plantation FITNESS FUN

Fitnessimages framed

Golf Exercise Class 

golflogowhite-frameTerri Williams Daly teaches a Golf Exercise Class at the Brunswick House…Every Tuesday at 4 Pm. The Class is One Hour and Cost is $6 Per Class.

You will need:

  • A Floor Mat
  • Weights (1,2,3 lbs.Or larger…Your Preference)
  • A Golf Club
  • A Small Beach Ball 

Terri’s Class helps strengthen your core muscles.  The Class is Co-Ed.  If Interested, E-mail  Or Call: 910  287-7550


FREE Walking Program Adds ZUMBA

fitness wlakingOur Walking Program Continues with 4 Mile Walks:

  • Monday…4 Miles Walk
  • Wednesday4 Miles Using Bands
  • Friday4 Miles of Walking with Weights
  • Saturday…5 Mile Walks


 Tuesdays and Thursdays on Each Week…You are now invited to join the group as they follow along with a ZUMBA Program…That will begin at 8 Am and last just over an Hour.


Brunswick Plantation YOGA


Thursday GENTLE YOGA at 10 AM

gentle_yoga_homeThis is a Gentle Yoga Class suitable for Every Body without pressure on wrist or knees. This class includes linking breath to movement and stretching to improve mobility and flexibility.  All Poses are done seated, supine, or standing…To Improve Muscle Tone , Balance, Strength, and Stability. Namasteframed

Class is $5 Per Class. Please Call Michelle Dorland at 910  880-2509 with any questions.




19th Holebanner3framedX2



KARAOKE TEAM TRIVIA NIGHTtriviakaraokecollageAt The 19th HOLE With CHERYL Z


6 PM Until 9 PM

The LUNCH MENU will be Available…As Well as Several APPETIZER SPECIALS 



FOR RESERVATIONS, Please Call the 19th HOLE  @ 845-6902


19th HOLE Specials


  2. Tuesday…POT ROAST SUB With Provolone Au Jus $8.00
  3. Wednesday...FISH & CHIP PO BOY  $9.00
  4. Thursday…BANG BANG SHRIMP $9.00
  5. Friday…OYSTER ROCKEFELLER  (8) $10
  6. Saturday…SUB BURGER …Burger, Bacon, L,T,O,P  $9.00
  7. Sunday…HAM & SALAMI SANDWICH…L,T,B,M  $8.00

FRIDAY NIGHT DINNERS…Weekly Specials PLUS Ordering OFF of the LUNCH MENU (Posted online Or Menu by the Bar Door)



Lunch-ladies-collageLadies in our Brunswick Plantation Community are Invited to MEET For LUNCH at our very own 19th HOLE…The 3rd Thursday of Each Month. It doesn’t matter what area you live in at Brunswick Plantation…EVERYONE IS WELCOME! If you are new to Brunswick Plantation, it is the perfect opportunity to meet your fellow residents! Bring your Friends and Make New Friends with the FUN Folks of BP!

Please Call: the 19th Hole at 845-6909 at least a day in advance to add your name/names to the to the list.   

Brunswick Plantation is the Place to Be for Friends and Neighbors to Share The FUN of Living in Coastal Carolina! Love523f233a2cb9149a48cc3486971af91aOur beautiful community is also a popular place for Destination Weddings! Several Happy Couples will be having their Special Day at Brunswick Plantation this summer. heartsunnamedWe are Honored to Welcome the Wedding Couples and their Loving Families! Love is in the Air at Brunswick Plantation! A Blessing to Us ALL! 


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Coastal Living News and Events 5.16

BP-SOuth-framed Brunswick Plantation and Golf Resort ® is a Dream Destination for folks of all interests and ages! Enjoy playing golf at Brunswick Plantation…As well as other golf communities in the area. You can stay in Brunswick Plantation’s charming golf villas and play golf at our 27 Holes of Great Golf…BP Golf CoursesNine Hole Courses of Magnolia, Dogwood, or Azalea!

You can then play around in other golf venues! Though BP is in Calabash, North Carolina, it is just three miles from Little River and N. Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Our Myrtle Beach area golf courses are one of the premier golf destinations in all of North America…Verified in a 2014 USA Today Reader’s Poll! Tropical adventure M G CollageThere are also numerous miniature golf  courses available in this Grand Strand area, from “Tropical Adventures Mini-Golf” in Calabash, to a variety of mini-golf venues in Myrtle Beach, SC. We have golf fun for all ages!


BP Beach CollageBrunswick Plantation is also minutes from Sunset Beach as well as a variety of lovely beaches in North and South Carolina. Fun in the Coastal Carolina Sun…Paradise for Beach Lovers! There is also fine dining of all tastes minutes away in any direction! Of course, Calabash is well  known for it’s special Calabash Seafood! There is also entertainment for all ages…Again in North and South Carolina! That is why we say that Brunswick Plantation is “The Two State Solution to FUN”!



North Myrtle Beach Parks & Recreation Summer Concert Series

musci on Mainimageedit_3_3763306189

“Music on Main” Concert Locations:

  • Main Street : 202 Main Street, North Myrtle Beach
  • Horseshoe: 11 S. Ocean Blvd., North Myrtle Beach

All Concerts are from 7:00 – 9:00 Pm

  • Admission: FREE 
  • Bring a Beach Chair
  • All Ages

SUMMER “Music on Main” CONCERTS:

  • Music on Main collage 2016 Thursday, May 19 (Main Street) – Atwater Band
  • Thursday, May 26 (Horseshoe) – The Embers Featuring Craig Wollard
  • Thursday, June 2 (Main Street) – NTranz
  • Thursday, June 9 (Horseshoe) – Gary Lowder & Smokin’ Hot
  • Thursday, June 16 (Main Street) – Ultimate Rock Machine
  • Thursday, June 23 (Horseshoe) – Entertainers
  • Thursday, June 30 (Main Street) – Sound Express and Legacy
  • Thursday, July 7 (Horseshoe) – Marsha Morgan Band
  • Thursday, July 14 (Main Street) – Tim Clark Band
  • Thursday, July 21 (Horseshoe) – Carolina Breakers
  • Thursday, July 28 (Main Street) – Caribbean Chillers

Jim Quick Coastlinecoastline-haroldsMore N. Myrtle Beach Concerts performed on Stage at these Venues through October 6th with the Jim Quick & Coastline (Horseshoe)  Dates and venues of these concerts will be in future Brunswick Plantation Newsletters OR @

Sounds of Summer Concerts


Concert Location:

NMB ComplexNMB North Myrtle Beach Park & Sports Complex at the Sandhills Meadow (150 Citizens Circle, Little River, SC 29556)

SUMMER “Sounds of Summer” Concerts:

  • SOS Collage Friday, May 20  – Fantastic Shakers
  • Friday, June 17 – Former American Idol Finalist, Elise Testone
  • Firday, July 15 – Paul Grimshaw Band
  • Friday, August 19 – Too Much Sylvia
  • Friday, September 16 – Andrew Thielen Big Band

Concerts Time: 7:00 – 9:00 Pm With FREE Admission & OPEN to ALL Ages! Snacks and Drinks will available to purchase. Tobacco products, coolers, outside food, and beverages are not allowed.

Brunswick County Parks & Recreation Summer Concert Series




CONCERT Location: CALABASH Town Park…(868 Persimmon Road)

Calabash Concert CollageConcerts: The Following Tuesday Nights @ 6:30 Pm


  • June 7…Blackwater Rhythm & Blues
  • June 21Band of OZ
  • June 28…The Fantastic Shakers
  • July 5…The Tams
  • July 19...Jim Quick & Coastline
  • July 26The Entertainers



SB Concert logolsframed

SUNSET BEACH Summer Concerts Location: Mainland at the Gazebo @ The Village Park on Queen Anne Street

Visit Food Court early…Food on the Grill, Papa John’s Pizza & Chicken Wings, Dixieland Kettle Corn & Sunset Slush classic Italian Ice.

Concerts: Wednesday Evenings…7 – 9 PM

Sunsset-Concerts-frameSummer Sunset Beach Concerts:

  •  May 25…The Embers & Craig Woolard…Beach Music
  • June 1…Rubberland…Variety
  • June 8…Liquid Pleasure…Dance Band
  • SunsbccollageJune 15…Jim Quick & Coastline…Beach/Variety
  • June 22…Darrel Harwood…Country
  • June 29…Blackwater Rhyththm & Blues…Party/Variety
  • July 6…Bantum Rooster…Variety
  • July 13…The Vistas…Show Band
  • July 20…Smokin’ Hot with Gary Lowder…Beach/Variety
  • July 27…Big Time Party Band…Party Band
  • August 3...Trey Calloway…Country
  • August 10…Tim Clark…Beach Variety
  • August 17…Mark Roberts…Variety/Rock
  • August 24…Band of OZ…Beach
  • August 31…The Legacy…Motown


Fibbers Col framedConcert & Dinner Tip: Fibber McGees Irish Pub @ 1780-1 Queen Anne St. is a good place to eat dinner before or at the 6:30 FREE Summer Concert at the Gazebo. Fibber McGees…Delightful outdoor seating with Air & Flowers to Enhance your tasty meal. You can actually see the Concert Gazebo from Fibbers! There is also indoor seating…At the Bar!  

Check Out More of Fibber


Ocean Isle Beach FREE Beach Concerts


Concert Location: Museum of Coastal Carolina Parking Lot on Ocean Isle Beach

Concerts: Friday Evening from 6:30 Pm – 8 Pm

Ocean Isle Beach Concert Series:

  • May 27…The Fantastic Shakers
  • Ocean Isle Concert CollageJune 3…Blackwater Rhythm & Blues
  • June 10…The Imitations
  • June 17…Tommy Black Band
  • June 24...The Embers Featuring Craig Woolard
  • July 1...The Entertainers
  • July 8…Band of OZ
  • July 15…Gary Lowder & Smokin’ Hot
  • July 22…Too Much Sylvia
  • July 29…Continental Divide
  • August 5…The Legacy Motown Revue
  • August 12…Mark Roberts Band 
  • August 19…Steve Owens & Summertime
  • August 26…The Attractions

Shallotte FREE Summer Concerts

Concert Location: Mulberry Street park, 123 Mulberry Street in Shallotte

Concerts: 4:00 Pm – 6:00 Pm

 Shallotte Concert Series:

WELCOME to the GRAND OPENING of the New 10 – acre MULBERRY PARK @ 123 Mulberry Street in Shallotte

framed embers ***Friday, May 20th at 6:00 Pm GRAND OPENING CEREMONIES …Dedication & Ribbon Cutting Followed By: Musical Entertainment   At 6:30 Pm…With “THE EMBERS” Featuring CRAIG WOOLARD

***GRAND OPENING Activities For Saturday, May 21st:Big Bang Boom1a21ecddd3bc97e36fdf466a454dde4e

  •  Shallotte FM & Movie Collage8 Am – Noon  FARMERS MARKET in Mulberry Park
  • COMMUNITY PICNIC…Noon – 2 Pm with Free Hot Dogs & Live Music of  “Big Bam Boom Boom’s B3 Trio” 
  • PLUS …Dusk Showing of Disney’s Film “Inside Out”!


Wil Big Band collage***Sunday, May 29 at 4:00 Pm – 7:30 Pm: The WILMINGTON BIG BAND, a 17 – Piece Orchestra dedicated to the preservation of the American original art of Big Band Music, will lead the SHALLOTTE MEMORIAL DAY CELEBRATION!  This CELEBRATION is to  HONOR ALL VETERANS  for their many sacrifices. 

For More Information…Visit:

Shallotte Summer Concert Series Schedule:Shallotte Concert Collage

  • Thursday, July 7 at 6:30 Pm…Gary Lowder & Smokin’ Hot
  • Thursday, July 14 at 6:30 Pm…The North Tower Band
  • Thursday, July 21 at 6:30 PmThe Catalinas
  • Thursday, July 28 at 6:30 PmDarrel Harwood
  • Thursday, August 4 at 6:30 PmJim Quick & Coastline
  • Thursday, August 11 at 6:30 Pm…Tommy Black Band

Memorial Day Ceremony…Calabash, NC

Memorial Day Ceremony in Calabash Community Park

MemDay2Monday, May 30…11 Am – Noon…MEMORIAL DAY CEREMONY  in Calabash Community Park ,Corner of Persimmons Rd, & Trader Lane (Sponsored By: Calabash Fire Dept. & Calabash American Legion)

  • Guest Speaker: General Danny Hickman
  • Ceremony will be highlighted by: REVERANT  LAYING OF THE WREATHS
  • Refreshments provided afterwards.
  • Everyone encouraged to attend!

Military Appreciation Days


MILITARY APPRECIATION DAYS …Honoring the men, women, and families of our Armed Forces!  The Month of May…Myrtle Beach, SC!

MILITARY APPRECIATION DAYS has a full schedule of activities for all Veterans and their families ! 


Saturday, May 28…10:30 Am  MILITARY APPRECIATION DAY PARADE at The MARKET COMMON (On the Site of the former Myrtle Beach Air Force Base)  PARADE  GRAND MARSHALL…U.S. Army Sgt. galloway framedVeteran SERGEANT NOAH GALLOWAY will lead this year’s Parade! Sgt. Galloway was a career soldier until he experienced a life-changing injury from an IED attack in Iraq. He lost his left arm above the elbow and his left leg above the knee.

Noahweek-nine-viennese-waltz framedOvercoming his injuries…Noah Galloway took third place in ABC’s Dancing with the Stars, paired with professional Shama Burgess.

Noah CollageToday, Noah Galloway…Is a Personal Trainer and Motivational Speaker. He promotes men’s health! He is the proud father of three lovely children. 



Saturday, May 28th…Noon – 2 Pm  Family Picnic

  • AThband1343658211andrewthielen_largeframedExhibits,
  • Live “Music On Stage” By: ANDREW THIELEN BIG BAND (Immediately after the Parade)
  • Meet Grand Marshall Noah Galloway
  • FREE for Military Personnel, Veterans & Their Families, Including National Guard & Reserves 


  • Vet March7879109_GframedMonday, May 30th @ 9:00 Am…MEMORIAL DAY VETERANS MARCH  On Ocean Blvd. (From 16th Ave. to Ninth North) 
  • Monday, May 30th@ 10:00 Am At Plaza, Myrtle Beach Convention Center …MEMORIAL DAY REMEMBRANCE CEREMONY
  • Monday, May 30th @ 1:00 Pm At Grand  14 Cinemas…MEMORIAL DAY TRIBUTE FILM 
  • Learn More on MILITARY APPRECIATION DAYS Event in May 2016 @  Or Call: (843) 918 – 1014


“Sunset Beach, N. C.” 



SSB Church Serv.wp86c295af_05_06framedSunset Beach Worship Service is Presented By: The Calabash Covenant Presbyterian Church…Near the Pier on the island of Sunset Beach! Services are held during the Summer Months…Memorial Day Weekend  and each Sunday until Labor Day! (Services are held regardless of  weather & meet under the Gazebo in the event of rain.)

Music12bfa3d2a210ea17d7bf6a71b3f15a737:30 Sundays …Musical Prelude to Services:

  • Traditional Hymns
  • Gospel
  • Praise
  • Worship
  • Choir with Music for Vacationing Families!

8:00 Am Sundays…Worship Services ( Approximately 30 Minutes) & Includes “Children’s Moment” for the Little Ones! 

Bring your beach chair or blankets. Enjoy a short Moment of Meditation in…”God’s Sanctuary By the Ocean”!

Check out more At:   OR Call: (910) 579-7356


Back Street Cafe

BS-Cafe-CollageBack Street Cafe is a Great Way to start your Beach Day with Breakfast or Lunch! It is conveniently located at 1780 Chandler’s Lane in Sunset Beach…Near ATMC & Pelican’s Book Store. This delicious cafe is a New York Style Cafe with a Home-Style Southern Twist! 

The Breakfast Menu Includes:

  • BSCFelh7w9vme49oqu98_580x380framedOmelet Platters…All served with Home Fries, Homemade Bread & Beverage
  • Wraps
  • Quesadillas
  • Pancakes
  • French Toast
  • Homemade Bakery Delights & More!

The Lunch Menu Includes:

  • Specialty Sandwiches
  • Salads
  • Hearty Soups and More

There are also Daily Specials and a variety of Specialty Coffees…Like Creme Brulee Coffee! 

BACKSTREET CAFE Hours: Monday – Saturday  7 Am – 4 Pm & Sunday    8 Am – 2 Pm 

ann-steve-174x300-174x300The Backstreet Cafe is owned and run by Ann and Steve Cuozzo, Neighbors in Smithfield at Brunswick Plantation. They are originally from Long Island , New York. Steve is the chef at their Cafe and has managed some of the most successful gourmet deli’s in New York. They say they are “People Pleasers” and The Backstreet Cafe is their “Dream Come True”! 

If you enjoy eating at their “Deli Delight” Cafe, they also have a catering business. Many folks at Brunswick Plantation are delighted to have them cater the Special Events! 

Check Out “The Backstreet Cafe” @   Or Call: (910) 575-6759

 Relax at Sunset Beach

Theraputic Massage 

massage-coupon-framed-236x300Theraputic Massage By Maxine Putnam,a licensed Massage Therapist…Offers an integral array of modalities based on Individual Needs to Include:

  • Swedish Massage
  • Deep Tissue
  • Sports Massage
  • Reflexology
  • Reiki and More!massage

MT96458c9ae5308246b071e8420f7ca5c6Massage for the Mind, Body, & Soul…A Perfect Way to Make Your Day!

Call Maxine for an appointment: Monday – Saturday @ (910) 269 – 1385 Maxine is located at Salon 790 in Sunset Beach and will give you an appointment…To Suit Your Vacation Schedule! 

MASSAGE By MAXINE…A Healthy Way to Enhance a Relaxing Beach Day!

Ingram Planetarium @ Sunset Beach  

ingram-planetarium (1)INGRAM PLANETARIUM… 7625 High Market Street @ Sunset Beach,  a place of Wonder & Enchantment for All Ages! 


  • Undiscovered Worlds
  • Tales of the Maya Skies
  • Ingram P CollageDinosaur Passage to Pangaea
  • Legends of the Night Sky
  • Laser Light & Music Shows
  • Seven Wonders
  • Astronaut
  • Dynamic Earth
  • The Night Sky
  • Undiscovered Worlds
  • Special events & Lectures!

Ingram Planetarium Summer Hours…Open at 10:30 Am May 27th – Sept. 5th

Learn More about Ingram Planetarium & Museum of Coastal Carolina at (Ocean Isle Beach) @ Or Call 910 575-0033




RUN SUNSET BEACH…600 Runners will Race:

  • 1/2 Marathon…7 Am ($75)
  • 5 K … 8 Am ($40)
  •  1 Mile Fun/Run/Walk…8:30 Am ($25)
  • Registration for RUN SUNSET BEACH: By May 19th
  • Supporting: TURTLE PATROL of Sunset Beach 

run-sunset-beach-2016-race-swagframedSaturday, May 21st…RUN SUNSET BEACH is the 2nd of the island’s 4 race season…With the World’s Largest Series Race Medals!


Check Out more of RUN SUNSET BEACH @

Coastal Carolina Area Wineries



La Belle Amie Winery…1120 St. Joseph Road in Little River, SC   Open: Monday – Saturday 10 Am – 6 Pm (Closed on Sunday)

La Belle Amie Winery…Home of Twisted Sisters Wine, offers Wine Tastings…Monday – Friday and on Non-Festival Saturdays!

 La belle amie giftshopLa Belle Amie Gift Shop offer special gifts for your Browsing & Shopping Pleasure!

Wine-Wednesday-at-La-Belle-Amie-VineyardWINE WEDNESDAYS…Live Music 1 – 5  & Food available to purchase & FREE Admission.

OLDIES THURSDAYS…Live Oldies Music 1 – 5 & Food available to purchase & FREE Admission.

WINE  DOWN FRIDAY…Live Music 1 – 5 & Food available to purchase & FREE Admission. 

Bring a Chair and a Friend! Sorry, No Pets.

LA BELLE AMIE Festival Dates:LaBelleAmie07 1framed

***May 28…Memorial Saturday Music & Cookout ($3)

***June 4…American Pie Oldies Music Fest ($8)

***June 18…Summer’s Fest Saturday Cookout ($3)

***July 2…Independence Saturday Cookout ($3)

***July 16…Summer Parrot Head Festival ($8)

***July 30…Mid-Summer Saturday Cookout ($3)

Admission reduced by $3 if you bring 2 canned/dry good food items for the Food BanLa-Belle-Amie-Collage-2-300x208framed

Learn More La Belle Amie Winery @  Or Call 843  399-9463 WINE



silver W FramedSilver Coast Winery, 6680 Barbeque Road N.W., Ocean Isle Beach, NC…Open: Monday – Saturday 11 Am – 6 Pm & Friday Til 7 Pm PLUS Sunday…Noon – 5 Pm. Tastings offered Daily!

Friday Night Music at the Winery @ 4 Pm:

***May 20…John Cubito…Acoustic Rock

***May 27…Tony Reese…Beachy Jimmy Buffet


 flight paterns collageFriday, June 3rd…”flight patterns” By: Karen White…5 Pm BOOK SIGNING At SILVER COAST WINERY! Sponsored by: Pelican Book Store 

More about Silver Coast Winery @ Or Call: 910 287-2800. Ask about their Southport Tasting Room!



Duplin CollageDUPLIN Winery is located @ 4650 Hwy. 17 in N. Myrtle Beach, SC

DUPLIN  Winery is owned by the Duplin Family with Rural Vineyards in Rose Hill, NC.

DUPLIN WINERY at N.Myrtle Beach offers Wine Tastings, Tours, Live Music Entertainment! OPEN: Monday – Saturday…11 Am – 6 Pm (Closed on Sunday)

***Enjoy Myrtle Beach DUPLIN WINERY For…Cool Sweet & Easy MUSIC IN THE COURTYARD 2:30 pM – 5:30 pM  Featuring:

  • Duplin collage 2Friday, May 20Curtis Lee
  • Saturday, May 21…Monica Jane
  • Friday, May 27…Curtis Lee
  • Saturday, May 28…Duster
  • Monday, May 30…J.T. and the Strats
  • Tuesday, May 31…Stan James Gregory
  • Wednesday, June 1…Johnny Cobb
  • Thursday, June 2…Curtis Lee

Check Out DUPLIN WINERY @  Or Phone: 800  774-9634 & WINE a Little@  CHEERS!


Big “M” Casino Ship 1…In Little River Marina

Big M logoBig “M” CASINO SHIP 1…4491 Mineola Ave. & Waterfront Ave. in Little River, SC


Big M CollageBig “M” 1 is a Luxurious Gambling Cruise with Las Vegas style gambling that includes:

  • Blackjack
  • Craps
  • Roulette
  • Let it Ride
  • 3 Card Poker
  • Texas Hold em’ Poker
  • Newest & Loosest Slots
  • Popular “Pot O’ Gold Machine

All Cruises have a Superb Buffet (All You Can Eat)!

Check Out More on Big “M” Casino Ship 1 @  Or Phone: 843  249-9811  OR Toll Free 877-250 LUCK


Brookgreen Gardens


BROOKGREEN GARDENS..Celebrating the 85th Anniversary!

Brookgreen CollageframedBROOKGREEN GARDENS…Beautiful gardens filled with sculpture and the only accredited Zoo of the Carolinas! Brookgreen offers an amazing array of Art, History, and Exhibits & Programs to Include:

  •  A 48 Ft. Pontoon Cruise on the creeks of the Waccamaw River with a guide!
  • A Butterfly House
  • Gullah Program…An entertaining & Informative Program (1 Pm on Wednesdays) about the culture, food. language, and history of the Gullah Geechee People!

***NEW in 2016…NOW through September 5th…”NATURE CONNECTS” Art with LEGO® Bricks!

BROOKGREEN GARDENS Hosts 12 Larger-Than-Life LEGO® Brick Sculpture Installations in it’s Native Wildlife Zoo! “NATURE CONNECTS” was created by Sean Kenney, a renowned artist & children’s author! “NATURE CONNECTS” is an Award winning exhibit currently touring the country! It is made from half a million LEGO® bricks! 

It Includes:

  • BGLego collage 2A 6 Ft. Hummmingbird hovering over a Trumpet Flower
  • A Deer Family
  • A 7 Ft, Dragonfly and More!

This Exhibit is OPEN DAILY Til 8 PM…And included in the garden Admission! Admission is good for 7 Days!

BROOKGREEN GARDENS is located on Highway 17…Between Murrels Inlet and Pawleys Island. For More Information…Phone: (800) 849-1931 OR Learn Moe @





Calabash Fishing Fleet



Nav Framedhome-page-navigator-head-boat-charter-fishing***2 Hour Adventure for the Whole Family on the 65′ Navigator!


***Miss Calabash framedGulf Stream Fishing Charter offered on the 40′ Miss Calabash:

  • 1/2 Day Charter
  • 3/4 day Charter
  • FULL Day Fishing Charter

PicMonkey-Collage-Calabash-fishing-fleet-300x270framedCALABASH FISHING FLEET is located at…99445 Nance St. on the Calabash Waterfront   More @ OR Call: 910 575-0017 OR Toll Free 866 575-0017


Hurricane Fishing Fleet

Hur Fleet sign

Hurricane Fleet Adventure Cruises

Hurricane II framed***Enjoy an Adventure Cruise with your Family on the 90′ Hurricane II…Let the Crew Show you “Nature Under The Sea”!


Deep Sea Fishing

Hurricane Fleet Collage framed***Deep Sea Fishing Charters…Depart Monday – Friday @ 1:30 Pm – 4 Pm   Reservations are not Required …But Recommended!


More @  Or Call: 910  579-3660 OR SC 843-3571


Relax in Calabash

Sacred Willow Spa

Sacred willow C ollage

SACRED WILLOW SPA…Family Owned Spa10140 Beach Drive in Calabash Plaza

Relax, Unwind,Rejuvenate @ SACRED WILLOW SPA…A Cozy Oasis in the Heart of Calabash

“SACRED WILLOW SPA” Treatments Include:

  • Massages
  • Reiki Healing
  • Facials…Aromatherapy, Gentleman’s Facial, & Others
  • Microdermabrasion
  • Waxing & Tinting
  • Reflexology
  • Couples Massages

SWSPA12923116_10154103511275970_2198795407543013888_nMARY STEPHENS”…Voted # 1 MASSAGE THERAPIST & “LESLIE PALMIERI”…Voted # 1 ESTHETICIAN in Brunswick Country by: Brunswick Beacon Reader’s Choice! Sisters in SPA EXCELLENCE! THANKS and Congratulations to the BEST in Brunswick County!

SACRED WILLOW SPA…OPEN: Monday – Friday…9 Am – 3 Pm & Saturday 9 Am – 2 Pm (Closed on Sunday) 

spa-day-relax-quotes-01framedCall for an Appointment @ (910) 575-7707  Check Out  Ongoing Special…1 Hour Massage PLUS 1 Hour Facial for $100!  Gift Certificates are Available! See a Complete SPA Menu @



barefoot Landing collage1BAREFOOT LANDING in North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina…Located along the Intracoastal Waterway, has much to offer with a Southern Style Hospitality!

BAREFOOT LANDING is a place to shop, dine, and unwind in a variety of ways and at many special places. There is shopping in a wide number and types of unique stores, live entertainment..In the Alabama Theatre, House of Blues, and several other fascinating venues. You can even cruise the Intracoastal  Waterway in the RIVERBOAT PRINCESS!  Enjoy the Daytime activities for family and friends, as well as the Nightlife! 


barefoot Princess col.RIVERBOAT PRINCESS CRUISES Include: Sightseeing Cruises ( Am & Afternoon), Sightseeing Cruises (With a Boxed Lunch), Dinner Cruises, Sunset Cruises, Group & Private Charters, and More! Phone: (843) 272-679 Or (843) 2140 Check Out RIVERBOAT PRINCESS  @

Popular Barefoot Landing Entertainment

Alabama Theatre Alabama Theatre ONE_The_Show_002framed

One Show framedALABAMA THEATRE (On Barefoot Landing @ 4750 hwy 17 South, N. Myrtle Beach, SC) Offers the Mega Hit Musical “ONE SHOW” nightly at 7:30…Summer Special…Offered May 30 – Sept. 1, 2016: For every adult ticket purchased for the “ONE SHOW”, there will be up to two FREE tickets for Kids 16 & Under. The “ONE SHOW” is Fun for the Whole Family!

AlJune Collage& Guest Artist Shows at 7:00 Pm to Include:

  • Sunday, June 5…Baby Boomer Comedy Show
  • Sunday, June 12…Rick Alviti & His Showband “Tribute to Elvis”
  • Friday, June 24…1964 “Best Beatles Tribute Band on Earth”

Check Out More ALABAMA THEATRE  @  Or Phone: 1 – 800- 342-2262


Barefoot Landing Summerfest


BAREFOOT LANDING SUMMERFEST…Nightly Boardwalk Entertainment To Include: Jugglers, Uni-cyclist, Comedians, Clowns, Amazing Magic Tricks , Face Painting, And More!

FIREWORKS Over the Waterway At Monday Nights at 10:15! 


House_Of_Blues_1-300x300framedHOUSE OF BLUES (Barefoot Landing at 4640 Hwy 17 South, North Myrtle Beach, SC) Offers a Variety of Entertainment Venues PLUS Dining  Delights! 

Check out the Following @

hfoBlcollageCROSSROADS…The Intersection of Music , Food, and Art! 

GOSPEL BRUNCH Featuring Kirk Patrick…Sundays 9 Am – 2 Pm

“THE DECK” At The HOUSE OF BLUES…Happy Hour Til  7Pm & Fresh Food from “The Smokehouse Plus Great DRINK SPECIALS  Nightly! FREE Live Music at the Best Outdoor Bar!

MURDER MYSTERY DINNER THEATRE…An Interactive Comedy “Who Dunnit” 

Call for Show Dates & Tickets PLUS  Additional Info @ (843) 272-3000   



Broadway_at_the_Beach framedBroadway at the Beach,1325 Celebrity Circle, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina…Offers 350 Acres of FUN for All!

BROADWAY AT THE BEACH is a wealth of special attractions, shopping, dining, entertainment, and nightlife! It is there for All Ages for you to Explore @

BBfireworks framedBROADWAY At The BEACH…Summer FIREWORKS Tuesday & Friday Nights At 10:15! 

Here are a few “BROADWAY AT THE BEACH” Venues that might attract you & yours!

Legends In Concert

LEGENDS CollageLEGENDS IN CONCERT…Fabulous Live Tribute Show  @


Palace Theatre framedPalace Theatre

PALACE THEATRE…Features: “Cirque Extreme”…Heart Pounding Thrill Show PLUS Live Concerts &  More @ 

Ripley’s Aquarium

MBRipley Aquarium 2RIPLEY’S AQUARIUM,1110 Celebrity Circle..Discover The Wonder of  “TOUCH TANK” & Aquarium LIVE SHOWS (With Mermaids)  and FUN for All Ages. Check it  Out @

RIPLEY’S Ocean Boulevard THRILLS


Ripleys 4 collage***BELIEVE IT Or NOT! Amazing ODDITIES from Around The World!



***MOVING THEATER…As REAL as IT GETS…All New Special Effects!

Check it All Out @


The Carolina Opry

Carolina Opry collageTHE CAROLINA OPRY is an Award Winning Show presenting hours of music, comedy, and dance in a Luxurious Theatre…(Located at 8901 North King’s Highway , Myrtle Beach, SC) More on all shows at the Calvin Gilmore Theatre @ Call for Tickets at the Calvin Gilmore Theatre At: (843) 913-4000 Or (800) 843-6779

Entertainment, shopping, and dining are always exciting in Coastal Carolina!

*****Restaurant of the Month*****

LA CUCINA Italian Grill

La Cucina grille framed

LA CUCINA ITALIAN GRILL 1780 Chandlers In Unit 11 At Sunset Beach, NC is an Intimate, Casual Bar & Restaurant preparing Hearty Italian & Italian American Specialties!20160513_123638barGfraned


 Antipasti (Appetizers):

  • Bruschetta
  • Stuffed Portabella Mushrooms
  • Fried Mozzarella
  • Saucy Shrimp…Saut’eed with fresh tomatoes, spinach & basil
  • Fried Calamari
  • Mussels Josephine…Saut’eed with onions, lemon & fresh basil with Italian tomatoes & Sambuca
  • Clams Casino
  • Clams & Mussels…Saut’eed with mushrooms, asparagus & Spinach served in your choice of marina or white wine with fresh tomatoes

La Cucina food tableInsalata (Salad)

  • Caprese Salad
  • Spinach Salad
  • Caesar Salad
  • Antipastpo Salad…Mixed greens, salami, provolone cheese, tomatoes, artichoke, cucumber, roasted peppers, onions, tuna,black olives, hot cherry peppers, supersatta & Homemade Italian Dressing

ENTREES…Include: Salad, Pasta & Toasted Garlic Ciabatta Bread

***PASTA DI CASTA (Pastas)…12 Delightful Choices Including: Roasted Eggplant,  Spaghetti & Meatballs, Lobster ravioli, Penne ala Vodka, Lasagna, Florentine Manicotta, Homemade Italian Sausage and More!

LC180s-1-1framed***PESCE (Fish)…11 Scrumptious Seafood Treats Including: Shrimp Gorgonzola, Scallops & Shrimp in A Champagne Cream Sauce, Pan Seared Scallops & Shrimp Aglio, Calamari Fra Diablo, Fresh Catch Puglia, Frutti Di Mare, and More!

***STEAKS & CHOPS…10 Delicious Choices Including: Filet Mignon Marsala, Pork Chop Marsala, Pork Chop Cacciatore, Breaded Veal Saltimbuca, Veal Picata, Parmigiana, and More!

***POLLO (Chicken)…12 Zesty Chicken Dishes Including: Caprese Chicken, Grilled Chicken & Sausage, Chicken Piccata, Chicken Alfredo, Chicken Carbonara ,and More!

***SOUPS…Pasta Fagioli, Spinach Cantalini, & Italian Wedding

shrimp-nests-R131370-ssframedBAMBINI…Kids Under 10 Menu…Yummy for Your Tummy Choices

LUNCH MENU…Served Wednesday thru Saturday 11:30 to 4:;00

Lunch…13 Lunch Dishes: Pastas , Chicken, Clams, Fresh Catch,Roasted Eggplant, and More…PLUS Variety of 8 Sandwiches served on toasted ciabatta bread with fries and a pickle.

OPEN: Sunday, Monday, & Tuesday…4 Pm – 9:30 Pm AND Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, & Saturday…11:30 Am – 9:30 Pm  * Recommendations Recommended: Phone (910) 579-9777 Livelovesign

La Cucina insideLA CUCINA ITALIAN GRILL…REVIEWSDelicious! Fantastic!  Eat there often!…”Unique Italian” The chefs are Top Notch here! The sauces for the appetizer & entree were excellent & Bread was addictive!  Service Excellent!…This is the BEST Italian Food Available! Both my husband and I LOVE this restaurant! You need to make reservations. Wait staff is amazing & food is always outstanding! Wine selection, both whites and reds are superb!…Great dining experience, wonderful service, awesome food & atmosphere! Would make another trip down to Sunset Beach just to have dinner there!



Ya'llimages framedYou will always find good dining, great entertainment, a variety of enjoyable activities, beautiful beaches, friendly folks, and have FUN in Coastal Carolina! Join us at Brunswick Plantation and Golf Resort ® for another season of “A Better Way of Life” ! Ya’ll Come!

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Golf News from the Pro 5.16 by Brunswick Plantation Living

Golf News from the Pro pic

Hello to All:



May brings beautiful sunny and warm days and we have had plenty of wonderful days!

 Our course is starting its way back to summer shape.  The cooler than average winter/spring has not allowed the Bermuda grass to really thrive just yet. You might not be aware of this but, Bermuda grass, when dormant (brown in color), requires a night-time temperature in the low 60’s to really thrive.  Due to the unusually cold and wet weather pattern this spring we are just starting to see fairway and rough mowers cutting grass. 

Rob Vaughan, Golf Course Superintendent, and his staff are doing a great job!  Thanks to Rob & Staff.

 Starting May 30th our yearly maintenance will take place; which will include tees, fairways, and greens.  Although this is not our favorite time of year it is a necessary evil in order to ensure good greens and healthy grass in the years ahead.  We will close one nine for a week at a time to allow for better healing and for our superintendent to address other issues for that particular course.

 Here is our 2016 maintenance schedule, with cooperation from the weather. Courses TBA.

May 30 thru June 5

 June 6 thru June 12

  June 13 thru June 19

Happy Golfing,


Head Golf Professional

Pro-Shop Manager

Director of Memberships

Golf News Shawn Hicken Signature


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Coastal Living News and Events 4.16

Spring framed

“Spring has Sprung” and the Fun has Begun at Brunswick Plantation and Golf Resort®Every Season for Every Reason…Coastal Living in North Carolina is fun for the whole family!  BP collage framedBrunswick Plantation is the the perfect place to enjoy events and activities in North and South Carolina, as it is located in Calabash, NC and just 3 miles from the state line to Little River and N. Myrtle Beach, South Carolina! We have a few that you might choose to do and see when you are in this area in the coming month. Explore and Enjoy Coastal Carolina!  

Art In The Park

WACG-LogoSaturday, April 16 & Sunday April 17…10Am- 4 Pm  Market Commons Welcomes You…To “ART IN THE PARK” at Valor Park, 1120 Farrow Parkway, Myrtle Beach, SC !

“ART IN THE PARK” is a Fine Art & Craft Show organized by Waccamaw Arts and Crafts Guild and Showcasing Original Southeastern Art:Art in the park Collage

  • Paintings
  • Woodworking
  • Photography
  • Jewelry
  • Glass
  • Metal
  • Pottery
  • Stone



Enjoy “Art In The Park” Exhibits ! There are no food booths & pets are allowed! It’s the Art of It all…For All!


Society of Stranders…SOS Spring Safari

sos1April 15 – 24…Various Venues in N. Myrtle Beach

SOSspring collageMembers of ACSC will schedule “Tea Parties” in Local Lounges! Lounges themselves will schedule special parties during the Spring Safari!

Shag Dance instructors will offer…Classes to the Masses who are seeking to improve their skill OR Increase their repertoire of moves!  

SOS-Spring-parade-300x225framedSaturday, April 23 @ 1 PM…SOS Parade with Fun Floats and Folks!

Check Out SOS Spring Safari @

Nightlife along clubs on Main Street and OD…Meet Old Friends and New when you Join the Party at Spring Safari!  


Singing In The Sun

Sing Sun Collage framedApril 18 – 23…6:30 Pm  “SINGING IN THE SUN” Featuring GOSPEL Music’s Greatest Artists & Well Known Speakers, is presented Live/ On Stage at the Myrtle Beach Convention Center… 2101 N. Oak Street on Myrtle Beach!

For more Info and Tickets: Phone 1-888-6858 OR @


Carolina Master Chorale 

logo framed


Saturday, April 23 @ 4 Pm…Ocean View Baptist Church, 7300 North Kings Highway, Myrtle Beach, SC 29572

Sunday, April 24 @ 4 PmTrinity Church ,3000 North Kings Highway, Myrtle beach, SC 29577

CMC groupCMC Season Finale Honors:

  • Attending Local First Responders
  • Community Leaders
  • Charitable Workers
  • Decorated Athletes
  • Historical Icons

This concert of thrilling music pays tribute to the people in our community and beyond who have dedicated their lives to the care of American values, which are shared by us all!   

CMC features

Check out “Carolina Master Chorale” @


Long Bay Symphony


LBSYouth Collage

Wednesday, April 27…7:30 Pm – 8:30 Pm “SPRING YOUTH ORCHESTRA CONCERT”  @ Myrtle Beach High School Music & Arts Center, 3302 Robert Grissom Parkway, Myrtle Beach, SC   Phone: 843 448-8379  Check Out Symphony Performances @


La Belle Amie Winery

La-Belle-Amie-iconLa Belle Amie Winery…1120 St. Joseph Road in Little River, SC…Open Monday – Saturday 10 Am – 6 Pm (Closed on Sunday)

La Belle Amie Winery…Home of Twisted Sisters Wine, offers Wine Tastings…Monday – Friday and on Non-Festival Saturdays.  

wine1La Belle Amie Gift Shop offers special gifts for Your Browsing and Shopping Pleasure!

WINE DOWN WEDNESDAYS…Live Music & Food available to purchase & FREE Admission.

WINE DOWN FRIDAYS…Live Music & Food available to purchase & FREE Admission.

LaBelleAmie07 1framedBring a Chair and a Friend!   Sorry, No Pets.  

Festivals  Dates:

***Saturday, April 23 …APRIL MUSIC FEST ($8)

***Saturday, May 7…KEY WEST MUSIC FEST ($8)


Admission reduced by $3 if you bring 2 canned/dry good food items for the Food Bank.

Check Out LA BELLE AMIE WINERY & Festival with Live Music, Food and details @  Or Phone: 843 399-9463


Silver Coast Winery

silver-W-FramedSilver Coast Winery, 6680 Barbeque Road N. W., Ocean Isle Beach NCOpen: Monday – Saturday 11 Am – 6 Pm & 7 Pm on Friday  PLUS Sunday Noon – 5 Pm

Tastings offered daily & Scheduled Tours available 1 pm & 3 Pm   

Check Out SILVER COAST WINERY @  Or Phone 910  287-2800

silver-coast-winery-tasting framedCheck Out SILVER COAST WINERY “Southport Tasting Room” , 105 South Howe Street, Southport, NC

You can do both wine and beer tasting in the beautiful downtown of Southport, NC.  You can also shop for gifts and wonderful art!  Open: Monday – Saturday 11 Am – 7 Pm & Wednesday Til 8 Pm PLUS Sunday 1 pm – 6 Pm…Southport Tasting Room Phone: 910 777-5151


Duplin Winery

Duplin Winery - Rendering framedDUPLIN WINERY is located @  4650 Hwy 17 in N. Myrtle Beach, NC

Duplin Winery is owned by the Duplin Family with Rural Vineyards in Rose Hill, NC.

DUPLIN WINERY at N. Myrtle Beach offers Wine Tastings, Tours, Live Music Entertainment! OPEN: Monday – Saturday…11 Am – 6 Pm  (Closed on Sundays)

***Enjoy Myrtle Beach DUPLIN WINERY For…Cool Sweet & Easy Saturday MUSIC IN THE COURTYARD 2:30 – 5:30 Featuring:

  • Duplin CollageApril 16…Chad Thompson
  • April 23…Mark Daffer
  • April 30…Bill Powell
  • May 7…Monica Jane
  • May 14…Johnnie Acoustic
  • May 21…Chad Thompson
  • May 28…Curtis Lee

Check Out Duplin Winery @  Or Phone: 800  774-9634. Enjoy & WINE a Little! CHEERS!


Sunset River Marketplace

sunset mframedSunset River Marketplace, 10283 Beach Drive in Calabash, NC…Has a fabulous Art Gallery, Handmade Jewelry,amazing Art & Area Books and much more to Capture Your Creativity and take it to a New Level! 


Image01_1-300x300Sunset River Marketplace is Currently Featuring…Works in Acrylic & Clay by KAMI KINNISON with her Show running through April 30th!

April 20…5:30 – 7:30…Join us for PAINT AND PARTY, MERMAID, Acrylic on Canvas!

pnp_mermaid_on_pier framedPAINT & PARTY is a Fun time where you can uncork your creativity & your favorite wine in a friendly atmosphere. No experience necessary, just bring a little imagination! Bring your best pals or come on your own…Friendly Fun for All!   Phone: 910 575-5999 Or Learn More about Sunset River Marketplace and Future events @


Mulberry Park Grand Opening

Mulberry framedWelcome to the GRAND OPENING of the New 10-acre MULBERRY PARK at 123 Mulberry Street in Shallotte, NC!

framed embersFriday, May  20th @ 6 Pm…“Grand Opening Ceremonies” @ 6:30 Pm with “The Embers” Featuring Craig Woolard!


Mullberry Park Farmers Market

Farmers Market

Saturdays 8 A.M. – Noon…May -September…Mullberry Park Farmers Market offers Fresh Local Produce For You at  123 Mullberry Street Phone: (910) 754-4032


Shallotte River Swamp Park

Ocean-Isle-Beach-Outpost-Swamp-ParkSHALLOTTE RIVER SWAMP PARK…Ocean Isle Outpost

Shallotte River Swamp Park offers:

Swamp Collage***Zip Line Tours (1 & 1/2 Hours and 10 Zip Lines) Soar above the Swamp with a Bird’s Eye View of the Critters below!

***Aerial Adventures4 year old  – Military Challenge ( 4 – 6 year old must be accompanied by a parent.)

***Kiddie Park for the Youngest Adventurers!

***Swamp Park Eco Tours…On Pristine Shallotte River Swamp

Shallotte River Swamp Park … 5550 Watts Road, Ocean Isle Beach, NC  

Learn More @  OR Phone: 910 687-6100.


Horseback Riding

Peachtree Equestrian Center

Peachtree Horse CollagePeachtree Equestrian Center…Located at 810 Hickman Road N.W. in Calabash, NC

Peachtree Equestrian Center Offers:

  • Lessons & Trail Rides
  • Sports Instruction 

Learn More About…Peachtree Equestrian Center Phone: 910- 287-4790


Brookgreen Gardens

Brookgreen_Gardens_LogoframedBrookgreen Gardens…Celebrating the 85th Anniversary!

BROOKGREEN GARDENS…Beautiful Gardens filled with sculpture and the only accredited Zoo of the Carolinas! Brookgreen offers an amazing array of Art, History and  Exhibits and Programs to Include:

  • Brookgreen CollageframedA 48 Ft. Pontoon Boat Cruise on the creeks of the Waccamaw River with a guide!
  • A Butterfly House
  • Gullah Program…An Entertaining & informative Program about the culture, food, language and history of the Gullah Geechee People…Every Wednesday in April at 1 PM

NEW in  2016…NOW through September 5th 

lego logoframed“NATURE CONNECTS”…Art With LEGO® Bricks

BrooklegocollageBROOKGREEN GARDENS Hosts 12 Larger-Than-Life LEGO®  Brick Sculpture Installations in it’s Native Wildlife Zoo! “NATURE CONNECTS” was created by SEAN KENNEY, renowned artist & children’s author. “NATURE CONNECTS” is an award winning exhibit currently touring the country! it is made from a half a million LEGO® bricks! It includes:

  • A 6 Ft. tall Hummingbird hovering over a Trumpet Flower
  • A Giant Tortoise
  • A 7 Ft. long Dragonfly and More!

This Exhibit is OPEN Daily til 8 Pm…And included in the Garden Admission! Admission is good for 7 Days!

BROOKGREEN GARDENS is located on Highway 17 between Murrels Inlet and Pawleys Island.

For More Information…Phone: (800) 849-1931 OR Learn More @



Big “M” Casino Ship 1

big M casino logo

Big “M” Casino Ship 1…In Little River Marina

Big “M” Casino Ship 1…4491 Mineola Ave. & Waterfront Ave. in Little River, SC

Big M Collage

Big “M” 1 is a Luxurious Gambling Cruise with Las Vegas style gambling that includes:

  • Blackjack
  • Craps
  • Roulette
  • Let It Ride
  • 3 Card Poker
  • Texas Hold ’em Poker
  • Newest & Loosest Slots
  • Popular “Pot O’ Gold Machine

All Cruises have a Superb Buffet ( All you Can Eat )!

luck17Check out More on Big “M” Casino Ship 1 @  OR Phone 843 249-9811 Or Toll Free 877-250 LUCK


Calabash Waterfront



Calabash Fishing Fleet

calabash fishing fleet


Nav Framedhome-page-navigator-head-boat-charter-fishing***2 Hour Adventure for the Whole Family on the 65′ Navigator!



PicMonkey-Collage-Calabash-fishing-fleet-300x270framedGulf Stream Fishing Charter offered on the 40′ Miss Calabash:

  • 1/2 Day Charter
  • 3/4 day Charter
  • Full Day Charter

Calabash Fishing Fleet is located at…99445 Nance St. on the Calabash Waterfront   More @  Or Call: 910  575-0017 Or Toll Free 866 575-0017


Hurricane Fishing Fleet

Hur Fleet sign

Hurricane Fleet Adventure Cruises

Hurricane II framed***Enjoy an Adventure Cruise with your Family on the 90′ Hurricane II…Let the Crew Show You :Nature Under The Sea” !


***Deep Sea Fishing

Hurricane-Fleet-fishing2framedDeep Sea Fishing Charters…Depart Monday – Friday @ 1:30 Pm – 4 Pm Reservations are not Required but Recommended!

More @  Or Call: 910 5793660 OR SC 843  249-3571


Calabash Delights…For You to See and Do!

Calabash-Seafood-welcome-sign-300x118 (1)framed


Playing in Calabash

Tropical Adventure Mini-Golf

Tropical adventure M G Collage

Tropical Adventure Mini-Golf Course…Popular 18 Hole Mini-Golf  Course in Calabash, NC is a Beautiful, Well-Kept Course for Family Fun!

Tropical Adventure Mini-Golf Course is located at 10124 Beach Drive SW  By The Low Country Plaza in the Heart of  Calabash, NC… Open: Monday – Friday…10 Am – 6 Pm!  More Info Phone: 910  579-2226 


Eat and Shop at Harbor Center in Calabash…NEW For You!

NOTE: Harbor Center is on Beach Drive…Across from Callahan’s Nautical Gifts

Mermaid Coffee Shop

Mermaid collage

Mermaid Coffee Shop…9970 Beach Drive, Next to Alley OOP Surf Shop in Harbor Center of Calabash, NC


***ESPRESSO COFFEE By the Cup Or the Bag

***Fresh RoastedLeopard Forest Coffee from the mountains of Zimbabwe

***Free WiFi…Comfortable Place to Eat In with our Delicious Goodies! 

***Check Out Saturdays with Free Live Music!

Open: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday9:30 Am – 4 Pm PLUS Saturdays 9:30 Am – 5 Pm (Closed on Thursdays & Sundays)

Cash Or All Major Credit Cards accepted…Phone: 828-320-3943 for more info!


SEASIDE…NEW Sales and Consignment Shop

Seaside shop collage

SEASIDE Sales and Consignment is a newly opened  shop…997- Beach Drive, Suite 7 in Harbor Court

SEASIDE Sales and Consignment offers a Variety of Unique New & Used Stock with more arriving daily! 

Take a Look for yourself!   You can give them a Call @ 843 231-6400


Back Porch Ice Cream Shoppe

Back Porch Framed

Back Porch Ice Cream Shoppe is a popular place @ 9970 # 8 , Beach Drive…Also at Harbor Landing in Calabash, NC!


  • 24 Flavors of Mayfield Ice Cream
  • New Orleans Shaved ICE SNOWBALLS
  • Now Serving…FAT FREE YOGURT With a Flavor Burst
  • Cake Or Sugar Cones
  • Sundaes
  • Milkshakes
  • Malts
  • Floats

You may Take Out OR Sit in Comfort on a bench or Rocking Chair!  Open: Noon – 9 Pm Daily!  

Phone: 910 579-1533 for More Info!


Relax in Calabash

Sacred Willow Spa


Sacred Willow Spa ..Family Owned Spa @ 10140 Beach Drive in Calabash Plaza

Relax, Unwind, Rejuvenate @ SACRED WILLOW SPA… a Cozy Oasis  in the Heart of Calabash, NC!

Spa Treatments Include:

  • Massages…Wellness Booster, Sacred Stone, Maternity Bliss, & More
  • Reiki Healing
  • Facials…Aromatherapy , Gentleman’s Facial, & others
  • Microdermabrasion
  • Waxing & Tinting
  • Reflexology

MARY…Voted #1  Massage & LESLIE…Voted # 1 Esthetician in Brunswick County by: Brunswick Beacon Reader’s Choice! THANKS & Congratulations to the BEST In Brunswick County!  

OPEN: Monday – Friday 9 Am – 3 Pm & Saturday 9 Am – 2 Pm (Closed on Sunday)

Call for an Appointment @ 910  575-7707  Check out our Ongoing Special…1 Hour Massage PLUS 1 Hour Facial for $100! Gift Certificates are Available…Mother’s Day Gift to Give her a Lift!

 See a complete Spa Menu @


Barefoot Landing

barefoot Landing collage1

Barefoot Landing in North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina…Located along the Intracoastal Waterway, has much to offer with a Southern Style Hospitality!

Barefoot Landing is a place to shop, dine, and unwind in a variety of ways and at many special places. There is shopping in a wide number and types of unique stores, live entertainment , in the Alabama Theatre, House of Blues, and several other venues. You can even cruise the Intracoastal waterway on the Riverboat Princess! Enjoy the Daytime activities for family and friends as well as the Nightlife!

Check out more @  Here are some places and events…For you to Explore & Enjoy at Barefoot Landing!

Alabama Theatre

Alabama Theatre ONE_The_Show_002framed

the-one-show-alabama-theatreAlabama Theatre (On Barefoot Landing @ 4750 Hwy 17 South, N. Myrtle Beach, SC) Offers the Mega Hit Musical “ONE Show” nightly at 7:30 Pm &  Guest Artist Shows  at 7 PM to Inlcude:

***Saturday, April 16…Herb Reed’s Platters, The Coasters & Clyde McPhatter’s Drifters

***Saturday, April 23…The Kingston Trio

***Saturday, April 30…50’s Dance Party “Tribute to Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens, & Big Bopper

***Saturday, May 7…Three Dog Night

***Sunday, June 5…Baby Boomer Comedy Show

 ***Sunday, June 12…Rick Alviti & His Showband “Tribute to Elvis”

***Friday, June 24…1954 “Best Beatles Tribute Band on Earth”

Check Out More @ Or Phone: 1-800-342-2262


Broadway at the Beach

 Broadway_at_the_Beach framed

Broadway at the Beach is a wealth of special attractions, shopping, dining, entertainment, and nightlife!

BROADWAY AT THE BEACH offers 350 Acres of FUN for All!  Check out More @

The following are a few Myrtle Beach venues that might attract you!

Shows at the Calvin Gilmore Theatre in Myrtle Beach, SC

The Carolina Opry

Carolina Opry collage

THE CAROLINA OPRY is an Award Winning Show presenting hours of music, comedy, and dance in a Luxurious Theatre…(Located at 8901 North King’s Highway, Myrtle Beach, SC) More on all shows at the Calvin Gilmore Theatre @ Call for tickets for shows at the Calvin Gilmore Theatre At: 843-913-4000 Or 800-843-6779


****Restaurant of the Month****

Calabash Garden Tea Room & Gift Shop

tearoomfront (1)framed

CALABASH GARDEN TEA ROOM…At Calabash Cottages, 10152 Beach Drive SW in Calabash . NC…The Perfect Place to Sip, Relax, And Enjoy Life For  A While!

TT20160411_164835framedCALABASH GARDEN TEA ROOM & Gift Shop housed in a charming Victorian Style Tea House with antique Treasures of Owner, Kathy Cody, in use and on display! Treasures include Vintage Linens, Antique Tea Cups, and Silverware!


Assortment of HATS & BOAS …For You to Choose to Wear for Your Personal Tea Party! Enjoy choice of 80 Gourmet Teas (Including Downton Abbey Teas) …Poured from you choice of Unique & Antique Tea Pots. Enjoy Large & Small Pots of Tea  & Iced Tea By the Glass!


Open Wednesday – Saturday with sittings @ 11:30 Am & 3:00 Pm…CALABASH GARDEN TEA ROOM Offers:


  1. Tea foodSpring Mix Salad with Special Calabash Garden Dressing
  2. Fresh Baked Scones with Lemon Curd & Clotted Cream
  3. Assorted Tea Sandwiches
  4. Miniature Desserts

***CHILDREN’S TEA ( Ages 4 – 9 )

  1. party3 (1)framedHeart Shaped Scones with Jam
  2. PB & J Tea Sandwiches
  3. Dessert
  4. Choice of Lemonade, Hot Chocolate, or Tea


  1. Plated Assorted Tea Sandwiches 
  2. Fruit


  1. Fresh Baked Scones…Served With Lemon Curd
  2. Devonshire Cream & Fruit 

***Light Lunch Special

  1. 1/2 Sandwich & Salad 
  2. 1/2 Sandwich & Soup

A-La-Carte …Dessert Tea available upon Request!

A MOTHER’S DAY TEA would be Perfect for Thee…As would a GIFT CERTIFICATE For MOM!  


  • Children’s Tea Parties
  • Bridge Clubs
  • Baby & Bridal Showers
  • Angel Teas
  • Birthdays
  • Engagement Parties
  • Bridal Breakfast Or Brunch
  • Special Dinner Parties
  • Book Clubs
  • MahJong Groups
  • Red Hats

CALABASH GARDEN TEA ROOM seats 30 guests and can be reserved for private parties on any evening! Kathy loves to do the baking…Fresh for each occasion with new delicacies to suit the occasion! FINE CATERING is available ON Or OFF the Premises!  

Tea Quote5c6c4e21743205d10b40bbea201a0c3cCall: Kathy @ 910 – 579-9500 to Book Your Tea Party…For You & Yours! Learn More  @ 

Reviews some are Saying about Calabash Garden Tea Room:

Eileen Says:What a delightful experience ! The Ultimate Tea included a pot of tea for each of us. A wonderful salad, delicious finger sandwiches, amazing scones, and decadent desserts! Every detail was perfect from the lovely linens, and, Of Course, Choice of boas & hats to wear! What Fun! Yum!

Other comments include:

 From the china tea pots down to the elegant table settings…it was Just Perfect!

Yes, Men, Think about it…What a treat for your wife, mother, or sister! Great photos you will Cherish Forever!

mqdefaultFor the latest YOUTube Interview: Go to ATMC YOUTube/Calabash Garden Tea Room.  It is Brunswick B 13 Channel 3   



Ya'llimages framedThere is so much to see and do in Coastal Carolina! Join the Fun for all ages! Welcome to the South! Ya’ll Come!

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Brunswick Plantation News and Events 4.16

BP Flower CollageBrunswick Plantation and Golf Resort ® is our beautiful and vibrant gated community in Coastal Carolina! Folks here enjoy a variety of activities to share with friends and neighbors! Spring is Sprung at Brunswick Plantation…So Much to See and Do! We can stay healthy with Fitness and sharing with others! This truly is the Better way to Live!

Fundraising Evening to Benefit Calabash Fire Department

Calabash fire Dept.Wednesday, April 20 at the Brunswick House…Three separate events will be held at the Brunswick  House to raise funds for the Calabash Fire Department.  The department recently purchased a new Fire Engine with Federal Grant Funds. The new engine has been received and the department is working to properly equip the unit so that it can best serve the community. 

The APRIL EVENT will Include:

bingoBINGO: The April BINGO SESSION will start at 7 Pm.  The 6-Face admission card costs $10, 9-Faces for $15, Or 12-Faces for $20. Come Play for Fun, Food, Fishbowl, Family-Time, and Fundraising!

Bake sale cookiesBAKE SALE and 50/50 DRAWING: Sponsored by the Fire Department Auxiliary (Whose members include many Brunswick Plantation residents). 

***The Bake Sale will begin at 5:30 Pm. Donations of Wrapped/Priced Goodies are Welcome between 4:30 and 5:30.

***The 50/50 Raffle will be sold throughout the Bake Sale.With the Winner Announced before the end of the evening.


$5 Chances for the GOLF CART Raffle…Sponsored by the Calabash Fire Department (With proceeds going to the 4th of July Fireworks_ will be sold during the Bake Sale. The GOLF CART will be parked in front of the Brunswick House. ***The Drawing will be held at a later date, so be sure to put your information on the Ticket. 




Steve Seibert has volunteered to coordinate a Blood Donation Drive to be held at Brunswick Plantation. The Drive would take place somewhere in late April Or early May. Steve has been in contact with The Red Cross, and they have asked him to check with our residents to see what the interest level would be in having a Blood Drive. Steve is asking that you either call him at 287-4556 Or email him at if you would be interested in participating in the blood drive.  Thank You!


NIS Hosts Lunch at Melting Pot

MP FramedTuesday, May 17th at Noon…NEIGHBORS IN SERVICE  will be hosting a three-course lunch at the MELTING POT, 5001 N. King’s Highway in Myrtle Beach, SC.

Cost for Lunch & a Non-Alcoholic Beverage is $21.  Bring your friends & neighbors to this special outing.  Please call the Facilitator’s Office to sign up but pay for lunch at the restaurant on May 17th.  

Helping Hands

HelpingHandsframedHELPING HANDS is an extension of Neighbors In Service (NIS) here at Brunswick Plantation. This Group makes every effort to assist people in our community with special needs whether help is needed for a Visit Or Meals Or Shopping for Groceries.   We have assigned individuals within each area to help its residents. Please call the Brunswick House Facilitators and they will put you in touch with your Helping Hands Volunteer. We are Here to help each other!


A Night of Music & Dancing: THE RANDY McQUAY TRIO

Randy Mframed hqdefaultThe 2015 International Blues Challenge Winner, RANDY McQUAY, will be returning to Brunswick Plantation for the first time wince his Sold Out Show at the 19th Hole last month!

 This time Randy will be with his Trio which includes ALL DIMARCO  (Keyboard /Bass) & JARED EVANS  (Studio Drummer with SONY Records) 

WHEN: Saturday, June 4th (Tune Up @ 6 Pm & Music @ 7 Pm)


COST: $10 Per Person (No Food Included)

FOR RESERVATIONS: Contact Mike Kalman At  Or Call: 5516 – 263-5520 (Seats are going Fast! )

SCUBA DIVERS Or Anyone interested in SCUBA

Scuba framedRidKXbk6TWe are looking to start a SCUBA CLUB on Brunswick Plantation. Club activities will include:

  • Diving
  • Training
  • Social Activities
  • Travel Opportunities

If you are interested, Please send an email to

This is a Social Club for anyone interested in Scuba Diving…From experienced divers, newly certified, new divers in the area, Or anyone looking to get certified.

Brunswick Plantation FITNESS FUN

Fitnessimages framed

Golf Exercise Class


Terri Williams Daly teaches a Golf Exercise Class at the Brunswick House…Every Tuesday at 4 Pm.  The Class is One Hour and cost is $6 Per Class.

You will need:

  • A Floor Mat
  • Weights (1,2,3 lbs Or larger – Your preference)
  • A Golf Club ( 7 Iron)
  • A Small Beach Ball

Terri’s Classes help strengthen your core muscles. The class is Co-Ed. If Interested, email  Or call: 910 287-7550


FREE Walking Program Adds Zumba

fitness wlakingOur Walking Program continues with 4 Mile Walks:

  • Monday…4 Miles Walk
  • Wednesday…4 Miles Using Bands
  • Friday…4 Miles of Walking with Weights
  • Saturday…5 Mile Walks


zumba heartTuesdays and Thursdays on each week…You are now invited to join the group as they follow along with a ZUMBA Program that will begin at 8 Am and last just over an hour.

Please call Emily Bonneau if you would like additional info Or would like to be added to the Class Distribution List so that you are kept informed as to program changes or class cancellations. PLEASE NOTE: This is a FREE Program for All Residents and Their Guests & Participants following this program do so at their own risk.


Brunswick Plantation YOGA


Thursday GENTLE YOGA at 10 Am


This is a Gentle Yoga Class suitable for Every Body without pressure on wrist or knees.  This class includes linking breath to movement and stretching to improve mobility and flexibility. All Poses are done seated, supine, or standing to improve muscle tone, balance, strength, and stability.

Class is $5 Per Class. Please call Michelle Dorland at 910-880-2509 with any questions.


Brunswick Plantation 19th Hole

Karaoke Team Trivia Night


Tuesday, April 19th…6 Pm – 9 Pm…KARAOKE TEAM TRIVIA NIGHT at the 19th Hole with CHERYL Z 

Lunch menu available ..As Well As Several Special Appetizers!

I-Want-You_KARAOKEframedReservations: Please Call the 19th Hole 845 – 6902!

Come Out & Join the FUN! 


img54ca46834e1a7framedEveryone at Brunswick Plantation is contributes to making this community the dynamic and friendly place we Happily call Home! What ever the season…Fun is in the Air at Brunswick Plantation.heartsunnamed This spring and summer, we can see why so many couples choose Brunswick Plantation Destination Weddings ! Love is in the Air! Enjoy and Take Care!


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Golf News from the Pro 4.16 by Brunswick Plantation Living

Golf News from the Pro pic

Hello to All:

April is here and so is the Spring weather. The golf course is greening up and is busy with play.  My staff and I are excited to see all of you each day playing golf.

Our pro-shop is full of new spring apparel.  Come by and take advantage of your 20% member discount while many items are still in stock.  Property owners receive 10% off all items.

Golf Super Rob Vaughan and staff have done a great job getting our course back in shape after dealing with very inclement weather conditions this winter.  Thanks to them for their efforts.

Friendly Reminder:

Using our golf course cart paths for walking, biking, jogging, or any other type of exercise is prohibited during hours of operation.  Those hours are 7:00 am to 8:00 pm from now through daylight savings.  Also, traveling to and from the golf course using the cart paths is prohibited.  Please have consideration for our guests playing golf and use the roadways for traveling.  This would satisfy many.  Thank you for understanding.

Upcoming Events:

April 17:  9 & Dine.  This is a member event designed for couples to enjoy 9-holes and dinner afterwards.

May 23rd-26th:  2016 Member/Member.  Registration forms are available in the pro-shop.  A $25 fee is required to sign up for this year’s event.

Quick Golf Tip

How many of you struggle with fast putts? When faced with this shot you should stroke the putt using the toe of your putter. This will allow a softer strike and more control. Try it, it works!


Have Fun! And play well this spring!

Head Golf Professional

Pro-Shop Manager

Director of Memberships

Golf News Shawn Hicken Signature


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Coastal Living News and Events 3.16

Hello spring framedebdbc31a4e4fb9fba841ce88de3a98b8Spring is in the Air…In Coastal Carolina  and Everywhere! Welcome Spring…with all the bright delights you bring! There is a song in the air and the sweet smell of fresh flowers everywhere!

BP Collage10Brunswick Plantation and Golf Resort ® has so much to offer …Here and Near in North and South Carolina! Holiday events and festivals of the season are such easy access from our beautifully landscaped community in Calabash, NC…Just minutes from Little River and N. Myrtle Beach SC.  We offer some ideas for you to enjoy when you join us  at Brunswick Plantation…Our Paradise by the Beach! at Brunswick Plantation!

 Saint Patrick’s Day

St. Pat window1396491_origSaint Patrick’s Day was originally a Roman catholic feast day for Ireland’s patron saint, celebrated only in Ireland since before the 1600’s. In the 1700’s it evolved into a secular holiday when Irish immigrants in the U.S. held some of the first St. Patrick Day parades.

St. patrick facts42St. Patrick, Irish missionary and bishop, is credited for converting Ireland to Christianity. He was not born Irish.  His parents were Romans living in Britain in charge of the colonies.  His real name was Maewyn Succat.  He took the name of Patrick upon becoming a priest. He was captured by pirates as a teen and spent 6 years in captivity when he turned to God in prayer. He became fluent in Irish while in captivity. He escaped after having a dream from God and was set the task of teaching Christianity to the Irish.  He preached and converted all over Ireland for 40 years. Saint Patrick died on March 17, hence the day we celebrate his life. St. Patrick is buried at the village of Downpatrick. St-Patricks-Day-Irish-Quotes-1

Celebrating Saint Patrick’s Day in Coastal Carolina



VFW Post # 7288 

VFW St. P collageWednesday, March 16…4 Pm – 6 Pm

Enjoy a traditional Irish Feast @ 900 Carter Drive in Calabash, NC    Phone for More Info: 910 – 579-3577 Begorrah!


Derbsters Dining & Sports Lounge

Pats-npjThursday, March 17…All You Can Eat Irish Buffet with Corned Beef & cabbage, Reuben sandwich Or Corned Beef Platter  PLUS  Derbsters Regular Menu is also available! 4 Pm- 7:30 Pm  

Enjoy Green Draft Beer & Traditional Irish Drinks! 

Derbsters-K “Songs o’ the Irish” & Regular Music  Karaoke with Cheryl Z …Beginning at 5 Pm! 

 Derbsters is at 10110 Beach Drive , Calabash, NC *** Reservations Recommended…Phone: 910 – 779-6228

“Erin Go Bragh”…Forever Ireland!


Fibber McGees in Sunset Beach

fibber-collageThursday, March 17…Celebration begins at Noon with Live Music! Food and drink special including Corned Beef & cabbage.

Live Music by Fab 2…2 Pm – 7 Pm & Door Prizes will be awarded! “Luck O’ the Irish to Ya!”

Fibber Mcgees is at 1780 Queen Anne #1 in Sunset Beach     More @ Or Phone: 910-575-2271


Mulligans Sports Bar & Grill

Mulligans collageMulligan’s Sports Bar is celebrating St. Patrick by offering Irish menu specials of Corned Beef & cabbage, Fish & Chips, Shepherds Pie, Irish Stew and Corned Beef Reuben….March 12th  – Thursday, March 17! Mulligan’s regular menu is a mix of American & Irish cuisine!  

Irishe82abe83b4ab0ec01e2807b70613f25cMarch 16th(As every Wednesday) …Enjoy Karaoke with Cheryl Z

Live Music Entertainment at Mulligan’s… Fridays, Saturdays, & Sundays!

Thursday, March 17th is “Blind Draw Cornhide Tournament” ! Prizes Awarded!

Mulligan’s  has Sports on TV daily! Mulligan’s Sports Bar,  1359  Hwy 17 in Little River, SC.  More @  Or Phone: 843-249-7145


Springtime Celebrations

A Springtime Celebration…At C.B. Berry Community Center

Spring-Blossoms framedMonday. March 21 @ 11 Am…   C. B. Berry Community Center, 2250 Highway 179 in Little River, SC … Invites You to Celebrate Spring with a time of  Fun, Fellowship, and Great Food!


  • Soup
  • A Taste of Spring Salad
  • Assorted Sandwiches
  • Springtime Savories
  • Sweet Treats

Horry-county-Parkds-signframed$ 10 Per PersonTo Register for this Event, please contact Kim Paarker at 843-915-7871, Desiree McCray at 843-915-8521 Or Yashema Richardson at 843-915-7886. Please visit Horry County Parks and Recreation @



Southport Spring Festival

sitemgr_photo_3852framedFriday, March 25…10 Am – 5 Pm & Saturday, March 26…10 Am – 4 Pm In Franklin Square Park, SouthPort, NC

Southport Spring Festival Features:

  • SPRING-FESTIVAL-1024x768framedMusical Entertainment
  • Handmade Arts & Crafts
  • Children’s Activities
  • Azaleas & other plants for Sale
  • Food Vendors
  • Chili Cook-off

Festival Admission Fee = FREE!

Saturday, March 26 @ 8 Am…5K Run/ Walk Race  Go to to Register & Pay. Race Entry Fee before 3/25 is $20 & Race Day Fee is $25.

More info @

Taste of Calabash

165_TownSealframedSaturday, April 16…11 Am – 7 Pm & Sunday, April 17…11 Am – 5 Pm…Join us for “A Taste of Calabash” In Calabash Community Park, 868 Persimmon Rd. and Traders Lane

A-Taste-of-Calabash-Festival-1024x683framedExperience the natural resources of Calabash…Seafood Capital of the World, known for the delicious style of Calabash Seafood! Calabash, once know as the quaint fishing village of Pea Landing, is where Calabash style seafood originated!

“Taste of Calabash” Features:

  • Framed-calabash_north_carolina_card-re53ddd8cfaaf44d9b144750f53287064_xvuak_8byvr_324Town-Wide Treasure Hunt for prizes such as Restaurant Gift Cards
  • Live Music by: The Coastal Harmonizers
  • Arts & Crafts Vendors
  • Children’s Activities
  • Face Painting
  • Corn Hole
  • Fun for the whole Family!

For More Info: Phone 910 – 579 – 6747


keep calmFramed-Art Print-09953-Keep Calm Go Shopping-Text Quotes-Giclee Paper-AFriday, March 18 & Saturday, March 19…10 Am – 5Pm  “HEAVEN’S CORNER”  Antiques Store GRAND OPENING in Low Country Shops, 10138 Beach Drive, Calabash, NC

 “HEAVEN’S CORNER” WELCOMES  You to Browse the exciting 9 Vendors’ variety of quality, wide range of merchandise:

  • Antiques & Vintage Treasures
  • Specialty Items 
  • Designer Clothing
  • Hand-Crafted Collectibles

Enjoy Refreshments…10 Am – 2 Pm on Both Days! 


Calabash Waterfront

Calabash boats framed

Enjoy Calabash Waterfront Adventures…Down By The Waterfront!


Calabash Fishing Fleet


Calabash Fishing Fleet offers:

Nav Framedhome-page-navigator-head-boat-charter-fishing***Dolphin Adventure Cruise…A Two Hour Adventure for the whole family on the 65′ Navigator!


Miss Calabash framed***Deep Sea Fishing Charters…Golf Stream Fishing Charter offered on the 40′ Miss Calabash:

  • 1/2 Day Charter
  • 3/4 day Charter
  • Full Day Charter

Seafood-Shcak-CollageCheck out their WATERFRONT SEAFOOD SHACK…Open Mon. – Sat. 11 Am – 9 Pm (Closed on Sundays)  Carry Out OR Outside Seating!

Calabash Fishing Fleet is located at…99445 Nance St. on the Calabash Waterfront     Call: 9910 575-0017 Or Toll Free 866 575-0017  More @


Hurricane Fishing Fleet

Hurricane Fishing Fleet Offers:

Hurricane II framed***Hurricane Fleet Adventure Cruises on the 90’Hurricane II...Let the Crew Show You “Nature Under the Sea”!


***Deep Sea Fishing & Sports Fishing Charters…Departs Monday – Friday @ 1:30 Pm – 4 Pm Reservations are not required But recommended!

Hurricane Fishing Fleet is located in Calabash at 9975 Nance St at he Calabash Waterfront.   Call: NC 910 579-3660 Or SC 843 249-3571


Canadian – American Days Festival

Can Am Days Festival

Ca Amframeded5e2d91-bb7e-4f76-b932-8dd8cf01717d-1The 55th Annual Canadian American Days Festival is held along the Grand Strand of Myrtle Beach, SC…March 12 – 20, 2016

Myrtle Beach area businesses hold special deals for Can-Am Days!

Myrtle Beach Chamber of Commerce is offering FREE events including: 

  • Concerts
  • Golf Tournaments
  • Discounts & More

For More Information…Phone: 843-912-70276

March 16 & 17 …Chamber of commerce will offer complimentary coffee & pastries from 8:30 – 10:30 Am in Conway, SC. A FREE Shuttle will take visitors to enjoy the day exploring Downtown Conway at 9 Am & 11 Am. 

trudeaupch507327976.jpg;w=630framedWelcome to All our Canadian Friends!  


Area Winery Events


 La Belle Amie Winery

La Belle Amie collage


La Belle Amie Winery Features:

***Special Live Music…Future Events:

  • March 19…Spring Swing/ Big Band Fest   $10
  • April 2…April Fool Saturday Cookout  $3
  • April 9…Blues & Jazz  $8
  • April 23…April Music Fest  $8

La belle Collage framed

***WINE WEDNESDAYS…Live Music, Noon to 6 Pm

***Outside Music By The Melodic Ed Torres 12:15 – 4:15 Pm  with  Food: Cheese & fruit Trays , Chips, & Snacks. Wine Tasting Available 10 Am – 5 Pm 

Admission is …Just Your Smiling Face!

You may bring your own food but no beverages. Wine, Beer, Soda, & Juices are available for purchase. Sorry, No pets allowed. 

***WINE DOWN FRIDAYS…Live Music, Wine Tasting, & More! Food By:  The Vineyard Deli 12:30 Pm – 4:30 Pm Admission is Just Your Smiling Face!

La Belle Amie Winery is Open: Monday – Saturday 10 Am – 5 Pm…Gift Shop & Wine Tasting are Available!  Winery is located at 1120 St. Joseph Road, Little River, SC!  More at Or Phone: 843-399-9463 WINE    wine-glasses-toast-576 framed



Easter Season Events


Bunny Hop Easter Celebration 

barefoot1March 26…Noon – 4 Pm…BUNNY HOP EASTER


framed bunnyBunny Hop Easter:

  • Fun Games
  • Visits with the Easter Bunny
  • Kids Karaoke
  • Scavenger Hunt
  • Entertainment
  • Food Specials

Barefoot  Landing is located at 4898 HWY 17 S, in N. Myrtle Beach…On the Barefoot Landing Marina. 

More Info @


Easter at the Old Bridge

Easter OBframedSaturday, March 26…1 Pm – 3 Pm…Enjoy “EASTER AT THE OLD BRIDGE”, 109 Shoreline Drive W. in Sunset Beach, NC

Bring you Easter basket and meet the Bunny! 

Easter at the Old Bridge Offers:

  • Egg Hunt
  • Tasty Treats
  • Fun
  • Games
  • Easter Parade
  • Easter Egg Roll
  • Face Painting 
  • Sack Race
  • Decorated Cupcakes 
  • And More!

More @   Or Phone: 910 – 363 – 6585.


More Events For and About The Old Bridge at Sunset Beach


 Heartbeat of Sunset Beach

The Heart of SB framedTuesday, April 5th…Celebrate the OBPS 5th Birthday and watch “HEARTBEAT OF SUNSET BEACH”, A Documentary by Massey Hill Classical High School about the history of Old Bridge…Join the celebration at 6:30 at Ingram Planetarium, 7625 High Market Street, Sunset Beach!

ingram-planetariumThe Old Bridge Preservation Society Birthday Celebration Includes:

  • Reception and Birthday Cake at 6:30
  • Showing of the film, “HEARTBEAT OF SUNSET BEACH”  at 7:00 Pm

Tickets are $15 and sold only at the door. DVD of the film are available for purchase following the showing of the film…With Proceeds benefiting the OBPS. 

Learn More @  Or Phone: 910-363-6585 for questions or more information.  Check out Ingram Planetarium @


Strawberry and Wine Fest

Strawberry wineFINAL LOGOSunday, April 24th…Noon – 5 PM…Welcome to  a STRAWBERRY  AND WINE FEST at The Silver Coast Winery, 6680 Barbeque Rd. NW, Ocean Isle Beach, NC


  • Mkie's frameEntertainment by: “Mike’s Garage Band”
  • Delicious Food and Strawberries
  • Exciting Vendors
  • Award Winning Silver Coast Wine

$5 Admission and FREE Parking! Learn more about Silver Coast Winery @  Or Phone: 910 – 287-2800

All Proceeds to…Old Bridge Preservation Society 

Long Bay Symphony



March 19…7 Pm – 9 Pm…”Some Enchanted Evening” with classic songs by well-known composers: George Gershwin, Cole Porter, & Irving Berlin.

Performance at Myrtle Beach High School,3302 Grissom Parkway, Myrtle Beach, SC                                                                           Phone: 843-448-8379  for More Information Or go to


Coastal Youth Ballet Theatre

The Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping Beauty index posterframedTHE SLEEPING BEAUTY is a Springtime Story Ballet

Performances are at Beach Church Auditorium, 557 George Bishop Parkway, Myrtle Beach, SC

Performance Dates & Times:

  • April 15 @ 7 Pm & 10 Am Matinee Performance for area schools
  • April 16 @ 4 Pm
  • April 17 @ 4 Pm 

For Tickets…Phone: 843 651 – 2006 OR Visit


Sunset River Marketplace

framedSunset River Marketplace, 10283 Beach Drive SW, Calabash, NC  

Sunset River Marketplace Presents “CREATIVITY UNLEASHED”

With Live Demonstrations:

  • Creativity collagePottery
  • Painting
  • Fabric Design
  • Wood Carving
  • Marbling
  • And More!

Live Music By Rick Strickland & Lesa Hudson…2 Pm- 4 Pm

Saturday, March 19…10 Am – 5 Pm

Laern more about Sunset River Marketplace Events and Classes @  Or Phone: 910  575- 5999.


SOS Spring Safari

SOS Spring Safari

sos.header (1) framedApril 15 – 24…Dates for the 2016 Grand Strand Spring Safari in N. Myrtle Beach, SC

SOS Spring Safari :

  • Popular Bands on Main Street 
  • Dance Instructors offering lessons to masses seeking to improve their dancing skills
  • “Tea Parties” at Local Lounges
  • Nightlife along Main Street & OD
  • Having Fun with Old Friends while making New Friends!

ACSC Parade at 1 Pm om April 23rd! Lots of FUN for Everyone!  More @


NC Azalea Festival

NC Azalea Festival

Fest collageNC Azalea Festival is April 6 – 10, 2016 with venues in Wilmington, NC!

Parade is April 9, 2016…9:30 AM – 1130 AM in Historic Downtown Wilmington! Parade starts down 3rd Street from Market St. to Bladen St. 

Parade Viewing is All Along 3rd St. with bleacher seating between Market St. & Grace St.

Mallory collage Azalea Queen, MALLORY HAGAN, Miss America 2013…Will be crowned on April 6 at Port City marina in Downtown Wilmington. Queen Mallory’s  philosophy, as  Miss America:

  • Be Kind!
  • Be Courageous!
  • Be You!

Azalea Festival Street Fair, a Family Event, April 8 – 10 and Starts Friday Night, April 8th in Downtown Wilmington on Water, Front, & Market Streets. NC Azalea Street Fair Features:

  • 3330 Arts and Crafts Vendors
  • 40 Food Vendors
  • 4 Stages
  • Children’s Area
  • A Lot of FUN!

 AZ collageThere are a variety of venues and music on stages during the NC Azalea Festival…At various dates and times. You may check out the ones that interest you @


Barefoot Landing


Barefoot Landing in North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina…Located along the Intracoastal Waterway, has much to offer with a Southern Style Hospitality!

Barefoot Landing is a place to shop, dine, and unwind in a variety of ways and places. For superior on stage entertainment, check out The Alabama Theater ONE SHOW , as well as the Guest Performances. Go to the-one-show-alabama-theatre to the current Show Calendar.

House_Of_Blues_1House of Blues is another venue with live stage performances.  

house-of-blues-gospel-brunchTheir Gospel Brunch with Kirk Franklin… On Sundays is also very popular!

Check out their schedule at  There are other venues of great entertainment and more at Barefoot Landing. You can view them all for yourself at 



Broadway_at_the_Beach framedBroadway at the Beach has a wealth of special attractions, shopping, dining, entertainment, and nightlife!

Check out it all out at  There are variety of show at the :


Palace Theatre framedPalace Theater:

  • Hot Jersey Nights
  • Carnival of Magic
  • Cirque Extreme

The Calvin Gilmore Theaters  Shows include:

  • Carolina Opry collageThe Carolina Opry…Award winning Show presenting 2 hours of music, comedy, & dance!
  • Thunder and Light…Featuring renowned Clogging Group, ALL THAT
  • Time Warp…A Virtual Tour of 60’s, 70’s, & 80’s Music..Live on Stage!

Learn more @

Myrtle Beach’s Ripley’s offers Family Fun At :

  • Ripley's CollageAquarium
  • Moving Theater 5 D
  • Believe it of Not
  • Marvelous Mirror Maze
  • Haunted Adventure

Myrtle Beach has venues to keep you and your entertained day and night! Enjoy!

Ya'llimages framedCoastal Carolina is “The Place to Be” with so much to do and see ! We also have delicious dining for All Tastes…Steak to seafood with Irish, Vietnamese, Japanese, Chinese,  Thai, Greek, Italian, More! Of Course, you are always In Style with Southern served with a Smile! Brunswick Plantation and Golf Resort ® invites you to join us as we have Fun in the Sun! Ya’ll Come!


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