Barbara and Ron…”A Sunny New Life” At Brunswick Plantation

Better Life Collage Brunswick Plantation and Golf Resort ® is Blessed with a community of remarkable people that make Brunswick Plantation  perfect place for “A Better Way of Life”! The fascinating folks come here from a variety of places and offer a range of interests and talents to share with friends and neighbors! They say that “Variety is the Spice of Life” that gives it all it’s Flavor! Life at Brunswick Plantation has lots of Spice and Fun for All!

B&Bframed20150824_214026Barbara Dennington and Ron Ellecamp are one of the couples that make Brunswick Plantation the dynamic community we Love! SunflowerloveframedThey have a fascinating story of how they found their Sunny New Life together! sunflower tableBarb has Sunflowers all throughout their home as a tribute to the Sunny Side of Life…Always looking Up and Facing the SUN!

Plenty of Fish

Plenty of FishBarbara and Ron have an enchanting and unique story to tell about first meeting “On Line” through a dating site called  “Plenty of Fish”! How they both entered this website is through their children…Barb’s Son, Jeffrey…Put her on the website & Ron’s son, Dan…Entered Ron on the same website.

At the time, Ron did not even own a computer, so his son, Dan, living in California…Kept up with it for him and kept him posted. Ron, whose wife, Sue, had passed away, was living in The Village of Calabash in North Carolina. He and Sue had moved there from their family home in Anne Arundel County, Maryland, years earlier.

Ron told Dan that he was not going further away than between Shallotte and Little River to meet anyone! After being on the website for his dad awhile…He told Ron that most of the women he saw were all midgets! Ron is 6’5” tall! Then he saw Barbara’s posting and said…”I found someone, Dad! She is 5′ 10” with blonde, curly hair.  She is local and Jewish.” Ron is Methodist and said that didn’t matter, so they connected through Ron’s son!

Barbara, who had raised her three sons largely alone, after divorcing years ago when the boys were ages 6, 7, and 9…Was posted on “Plenty of Fish” by her son, Jeffrey. Barbara had been living in a condo at “The Lakes” of Brunswick Plantation and was not really interested in on-line dating.  She felt she had enough dates. She said, “Don’t put me on the website! I’m not going to do it, and I don’t like it!  I’ll just read what you put on to know what you think of your mother! Jeffery posted Barbara’s Internet name for “Plenty of Fish” as Calabash Babs!

One day a friend of Barbara’s came over and asked about the website. She said, “While I’m here, I’ll tweek it for you! After she looked, she said, “Now, Barbara, Look at this!  Five men want to meet you! Come look at this one…Local, 6’5” tall with a shirtless photo of himself!”

Ron’s son had posted a picture of him shirtless…Which Ron did not even realize! Barbara thought…”Well, any man that age who is willing to post a photo of himself shirtless Must be OK!”

First Date

Bar & Ron 1+ framedBarbara and Ron first met “Face to Face” for lunch at the Boundary House on October 16 in 2010! They say it was one of the longest Lunch Dates in History…Starting with 2 1/2 hours in the restaurant. In the middle of lunch Ron confessed to Barbara…”I don’t even have a computer.  You’ve been corresponding with my son.”  Stunned…Barbara said, “If we meet again, I don’t want to meet your son!” Ron assured her it was all OK!

After eating lunch, Ron asked Barbara if she would like a drink or coffee…Clearly enjoying their time together! Barbara declined the offer but suggested, “Let’s walk down to the Waterfront!”  After their walk, Ron asked, “Would you like that drink now? I have something in the car for you!” He had flowers for Barbara! She was impressed with his 6’5″ & Looks…Plus Flowers! Barbara was also charmed by Ron’s quick wit and spontaneous sense of humor!

BP Lakes CollageBarbara had a meeting with the Landscaping committee at her condo at “The Lakes” of Brunswick Plantation. Barbara told Ron he could come back to the condo…Where he waited quietly while Barbara had her meeting.

Seaside Choir FramedRon then had to go to choir practice at Seaside Methodist.  He asked Barbara when he could see her next.

So the Sunny Relationship Blossomed into Walks with Ron’s arm around Barbara! They went to movies and dinner! Finally, Barbara kissed Ron & They are Together Today…Enjoying Their “Sunny New Life”!

Cruising Into The Sunshine

Clam cruise framed

Barb & Ron Framed champagne CruiseBarbara and Ron’s “Sunny New Life” has been found them exploring the World Together on some Lovely Cruises! A Champagne Cruise to Celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the Panama Canal…Honoring the Past By Building the Future! Cheers!


Barb & Ron Alaska framedBarbara and Ron have also enjoyed a memorable cruise to delight in…Nature’s Breathtaking Views of Scenic Alaska!


CRBarb & Ron Costa Rica Cruise0002 framedAnother Special Cruise was to the “Rich Coast” of Costa Rica! Barbara and Ron’s neighbors at the time…Nick & Patty Lakin went with them to explore this Tropical Paradise! The More Fun in the Sun for their “Sunny New Life”!

Barbara & Her Boys…The Move to Brunswick

B&B FramedBarbara had raised her three sons…Mainly by Herself in Long Island, New York.  She was employed as nurse and also worked two other jobs…One in the printing business & for the Board of Elections.   However, she said the boys had set rules and regulations.  She kept up with all of the their interests and activities with her love and support. Barbara also taught them to…”Work Hard…Like Mom!

Barb’s sons finished college, the service, whatever apprenticeships they chose.  They then got jobs and moved away though 2 of the 3 still call her every day or every other day. Twelve years ago her son, Jeffrey called and asked Barbara to set extra plates for their Hanukkah Dinner. After dinner he said, “Let’s Give Mom her present!” Then Barbara’s sons…David , Marc, and Jeffery took the serving tray and slid the glass out with pictures of Mom and her Boys. There was a poem by Jeffrey And a Letter from All of Her Boys/Young Men!The letter said, “We realize how hard you’ve worked! It’s time for you to retire. We’ll make sure it happens!”

BP Flower CollageBarbara decided that she wanted to go where it is warm. She checked out Georgia and then Florida. Jeffrey said concerning Florida, “Does Mom look like an Early Bird Special?” So, they decided on looking at North and South Carolina. After getting information from Brunswick Plantation for $25 a night with a two hour tour…Jefferey called David, told him about this “Great Special” and David came with Mom to Brunswick Plantation! They rented 2 condos to stay in with the family. They had looked at 10 other places in North & South Carolina. As soon as they drove through the gate at Brunswick Plantation, Barbara said she knew this is where she wanted to live! Everything was in bloom! People here were the most outgoing and Friendly!

Barbara had her choice of 3 our of the 4 condos in the new Lakes Buildings. Her sons convinced her to get a downstairs unit.  She was the only permanent one in that building in the first three years but people were so neighborly! People in the next building…Welcomed them with a drink!

So, Barbara retired in May of 2005, sold her house in June of that year and moved to Brunswick Plantation in July of 2005! Her sons helped her buy her condo that she has now rented and put in their names. Barbara’s family now includes her sons and their families. Marc & Marie live in Long Island, NY with their son Marc (15) & Daughter,  Ashely (18). David and Leeza live in Michigan with their son, Graeme (8).  Jeffrey and Meli live in San Diego, California.

Framedsunlaughl_03a76080-999d-11e1-8d93-159808400004Barbara said that when she put the key into the condo door, she went into a funk & cried. At first she had little furniture, but her sons called every day. Finally, one day Barbara woke and said…”You can put your feet in the water anytime of year!” Her plants & books became her children, and she got involved in activities and met a variety of interesting people at her new home! She has Loved it ever since! She says …Her Heart is Always at Brunswick Plantation! Though Barbara and Ron lived in Spring Mill when they were first together, they have recently bought a house in the Georgetown area….Their Sunny new Home for Their Sunny New Life Together!

Ron…His Move to North Carolina

countysealRon is originally from Anne Arundel County, Maryland where he worked as a building inspector for Anne Arundel County. Ron and his wife, June, had come to Myrtle Beach for ten years on vacation. Ron said that June would cry cry on the way back to Maryland, as she liked to play on the beach so much. They came in early Spring of 1994 and ordered a modular home for The Village of Calabash. Ron retired on August 11th in 1995 and they came to live in North Carolina on August 12th! Ron’s been in the area for 20 years! It will be eight years ago this year since Ron’s wife passed away. He still lived in their home in The Village of Calabash.

Ron's gr Ch CollageRon has two sons and three grandchildren. Dan and his wife,Victoria live in California and have a daughter…Rebecca (19). David and his wife, Sharon, live in Maryland and have two sons…Jacob (15)  & Aaron (13). It’s All in the Wonderful Family!



 New Life Fun!

Traveling Together

The cruises Barbara and Ron have taken have definitely been Fun in the Sun! They have also flown to Puerto Rico and stayed in a condo for a week with another couple….More Fun in the Sun!

Traveling to see children and grandchildren is always a great  and having them visit Barbara and Ron at the Beach is  a Treat for All!

Nashville_collage_2009 framedThis year Barbara and Ron visited Nashville, Tennessee & Enjoyed:

  • Boot Shops
  • Kicking Up Their Heels & Dancing!
  • Seeing Homes of Famous Singers
  • Andrew Jackson’s Home
  • A Lot of Country & Western Music
  • Nashville is a “Happening Town”…Like New Orleans!

Another trip this year was to a stay at a Bed & Breakfast in scenic Asheville, NC!

What To See & Do Around Brunswick Plantation

Exploreindex framedBarbara feels that “Routine is Boring” & Brunswick Plantation is located in an area that offers quite a variety for Barbara and Ron to Explore and Enjoy!

When it comes to eating out together, Ron says that Barbara like to Dine, and he likes to have a lot to eat.  So, they have quite a selections of restaurants they like. In fact, they belong to a Friday Night Dining Group of Friends that eat out together most Fridays. Each week one couple gets to choose the restaurant for everyone. After all, Variety Is The Spice Of Life…Especially when it comes to food!

Restaurants Barbara & Ron recommend include:brentwood

  • Longhorn’s (Across from the Barefoot Landing)
  • Golden Corral
  •   La Cucina (Italian @ Sunset Beach)
  • Parson’s Table (Fine Dining…Early Bird Specials)
  • Chianti South (Fine Dining…Early Bird Specials)
  • The Brentwood (Fine Dining…Early Bird Specials)
  • Pizzelli’s
  • Horst Gausthaus (German)
  • Brother Shuckers @ Carolina Forest (Off of 31) For dining & Lots of Good Food! (Great Crabcakes)
  • New Jerusalem Mediterranean Restaurant & Bar…Kosher Food & Belly Dancing!

Favorite Beaches

Sunset Chery G collageBarbara and Ron like the Beaches…Anytime! Their Favorite Beaches are:

  • Cherry Grove Beach
  • Sunset Beach


Alabama Theatre ONE_The_Show_002Barbara and Ron enjoy the shows at The Alabama Theatre @ Barefoot Landing


Worhsip2Barbara is Jewish and attends services at Temple Emanu-el in Myrtle Beach  Ron is Methodist and attends services & sings in the choir at Seaside Methodist in Sunset Beach. However, they both also visit each other’s Place of Worship and attend some activities together.

Loving Living at Brunswick Plantation

KindnessThere are several things Barbara & Ron Love about Living Brunswick Plantation.  It is such a Beautiful and Friendly Community!Years ago, on a trip to Italy, Barbara had a serious leg injury from a fall. She had to have serious surgery to replace a broken femur that was replaced by a rod in her leg. She could not even sit in a car! She was living in her Lakes condo at the time. She said that everyone was So Helpful.  They did everything they could for her and her family! This included feeding folks, rides to and from the airport for her family…Sons, Sister Elyane and Brother-in-law.  They were wonderful to Barbara and her family! Inspired by that kindness, in 2005 Barbara started a Widows & Orphans Thanksgiving.  She provided the turkey and house, drink & paper goods and Everybody brought something to celebrate! Kindness begets Kindness!

Welcpome framed20150824_213901Barbara and Ron have many Friends with whom to socialize and share the Fun at Brunswick Plantation! Folks know they are always Welcome at Barbara & Ron’s Home! Barbara says She and Ron are very informal Just Love People! They also Love having their families visit, and the Beach is Fun For All!

Ron still enjoys doing lawn maintenance at Brunswick Plantation 2 or 3 Days a Week. He has a riding mower and maintains 17 lawns. Lawn work is something he like to do…Keeps him young! Barb, a retired nurse, is there for friends when they have health issues. Young at Heart…With a Heart of Gold!

WilCharlcollageLocation of Brunswick Plantation is another Plus for Barbara and Ron. They Love Being:

  • Close to the Beaches
  • Within Driving Distance from Wilmington, NC AND Charleston, SC

Brunswick Plantation being a Gated Community is another Plus!When Barbara first came here alone, it was not yet gated.  She is happy that it now is with someone at the Gate 24/7! Having the Guards & Someone from Security Driving Around at Night is  Wonderful Feature!

There are so many activities to choose from right here in the Brunswick Plantation Community! You can be as involved as you like! You can see or do whatever you appreciate Or just rest and relax! Plus…Everyone is Welcome…Couples & Singles!

SunlifecollageWe are so Happy to have Barbara and Ron living at Brunswick Plantation and Golf Resort ® ! It has been where Barbara’s Heart is for 10 years!  Now Barbara & Brunswick Plantation have Ron’s Heart, too!  What a Blessing for Everyone! That makes the Sunflowers Happy! Life is Beautiful at Brunswick Plantation! Come Join the FUN!





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Brunswick Plantation News and Events 8.15

Brunswick Activites Views Collage framedBrunswick Plantation and Golf Resort ®, in North Carolina and three to the SC State Line to Little River & North Myrtle Beach South Carolina…Is the Perfect Location for Fun in Coastal Carolina!  Our beautiful Gated Golf Community is close to Pristine Beaches, Fun Activities and Entertainment & is known for Wonderful Restaurants! Calabash Town sealCalabash is called the…The Seafood Capital of the World! Brunswick Plantation is also Blessed with an Active Community of Dynamic People that create Fabulous Opportunities for “Fun with Friends”…On & Around the Plantation! You may choose from some of these activities that are shared  with you in this article! Have Fun…Southern Style!



frameSturgeonFull_redmoon2-oneDates taken from this year’s Farmer’s Almanac:

  • August 29th    Full Sturgeon Moon
  • September 27th     Full Harvest Moon

Many of you Friends & Neighbors gather to the Left of the Sunset Beach Pier on these Nights. There is always Room For Others…Bring Your Supper OR Snacks & Enjoy Your Friends & Neighbors!


HArvest00000Harvest-MoonMonday, September 28th …Sunset/Harvest Full Moon Cruise with Friends from Brunswick Plantation! Cruise…Down the Calabash River, Into the Intracoastal Waterway, & Under the Sunset Bridge as we watch the Sun Set & Moon Rise! 

“Set Sail” @ 6Pm on… “The Navigator” with the Calabash Fishing Fleet...Located between Captain Nance & Dockside restaurants. Come see the houses and scenery from the river side and enjoy an evening of Fresh Air & Cruising!

Light Refreshment are Provided & Beer, Wine, Sodas, & Water are For Sale! The cost is $25 Per Person (Cash Or Check made out to the Calabash Fishing Fleet) to be paid as Reservations are made at the facilitator’s Office. Questions? Call: Eleanor Tucker @ 579-9434. You will not want to miss this Enjoyable Evening!


Thank You From NIS Service

childrens-books framedYour generosity was apparent this year for our Annual Christmas in July Book Drive! NIS Collected 545 Books to be distributed to the Children of Brunswick County, through the Literacy Council!

A Special “Thank You” to Pelican Books in Sunset Beach for their enthusiastic contributions!


Annual Jessie Mae Monroe Elementary School Fundraiser

Jesse Mae collageThe 8th Annual Jessie Mae Monroe Elemetary School Fundraiser is Sponsored by Sal Dinolfo, Liaison between Brunswick Plantation and Jessie Mae Elementary School. Money Donations are used for:

  • Food
  • Student Clothes
  • Holiday Gifts
  • Teacher Appreciation Day
  • Retirement Celebration in June

JMThanks framedPlease make Checks Payable To: Sal Dinolfo….All Donations will go on a credit card for the school. You may Drop Off your Donation…Either at the Facilitator’s Office OR Mail it to Sal Dinolfo,613 Lathrop Ct. NW, Calabash, NC 28467  Sal’s Cell Number is 910-233-0941.  Thanks You For Your Generosity!


Flu Shots At Brunswick Plantation


FLU SHOTS are to be distributed at Brunswick Plantation by The Brunswick County Board of Health…During the First Week in October and have set the date of…Tuesday, October 6th @ The Brunswick House…Between 10Am & 1Pm.

Over the past few years many of our residents have taken advantage of this convenient way to receive shots, and we encourage you to do so once again.

You will need to…Sign Up Prior to Oct. 1st so that we let the BOH know how many doses they need to have on hand for us. Residents will also need to bring…Picture ID & Medical Cards in order to Receive Shots. Anyone wishing more Detailed Information concerning this year’s vaccine is…Welcome to contact The Board of Health @ 910-253-2312 OR 901-253-7114. Other Information, Please Contact Emily Bonneau @ 287-5508.


Community Wide Yard Sale

yard sale frameBrunswick Plantation Community Wide Yard Sale…Friday & Saturday, October 16th & 17th…Open To The Public…Between Hours of 9Am & 3Pm on Each Day!

This Year’s Sale will be organized in the same manner that it has been over the past 3 years. Following Last Year’s Guideline…You will once again have the choice of, Participating On : Either Friday Or Saturday OR Both Days!

***Please watch the Broadcast for Additional Information Concerning This Two Day Event & For a Meeting to Include…All Those Who Plan To Participate!


Annual Arts & Crafts Show – Calling All Artisans

arts & CraftsSaturday, October 24th…9Am – 2Pm…The Brunswick Plantation Annual Arts & Crafts Show will be held in the Brunswick House!

Guidelines & a Registration Form are available from the facilitator’s Office in the Brunswick House Office…Open: Monday – Saturday from 9Am – 1Pm. We ask that Arts & Crafts Show Participants Stay the Entire Time of the Show.

***The Fee Per Table will be $15 & Due To Space: We will not allow Non-Residents to have a table.Your Space will be Reserved When Your Payment is Received. Please make Checks Payable to Sue Heart. Please Sign Up early as Space is Limited.***

There will be a meeting of the Registered Participants in September. For New People…If You Need More Information before you make a decision: Contact Either Sue Hart Or Phone 287-5255 OR  Sue Shupe Or Phone 287-6162.

The Deadline for Registration & Payment of Fee is September 18th. We Hope to Hear from All of Our Talented Brunswick Plantation Neighbors!


New Sequence Group

sequenceimagesA new Sequence Group is formed and meets on a Bi-Weekly Basis. If you would like to participate, either as a Regular Or Substitute player…Please call Linda Stigile @ 287-5096 OR Linda’s Cell # 302-249-7288 For Additional Information. You do  not need to know how to play as the game is quite simple and will only take one afternoon of playing with the group to learn.


Early Risers Bowling League

BowlinggsB_XS4PTXa5X4_r2XCze2gbHJdb3G6oFe4Bnvyx_xHGtrh69Zd1R4ikdIx_twJISTE=w300YOU Are Invited To Join This FUN Bowling League…Wednesday, August 19 @ 9Am…For a Meeting & FREE Bowling!

New Members are Needed & Welcome…Even if they Haven’t Bowled in Years!  The Season Officially Starts on Wednesday, August 26th @ 9Am & Ends on April 6th with a Luncheon on April 13th.

Each Team Consists of 3 Ladies.  The Cost is $9 Per Week (Subject to Change). Any Questions…Please Call: Carol Horwitz at 910-287-4099 OR


The “FRIDAY FOURSOMES” Bowling League

bowlingframeThe “Friday Foursomes” Bowling League will be starting in September at the Little River Bowling Lanes. This is a “short” 12 Week League with most of the Teams from Brunswick Plantation.   There were 8 Teams last year, and they are hoping for several Additional Teams for the 2015 Season. Please Join this year and enjoy bowling with your neighbors. The Fall League is a good opportunity for you to Warm-Up and Improve Your Game in preparation for the Brunswick Plantation League that starts in January!

Here are the Details:

  • League Meeting will be on August 28th @ 4Pm at the Little River Bowling Center
  • Teams: 4 person Teams that can be any combination of Male & Female
  • Handicap League: We used 100% of 200 Last Year
  • League Start Date is…Friday, September 4th @ 4Pm
  • Th Last Week of Bowling is November 20th (The Friday Before Thanksgiving)

LRBowlimageIf You Are Interested in Joining…Please E-Mail Bud Baylor @  Bud will coordinate with the Bowling Center. Let Bud know if you have a Complete Team Of Four…Or Need to be Placed on a Team.

After August 12th…If you Have Not Submitted Your Name Or Names For a Team to Bud…Then You will have to Visit the Little River Bowling Center & Register There! You Could Also…Attend the league Meeting @ The Center on August 28th & Register At The Meeting!  For any Questions, Call Bud @ 287-5622.


Brunswick Plantation Fitness


Water Aerobics

Water Aer FramedWater Aerobics @ The Brunswick House OUTDOOR Pool

Monday, Wednesday, & Friday @ 8Am – 9Am

No Special Equipment is Needed; All you need To Start is Swim Attire & A Desire to Have a Lot of Laughs & Good Exercise!

It is a Great Way to Meet You Friends & Neighbors! For More Info: Call: Annette Mauro

SPECIAL NOTE: On the First Wednesday of Every Month…The Water Aerobics Class is FREE! Just Show Up!


Golf Exercise Class

golflogowhite-frameTerry Daily teaches Golf Exercise Class at the Body Edge.  She is NOW Teaching a Golf Exercise Class at the Brunswick House…Every Tuesday In August @ 4Pm

It is $6 per Class and is 45 Minutes Long. All you need is a Weight (1, 3, or 5lbs. Your Preference!)  And a Mat.

Terry’s Classes: Help Build Your CORE Muscles! The Class is COED! If you are Interested: Call 910-287-7559

Brunswick Plantation Yoga

yogaThursday Gentle Yoga @ 10Am

***Please Note: There is No Class on Thursday, August 20.

WS0800This is a Gentle Class for every Body without pressure on waists or knees. This Class Includes:

  • Linking Breath to Movement
  • Stretching to Improve Mobility & Flexibility
  • All Poses are done Seated, Supine, Or Standing to Improve Muscle Tone

Saturday Vinyasa Yoga @ 10Am

***Please Note:  There is No Class on Saturday, August 22.

Yoga PosterThis is a Mixed Level Practice suitable for Both Beginner & Experienced Yogis…Who have Few Or No Physical Limitations. (Some Modifications are available.) This Class will help you build Strength, Flexibility, Balance, & Endurance.

All Yoga Classes are in the Brunswick House Ballroom. Cost is $5 Per Class. Please Call: Michelle Dorland at 910-880-2509 with any Questions.


FREE Indoor Walking Program

walking-ss_101528898_L_wThe FREE Indoor Walking Program continues on M/W/F/S @ 8Am Until Approximately 9:10Am on Each of These Days. Our Friday 4-Mile Walk now includes the use of Light Wrist Or Hand Weights…But Are Not a Must If You Do Not Choose To Use Them!

You Will need:

  • Sneakers…Every Day
  • Bands…Not a Must, As part of the Program (Usually on Wednesday)

There are Currently 30 Plus Women & 2 Gentlemen…Who Attend This Program on Most of Our Days.  There is always room for a few more when we move the tables back…So, Please Come & Join Us!

Please Call: Emily Bonneau if you would like Additional Info OR Would like to be added to the Class Distribution List…So thast you are kept informed as to Program Changes Or Class Cancellations


  1. All Participants Following this Program do so At Their Own Risk.
  2. This is a FREE program for All Residents.


Adult Water Volleyball

volleyball collageEvery Thursday Night @ The Brunswick House Outdoor Pool…Join the Fun with Adult Water Volleyball.

Water Volleyball Starts @ 6Pm 

Folks usually Play for 1 To 1 & 1/2 Hours Or Three Games…Whichever Comes First!

Pool Shoes are Recommended…As Well As Something to Shade Your Eyes from the Sun! Bring Your Own beverages to Enjoy …After the Games – In Plastic Containers, of Course!


Join The RUN/WALK Group

runP9110050Run/Walk Group is sponsored by David Svendsgaard. david ays that Run/Walk is a way to socialize with Neighbors, Lose Weight, & Feel Great!

Run/Walk Consist Of:

  • Repeatedly Running and Then Walking for Periods of Time.
  • The Group would gather once a week and Run/walk 2 Or 3 Miles and then slowly increase the distance.
  • Two Days a Week…You would Run/Walk 30 Minutes On Your own OR With a Few Friends.
  • You Run slow enough to Talk to each Other.
  • Once Each Runner’s Ability is Determined, You Could Divide Into Pace Groups.
  • Oranges, Bananas, & water are Available @ rest Stops…Along Longer Runs
  • Runners would be …At Their Own Risk.

If Interested…Contact David Svendsgaard @

summertime-0371There is So Much to Enjoy with Friends and Neighbors in our Friendly Community of Brunswick Plantation and Golf Resort ® !  Folks Love Living in our Scenic Southern Style Plantation in Coastal Carolina! Summer Time & The Livin’ is Easy…With Endless FUN ! Enjoy!

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Coastal Living News and Events 8.15



BP Col FramedOur lovely, gated golf Community at Brunswick Plantation and Golf Resort ® is always brimming with things to do…On the Plantation & Minutes away in North & South Carolina! Our wonderful location in North Carolina, Just minutes from the South Carolina State Line, makes us the True “Two State Solution to Fun”! Charming Coastal Beaches, Great Golf, Delicious Restaurants & Great Entertainment Await You and Yours in our Scenic Paradise!


FREE Summer Concerts in Coastal Carolina

Coastal Carolina presents FREE Summer Concerts at a Variety of Venues. The following are a some..For You & Your Family to Enjoy!

Calabash Concert

calabash-concert Frame 2

Calabash Concerts are on Thursday @ 6:30 in the Calabash Town Park, Persimmon Road, Calabash, NC!

***August 20…Sick Stooges…Classic Rock/70’s & 90’s Music

Sunset Beach Concerts

Sunsset Concerts frame

Sunset Beach Concerts are on Thursdays @ 6:30 – 9:30 at The Gazebo in the Village Park, Queen Anne Street, Sunset Beach, NC

  • August 19…Whiskey Rebellion…Bluegrass Music
  • August 26…Carolina Breakers…Beach/Soul
  • September 2…Band of OZ…Beach
  • September 9…Rubberband…Variety/Rock

Ocean Isle Concerts

ocean isle free concderts frame

Ocean Isle Concerts are on Fridays @ 6:30Pm at The Museum of Coastal Carolina, 21 E. 2nd Street, Ocean Isle Beach (No Chairs set up before 5:15)

  • August 21…Hip Pocket Band…Beach/Variety
  • August 28…Continental Divide…Variety
  • September 4…Fantastic Shakers…Variety/Beach

Holden Beach Concerts

Holden Beach frameHolden Beach Concerts are on Sundays @ 6:30 at The Pavilion at the End of Jordan Boulevard, Holden Beach

  • August 23…Band of OZ…Beach
  • August 30…Sea Cruz…Beach/Motown
  • September 6…The Imitations…Beach/Motown


FREE Sounds of Summer Concerts

Sounds-of-Summer-Concert-SeriesSounds of Summer Concerts @ The North Myrtle Beach Park & Sports Complex Amphitheater, In the McLeod Seacoast Meadow (150 Citizen’s Circle, Little River, SC)

Sounds CollageEnjoy Live Live Concert in an Amphitheatre…Under the Stars! Bring a Chair Or Blanket! Food Vendors & Drinks…Available for Purchase! (Coolers & Outside Food & Beverages…Not Allowed.)

Concert Times: 7 – 9PM…Open To All Ages!

***Friday, August 21…Painted Man…R&B/Variety

***Friday, September 18…Nantucket…Classic Rock

For Day of Concert Weather…Call “RedCheck” Hot Line @ 843 280-5570


North Myrtle Beach Park & Sports Complex

Central Park up high copy website(1) framedNorth Myrtle Beach Park & Sports Complex is a Pine-Shaded Recreation Area Offering:

  • 10 Acre Meadow
  • 6 Baseball/Softball Fields
  • 8 Batting Cages
  • 8 Soccer/La Cross Fields
  • Amphitheatre
  • 3 Miles of Walking Trails
  • “Waggin Tails” Dog Park
  • 3 Picnic Shelters
  • 3 Playgrounds
  • Nature Preserve
  • Administration Buildings

Baseball 7 Soccer Fields…For Kids & College Level Players! Park is Open 6:30 Am – 9Pm  Check Out More @


FREE Music on Main Concerts

music-on-main-nmb 2 framedJourney to Downtown North Myrtle Beach to delight in the sounds of..Live Band on a Main Street!  Families are encouraged to come Downtown…After Work OR After a Long Day on the beach to Experience:

  • Many Restaurants of Main Street
  • Listen to Live Music
  • Shop
  • Dance Til’ You Drop

Kick Back & Unwind with Friends in your Beach Chair on Main Street!

FREE Music On Main ConcertsMus Main Collage

 Concert Locations:

  1. Main Street: 202 Main Street, North Myrtle Beach
  2. Horseshoe: 11 South Ocean Boulevard, North Myrtle Beach

Music on Main Concerts…Thursdays:

  • August 27 – (Horseshoe)…The Fantastic Shakers…Beach Music
  • September 3 – (Main Street)…Tastes Like Chicken…Variety
  • September 10 – (Horseshoe)…Jim Quick & Coastline…Beach
  • September 17 – (Main Street)…Tru Sol…MoTown/Variety)

Complete Music on Main Concert Schedule Thru October @

Calabash Waterfront


Enjoy Calabash Waterfront Adventures…Down By The Waterfront!

Calabash Fishing Fleet

Calabash 2 Fish Fleet CollageDolphin Adventure Cruise

Navigatorhome-page-navigator-head-boat-charter-fishing***2 Hour Adventure for the Whole Family On The 65′ Navigator!

Deep Sea Fishing Charters:

calabash-fishing-fleet-02***Gulf Stream Fishing Charter offered on The 40′ Miss Calabash:

  • 1/2 Day Charter
  • 3/4 Day Charter
  • Full Day Charter

Calabash Fishing Fleet Seafood

calabashfishingfleet Fresh framedFresh Ocean Fish & Shrimp for Home PLUS Eat Outside @ The Waterfront Seafood Shack …Open Mon. – Sat. 11Am – 9Pm (Closed on Sundays)

Calabash Fishing Fleet, 99445 Nance St. on Calabash Waterfront   More @     OR Call: NC 910 575-0017 Or Toll Free 866  575-0017

Hurricane Fishing Fleet

 Hurricane CollageHurricane Fleet Adventure Cruises

Hurricane II framedEnjoy an Adventure Cruise with your Family on the 90′ Hurricane II…Let the Crew Show You “Nature Under The Sea”!

Deep Sea Fishing

Hurricane Fleet fishing2Enjoy 1/2 Day Deep Sea Fishing & Sport Fishing Charters…Depart Monday – Friday @ 1:30Pm – 4Pm Reservations Not required…But Recommended!

More @ Or Call: NC 910 579-3660 OR SC 843 249-3571

 Chandee Shrimp Co.

Casndee CollageChandee Shrimp Co. has Fresh Shrimp…Caught Daily

Captain Wayne Long’s Chandee Shrimp Co. is Located… Behind Capt. Nance’s Restaurant at the Waterfront in Calabash, NC.   More Info @ 910 – 279-7020


Calabash Waterfront Restaurants

Water collageGood Seafood Restaurants With A View of the Water!


dockside view 2Dockside…Fresh Crab Legs & Original Calabash Style Seafood.   Enjoy the View!

Open Daily 4Pm – 9Pm  More @


Captain Nance’s Seafood

captain-nance-s-seafood 1Captain Nance’s Seafood…Seafood House is Open Daily: 11Am – 9Pm


Captain John’s Seafood House

capt. john60d9a451198b64d283f6b906ac1ad2f8Captain John’s Seafood House…Delicious Seafood to Steaks Something Good For All Tastes!    Open Daily: 11Am – 9Pm


 Waterfront Seafood Shack

waterfront-seafood-shack childrenWaterfront Seafood Shack …Fresh Seafood – They Own The Boat! Carry Out OR Outside Seating On The Waterfront!  Open 11Am – 9Pm (Closed on Sunday)


Bagel Dock Cafe

bagel dock new collageBagel Dock Cafe…1162 River Road, As You Enter the Calabash Waterfront  Open: Monday – Saturday 6Am – 3Pm & Sunday 6Am – 2Pm

bagel collage

Enjoy Freshly Baked New York Style Bagels…Breakfast Or Lunch Offering a Variety of Bagel Spreads, Sandwich, Omelettes, & Specials with Boar’s Head Meats! Start your Day the New York Way…On Your Way to the Calabash Waterfront! More @


Eat, Shop, Play, & Relax in Calabash

Dining Delights in Calabash

There are so Many Good Restaurants in Calabash…For Every Taste! They Include:

  • cal. restCalabash Deli, Bakery & Gourmet @ 9929 Beach Drive SW…Offers Breakfast & Lunch, Fresh Baked Breads & Pastries & Gourmet Dinners To Go! More @
  • Mmm Que Rico @ 1533 Thomasboro Rd. SW…Offers Pollo A La Brasa Entrees…Peruvian Rotisserie Chicken marinated in a Savory Peruvian Sauce, Empanadas, Homemade Tacos, and other South American Delights! More @
  • Ella’s of Calabash Seafood Restaurant @ 1148 River Road…One of First to Offer ‘Calabash Style” Seafood! (Ella’s opened by Family in 1950.) Offers a family Tradition of Great Food & Southern Hospitality. Ella’s was Featured in “Southern Living” Favorites in 2004.  More @
  • Derbster’s Dining & Sports Lounge @ 10101 Beach Drive SW…Offering Good Crab Legs, Shepherd’s Pie, & a Variety of Tasty Delights  PLUS A Sports Lounge to join Friends to Watch Sports & Derbsters-KFriday Night Karaoke with Cheryl Z…7:30 – 11:30Pm! Join the Fun With Friends…Old & New! 

These are…Just A Few of the Delicious Restaurants serving a variety of Taste Treats in Calabash, NC!  Check these and others out for Yourself…Dining Delights of All Tastes in Calabash!

Ice Cream in Calabash

Calabash Creamery

Cal Creamery colCalabash Creamery, 9910 Beach Drive, Calabash…Ice Cream is Made Fresh Daily & Offers a Variety of Flavors! Eat Inside OR Out on the Extensive Porch…OR Take Your Ice Cream Treat Home!

Open Daily…Summer Hours – NOON – 10:30 Pm


Back Porch Ice Cream Shoppe

Back Porch FramedBack Porch Ice Cream Shoppe,9970 Beach Drive  #8 , Calabash…(Across from Callahan’s) Open Daily…Summer Hours – Noon – 10Pm

Back Porch Ice Cream Shoppe…Offers: 24 Flavors of Mayfield Ice Cream, Fat Free Yogurt, New Orleans Shaved Ice Snowballs & HOMEMADE WAFFLE CONES! Eat Inside, , On The Porch, Or Take Home!

Shopping in Calabash

Shopping in Calabash…Fun Stores of All Types & Tastes! A Few you would enjoy include:

Callahan's Collage framed

Callahan’s Nautical Gifts

***Callahan’s Nautical Gifts…Pea Landing Mercantile…Offers 35,000 Sq. Ft. Of Shopping to Include:

  • Nautical Gifts of All Types
  • St. Nick Nacks…All Year Christmas Store with Rooms of Unique Holiday Delights on Display…All Year!
  • Home Decor
  • Jewelry Boutique
  • Vera Bradley Creations
  • Cards & Stationery
  • T-Shirt & Shoes
  • Variety of Specialty Items
  • Homemade Fudge & Candy

Callahan’s @ 9973 Beach Drive SW, Calabash, NC. is Open: 9Am – 10Pm…Monday – Sunday Year Round! Learn More @


Victoria’s Ragpatch

victoriasragpatch_r636hhrb5z framed***Victoria’s Ragpatch…Offers Upscale & Southern Clothing and Accessories…Down Here In Paradise! Victoria’s Ragpatch is located in Ragpatch Row,10164 Beach Drive Calabash!Open: Daily 10Am – 6Pm


Lori’s Golf Shoppe

Lorisb_143885433027 FramedLori’s Golf Shoppe…A Unique Golf Shop That has It A…Clubs, Golf Equipment, Bag, TO Extensive Women’s Apparel! ppe…Located @ 10000 Beach Drive SW in Calabash Lori’s is Open: Monday – Saturday @ 9Am – 6Pm & Closed on Sundays. Learn More @


LC Stores sign5348559

Low Country Shops

***Low Country Shops…Offer a variety of Specialty Shops for Your Shopping Pleasure!

  • Lydia’s…Offers a Wide Variety of Specialty Gifts and Foods…Plus NFL Gifts Lydia’s is Open: Monday – Saturday 11Am – 5Pm (Closed on Sunday)
  • Bamboo Boutique…Offers Socks, Clothes, Kitchen & Bedroom made of Bamboo for the Soft Touch! Open: Monday – Saturday 10Am – 6Pm
  • Easy’s Fresh Produce…NEW Market For Your Source of Fresh Produce Veggies! Open Daily 10Am – 6Pm

These are Just A few of several wonderful Calabash Shops for you to Explore! Enjoy!

Playing in Calabash

Tropical Adventure Mini-Golf

Tropical adventure M G CollageTropical Adventure Mini-Golf Course…Popular 18 Hole Mini-Golf Course in Calabash, NC. is a Beautiful, Well Kept Course for Family Fun! Open: Monday – Friday ! 10Am – 6Pm! More Info: Phone: 910  579-2226  Enjoy!

Brunswick Plantation Golf

BP Golf CoursesPlay Golf at Brunswick Plantation and Golf Resort! The 27 Holes of Championship Layout Golf on Azalea, Dogwood, & Magnolia Courses provide a challenging & enjoyable experience…For Avid Golfers & Beginners! Perfect Bermuda Grass Greens All year!  Book a Tee Time at the Brunswick Plantation Pro Shop…(380-Brunswick Drive, Calabash, NC) Phone:  1 – 910- 6935 OR Toll Free @ 1-800-848-0290 

19th Hole FramedThe Brunswick Plantation 19th Hole…Offers Good Breakfast & Lunch… Kitchen Summer Hours: Breakfast is 6:30 Am – 10:30 Am…Kitchen Open for Lunch Menu Til 4:00Pm   Open Later for Drinks with Friends! PLUS Dinner Special & Lunch Menu Available on Fridays!  Check It Out for Your Dining Pleasure!


Peachtree Equestrian Center

Peachtree Equestrian Center…Just minutes from t he North Carolina Beaches @ 810 Hickman Road, Calabash, NC!

Peachtree Horse CollagePeachtree Equestrian Center Offers:

  • Daily Trail Rides
  • Private Lessons
  • Adult Riding Classes
  • Saddle Club
  • Summer Camp (Ages 7 – 12)
  • Full Care Boarding
  • Indoor Arena
  • Outdoor Lighted Arena
  • Beautiful Trails
  • Access To Private Island (Foe Yer Round Riding , For Members Only)

More Info @ PEACHTREEEQUESTRIANCENTER.COM Or Phone:      910 287- 4790 Happy Trails To You!


 Relax in Calabash

Sacred Willow Spa

sacred-willow-spaSacred Willow Spa…Family Owned Spa @ 10140 Beach Drive in Calabash Plaza

Relax, Unwind, Rejuvenate @ The Sacred Willow Spa… A Cozy oasis in the Heart of Calabash, NC!

Spa Treatments Include:

  • Massages…Wellness Booster, Sacred Stone, Maternity Bliss, & More
  • Reiki Healing
  • Facials…Aromatherapy, Gentleman’s Facial & Others
  • Microdermabrasion
  • Waxing & Tinting
  • Reflexology

Sacred willow bannerCall for Appointment 910 575-7707 Gift Certificates are Available!

Open: Monday – Friday 9Am – 3Pm & Saturday 9Am – 2Pm (Closed on Sunday) …A Complete Spa Menu @

Sunset Beach

Sunset Beach, NC is a Favorite Beach Destination of Folks at Brunswick Plantation. There are some Things Local Like that we can share with you when you Visit Our Special Area of Coastal Carolina!

Sunset Beach has  a Beautiful, Pristine Beach!

FramedBeach Church Servicewp86c295af_05_06You might enjoy Worship Service On The Beach…NOW Until Labor Day! The Calabash Covenant Presbyterian Church has Services…At the Sunset Beach Pier… Sundays @ 8Am with a Musical Prelude @ 7:30 Am

The Worship Service Includes:

  • Traditional Hymns
  • Gospel
  • Praise & Worship Music
  • “Children’s Moment” for the Little Ones!

Bring a Beach Chair Or Blanket for a Moment of Meditation in God’s Sanctuary By The Sea!

Backstreet Cafe

BS Cafe CollageYou might like to stop by The Backstreet Cafe @ 1780 Chandlers Lane in Sunset Beach for a Delicious Breakfast! The Backstreet Cafe is a new York Style Deli owned by Ann & Steve Cuozzo, formerly of New York, now neighbors our at Brunswick Plantation!   

Phone: 910  575-6759

Backstreet Cafe is Open: Sunday 9Am – 1Pm & Monday – Saturday 8Am – 4Pm. You’ll enjoy the Good Food and the Friendly Atmosphere…A Wonderful Way to Start Your Week…Another Blessing For You!  

Area Winery

La Belle Amie Winery

La belle CollageLa Belle Amie Winery…1120 Saint Joseph Road, Little River, SC…Music, Wine, Gift Shop & FUN!

  • Wine Wednesdays: Music 12:30 – 4:30Pm
  • Wine Down Fridays: Music 1:00 – 5:00Pm
  • Super Wine Saturdays: Music 12:30 – 4:30Pm

Special Wine Events with Live Music:

  • August 29…Summer Breeze Music Fest ($8)
  • September 5…Labor Day Saturday Music & Cookout ($3)
  • September 12…Dog Days Blues & Jazz Fest ($8)
  • October 3…Autumn Big Band Blast ($10)

 More @


Barefoot Landing

barefoot1Barefoot Landing, Located in North Myrtle Beach, SC …Is The Place for an Array of Great:

  • castanos2-room-posterDining…Like Castano’s Italian Steakhouse Restaurant with Live Entertainment 4 Nights a week in the Lounge! Castano’s Monthly Customer Appreciation Party September 7th…Live Entertainment With Johnny Cobb & Discounted Happy Hour Drinks!
  • Attractions…House of Blues, Alabama Theatre, Barefoot Riverboat Cruises…For the Kids, Alligator Adventures, T.I.G.E.R.S. preservation Station, Carousel & More!
  • Nightlife
  • Shopping
  • Special Events
  • Fireworks

Alabama Theatre ONE_The_Show_002One Show framed

Alabama Theatre…2 Kids under 16 are FREE With One Adult Ticket To Labor Day @ The ONE SHOW @ 7:30Pm 

Guest Shows @ 7PM:

  • Friday, August 28…Micky Gilley
  • Saturday, August 29…Mickey Gilley 
  • Saturday, September 5…Stars of Nashville, Clare Brown & Charles Esten..Currently Starring qa Scarlett O’Conner & Deacon Clayborn on ABC’s Musical Drama – Nashville!
  • Saturday, September 12…Eddie Miles, A Salute to Elvis & Country Legends
  • Saturday, September 19…Ray Owens, 2 Time Grammy Winner!
  • Saturday, September 26…The Oak Ridge Boys

Check Out More @

Check Out More About  Barefoot Landing @


Labor Day Shag Contest

Labor Day Shag Contest @ Fat Harold’s Beach Club

fat-harolds-CollageLabor Day Shag Contest @ Fat Harold’s Beach Club, 212 Main Street in North Myrtle Beach:

  • Friday, September 4th@ 9Pm…Amateur Division…With Pro to Follow!
  • Saturday, September 5th @  9Pm… Novice Division…With Pro to Follow!

DJ: Tommy Hamrick   Phone: Fat Harold’s Beach Club @ 843 – 249-5779 OR More @


9-11 Candlelight Vigil

Candlelight Vigil By: North Myrtle Beach Lion’s Club

The North Myrtle Beach Lion’s Club is sponsoring… A Candlelight Vigil to Commemorate Our Loved Ones that fell victim to the 9-11 attacks. 

The Club Welcomes Individuals to the City Waving American Flags on the North Myrtle Beach Bridges.

9-11 ceremonyHonoring Loved Ones Include:

  • Evening Ceremony @ 7Pm…Main Street & Horseshoe (11 S. Ocean Blvd.)  With Ocean View Backgrounds.
  • Rolling Thunder will Ride Motorcycles to the Event to Publicize POW-MIA Issue, Followed By Several Color Guards.
  • Presentation of Remembrance Wreath for Fallen Americans By: North Myrtle Beach Safety & Fire Dept.
  • 21 Gun Salute By Marine Corps League
  • Complete Silence & Only Glow from the Crowd’s candles Light Up The Night as TAPS is played & the Dedicated Wreath is Taken Out To Sea for Our Fallen Americans to Rest!


Broadway at the Beach

Broadway_at_the_Beach framedLEGENDS CollageBroadway at the Beach…Located in Myrtle Beach, SC…Offers a Special Variety of FUN With:

  • Dining
  • Attractions…Palace Theatre Live Entertainment…Legends in Concert, Jersey Boys…For the Kids: Ripley’s Aquarium, Thunder & Light Show, Mirror maze, Ripley’s believe it Or Not, Ripley’s Moving 5D Theater, Wonder Works, & More!
  • Nightlife
  • Shopping
  • Special Events
  • Fireworks

Check Out Broadway at the Beach @


 *****Restaurant of the Month*****

 Sunrise Pancake House

SUnrise collage framed 2Sunrise Pancake House,1008 Beach Drive SW, Calabash, NC…Is Family Owned Pancake House “In The Heart of Calabash”!

Sunrise Food CollageSunrise Pancake House Serves Breakfast All Day & Lunch…Daily 6Am – 2Pm & Monday Night Dinner 4:30 Pm – 7Pm

Menu Includes:

  • Pancakes
  • French Toast
  • Omelets…Seafood, Meat & Egg combinations
  • Biscuits & Croissants
  • Juicy Handmade Hamburgers
  • Hot & Cold Sandwiches
  • Wrapped Sandwiches
  • Sides to include Egg Beaters
  • Lunch Specials  $6.95
  • Southern Style Lunch Menu…Served With 2 Sides, a Biscuit & Drink
  • Soups
  • Salads
  • Kid’s Lunch Special   $5.95
  • Senior & Kid’s Menu

Comments by Folks who eat at Sunrise Pancake House…

  • Sunrise CollageBest Breakfast in Calabash!
  • Sunrise Pancake House has True Southern Charm!
  • I am an Aficionado of their Pancakes, Especially Pumpkin Pancakes!
  • Love the Light, Fluffy, Tasty Pancakes!
  • Homey Atmosphere!
  • Service is Great & Quick!
  • Fresh, Hot Food with  Friendly Service & Good Coffee!
  • Great Staff, Great Food, & Large Menu!
  • True Breakfast Value!

Sunrise Pancake House also sells Sunrise Pancake House  Shirts & Hats…In Azalea, Black, Carolina Blue, Pistachio, & Yellow Haze

Phone: 910 575-1001 OR More @

Ya'llimages framedCoastal Living has So Much to Offer…For All Ages! Family Fun for Everyone…At Or Near Brunswick Plantation and Golf Resort ®,Offers True Southern Style…Southern Hospitality, Southern Architecture & Southern Landscaping For All To Enjoy! Ya’ll Come! 


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Golf News from the Pro 8.15 by Brunswick Plantation Living

Golf News from the Pro pic

Hello to All:

We are heading into the last few weeks of summer and mother nature has played a huge role in our golf course conditions.  After withstanding considerable drought this summer, leaving us very dry and shot of much needed water for irrigation, Rob and his staff are working diligently to get our course back into excellent shape.

Hopefully, ( keeping our fingers crossed ) we will get the much needed rainfall required to soften our course and remove many of the dry areas.  Thank you to Rob and staff for their hard work!


Upcoming Events:

Husband/Wife Championships:

Sunday August 23, 2015

Tee Times start at 12:20 pm

Cost is $30 per couple

Signup in the Pro Shop

2015 Mens and Ladies Club Championship

September 14-17

The Ladies will play the 14th and 16ths

Men will play the 15th and 17th

$25 Registration Fee to enter (Forms in Pro Shop)

The Champions dinner will be held Thursday September 17th at 6 pm.

Spouses of participants not playing in the event may attend the dinner for a $20 fee (Sign at the Pro Shop)


Wishing all of you great experiences on the course!


Happy Golfing,


Head Golf Professional

Pro-Shop Manager

Director of Memberships

Golf News Shawn Hicken Signature


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Sunset River Marketplace…Smart Art in Calabash!

Sunset River Marketplace

Sunset Collage framedSunset River Marketplace @ 10283 Beach Drive SW, Calabash, NC… Is a Warm, Inviting Art Gallery…Filled With the the Fine Art Works of almost 200 Local & Regional Artists – All Either From North Or South Carolina!

Welcome to Sunset River Marketplace

Sunset1011sunsetriver-gallerygals Framed 2Owners Ginny and Joe Lassiter…Encourage You to Take Your Time,  as You Meander Through the Gallery! Help Yourself to a Complimentary Gourmet Coffee, Tea & Refreshments; And perhaps have a seat at one of the Bistro Tables before you continue your Tour! Often in the late afternoon, Complimentary Wine is available, too! Ginny & Joe want you to feel like Friends st Sunset River!

Sunset River Marketplace is Open: Monday – Saturday 10Am – 5Pm

Variety Of Art @ Sunset River Marketplace

Virtually Every Genre of Art is represented here!

SRMCollage FramedYou  will Find:

  • Oil & Watercolor Paintings
  • Pastels, Charcoal, & Acrylics
  • Etchings
  • Scratchboard Prints
  • Award Winning Photography
  • Fine Hand-Blown Glass from the mountains of North Carolina
  • Turned Wood
  • Intarsia
  • Metalworks
  • One-Of-A-Kind Artisan Crafted Jewelry
  • Beautifully Woven Fiber Art
  • Clay Art with a Wide Range…From Fine Sculptural Pieces To Functional Objects & Seagrove Pottery

Custom Framing

SRM FramerSunset River Marketplace Also offers Custom Framing! The Gallery’s On-Site Frame Shop Offers…Top Quality Custom Framing for Your Art Pieces, heirlooms & Personal Treasures!

The Sunset River Marketplace Master Framer:

  • Will help you select the Perfect Moulding for You Piece.
  • Cleaning & Restoration are also among the Services Provided!

Art Classes

Art Classes Taught Throughout the Year By Local Professionals In:

  • Oil Painting
  • Watercolor
  • Pastel
  • Pottery

There are also…After School Classes & Summer Programs for Children!

Current Art Classes

The Fall Art Classes Include:

***Saturday, August 151 – 5Pm…Reception for Art Instructors…Meet & Greet! Classes in Oil, Acrylic, Watercolor, Batik, Clay & Pastel.

SRM StudentsArt & Pottery Classes:

  • Oil Classes…Wednesdays 1 – 4Pm & Fridays 9:30Am – 12:30Pm Weekly, (Two Different Sessions) @ $20/Class…Starting on September 13 with Instructor Ruth Cox
  • Watercolor Classes (All Levels) @ $20/ClassWednesday 9Am  – 12Pm…Ongoing, Starts on September 9 with Instructor Terry Sellers Harrison.
  • Primarily Pastels…Thursdays 10:00Am – 12:30Pm @ $20/Class…Starting on September 10 with Instructor Jane Staszak.
  • Pottery (Two Different Sessions/ Class for All Levels)Tuesdays 9Am – 12 Noon & Thursdays 9Am – 12 Noon …Starts September 8 with Instructor Jane Truesdale. (Each Six Week Session (w/clay) $130
  • Beginning Pottery…(Two Different Sessions) Mondays 9Am – 12Pm & Wednesdays 9Am – 12Pm…With Instructor Jamie Futera (Each Six Week Session (w/clay) $130

SRM ClassesPaint & Party Classes...5:30 – 7:30Pm:

  • Wednesday, August 19…Beach Scene…w/Dune Fence
  • Wednesday, September 2ndRowboat
  • Wednesday, September 16th…Beach Sunrise Horizontal
  • Wednesday, October 7th…Birch Trees
  • Wednesday, October 21st…Tobacco Barn
  • Wednesday, November 4th…Whimsical Martini Glass


Artist Workshops

SRM Art SeakerAt the Studio, Located about a mile and a half from the Gallery, Intensive Artists Workshops are offered by Nationally & Regionally Known Artists. The comfortable space includes a Large Studio, Kitchen, and More!

The 2,500-square-foot Studio is available to rent for your more intimate Special Events:

  • Family Reunions
  • Business Meetings
  • Product Demonstration
  • Cocktail Parties & More

The Studio easily handles 85-90 for a Sit Down Meal Or More than 200 for a Buffet Reception. Depending On Your Needs, Arrangement can be made for Catering, Entertainment, & Other Rentals. They can also Handle Space Alone …With You Arranging the Rest! Call: 910-575-5889 OR 910-269-1552…For a Tour & More Information!

Learn More @ OR Phone: 910-575-5999

BP BLOG framebrunswickcropped-Blog-header-3Browse through the Art, Pottery, and Jewelry at Sunset River Marketplace in Calabash! You may enjoy taking classes there,too! Professional artists to teach you! Get to know…More Friendly People in North Carolina!What Fun! Just another reason why folks at Brunswick Plantation and Golf Resort ® Enjoy a Better Way Of Life!

Framed calabash_north_carolina_card-re53ddd8cfaaf44d9b144750f53287064_xvuak_8byvr_324It is also One More Reason…We Love Calabash! Join the Fun and Come Visit Us Coastal North Carolina!

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Dine, Sing and Pamper Your Hair…Calabash Style!

Brunswick Activites Views Collage framedCalabash, North Carolina is such a delightful town with restaurants to please All Tastes! Shops of all sizes offer specialized treats to see, eat, and wear! Party Time? Our Charming Town has it All! Pamper yourself & Your Hair…Salon Style! Brunswick Plantation and Golf Resort ® , our lovely gated golf community, is the perfect location with everything Calabash has to offer…At the Plantation, 19th Hole, and minutes to everything your Heart Desires! Enjoy!

Dining in Calabash


Mmmm Que Rico…Mmm Delicious!

Mmm Collage 3Mmmm Que Rico…Mmm Delicious in translation, is True to It’s Name with Succulent Peruvian Chicken & South American Taste Delights! The name came from the grandson of owners, Walter and Susana Argote, as he always exclaimed, “Mmm Que Rico” when served the delicious Peruvian Chicken!

Mmm ownersMmm Que Rico is Open Monday – Saturday…11Am – 8Pm @ 1533 Thomasboro Road in Calabash! You may Eat in their comfortable dining room Or Take Home… Take Out Window Available for Your Convenience! Walter, from Peru, and his lovely Argentine wife , Susana, made their home in Fairfax, Virginia for 44 years before moving to North Carolina. The Rotisserie Roasted Chicken is Marinated in Walter’s Savory Peruvian Sauce and roasted over Lump Hardwood Charcoal to give it a Distinctly Delicious Peruvian Flavor!

Mmm Food CollageMmm Que Rico…Menu Favorites Include:

  • Pollo A La Brasa…Peruvian Chicken Entrees: 1/4, 1/2, Whole Chicken, Including Family Special…All Entrees with Sides.
  • Sanwiches With FF: Carne Asada (beef), Chicken, & Choripan (Argentine Sausage),
  • Empanadas (Chicken Or Beef Meat Pies)
  • Special Sauces…Mild, Spicy, & Garlic
  • Homemade Tacos
  • Desserts..Includes Alfajor Havanna & Recoleta
  • Drinks…Includes Inka Cola, Chicha Morada, & Maracuya
  • Kids Menu

Check Out More of Mmm Que Rico @ To Order Ahead: Phone: 910 579-5900

Enjoy the Fresh & Tantalizing Culinary Delights in a Friendly Atmosphere! Reviews call Mmm Que Rico…A Hidden Gem of South American Cuisine in Calabash!


Grapevine Mediterranean Restaurant & Lounge

grapevine Col 1Grapevine Restaurant’s menu is influenced by countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea…With a Splash of Calabash! There is a great Wine Selection and reviews say Folks are “Treated Like Royalty in a Welcoming Atmosphere”!

Grapevine Restaurant is at 9991 Beach Drive in Calabash    Open Tuesday – Sunday…11:30Am ‘Til ? More Info @  Or Phone: 910 575-6565

Grapevine food collageGrapevine Menu Includes:

  • Appetizers: Fried & Ginger Calamari, Stuffed Mushrooms, Coconut Shrimp, Spicy Chicken Wings, Onion Rings By Basket
  • Soup: Clam Chowder & Soup of the Day
  • Entree Salads
  • Original Style Calabash Seafood Platters
  • Pasta
  • Specialty Entrees: Filet Mignon, NY Steak, Grilled Ahi Tuna, mediterranean Grouper, Chicken Kabobs, Grilled Shrimp, Salmon with Champagne Garlic Dill Sauce
  • Sandwiches & Burgers: Malibu Mahi Mahi, Italian Hamburger, Lime Pepper Tilapia
  • Kid’s Menu

These are just a few of the Menu choices you can see at the Grapevine Website!  Bon Appetit!


Derbster’s Restaurant and Sports Bar!

Derbsters CollageDerbster’s Restaurant and Sports Bar is a Favorite Place for Locals & Visitors to “Meet & Greet” While You Eat!

Derbster’s Kitchen is  Open: Tuesday – Sunday 11:30Am – 9Pm (Closed on Tuesdays)

Derbster food framedDerbster’s Offers:

  • Screen TV’s at the Sports Bar
  • Lovely Ding Room
  • Good Food: Steaks, Seafood, Pasta, Ribs, & Shepherds Pie!
  • Lunch & Dinner…All Day!
  • Hometown Atmosphere
  • Lively, Fun Staff!
  • Take-Out
  • Catering
  • Friday Karaoke with Cheryl Z

Derbster’s is a Family Run Restaurant by Rose & Bill Cordeiro. They are natives of Boston, Massachusetts and former teachers! Derbster’s is their Dream…Making Your Dream Come True! Derbster’s Sports Bar is a good place to Eat, Laugh, & Socialize!

Derbsters-KJoin the Karaoke FUN with Cheryl Z. on Fridays…7:30 – 11:30 Have a Chance to Show off your Talent Or Lack Thereof! FUN For All!

Good Dining & Fun @ Derbster’s Restaurant & Sports Bar…10101 Beach Drive SW  For More Info Or Ordering Catering OR To Go Menu: Phone 910 575-6228    Party On With Friends…Old & New!


Hair Salon…Calabash “In Style”

“La Coquille” Hair Design

La Coquille Framed“La Coquille” Hair Design is French for “The Shell” and 1st In Style! Brigette Beaugy is French and a Hair Designer & Master Colorist! Brigette has had her Hair Salon for 29 years in Calabash, NC! She really has the Style! 

La Coquille Collage“Mane Attractions” Hair Salon with Kathy Perrota is also Now at “La Coquille”! Now You have Two Stylish Salons in One! Looking Good is Easier Than Ever…Double The Beauty For YOU!

“La Coquille” With “Mane Attractions” are located at Vision Square Plaza…101195-4 Beach Drive SW in Calabash, NC!

“La Coquille” is Open: Tuesday – Friday…9Am – 5Pm & Saturday By Appointment!  Phone Brigitte @ 910 579-4122 OR Kathy @ 910 575-3700 for Your Appointment! Enjoy a Beautiful Time in a Lovely Hair Salon…With Wonderful Stylists!

Framed calabash_north_carolina_card-re53ddd8cfaaf44d9b144750f53287064_xvuak_8byvr_324There is So Much to Enjoy in Calabash, North Carolina! Great Food, Good Fun, & Beautiful Pampering for Beautiful You! Stay Tuned Next Week for Shopping in Calabash…Everything Your Heart Desires! Meantime, Stop by our Brunswick Plantation and Golf Resort ® 19th Hole for a more Good Food and Friendship!

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Local Favorites…Eat, Play, And Relax in Calabash

BP Flower CollageCoastal Carolina is Special Every Season…But Especially So in Summer! Minutes from Little River & N. Myrtle Beach, SC & Sunset Beach, NC…Brunswick Plantation and Golf Resort ® is Truly the Two Sate Solution to Fun! Our scenic gated, golf community in Calabash, NC is perfect for the delicious restaurants and Fun activities Calabash has to offer! Last week I shared the Calabash Waterfront Culinary Delights and Fun Maritime Activities.

Now we will check out the variety of other Calabash Restaurants. Some are Famous for their Mouthwatering, Bountiful Breakfasts! Calabash is also the Place for Delicious Deli Delights, Pizzas, and Sub’s! Breakfast, Lunch, or Dinner…Calabash has Taste Treats to Tantalize Your Taste Buds! We will also share with you Elegant Spa Treatments for Personal Pampering, & “Ways to Play” for The Whole Family!

Calabash Restaurants

Calabash Beach Drive Restaurants…Especially For Breakfast & Lunch

George’s Pancake House & Family Restaurant

George’s Pancakes House is located at…9941 Beach Drive SW, Calabash, NC (Next to Callahan’s) 

George’s Pancake House is…A Great Breakfast Place to Locals & Visitors!

Goerge P CollageGeorge’s Pancake House…Serves Breakfast All Day, 6Am – 2Pm Daily!  Phone: 910 579-6495

George’s Menu Includes:

  • Pancakes
  • French Toast
  • Waffles
  • Variety of Egg Plates
  • Chipped Beef on Toast
  • Daily Lunch Specials
  • Wraps & Burgers

One Review Says: “When you eat at George’s, You’ll Feel Like Your Walking on Sunshine!”


Sunrise Pancake House

Sunrise Pancake House is a family Owned Business, Located “Right in the Heart of Calabash” at…10008 Beach Drive, Calabash, NC

Sunrise Food CollageAnother Favorite of Locals & Guests…Folks Say, Sunrise Pancake House has Fantastic Food with “Biscuits Like Butta!” It is a Great Little Restaurant & Especially Perfect for Southern Boys!

Sunrise Pancake House is Open: Daily…6Am – 2Pm AND Monday Nights 4:30 – 7Pm for Dinner with Specials!

Sunrise CollageYou can also Buy…Sunrise Pancake House Shirts for Your Beach Time Collection!

Check Out More @  Or Phone: 910 575-1001


 Sunny Side Up Diner

Sunny Side Up Diner…Is Located at 10068 Beach Drive SW, Calabash, NC

Sunny CollageSunny Side Up Diner…Serves Breakfast All Day & Is Open: Daily 6Am – 3Pm

Sunny Side Up has a Sumptuous Breakfast Buffet OR You May Order from their Extensive Breakfast & Lunch Menu!

Folks Say: The Pancakes are Fluffy & Delicious & Service is Great!  One Comment: “Finding Sunny Side Up was like Columbus Discovering America! They serve Magic on a Plate!” See More @ OR Phone: 910 579-5101


 Calabash Deli, Bakery & Gourmet Shop

Calabash Deli is a Real New York Deli…Offering Northern Cuisine & Southern Hospitality!

Calabash Deli CollageNew York Deli Delights Include:

  • Full Breakfast
  • Fantastic Sandwiches
  • 1/2 Pound Homemade Burgers
  • Gyros
  • Philly Cheese Steak
  • FRESH Bake Breads & Pastries
  • Variety of Homemade Salads
  • Gourmet Dinners To Go!

Calabash Deli also has a Catering Menu & Service…Phone: 910 579-9801

Calabash Deli is Open: Monday – Saturday 7Am – 7Pm AND Sunday 8Am – 3Pm

Calabash Deli is a Favorite of Locals and Visitors.  Folks Love this “Amazing Little Deli” with Indoor & Outdoor Seating! The Food is Delicious & The Service With a Smile is Great!

Calabash Deli was Voted… BEST Deli in Brunswick County!

More @

Calabash For Pizza & Subs

Pizza Sun collage

Bella’s Pizza & Deli

Bella’s Pizza & Deli, 10136 Beach Drive NW, Calabash, NC …Is a Popular Family Run Restaurant Offerin, Delicious  Artisan Style Pizza! Bella’s also Serves:

  • Appetizers
  • Salads
  • Soups
  • Specialties…Like Calzones & Stromboli
  • Sandwiches
  • Entrees…Like Spaghetti, Lasagna, &  Fettuccine
  • Desserts

Bella's CollageBella’s Pizza is OPEN: 7 Days a Week 11Am – 10Pm You may Dine In OR Take Out!

Bella’s Also Delivers to Your Home! Phone:910 579-0000 For Delivery!

Folks Say: Bella’s has the Best Sauce, So Good It Should be Bottled to Sell! The Crust recipe is Great, also! A Favorite mentioned was Chicken Parmesan Pizza…Yummy to your Tummy!

 Folks Say: “Do Yourself a Favor & Eat At Bella’s!”


Sub – 17

Sub – 17…At Calabash Plaza @ 10140-9 SW Beach Drive, Calabash, NC (Across from Eagle One Gas)

Sub 17 CollageSub – 17 is OPEN:

  1. Monday – Friday 10Am – 6Pm 
  2. Saturday 10Am – 4Pm
  3. Sunday…Call for Hours (Vary By Season!)  Phone: 910 – 575-2717
  4. Call Ahead for Fast Pick-Up…FREE Delivery (Minimum $20 Order)

Sub – 17…Serves:

  • Salads
  • Clubs & Subs
  • Specialty Clubs & Subs
  • Paninis
  • SABRETT Hot Dogs
  • Daily $4.99 Specials

    Vegetarian Pannini Favorite: Sliced Eggplant, Baby spinach, Artichoke Hearts& Variety of Cheeses, Topped With Roasted Peppers, Squash, & Special Seasoning! 

Sub – 17 Also has Catering Available:

  • 3 Foot Subs
  • Party Platters
  • Finger Sandwiches
  • Pinwheels & More!

Join the SUB Club …Buy 11 Subs at full price & Get 1 Sub FREE!


PLAY…Miniature Golf

Tropical Adventure Miniature Golf

Tropical adventure M G CollageTropical Adventure Miniature Golf, 10124 Beach Drive SW, Calabash, NC

Wind Your Way Through Lagoons & Tropical Vegetation & around the Lighthouse…As Your Family Putt Putts Tropical Adventure Mini-Golf!

OPEN: Monday – Friday…10Am – 6Pm

***Play All Day for $8!*** Tropical Adventure Miniature Golf Offers Several Unique Holes & Just the Right Challenge for a Family with Kids! Tropical Adventures is Clean, Friendly, & Fun! Folks Say: “It is the BEST Mini-Golf in the Area!”


Relax & Rejuvenate…SPA Style

Massage Collage

Sacred Willow Spa

Sacred Willow Spa, In Calabash Plaza @ 10140 Beach Drive SW, Calabash, NC..Is the BEST Way to Enjoy Your Day!

Sacred Willow Spa is OPEN: Monday – Friday 9Am – 3Pm & Saturday 9Am – 2Pm

Phone: 910 575-7707 OR @

sacred-willow-spaSacred Willow Spa is Family Run & Eloquently Decorated with a Warm, Inviting Feeling! Mary, Massage Therapist with the Magic Touch , and  and Leslie, Eshetician with Skin Care Magic… Are sisters who started this Special Spa with their Mom, Kathy,  making appointments & often there to Greet You with a Smile! All are owners of The Sacred Willow Spa, a Cozy Oasis in the Heart of Calabash, that has become so Beloved by Patrons, that they now have even more Talented Massage Therapists & Esheticians to keep you Healthy and Happy!massage99e0ec4dc03a661e3b47efca5622757b Make an appointment to meet them All…For a Treat for Your Body, Mind, & Spirit! Enjoy Quality Massages and Facials…For You & Your Spouse! Gift Certificates are Available!

Folks Say: “Tuck Yourself into a Sacred Willow Massage!”


Framed calabash_north_carolina_card-re53ddd8cfaaf44d9b144750f53287064_xvuak_8byvr_324Calabash has so much to offer…Food, Fun, and Relaxation…Literally, “At Your Fingertips”! All Good Reasons to Love Calabash! Stay tuned next week for more good restaurants (One with Karaoke), shopping, great golf & Fun in Charming Calabash, NC!


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Eat and Play By The Calabash Waterfront…Fun For All!

BP Beach CollageFolks at Brunswick Plantation and Golf Resort ® enjoy being close to the lovely, sunny Coastal Carolina Beaches…And the Charming Village of Calabash, NC! Calabash was settled as the fishing village known as Peas Landing in the early 1800’s. Calabash-boats-framedThis picturesque village chose the name of Calabash when, at the request of villagers, it got it’s first Post Office in 1883.The name Calabash comes from the name of the gourd or tropical trees/vines that grew wild in this area. The Native Americans used this gourd to hold food and water.

Calabash Town sealThe area became known for Calabash Seafood, lightly dipped in seasonal batter & deep fried to a golden brown! This delicious style of seafood was first cooked outside when fishermen hauled their catch to the docks of Calabash. Folks then would smell the aroma of this fried seafood and flock to the docks for palatable plate of this appetizing seafood! Later “Fish Camps” moved the cooking of Calabash Seafood indoors. You can now find this quality Shrimp & Fish in local seafood restaurants that specialize in Calabash Seafood! Calabash is known as “The Seafood Capital of the World”!

Calabash Seafood

Calabash RestThe original  Calabash Seafood Restaurants were established by the local families. Beck’s, Ella’s, and Coleman’s restaurants are still favorites. Unfortunately, Coleman’s had a fire  in the past year. Fortunately, it is currently being rebuilt in it’s location…Down by the Calabash Waterfront!  The Coleman family recommends you go to their sister restaurant, The Seafood Hut…Located on the road to the Calabash Waterfront, for their style of Calabash Seafood!

Good Night, Mrs. Calabash…Wherever You Are!

Jimmy FramedYou may recall Jimmy Durante ending his performances for years with saying…”Good Night, Mrs. Calabash, Wherever You Are!” There are different versions of this story with two families claiming to be the Mrs. Calabash in Durante’s quote. Mrs. Lucy Coleman of Coleman’s Restaurant and Ella of Ella’s Restaurant both say that they are The Mrs. Calabash! The story goes that Durante was passing through Calabash and ate at their seafood restaurant. He loved it and is to have said that he would …Make You Famous! Hence, ending each performance with, “Goodnight Mrs. Calabash, wherever You Are!” Regardless of which Mrs. Calabash he is referring to, Jimmy Durante did pass thorough Calabash and eat the famous Calabash Seafood..To his Taste Delight! A Real Tribute to the Taste Treat of Calabash Seafood!

Variety in Culinary Delights of Calabash

Dining In Calabash

There are a variety of restaurants in the Calabash Waterfront, Village, & Area! Culinary Delights Abound around this Town!

The First Original “Calabash Seafood” Restaurants

Our State Food

Ella’s Of Calabash

Ella’s of Calabash…Serving Locally Caught Seafood since 1950 in a Casual, Laid-Back Setting. Ellas food framedElla’s of Calabash is a Family Run Restaurant…Ella and her Family were one of the First families in Calabash that began serving seafood “Calabash Style”! It’s a Family Tradition! Savor the Flavor of Ella’s Hush Puppies! Ella’s was Voted “Best Restaurant” in Brunswick County…Every Year, 2008 Thru 2015! Ella’s was also Featured in “Southern Living” Favorites in 2004!

Visit Ella’s @ 1148 River Road in Calabash, NC! Open Daily: 11Am – 9Pm Phone: 910 – 579 – 6728 OR

Beck’s Restaurant of Calabash

Beck's Food framedBeck’s Restaurant of Calabash…Home of True “Calabash Style” Cooking – The Old Fashioned Way! Beck’s Restaurant was founded in 1940 By: One of the Sisters that Originally created Seafood “Calabash Style” Passed down Through the Generations & Still Owned & Operated by the Same Family…Beck’s serves up the Finest of Seafood …Maintaining the Original Calabash Style! Beck's Crab legsBeck’s is also know for their Delicious Crab Legs!

Visit Beck’s @ 1014 River Road, Calabash, NC! Open Daily: 11Am – 9Pm  Phone 910-579-6776  Or @

The Seafood Hut

Sea Hut Foodthumb_600 framedThe Seafood Hut…Unpretentious Roadside Stop for Local-Style Fried Seafood & Hush Puppies , Plus Burgers, Steak, & BBQ!

Visit The Seafood Hut…1125 River Road in Calabash, NC! Enjoy Fresh Seafood Fried to Perfection! Open: Tuesday Thru Saturday 11Am – 9Pm  Phone: 910 – 579-6723

Calabash Restaurants…Down By The Waterfront

Water collage

Captain John’s Seafood House

Captain John’s Seafood House…Offers Waterfront Dining in a Relaxed Eatery & Lounge…Serving Seafood, Steaks, & Spirits, With Seniors & Children’s Specials. Open Daily: 4Pm – 9Pm  Phone:910-579-6017

Captain Nance’s Seafood

Captain Nance’s Seafood…Offers an Unassuming Waterfront Stop for Seafood in a Family Friendly Setting. Open Daily: 11Am – 9Pm  Phone: 910-570-2574


The Dockside Seafood House…Offers Traditional Calabash Style Seafood, as well as Prime Rib, NY Strip Steaks, Rib Eye Steaks for the Land Lovers! Beer & Wine List !  Waterfront Outdoor Or Indoor Dining! Open Daily: 4Pm – 9Pm  Phone: 910-579-6775 OR


Waterfront Seafood Shack

Seafood Shcak CollageWaterfront Seafood Shack @ 9945 Nance Street, On the Calabash Waterfront…Offers Fresh Catch Seafood Restaurant & Market (They Own The Boat)…Carry Out OR Outside Seating ON The Waterfront! Open: 11Am – 9Pm Monday – Saturday (Closed on Sundays) 910 – 575-0017


Bagel Dock Cafe

bagel dock new collage framedThe Bagel Dock Cafe @ 1162 River Road…Is a “Favorite Way to Start your Day”in Calabash, NC! The Bagel Dock Cafe…Offers Fresh New York Style Bagels (Baked Daily) & A Variety of Delicious Spreads! The menu also includes: Breakfast Sandwiches, Sandwiches with Boars Head Meats, Fresh Salads, Burgers & Good Coffee!

bagel collageBagel Dock owners, Carmine & Margaret Barbaro are Bagel Experts from Long Island, New York. They make New York Style Bagels…At Their Best! Visit The Bagel Dock…On Your Way to the Calabash Waterfront & Meet the Many Folks are Regulars for…A New  York Bagel Treat that can’t Be Beat! Open: Monday – Saturday 6Am – 3Pm & Sunday 6Am – 2Pm  Phone: 910 – 575-1200 Or


Tony’s Pizza

Tony's Pizza CollageTony’s Pizza @ 1150 River Road, Calabash, NC…Offers Great Pizza & Italian Food that Locals Love! Also, on the road  to the Waterfront…Tony’s menu includes: Homemade Pizza, Hot Oven Subs, Spaghetti, Greek Salads, Calzones, Wings, & Hamburgers! Stop By for an Italian Lunch Or Dinner! Tony’s Pizza…Open: Monday – Saturday 11Am – 9Pm & Sunday 2Pm – 9Pm Phone: 910 – 579 – 3531 You May Order Ahead & Take Out OR Eat In at Tony’s!


The Boundary House

Boundry house view framedThe Boundary House @ 1045 River Road, Calabash, NC…Offers Casual Dining At Its Finest! Open for Lunch 11 Am – 3Pm & Dinner…The Boundary House also Offers a Sunday Brunch 11 Am – 2 Pm!

Boundary House CollageThe Boundary House is a Good Rendezvous for Travelers & Families! Culinary Delights Include:

  • Appetizers
  • Soups & Salads
  • Sandwiches
  • Chicken & Pasta
  • Desserts
  • Beer, Wine, & Specialty Drinks
  • Children’s Menu

Check Out More @

Calabash Waterfront Maritime Adventures

 Calabash Fishing Fleet

Calabash 2 Fish Fleet CollageDolphin Adventure Cruise…Two Hour Cruise…An Adventure for the Whole Family to Enjoy on the 65′ Navigator!

calafishing fleet framedDeep Sea Fishing & Sport Fishing Charters…Enjoy 1/2 Day, 3/4 Day, Full Day, Gulf Stream Fishing…Sport Fishing Charters Offered on the 40′ Miss Calabash!

Calabash Fishing Fleet…Fresh Ocean Fish & Shrimp…For Home PLUS Waterfront Seafood Shack to Take Out OR Eat on the Waterfront…11Am – 9Pm Mon. – Sat. (Closed on Sunday).

Contact Calabash Fishing Fleet, 99445 Nance St. on the Calabash Waterfront, NC @   Or Call: (843) 575-0017


Hurricane Fleet

Hurricane-II-framedAdventure Cruises…The Hurricane Fleet Marina @ 9975 Nance St. at  The  Waterfront in Calabash, NC! Enjoy a Hurricane Adventure Cruise on the 90′ Hurricane II. Let the crew show you “Nature Under the Sea”!

Hurricane Fleet Collage framedHurricane Fleet “Deep Sea Fishing”…Enjoy 1/2 Day, Gulf Stream Fishing, Sport Fishing Charters!

Depart Monday – Friday …1:30 Pm – 4Pm (Reservations are Not Required (But Recommended!) 

Hurricane Fleet @ OR Phone: SC (843) 249-3571  OR NC (910) 579-3660

Calabash FREE Concerts

calabash-concert-Frame-2Check Out: Calabash FREE Concerts in the Calabash Town Park @ 868 Persimmon Rd. S W

  • July 23…James & Emma…Acoustic Duet
  • August 6…Tammy’s Tangent…Variety
  • August 20…Sick Stooges…Classic Rock/70’s & 90’s

Calabash-Summer-Movies-2-frame-300x198Free Movies in the Calabash Park

  • July 30…Dolphin Tale
  • August 13…Blended


Framed calabash_north_carolina_card-re53ddd8cfaaf44d9b144750f53287064_xvuak_8byvr_324

The Calabash Waterfront is truly FUN For All Ages!  The Waterfront & River Road Restaurants offer Culinary Delights for Every Taste! Calabash is a “Coastal Carolina Gem” for You & Yours to Enjoy! Stay Tuned Next Thursday For…More Reasons Why “We Love Calabash”!

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Golf News from the Pro 7.15 by Brunswick Plantation Living

Golf News from the Pro pic

Hello to All:

Summer time is here and with it is warm to hot days.


Follow these Tips to Keep your Focus:

  • Research shows that dehydration negatively impacts all of the important attributes critical to the game of golf.
  • If your strength and endurance are compromised by dehydration, perhaps your drives might not go as far.
  • If your balance and flexibility are off, your chances of slicing increases.
  • If your concentration is rendered, your putts may not fall. Instead of that coveted birdie you find yourself 3 putting for bogey.

All of these scenarios can become even worse on a hot-humid day when the risk of dehydration increases.  Staying hydrated throughout the round may be the key to improving your game on those hot days.  Start hydration the day before by drinking plenty of water throughout the day .  2 hours prior to starting your round drink at least 2 cups of water.  Then at the start of each hole drink about 1/2 a cup of water, even when not feeling thirsty. For some of us, the thirst response doesn’t kick in until we are already dehydrated.

What is a 1/2 cup?  It’s about 4 gulps of water.  Also, avoid alcohol (and this is where we lose most golfers…)  But seriously, if you are a competitive golfer and intentional about your game, you know alcohol causes dehydration even if consumed the day before your round.  Coupled with 4-5 hours of play in the heat and humidity, alcohol could really blow your game.

We have ice-cold water on the course to keep you hydrated, so play hard and hydrate wisely.

Golf Course Maintenance:

Rob and his staff have completed our summer greens aerating program.  They are doing a great job and the course condition proves it.

Swing Tip: Keep Your Hands Low

Limiting the height of the follow through will effectively reduce the height of your shots.  The lower the hands, the lower the ball-flight.  Moving the ball back in your stance or choosing a stronger club and trying to swing easy are other ways to accomplish the same thing.  However, they are less reliable and more difficult to execute.  Instead, keep your hands low in the finish and the trajectory of your shots will be lower


Happy Golfing,


Head Golf Professional

Pro-Shop Manager

Director of Memberships

Golf News Shawn Hicken Signature


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Brunswick Plantation News and Events 7.15

BP Flower CollageBrunswick Plantation and Golf Resort ®, Our Two State Solution to FUN, always has a lot going on for All Interests! We have so much offered by so many people and groups living in our beautiful, gated community!  Logo-for-CharityBrunswick Plantation Community Charities are working together as the “2015 Homeowners for Hospice” plan a big weekend of activities in August.  Together We Stand! Learn more about these special events & more! Mark your calendars for your favorites! Enjoy!


Cape-Fear-Hospice-Framedindex“2015 Homeowners for Hospice” Weekend

Friday, August 14th

COCKTAIL PARTY & RAFFLE …6 – 10Pm @ The Brunswick House

Cocktail raffle CollageRaffle Tickets Or Silent Auction Bids for Packages that include:

  • Get-Aways ( Pinehurst, Savannah, St. Augustine. etc.)
  • Restaurants
  • Homemade Gourmet Food
  • Entertainment
  • Services
  • Pampering & More

Tickets are $10 Per Person & Includes Complimentary Appetizers @ 7Pm & Music with Dancing…Following the Raffle/Silent Auction!

Tickets are On Sale @ The Facilitator’s Office…Ticket Deadline is August 10th. Sponsored By: Brunswick Plantation Ladies Golf Association

*****Friday, August 14th & Saturday, August 15th…MEMORY CIRCLE

BP Memory Circle FramedHonor someone with a Memory Flag bearing their Name & Displayed around the Fountain in the Brunswick Drive Circle. To place your order, Look for specially marked baskets containing order forms in locations around the Plantation. The cost is $5 Per Flag with One Bane Per Flag. Drop the order form with the payment at the Facilitator’s Office.  Checks made to the… BPLGA Charity Events. Sponsored By: Brunswick Plantation Ladies Golf Association

*****Saturday, August 15th…PLANTATION STREET DANCE…5 – 9pM

The 19th Hole’s Famous “Fried Chicken Dinner”…Served from 5Pm  Dinner for $9… Includes:

  • Fried ChickenBPPlantation Street Dance
  • Coleslaw
  • Potato Salad
  • Roll
  • Dessert

Sign Up @ The 19th Hole OR By Calling:854-6902

Dance Around the Brunswick Drive Circle…To the Tunes of “Party of Two”…6Pm – 9Pm. Bring you Lawn Chairs; Relax & Have Fun with Friends & Neighbors! BP Dance & raffle Collage

Refreshments & Snacks available For Purchase Outside the Brunswick House. This Event is Compliments of the Brunswick Plantation Community Charities for Everyone’s Support of Charity Events Held This Year!

“Brunswick Bucks” Raffle Drawing at the End of The Night!

Parking is Limited…Golf  Carts can be Parked on the Driving Range. Cars can be parked in the Commons I & II Parking Lots if the Circle Parking is Filled. ***Please Note: (State Law Does Not Allow ANY Carry-In Beverages.)

***BRUNSWICK BUCKS RAFFLE…Tickets On Sale since July 1st

$25 Donation Per Ticket & Only 250 Will be Sold:Raffle Collage

  1. FIRST PLACE…$2,500
  2. SECOND PLACE…$625

Drawing Will be Held on August 15, 2015…At the End of the Street Dance. Winner will Not Need to Be Present to Win!       To Purchase a Ticket, Contact a Member of the BPMGA Or Reach Out to Barry Anshell… At OR 287-5084

***In the unlikely event that 250 tickets are not sold; The First Place will receive 40% of the Proceeds & Second Place will receive 10% of the Proceeds. 50% of the Proceeds will be..Donated to the “2015 Homeowners for Hospice” campaign. Raffle is Sponsored by The Brunswick Plantation Men’s Golf Association.

FULL MOON Dates…For The Summer Season

Many of your Friends & Neighbors gather to the left of the Sunset Beach Pier on these nights. There is always room for others…Bring your Supper Or Snacks & Enjoy Your Friends & Neighbors!

July 31st –Full Blue Moon…“Once in a Blue Moon”

Blue Moon FramedBlue Moons are Something Very Rare:

  • 2nd Full Moon of Month
  • 3rd Full Moon of Astronomical Season with 4 Full Moons.



SturgeonFull_redmoon2-oneAugust 29th – Full Sturgeon Moon…Named by Fishing Tribes, since Sturgeon, a large fish of the Great Lakes, weree readily caught in August! Sturgeon Moon is also sometimes known as Red Moon, as this moon rises, it appears reddish through a sultry haze.

HArvest00000Harvest-MoonSeptember 27th –Full Harvest Moon…Named for the Full Moon closest to the Autumnal Equinox, Or Official start of Fall.Gaps between when moon rises are shorter (50 minutes to 30 minutes later each day) giving the illusion that the Harvest Moon is Bigger, Brighter, & Closer to the Horizon at Sunset…Making it appear Yellow, Orange, Or Red.


Sunset Full Moon Cruise

Shine on, Shine On, Harvest Moon…Way Up In The Sky!

Fuul-Moon-Setting ShapeSeptember 28, Monday Night…Two Hour Moon Cruise…From Calabash River to the Intracoastal Waterway & Under the Bridge of Sunset Beach…Sponsored by Brunswick Plantation NIS Neighbors In Service!

What Fun to see: The Homes and All Along The River FROM The Water! Mark Your Calendars…For More Info to Follow!

For Ladies Only!

Lunch ladies collageMark Your Calendars NOW ForThe 3rd Thursday of Each Month @ 12:30 p.m. When the Ladies in Our Community will be Meeting for Lunch @ Our Very Own 19th Hole!

It doesn’t matter what area you live in…Everyone is Welcome! For anyone who is New to Brunswick, This may be the…Perfect Opportunity to Meet Your Fellow Residents, Especially if you do not already belong to any of the established activity Groups.

JUST Be Sure: TO CALL THE RESTAURANT, At Least a Day in Advance to ADD YOUR NAME To The List If You Plan To Attend. Hope To See You There, Thursday, July 16th!


Red Hat Ladies & Friends

Red hat bahamas CollageJanuary 27  To February 1st , 2016***Red Hat Ladies & Friends…Have an ALL Women’s Trip to “The Bahamas” To Warm Our Bones & Take The Bahamas by Storm!

Come to a Meeting…July 15, 2015 @ 2 Pm …At The Brunswick House to Learn More About The Red Hat Trip to The Bahamas!



Early Risers Bowling League

BowlinggsB_XS4PTXa5X4_r2XCze2gbHJdb3G6oFe4Bnvyx_xHGtrh69Zd1R4ikdIx_twJISTE=w300YOU  Are Invited to Join This FUN Bowling League…For a Meeting & FREE Bowling! Please Come and Join the FUNWednesday, August 9th @ 9AM At Little River Lanes

NEW Members are needed and Welcomed…Even if they haven’t bowled in Years!

The Season Officially Starts…Wednesday, August 29th @ 9AM and Ends on April 6th with a Luncheon on April 13th. Each Team consists of 3 Ladies.  The Cost is $9 Per week (Subject to change). Any Questions? Please Call carol Horwitz at 910-287-4099 OR



bowlingframeThe “Friday Foursomes” Bowling League will be starting in September…At the Little River Bowling Lanes. This is a “Short” 12 Weeks League with most of the Teams from Brunswick Plantation.We had 8 Teams last year and are hoping for several additional teams for this 2015 Season.

Please Join us this year…And Enjoy Bowling with Your Neighbors! This Fall League is a good opportunity for you to Warm-Up and improve your game in preparation for the Brunswick Plantation League that starts in January.

Here are the details:

  • League Meeting will be on August 28th @ 4Pm at the Little River Bowling Center
  • 4 Person Teams can be any combination of Male & Female
  • Handicap League: We used 100% of 200 Last Year
  • League Start Date is…Friday, September 4th @ 4Pm
  • The Last Week of Bowling is November 20th (The Friday Before Thanksgiving)

LRBowlimageIf You are Interested in Joining, Please E-mail Bud Naylor at  Bud will coordinate with the Bowling Center. Let him know if you have a team of four…Or Need to be placed on a team. He will need your information no later than August 10th, but sooner is better than later. If you have any questions, you can give him a call on 287-5622.


Special Summer Bingo

Bingo ...wordA Special Summer BINGO Session to support “Back to School Work” of the Bible Study Group…Is scheduled for Wednesday, July 29th @ The Brunswick House. Doors Open @ 6:30Pm & The Games Start @ 7Pm. Admission is $10, which will cover the cards for 12 Games. Extra Half sheet Cards will be available for $5.  CASH Prizes! JACKPOT GAME PRIZE is $125! Beverages will be available. Plan to Come Out for some BINGO Fun in the air conditioned Brunswick House!


New Sequence Group

sequenceimagesA new Sequence Group is being  formed. It is being held on a Bi-Weekly Basis, as has been determined by players. If you would Like to Participate Either as a Regular OR a Substitute Player…Please Call: Linda Stigile @ Cell: 302-249-7228.        Linda can also give you any additional information! 

You Do Not have to already know how to play, as the game is quite simple. It will only take one afternoon of playing with the group to learn. Game On!


8Th Annual Jessie Mae Monroe Elementary School Fundraiser

Jesse Mae collageSal Dinolfo is the Liaison Between Brunswick Plantation and Jessie Mae Monroe Elementary School. This marks our 8th year of fundraising for the children and staff of the school.

Sal did not have a fundraiser last year due to personal health issues. However, we still supplied needs for the children as well as a retirement celebration in  June for which we supplied pizza and cake for the entire school staff!

JMThanks framedMoney Donations are used for Food, Student Clothes, Holiday Gifts, & Teacher Appreciation Day. Please make checks payable to Sal Dinolfo. All money Donations will go on a credit card for the school.  You may drop off your Donation…Either at the Facilitator’s office OR Mail it to Sal Dinolfo, 613 Lathrop Ct. NW. Calabash, NC 28467

Sal’s Cell Number is 910-233-0941    Thanks For Your Generosity!

NIS Card Party/Game Day

NIS Game CollageYOU ARE INVITED By: Brunswick Plantation NIS on Tuesday, July 21st…11Am to 3Pm @ Ryan’s Steakhouse, 3706 Hwy 17, N. Myrtle Beach To…A CARD PARTY/GAME DAY!

CardParty frameNIS is a Non-Profit Organization and the Proceeds will help Local Charities. Invite Your Friends to complete your table to…Play the Game of Your Choice! There will be a 50/50 and Prizes!

Tickets are $15…Which Includes Lunch! For Tickets & Information: Please Call Brunswick Plantation Facilitator’s Office…By July 16th @ 287-4604.


Christmas In July?

Please Help Neighbors in Service (NIS) to Collect Books for Our Children in Brunswick County.

Raeding CollageThey will be distributed as Christmas Gifts, Via the Literacy Council. Selections are for children ages…Infant To High School! As they are special gifts, we are asking for… New OR Gently Used Books.There are so many wonderful choices out there!

childrens-books framedA Box is in the Entrance to the Brunswick House…During the Month of July! Last year we were able to share the Love of Reading with Almost 500 Delivered Books! Let’s Beat the Record this year!

 readphotoINTERIOR_learning FramedQuestions? Contact Marie Krut OR Kathi Grag.

“There is no such thing as a child who hates to read, there are only children who have not found the right book!”



Community Wide Yard Sale

yard sale frameBrunswick Plantation Community Wide Yard Sale…Friday & Saturday, October 16th & 17th…Open To The Public…Between Hours of 9Am & 3Pm on Each Day!

This Year’s Sale will be organized in the same manner that it has been over the past 3 years, & Following Last Year’s Guideline…You will once again have the choice of Participating On:Either Friday Or Saturday OR On Both Days!

***Please watch the Broadcast for Additional Information Concerning this 2 Day Event & For a Meeting to include All Those Who Plan To Participate!  

************19th Hole Entertainment************

Music FramedBrunswick Plantation 19th Hole Presents a Special Night of Live Music & A Delicious Dinner Buffet !

Saturday, July 18th… Enjoy a Night of Blues, Soft Rock, & Country Music with AWESOME WATER BAND Featuring Blaze, Big Mike & Guests!

Dinner Buffet @ 6Pm & Entertainment @ 7Pm

Tickets are $20 Per Person & Includes Dinner Buffet & Entertainment!

Please Call 910-845-6902  To Make Your Reservation!


Brunswick Plantation Fitness


Water Aerobics

Water Aer FramedWater Aerobics @ The Brunswick House OUTDOOR Pool

Monday, Wednesday, &  Friday @ 8Am – 9Am.

No Special Equipment is Needed; All you need To Start is Swim Attire & A Desire to have a Lot of Laughs & Good Exercise!

It is a great way to meet your Friends & Neighbors! For More Info:  Call Annette Mauro  

SPECIAL NOTE: On the First Wednesday of every Month, The Water Aerobics Class is FREE! Just Show Up!


GOLF Exercise Class

golflogowhite-frameTerry Daily teaches Golf Exercise Class at the Body Edge.  She is now teaching a Golf Exercise Class at the Brunswick House …Every Tuesday @ 4Pm…In July & August!

It is $6 Per Class and is 45 Minutes long. All you need is a Weight (1, 2, Or 5lbs. Your Preference!) And a Mat!

Terry’s Classes:  Help Build Your CORE Muscles! The Class is COED! If you are Interested: Call 910-287-7559 OR
E-mail Jeannette At:


FREE Indoor Walking Program

walking-ss_101528898_L_wFREE Indoor Walking Program…Monday, Wednesday,Friday, & Saturday @ 8Am in the Brunswick Ballroom…Friday 4 Mile walk is Now Using Light Wrist Or Hand Weights.***They are Not a Must, but you may use them , If You Wish!

You WILL Need Sneakers for Every Day, With Bands (Not a Must) as part of the Program9Usually on Wednesdays).

Please call Emily Bonneau if you wold like additional Info OR Would Like to be Added to the Class Distribution List…So You are kept Informed as to Program Changes OR Class Cancellations.

Please Note:

  1. All Participants following this program do so at their own risk.
  2. This is a FREE Program for ALL Residents…Women & Men.

Body Sculpting & Pilates Classes

P&T5191TFH095L._SY445_Tuesdays @ 8:30 Am…Body Sculpting Class in the Brunswick House Ballroom. Class Uses Weights & Bands.  Mat Work for ABS & Includes a Warm Up & Cool Down. Bring Mat & Weights & Band.

Thursday @ 8:30 Am is Pilates Day…Work Your Mind, Body, & Spirit & Really Work your CORE! Get Stronger & More Flexible…Need a Mat!

Classes are $4..Taught By ACE Certified Trainer…Both Classes start @ 8:30 and last 55 Minutes.


Brunswick Plantation Yoga

WS0800Thursday Gentle Yoga @ 10Am

This is a Gentle Class suitable for Every Body without pressure on wrists or knees. This class includes:

  • Linking Breath to Movement
  • Stretching to Improve Mobility & Flexibility
  • All Poses are done seated, supine, Or stanking to Improve Muscle Tone, Balance, Strength, & Stability.

Saturday Vinyasa Yoga @ 10Am

Yoga PosterThis is a Mixed Level Practice suitable for Both beginner & Experienced Yogis who have few Or no Physical limitations (Some Modifications are available).  This Class will help you build Strength, Flexibility, Balance, & Endurance.

All Classes are in the Brunswick House Ballroom. Cost is $5 Per Class. Please call: Michelle Dorland at 910-880-2509 with any questions.


BP BLOG framebrunswickcropped-Blog-header-3Brunswick Plantation and Golf Resort ® is an exciting place to Live and Enjoy …A Better Way of Life! Enjoy Fun & Fitness with Friends and Neighbors! Welcome to Wonderful Coastal Carolina!

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